Smartphone Programming

Smartphones run using a variety of operating systems -- Android, iOS and Windows Mobile most commonly -- and an even wider variety of programming languages, including Objective-C, Java, Visual C#, C++ and .NET, not to mention HTML5 and JavaScript, and cross-platform frameworks such as PhoneGap.

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We are moving from Fireeye MTP  to another product, considering Lookout .

Anyone can point me to or share reviews on Lookout?

Also, what are the assessment criteria I have to look out for considering that
our corporate phones (mostly iOS currently) & iPad are managed by
MobileIron MDM?

Email to be used is MI's email+  (not the native built-in email client)
I heard iOS is tailored from FreeBSD so I'm hoping to be able to do something like
"ps -ef |grep email_client_process"
if it's not there, then restart it.

Reason is our MobileIron email+ client kept getting killed by iOS as iOS sees it
as a 3rd party/foreign process.

any chance of doing this on an MDM controlled device?

My android moto 4g plus phone hundres of browser windows running in background. How do we close all those browser windows or tab instances in one stroke.  I am not able to close all one by one which is taking long time. what are other tips to improve phone performance.
please advise
hi i have a sansung j--106 and i want it will start the app very specific app in the reboot how can i do that ?
I recently turned in an iPhone 5 at the end of a project.

This iPhone 5 is now out of state.

Is there a way for me to logon to my iTunes account on the internet and remove my iTunes account from this iPhone 5 without me having to have the iPhone 5 in front of me?
can you please advise
best free / cheap way to copy files from windows 10 pc to iphone 7.

i have about 100 gb mp4 video movie files to transfer

Is it possible to run the iTunes app on an Samsung Galaxy S8 Android cell phone?
1. What does it mean for  "tools:context=""  ? (sample 1)
2. What does it mean for the following XML statement ? For "action", does it refer to the corresponding java class. How does "category" defined in sample 2 ? Any special meaning ? Thx

            <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
            <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />  

           <action android:name="" />
            <category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<LinearLayout android:orientation="vertical"


        android:text="Welcome to the Second Activity"
        android:id="@+id/textView" />

        android:text="Click to go to Main  Activity"


        <activity …
We send an SMS with a URL (e.g.
The custom app "ABC" installed on the phone has "" as "supported links"
Using Android Messages, no problem, it launches ABC.

However using Samsung Messenger or Messages, clicking on the URL just opens the website.
In other words, it ignores the Settings for ABC.

Forcing users to install Android Messages is not an option for us.
What do you suggest?

I understand with the Samsung S8 that there is the ability to view more than one app on the screen at the same time

Some questions

1. I know Mac can do this, can IOS iPhone and iPad

2. When I try this on a Samsung S8, i always seem to get the Settings as the first app and then any other app as the second. How can I get two real apps to run in multi screen
Please provide me with a URL address of the Sprint PCS add a phone program.

I know several users who all currently have a single Sprint PCS cell phone and are interested in finding the details of how they can add a second phone to their Spring PCS account using the current Sprint PCS promotion that we have heard is going on until the end of June of 2017.
android 7
will i get app alerts , phone calls , sms when battery is on
supersaver with black screen?
Last week my Note 2's phone popped up the above message & while this message
is showing up, it won't allow any activity (reading, typing) etc in Whatsapp: it took
more than 15mins & I decided to power cycle it.

Presume its whatsapp messages/content being backup : does it backup to
the microSD card in the phone or to Cloud & how can I restore (ideally selective
restore of selected messages) ?
I'm trying to run commands in command prompt on PC,

npm install -g cordova
cordova platform remove <platform>
cordova platform add <platform>

The NPM part works fine, but when i try to run cordova lines it fails with unknown command cordova. I do have cordova installed since I use it in VS and can deploy to android and ios. I realise I'm somehow missing the path in system path but I cannot find anywhere on the net or computer where the cordova root is. Can anyone help?

Last week my Android popped up a message saying the memory of the phone is
full & whether to save into microSD (I can't recall the exact message).

How can I choose what to save: say selective Whatsapp threads / groups    messages and images

Can I choose to save photos in galleries & SMSes into the microSD as well?
Hello everyone,

I am trying to build a very simple Android Mp3 Player.

I am preparing the bar that contains "Next song" "Play" "Previous" etc but I am not able to put it in the bottom of the page in a way that can be identical on every device.

I started coding my app from a swiped tab interface (the default one in android) and then added my fragment:

<RelativeLayout xmlns:android=""


            android:background="@drawable/ic_skip_previous_black_24dp" />


                android:layout_height="25dp" />

I have searched the android developer docs (and made lots of google searches) but I cannot find anything that shows what the code is exactly for turning off the 'Motion Effect' when setting a wallpaper. Apparently I am looking in the wrong directions or just completely missing something... but could someone please show or point in the right direction for how to turn off the 'Motion Effect' when setting the wallpaper from an app?

I see how to do this when manually setting my own wallpaper on my phone using android's ui but I cannot find java code that does the same thing (for example using the WallpaperManager or something similar).  Please see attached image.  Thanks
I'm new to both VS, cordova and everything else in between (but long time programmer).

When trying to install cordova plugins via config.xml, choosing from local path, it appears to fail to install or crash if the directories have spaces in them or if any of the variables have spaces in them (eg. a facebook plugin asked for a appname and if i put in two words it would fail).

Am i missing something or do these plugins still follow dos standards where spaces and periods are not allowed and should be only 8 characters long?
There is following error message popup , how to fix it??  

Unfortunately The Process android.process.acore has Stopped

Imagine this scenario -

A user walks into one of our support centres. The user has one of our mobile apps installed on their device. A beacon within the support centre is set to transmit an alert to a support tech when it detects the presence of our mobile app close to it. The beacon sends information on the user to the support tech who is able to identify them.

We are looking at a couple of applications for voice recording on corporate owned mobile devices. We want these to be hidden, such that the user can't delete these. Is this possible on iOS / Android? I'm not sure what the correct term is but I've chosen 'headless'.

Going one step further, is it possible to prevent these being stopped from running on iOS/Android?
What is the best apps where I can use my computer to text other phone and receive text and pictures. I know some of them you have to know the service of the phone that you contacting so it can use SMS. I don’t want to have to use that but to go through my wifi. Also, I don’t want to use Google because I tried that before and created a separate account but it still integrated with my other Google account.
Do anyone know is it possible to flash samsung galaxy s6 edge + (sm-g928v) with tmobile(sm-g928t) and how?
I've been researching which is better for native cross platform development React native or Xamarin? my research has led me to the following

User React native when
  • your team is made up of web developers
  • you are only building for tablet/phone IOS or Driod (No IOT support??)
  • you want a free tool

Use Xamarin when
  • Your team is made up of c# developers
  • you want to target IOS, droid, windows as well as IOT devices for platforms
  • You have money to spend, the free version of xamarin is lacking for enterprise

i've also read that React Native is buggier and that xamarin is more performent how ever i'm skeptical that these may have been the results of individuals and not a reflection of the tools/platforms.

anyway i'd really like it if someone could confirm or challenge my findings
I have an analog door opener system in my building, this is the phone which opens the door:
I have a raspberri pi 3 model b, and a Pcf8591 ADC/DAC converter:

What I want to do, is to connect the wires that goes to the analog door opener phone system into Raspberri PI, so I can hear/speak from a sip softphone installed in the raspberry pi.

Is this possible? I measured the voltage in the mic phone/speaker, it's shown in the picture. Not sure how to proceed with this.

Anyone? Thank you!!

Smartphone Programming

Smartphones run using a variety of operating systems -- Android, iOS and Windows Mobile most commonly -- and an even wider variety of programming languages, including Objective-C, Java, Visual C#, C++ and .NET, not to mention HTML5 and JavaScript, and cross-platform frameworks such as PhoneGap.