Smartphone Programming

Smartphones run using a variety of operating systems -- Android, iOS and Windows Mobile most commonly -- and an even wider variety of programming languages, including Objective-C, Java, Visual C#, C++ and .NET, not to mention HTML5 and JavaScript, and cross-platform frameworks such as PhoneGap.

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Refer to above EE post which is not resolved.

I bought a used Note4 & since receiving it, there's this "Smart Peel remote"
app in it which I've uninstalled it (via PlayStore) : however, the next day,
this app will pop up & when I go to PlayStore, could see that it's installed.

Each time after clicking "Uninstall" for this app in PlayStore, the "Uninstall"
button will turn to "Update" button.

What must I do so that this app doesn't come back (disruptive pop-ups)

The earlier expert suggest disabling it but how is this done?
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I have a Samsung Note 8 and a Samsung Note 4 smartphone.

I would like to migrate all data from the Samsung Note 8 to the Samsung Note 4.

What would be the best software to use to achieve this?

How to send message in whatsapp without open whatsapp apps using android?
I am looking for a lock that runs on batteries and connects to wifi, not Bluetooth for controlled entry access via my smartphone.  It needs to work outside and will be used to control access to a gate.

Assistance is greatly appreciated.

I wonder if this combination using the relay solution is reasonable?


Battery Powered Lock
Say, Whatsapp Broadcast Msg Info displays READ and Delivered. I want some way to get a list of the Delivered (but not read) in order to be able to resend.
Please suggest a software of method. Does Whatsapp Business make this easier to manage than Whatsapp? I've tried Whatsapp web but this doesn't allow me to export a list and difficult to use in a web interface.
Tx Shaun
How to identify editing on AMR file? Is there any softwares for that the phone call recorded was edited or not!
I'm using Android Studio and I would like to be able to pickup am image from the gallery, resize it and make it fit inside a rounded square (of about 300x300px) by maintening the correct aspect ratio. At the moment, I'm able to resize it and display it as a circle with this code:

FixBitmap = MediaStore.Images.Media.getBitmap(getContentResolver(), uri);
                bitmap_to_save = scaleBitmapAndKeepRation(FixBitmap, 320, 320);

                RoundedBitmapDrawable roundDrawable = RoundedBitmapDrawableFactory.create(getResources(), bitmap_to_save);

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However, I would like to know if it is possible to make the bitmap look like my attached image. Moreover, it would be important for me to resize the image without losing the original aspect ratio.

It is not exactly a well square rounded figure, so I'm not sure that it is possible to do it in Android.

I hope you can help me, thanks!

EDIT: I'm using Picasso library for the moment, and it seems to work. Anyway, I would like to keep always the same picture size (300x300 px) and the aspect ratio. How can I do it?
I used following code for phone call.But the call is not working .can anyone help me? I also given manfest Call Phone permission.

 call = (TextView) findViewById(;
        call.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
            public void onClick(View view) {
                String no = call.getText().toString();
            //    Toast.makeText(Accepted_Details.this, no, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
                Intent callIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_CALL);
                callIntent.setData(Uri.parse("tel:" + no));

                /*if (ActivityCompat.checkSelfPermission(Accepted_Details.this, Manifest.permission.CALL_PHONE) != PackageManager.PERMISSION_GRANTED) {
                    // TODO: Consider calling
                    //    ActivityCompat#requestPermissions
                    // here to request the missing permissions, and then overriding
                    //   public void onRequestPermissionsResult(int requestCode, String[] permissions,
                    //                                          int[] grantResults)
                    // to handle the case where the user grants the permission. See the documentation
                    // for ActivityCompat#requestPermissions for more details.
We want to offer our customers the possibility to download their APN settings trough a browser.
Apple has a Configuration Utility, that works fine.

It seems to be an XML like binary, that includes the details of the APN settings.
When accessing this file in the default (Safari) browser, it asks if you wish to load the config. If so, it loads the APN settings into the phone.

Does Android offer the same option?
I've been trying to fix this for days now. Using Xamarin and Visual Studio, I deleted the asset catalogs/media folder then I used app icon set creator to create the icons. I then went into info.plist under visual assets and hit add catalog, then dragged the icons into the slots.

No matter how many times I try this I get the same error.

Since this is xamarin, I was told I have to create an IPA file and upload using ApplicationUploader.  The file uploads but then I get an email from Apple with a build file error shown above.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


Missing Info.plist value - A value for the Info.plist key 'CFBundleIconName' is missing in the bundle

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Need to know about how does it work?

I send a text message and I got a reply text message having some info., e.g., this is what's provided by Blue Cross Blue Sheild:
Text ID to BCBSIL (123456) to receive ID card information

how does this work and how I can configure it for my own use?

Please advise/guide/suggest ... thanks in advance.

I often get ads & screen saver and the Multi Task manager shows it's this app
called Peel Remote  on my Note4's Android.

I can't seem to locate this app to deinstall it: how to locate it to deinstall it?
How to use c4.5 classifier in android studio to process the  accelerometer and and gyroscope  sensor data from phone.
Hi there,
I need a sample application to build off to accomplish the following:
Scan a ticket that has a QR code.
As the ticket gets scanned add it to a datagrid or listbox (doesn't matter)
Once all the codes are in this data repository and on button click stores it on a database.
I don't expect to someone in here write something from scratch this escenario. But if you have seen something that can get me ahead on things I will greatly appreciate it.
If you have an idea of an aspx app or windows
I set out trying to find an android app that would allow me to add a previously called number to sales prospects from my phone easily. I downloaded the Base app here but it doesn't seem to do this.

I know Base has a large following and I think it has free features. Do I need a different product or can Base do this?

Assistance is greatly appreciated.
Can someone guide me to making a simple application on android wherein the screen is blank and everytime someone touches the screen a small rectangle is drawn on and then erased the next time.
i have a xamain android application i need to know how to know if we have right to left environment .
Hi Experts,

Iphone Cordova App. I'm getting a location request every time the app loads how do i get rid of it.

"var/containers/Bundle/Application/....www/index,html@ Would like to Use your Current Location.

When the app installs the correct location alert, followed by this one, then this one every time the app opens?


Hi there, just curious if anyone can help me with an IFTTT applet ?

What I need to do is...
If a specific user on Twitter tweets something, then send that tweet to a FB Group Chat

I can see alot of similar ones, like twitter post and send an FB msg, but not to group chat
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I am having trouble with the Bixby voice assistant. It was working fine until a recent update. Now I cannot get it to recognize my voice and when I use the Bixby button the Listening mode is so short I can't say anything before it gives me a message saying it could not hear what I am saying.

in my android moto 4g plus smart phone how to sync up every photo i take on camera to google photos. Also similar way every photo i take should be synced to flicker. how to do it.

please advise
Is there any research has been done or based on personal experience, which mobile development tool/ platform should be used in term of time needed to develop a brand new "simple" app from scratch?

Open for suggestions, thank you.
I have a samsung phone that wont take screenshots of certain apps, like banks, etc. It says "Cant take screenshot due to security policy".

Anyone know the setting to turn it off so I can take a screenshot?
hi i  have an nandroid backup of my phone and i want to flash this backup by odin
 i have samsung phone
My company is developing a mobile App, and it is advised to block Rooted machine from using it.
The Rooted detection mechanism works, but has false positives on non-Rooted Miui Xiaomi mobiles, because they seems to have some Root-bundled function even it is new.

Is there any way to distinguish a Rooted and non-Rooted Xiaomi? to check the bootloader lock or unlock status? Grateful if any can share me some source code for the check.

Thanks a lot.

Smartphone Programming

Smartphones run using a variety of operating systems -- Android, iOS and Windows Mobile most commonly -- and an even wider variety of programming languages, including Objective-C, Java, Visual C#, C++ and .NET, not to mention HTML5 and JavaScript, and cross-platform frameworks such as PhoneGap.