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Smartphone Programming

Smartphones run using a variety of operating systems -- Android, iOS and Windows Mobile most commonly -- and an even wider variety of programming languages, including Objective-C, Java, Visual C#, C++ and .NET, not to mention HTML5 and JavaScript, and cross-platform frameworks such as PhoneGap.

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I've got a brand new Alcatel PIXI 4g phone. If I go into contacts and add a number, then click more fields, the words more fields goes away but there's nothing else to see. I'm on Android version 6.0.

Actually, when you click more fields, it goes to a different screen, with the words USIM contact and a link back to edit contact.
[Webinar] Lessons on Recovering from Petya
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[Webinar] Lessons on Recovering from Petya

Skyport is working hard to help customers recover from recent attacks, like the Petya worm. This work has brought to light some important lessons. New malware attacks like this can take down your entire environment. Learn from others mistakes on how to prevent Petya like worms.

I change the password on my android smartphone (version is 5 almost sure) and the next day I went to work with and it doesn't work.  I didn't write the password and tried all possible similar password name with no success.

We were told that we can recover the android by using our gmail account linked to that device.

Please advice how to recover.
 I have a local Exchange 2010 server that works perfectly including on smartphones. A new Exchange2016 was installed and tested and it sends and received e-mails using a test account. The test account does not work on the smartphone.

We need to make the Exchange 2016 the primary server and co-exist with the Exchange2010 server until all of the mailboxes are moved over which will take a long time.  How do we proceed?
Problem to turn On HotSpot on Android 6+
It works on Android 4.4-5 but restricted on V6+.

Anybody having experience working with HotSpot on Android V6-7?

     * Turn On or Off wifi
     * @param context
     * @param isTurnToOn
    public static void turnOnOffWifi(Context context, boolean isTurnToOn) {
        WifiManager wifiManager = (WifiManager) context

        if (isTurnToOn && isHotspotSupported() && isHotspotOn(context)) {
            turnOnOffHotspot(context, false);

            writeLog(context, "turn on WIFI");
            writeLog(context, "turn off WIFI");

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We followed this tuto: made in 2014.

I do not get any error message. It just won't open the Hotspot.  Closing Wifi works however. (We close Wifi before we enable the HotSpot)
Every time that a user with a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone enters an area that has a Comcast Wi-Fi cable modem she is always taken to a webpage on her cell phone and prompted to sign in to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

This user is a Comcast subscriber at home but doesn't want to be interrupted with what she is doing on her phone or by receiving beep notifications that a Comcast Wi-Fi network is available.

What can be done to disable these types of notifications?

Or what can be done to save the user's Comcast logon username and password within the phone so that every time that a Comcast Wi-Fi network is within range the user's Galaxy S8 phone will automatically connect without prompting the user to manually sign on?
My Samsung Galaxy S8 phone is stuck at the "LTE Plus More Spectrum Better network" screen & won't power off.

It was powered on and the battery level was around 85% when this happened.

Now the phone has simply stopped responding.

I have held the power button down for several minutes but there is no response including while the phone is plugged into power.

The phone is also starting to get hot.

What can be done to fix this?

I'm currently looking at building a small basic app that a few of my customers are looking for, however they all want it as their own unique app so I will need to whitelabel each release from one core set of code, instead of managing several different sets of code / apps.

All companies will have the exact same app features (which are very basic), however I will need to change the 'logo', 'app name' and 'main UI color' for each release.

Swift / iOS and Android Studio seem to have their own 'Whitelabel Management' feature so that you can have one code base and release variable releases from the code base.

So, you build one core app, and then you can release different builds with the variable settings.

01 - Has anyone ever used this approach before, and if so do you have any advice?
02 - Is anyone aware of any software (outside of Swift and Android Studio) that will manage code like this, as I might go the Hybrid approach with React Native.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Within the state of California where are the legal parts of a windshield where a cell phone windshield mount can be placed?

I've heard that there are only certain places within California where a cell phone can be mounted to a windshield.
Does anyone know about iTalk?

i recorded some choral performances by my choir with iTalk on my iPhone 5E, and would now like to move the files from my iPhone to a PC for editing and distribution.  But I can't find the files on my phone, and googling iTalk doesn't bring up any useful information.

Anyone know what to do?
How can I make the show desktop menu stay at bottom of a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone?

Currently I have to push up at the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen to make this menu appear. I would like for it to stay at the bottom of the phone screen at all times.
How to Use the Help Bell
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How to Use the Help Bell

Need to boost the visibility of your question for solutions? Use the Experts Exchange Help Bell to confirm priority levels and contact subject-matter experts for question attention.  Check out this how-to article for more information.

How can I prevent a Samsung Galaxy S8 from constantly prompting to join Wi-Fi networks?

If the phone finds a Wi-Fi network and has the password saved for that network I want it to join that network but otherwise if it finds a Wi-Fi network such as a Comcast Wi-Fi network that a Comcast subscriber can join I don't want it to prompt to join that network.

This Android phone also has the secure Wi-Fi app installed.
What is the process to add the clock app icon to the main Samsung Galaxy S8 screen's list of icons?

Currently I have to search for the clock app and I would prefer for this icon to be located on the main Samsung Galaxy S8 screen so that I can easily access it.
Is there a feature available within a Samsung Galaxy S8 to allow rings and notifications only from certain phone numbers? This feature is available for iPhones and now I'm trying to figure out how to activate this feature on a Samsung Galaxy S8 cell phone

This is a very important feature for me to have while I'm sleeping and only want to be disturbed by certain people.
What are the best apps for having additional phone numbers on a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone besides Google Voice?

I am looking to link another phone number to my Samsung Galaxy S8 cell phone. I already have Google voice installed on this phone and need to add yet another phone number to this phone.

What are the best Android apps for doing this?
I'm going to be starting a project where I need to be able to answer my phone 24 hours a day.

I also need to be able to completely silence all other alerts from my phone so the only times I will be woken up will be if someone calls or texts my Google voice number.

Is there a way to completely turn off new call, email, & text alerts on Samsung Galaxy S8 accept for Google Voice alerts?
I just signed out of a Google Voice account on my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.

I have logged in with another Google Voice account which is the one I want to have associated with my cell phone.

The problem is that when I make phone calls using my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone the caller ID for the most recent Google Voice account (510-xxx-xxxx) displays instead of the caller ID for the other Google voice account I have switched back to (415-xxx-xxxx).

I also remember that when I have set up Google Voice numbers in the past that these Google Voice numbers have given me the option to fully integrate Google Voice with my Sprint PCS phone (which is what I want to do now). However I am not given this option at this time.

What do I need to do to fix this issue so that the phone number associated with my 415 area code Google voice number will display whenever I make phone calls?
We are moving from Fireeye MTP  to another product, considering Lookout .

Anyone can point me to or share reviews on Lookout?

Also, what are the assessment criteria I have to look out for considering that
our corporate phones (mostly iOS currently) & iPad are managed by
MobileIron MDM?

Email to be used is MI's email+  (not the native built-in email client)
I heard iOS is tailored from FreeBSD so I'm hoping to be able to do something like
"ps -ef |grep email_client_process"
if it's not there, then restart it.

Reason is our MobileIron email+ client kept getting killed by iOS as iOS sees it
as a 3rd party/foreign process.

any chance of doing this on an MDM controlled device?

My android moto 4g plus phone hundres of browser windows running in background. How do we close all those browser windows or tab instances in one stroke.  I am not able to close all one by one which is taking long time. what are other tips to improve phone performance.
please advise
Free Tool: Site Down Detector
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Free Tool: Site Down Detector

Helpful to verify reports of your own downtime, or to double check a downed website you are trying to access.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

hi i have a sansung j--106 and i want it will start the app very specific app in the reboot how can i do that ?
I recently turned in an iPhone 5 at the end of a project.

This iPhone 5 is now out of state.

Is there a way for me to logon to my iTunes account on the internet and remove my iTunes account from this iPhone 5 without me having to have the iPhone 5 in front of me?
can you please advise
best free / cheap way to copy files from windows 10 pc to iphone 7.

i have about 100 gb mp4 video movie files to transfer

Is it possible to run the iTunes app on an Samsung Galaxy S8 Android cell phone?
1. What does it mean for  "tools:context=""  ? (sample 1)
2. What does it mean for the following XML statement ? For "action", does it refer to the corresponding java class. How does "category" defined in sample 2 ? Any special meaning ? Thx

            <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
            <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />  

           <action android:name="" />
            <category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<LinearLayout android:orientation="vertical"


        android:text="Welcome to the Second Activity"
        android:id="@+id/textView" />

        android:text="Click to go to Main  Activity"


        <activity …
We send an SMS with a URL (e.g.
The custom app "ABC" installed on the phone has "" as "supported links"
Using Android Messages, no problem, it launches ABC.

However using Samsung Messenger or Messages, clicking on the URL just opens the website.
In other words, it ignores the Settings for ABC.

Forcing users to install Android Messages is not an option for us.
What do you suggest?

Smartphone Programming

Smartphones run using a variety of operating systems -- Android, iOS and Windows Mobile most commonly -- and an even wider variety of programming languages, including Objective-C, Java, Visual C#, C++ and .NET, not to mention HTML5 and JavaScript, and cross-platform frameworks such as PhoneGap.