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A smartphone or smart phone is a mobile phone with an advanced mobile operating system that combines features of a personal computer operating system with other features useful for mobile or handheld use. They typically combine the features of a cell phone with those of other popular mobile devices, such as personal digital assistant (PDA), media player and GPS navigation unit. Most smartphones can access the Internet, have a touchscreen user interface, can run third-party apps, music players and are camera phones. Most Smartphones produced from 2012 onwards also have high-speed mobile broadband 4G LTE internet, motion sensors, and mobile payment mechanisms.

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A colleague indicated that he prefers iPhone over android phone because the iPhone is entirely encrypted and all apps download from the Apple store passes thru rigorous process prior being placed on the store.  On the other hand, android phone are not encrypted and you can download apps from anywhere, besides the store; in other words there is little control as to the google store apps as to security.  Finally all who developed apps for iPhone have to pay an anual fee to Apple where as to android no fee - insinuating at one point that a hacker can create an apps load it to google store and all can download it; thus being able to reach millions with ease.

Is there any accuracy to this persons comment? Please advice.
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I thought I had found an optimal solution in Possio Greta:


But I talked to the head office in Sweden, and it turned out that it doesn't work everywhere in the world. I can't remember the details now, but I had a lengthy discussion about it, and it's of quite limited use for me when I travel between different parts of the world and different countries.

Otherwise, is there any alternative to smartphone and internet, such as a small portable fax machine or any other device or other type of communication (analogue instead of digital etc.)? Telex, satellite, short-wave radio, SIP for fax etc.?
I found one at a store, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, that seemed impressive. Could write notes on it just like with an ordinary pen on paper. Is this the best there is on the market, or is there any other note-taking smartphone that is much better?

Except the function to take notes just like with an ordinary pen on paper but instead on the smartphone with an electronic pen, I also want to be able to easily and quickly find any small note. So there should be possible to save each note and label each note so I can find it later using any of several search criteria.

Also useful would be to easily be able to cut parts of a note and paste somewhere else to other notes (move parts of notes to other notes).

Or would a tablet like Samsung Tab J be even better than a note-taking smartphone?
Just recently my apps are using full screen.  I read the articles on how to enable or disable full screen per app, but some of my apps are "optimized for full screen"

I have no idea why this started happening all of a sudden.

My goal is not not use Full Screen at all.
I HATE ios v11 and want to downgrade to 10.3.
How can I do this?
Hi experts,

OK, so I am looking at the Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel 2 XL. I am rather certain that the former is being made by HTC while the XL will be an LG phone. Please correct me if I have it backwards. So, I am confused about a few things.

I have Googled their first Pixel from 2016, but I could not find the following info. I thought that the big deal about the original Pixel was that it would run the latest and greatest Android OS, and the phone would be made by Google. Supposedly, this meant everything would work perfectly together. Was the original phone actually made by Google?

The two phones which are just now being released are made by two companies. The Pixel 2 is an HTC phone, while the Pixel 2 XL is an LG. So, my observation is it seems silly to have two different companies making the same line of phone. Or is that common? I also think I read that Google was going to purchase HTC's phone division so they would, in effect, make their own phones.

The two biggest downsides to the phones that I have read is no jack for headsets and no SSD slots. And, I am not sure what the battery life will be.

Thanks for your help.

There are certain people who I don't need to email any longer whose email addresses appear when I am typing email addresses within the To: filed within the mail app on my Samsung Galaxy S8.

What is the process to remove these email address auto complete entries for the people who I no longer need to email?

Also is there any way of doing this while my Samsung Galaxy S8 is connected to my Windows or Mac computer? It is a lot easier to do it that way than doing this manually on my Samsung Galaxy S8 cell phone.
Is it possible to find where a file is located in Android device ?

I have connected my phone with Window and use window explorer to search it. However, I can't find that file. Any idea ?

Attached please find the partial path but I can't locate the file in my Andrioid.

I can't focus with my phone nagging me about the same text over and over again.  I like one notification and done.  Anyone have a fix for this?
I have a few quick questions which I would like to add to this thread, easy ones, its just Im not used to using Android.  On my new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, even when I have no sim card in there or when in airplane mode, it shows full bars receptions.  What gives?
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What is the default font used within the iPhone mail app when composing & replying to emails?
Is it possible to backup everything on my Samsung Edge 7 (including SMS) before I take it to repair ?

Can I restore the content to another Samsung Note 7 ?

I have the iPhone 5.  Apple are not providing iOS 11 to users like me.  The cynical me says it's because they want me to spend to upgrade to the latest shiny toy.  Is that the real reason?   I really can't believe that hey can't afford to support performance and functional updates for upto 10 years.  

Is Android any better?
How to download official android firmware
Free I try sammobile website but it’s so expensive
I need for Samsung j1 ace
Hello Experts,

I am working on a small website that allows users to send a vCard (.vcf file) to an email address they specify. The coding for this function is in php, and I should mention that my php skills are pretty basic. There are 2 versions of the email that sends the vCard: one in English and one in Japanese.
So far, everything is working fine, except that on Android smartphones, the Japanese characters in the subject line of the email get mangled (the body text is fine). It is obviously a character encoding issue.
Researching the issue on google indicates that I need to specify the character encoding for the subject text (in the case of Japanese, I think this would be UTF-8). I have tried a number of things to achieve this, but just cannot get it to work.
I provide the code as an attached file. I’d greatly appreciate it if anyone could have a look at this and let me know of any suggestions for a solution to this. Thank you in advance for any help.

I'm confused with the above.  Is there just one type of Samsung Note 8 i.e. are they all dual sim compatible?  because the above web site does not explain the different between the two options and on Amazon people are selling the dual sim versions for over GBP 1000 where is the single sim is GBP 800.
I'm looking for a better task management solution. I could use some suggestions based on my requirements.

requirements in order of importance, top 6 are a must
  1. -has web/PC app and mobile (Android) app, data being synchronized
  2. -tasks can have due dates
  3. -can associate with "note to self" directive on Android, so I can say "OK Google, note to self, buy birthday cards" and it will make a new task for me hands-free
  4. -can search text contents on mobile and on PC
  5. -has some way of categorizing tasks (lists, categories, folders)
  6. -paste images from clipboard into a task
  7. -attach files to a task
  8. -keyboard shortcuts on PC to create and edit tasks
  9. -can create sub-tasks or related (e.g. "is-blocked-by") tasks
  10. -tasks have priorities (normal,high,etc.)
  11. -tasks can have reminders/alerts at least in the Android app
  12. -can be target of share on Android, e.g. a text message, a URL, or an image can feed into the app and becomes a task
  13. -can easily transfer my existing tasks from Google Tasks
  14. -can share one of the task lists/categories with another person

current situation
I'm currently using GTasks on Android and a Chrome extension (Better Google Tasks), which essentially repackages mail.google.com. This solution has much of the above, but the web interface is clunky and I'm really missing the ability to paste images.

which one?
I've read these are popular and good, but that's a lot to test every one of them. Any suggestions?
  • any.do
  • evernote
  • google keep
  • remember the milk
  • TickTick
  • todoist
We had an app created for our company a couple of years ago and now it's horribly out of date and we're getting a message off it that it needs to be updated to iOS11.  Due to a high staff turnover, who created the app has been lost and we don't have anyone to contact to get this pull off the Apple and Google stores.

Can anyone provide any guidance as to what to do in this instance - all of the information I've searched deals with developers removing their own apps but nothing about how to do it when the developer is gone.

Thanks in advance for any input on this.
When I try to recover the gmail password

it asks me to type the email.
first name and last name
then I get this error: No account found
There's no Google Account with the info you provided.

I have one old iPhone still connected to that gmail.

- can I have gmail send a password reset link to my account?
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Hello - we have Exchange 2010 OWA and I had a user who lost his Android phone in an airport.  We wiped it clean to be safe.  He later found the phone and we're trying to set it back up again, but OWA keeps wiping it clean.  I checked the OWA Manage User screen to see if it was set to keep wiping it, and I don't see that it is.  But its apparently stuck in a loop.  Anyone see this before?

A freind has a samsung 6 phone and wants to be able to tranfer files from his windows computer to the phone over wireless or bluetooth or whatever would be easiest.  Is there an app that can do this for someone with limitied tech skills?  Maybe where the program can be on the computer and you right click a file and tell it to go to the cloud and then it is accessible on the phone?
I have set my Android phone to sync with myemail@outlook.com and my desktop Outlook 365 to sync to the same account and even though both seem to show they are syncing, the contact lists are different. Can anyone help me fix.

To expand a little, in case it is relevant,
1. I have two yahoo IMAP accounts in my sync list, one of which is the default
2. I have 3 other Microsoft Exchange email addresses on different accounts that I am syncing too, PLUS myemail@Outlook.com
3. I am not trying to sync Outlook.com emails, just the contacts because that it's the only one I thought Outlook would sync with
4. The other 3 Exchange accounts seem to be syncing fine
I change the password on my android smartphone (version is 5 almost sure) and the next day I went to work with and it doesn't work.  I didn't write the password and tried all possible similar password name with no success.

We were told that we can recover the android by using our gmail account linked to that device.

Please advice how to recover.
What are the steps to add another user's calendar to an iPhone 6 (with iOS 10.3.3)?

Office 365 is being used to host both of these email accounts.

Is there any way of doing this other than adding the other user's Office 365 account to this user's iPhone (and choosing only to sync the other user's Office 365 calendar? This is a security risk since we don't want the user with the iPhone to go into the account settings and be able to download and reply to the other user's emails).
How can I easily detect malware on smartphones? I have some on my network with strange behavior after a security incident. Unfortunately they were on the same network as the attacked machines.


A smartphone or smart phone is a mobile phone with an advanced mobile operating system that combines features of a personal computer operating system with other features useful for mobile or handheld use. They typically combine the features of a cell phone with those of other popular mobile devices, such as personal digital assistant (PDA), media player and GPS navigation unit. Most smartphones can access the Internet, have a touchscreen user interface, can run third-party apps, music players and are camera phones. Most Smartphones produced from 2012 onwards also have high-speed mobile broadband 4G LTE internet, motion sensors, and mobile payment mechanisms.