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Software firewalls, also known as host-based firewalls, provide a layer of software on one host that controls network traffic in and out of that single machine. Most operating systems now include firewall software, but many available software firewalls include central distribution, antivirus systems and disaster recovery.

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forgot windows 10  laptop password on old laptop to get into laptop. How do i reset or get into this old laptop. please advise
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I really need a help and guidance on how to go about setting up a wifi hotspot at our Cafe. We have regular customers which comes every morning to have cup of coffee and little snack. Normally, customers comes while they have their coffee for about 10 to 20 minutes and then go.

I would like to offer a Free Wifi to all my customers who comes to my cafe for coffee for 10 or 20 minutes.

I should be able to print out a wifi voucher which they can use to access the internet on their mobile phones or laptop. But usually it'll be just a mobile phone. The internet will be stricted ONLY to checking emails online and or Facebook - nothing else. It should not allow them to download softwares, torrents, since we dont have unlimited data to our ISP.

Remember, that after 20 minutes, the voucher should die out. And it can only works to one mobile phone.

Anyway's that is the plan and i hope i can get answers on how to proceed and going forward.

Thank you and i look forward to comments.

I've been asked to turn on logging for code ASA-6-302014.  According to Cisco it's the Teardown TCP connection.
I have logging enabled and have set notifications  for syslog ID 302014.  I can't seem to get ASA-6-302014 to show in my log files, but I get ASA-5-302014.  Is this the same thing?

Our ASA is a 5520 8.2(1) 


Dear All,
         Recently I configured TMG firewall as a proxy I make all the rules & every thing is working fine. If I login to TMG server and ping any public ip’s or any domain like etc. I am able to ping but on client computer If provide them internet via TMG then are able to access but not able to ping any public ip or domain like
         So please need your support to enable ping

Thanks in advance


moto 4g plus android makes noise while taking photo. how to mute while taking photo. please advise
In Palo Alto Networks there is a test sec policy command that will let me know whether the traffic from source A to dest B for port C will pass or be denied. i.e. test sec policy to ALLOW (or DENY). Is there a similar function within VMWare NSX?

If I have ASA active/standy and I want to upgrade the iOS version on the primary, do I need to also upgraded on the standby or will it do it on its own.
How do i allow a third party IP Address or  to come thru my firewallD for Centos 7.  I need a step by step explanation how to do this.  This is the situation, I have a site builder module installed on my control panel. When i access it, it takes me to the third party company where i do the site creation. Once the site is completed, i have to publish it to a domain on my server. The only way to do this is allow the third parties ip address access so i can publish the content to a domain on my system. Please Help
hi ASA 9.1 (4)

make an audio call through ASA - weird on rare occasion i can hear audio. - then same call majority of times no audio.
the call is made from tablet inside lan  to phone on inside on LAN- it goes out ASA through to internet and back in through asa.
sip and h323 and skinny inspect ON. - Ive tried turning off makes no difference.

ports for audio open  8500-8598 UDP - how can it be a port issue if it works on occasion? unless some dynamic port happening?
is it something to do with NAT ?

Hello - we upgraded from a 5510 ASA to a 5516 recently.  On our old 5510, the home page of the ASA would present the ASDM tool.  the 5516 does not do this.  After spending an hour reading the Getting Started guide and online, I find lots of information about how the ASDM works - but hardly any help on how to actually launch the tool.  Need some help from the experts.  thanks
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Need protection from advanced malware attacks?

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We are looking to confirm some settings on ClearOS 6.9.0 Professional installed on a HP ML310 with multi NIC card installed.

It is currently working fine but the customer site is moving location at the weekend and also changing WAN provider. We currently have the following setup on the ClearOS login from the console (Example IP used)

eth0 external - static - (Link Yes)
eth1 lan - static - (Link Yes)
eth2 external - Static - (Link Yes)
eth3 external - Static (Link No)
eth4 external - Static - (Link Yes)

On eth4 which is physically connected x2 to the router - we can see the following config

Role - External
Connection Type - Static
IP Address -
Netmask -
Gateway -

We would like to confirm that
1. The new WAN provider will supply new gateway address (router)
2. We will supply IP address on same LAN as GW address as above
3. SNM will stay the same or as advised by WAN provider

Do we need to change any other networks for the internet route to work? Everything is staying as is, we can see that Eth3 is not connected but do any of the other networks need to know about the changes to the WAN/External change.

We do not have any previous experience with ClearOS, we have used SonicWALL before and presuming that the concept is the same. The CLearOS login on the console does not show an awful lot, neither does the CLI.

Any suggestions from ClearOS…
Hi Experts,

I am currently looking for a managed, software or hardware firewall option for a business grade internet connection and WAN. I don't know much about firewalls beyond what is available on your average home computer and I am a little unsure where to start.

Please can you tell me your thoughts on what is best for a business.

If I were to purchase a unit, is this something that can easily be learned, administered and managed in house or is this something that requires a real specialist?
Should I use a software, hardware firewall, or a managed offering?
What sort of costs can I expect for a reasonable solution?
What should I look out for?

Any expert advise would be most appreciated.

Thank you

Abstract Network traffic is volume of data moving across the system at any given time. The traffic encapsulates in packets to provide load, it effect organization network resources by assisting to ensure good quality in service. Data is important resources of any business organization; its security

Expert Comment

by:Pierre Ammoun
Where can I find basic guidelines to "educate the users" on being careful about malware ransomware ?

Author Comment

by:Alix Postan
Hi Pierre! That's a great question! Here are some links to some articles that I think would help educate users about being careful about malware:

1) 7 Things About Information Security Your Boss Wants to Know:

2) 7 Tips for Dealing with Internet Security Threats:

3) 5 Best Security Blogs You Should be Reading:

Hope that helps! Let me know if you need more articles!
Is there a way to block an entire folder including the .exe everything inside a folder from connecting to the internet? If Windows 10's Firewall can't is there another Firewall that can?
I have a group of PCs in a domain environment that we want to lock down except for a few applications.  I am using Group Policy to configure firewall exceptions to allow these applications to work.

One of the allowed applications is Outlook.  We have a CASARRAY, and currently when I try to access Outlook it says that Exchange is offline and won't let me configure a new account.

In the GPO, I have rules configured for DNS & AD Domain Services.  For Outlook I created a rules that allow access to the CASARRAY with the following:

3268/TCP (LDAP GC)
88/TCP/UDP (Kerberos)
135/TCP (RPC netlogon)
443/TCP (SSL)"

"TCP End Point Mapper (TCP/135)
Dynamic RPC port range (6005-59530)"

I am still unable to configure Outlook.  What am I missing?  Is there a different approach I should be taking?
I have a Windows 7 PC that we are trying to lockdown.  I have a group policy that puts a firewall rule in place to only allow 2 IP addresses to initiate RDP connections.  We have tested this successfully from the 2 IPs while all others are denied.  When the PC reboots, they 2 IPs can no longer RDP to it.

So far, the only thing I've found that will reestablish the ability to RDP from the 2 IPs is to remove the PC from the domain and re-add it back in.

Any suggestions on the cause and possible resolution?

I had this question after viewing Wifi issue with asa 5506.

How to you return from AP>. Prompt to the asa prompt (cisco asa> )?

I sessioned into the cisco 702 AP but can't get out it
hello , i need allow skype on sonicwal and block all proxy and signature id 5 or 7 . Is it possible.
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Recently we added a new TPG IPVPN Connection (MPLS Network with Hosted Firewall) to eth2 on our watchguard but cant get it to work properly (see attached picture)

For some reason i cannot ping any Sydney LAN IP Addresses (on network) from QLD Office to Sydney Office.

What do i need to enable / configure on the wathguard so i can ping internal lan addresses from qld office ?

QLD Office LAN is on network.
Sydney office LAN is on network

From QLD office I can ping,,, OK, but if I try to ping the Watchguard LAN IP Address or another device in the same Sydney network from QLD Office it times out. Any ideas ???

Sydney Office Watchguard Configuration is as follows:

I have 3 interfaces setup on my Watchguard x750e firewall with following parameters:

Eth0: IP: (External) - This is connected to a ISP Managed Cisco 1900 Series Router. This is a routed subnet services TPG NBN Conneciton.

Eth1: IP: (Trusted)

Eth2: IP: (External) - This is connected to a TPG NTU and is a IPVPN Connection. This also requires RIPv2 and has dynamic routing setup.
Dynamic Routing Configuration:
1. Enabled Dynamic Routing is enabled.
2. Enable RIP is enabled
Rip Configuration :
router rip
network …
I have been seeing quite a bit of traffic attempts from a specific ip address to access the above described firewall
how can I block this specific ip address without just blocking all?
Hi, we are preparing the rules for Zone-based Policy Firewall on Router c3925, however we need to confirm which traffic usually pass through a router, so that the rule will not block/allow any useful/bad traffic. So can we have a method to see it?

Is there a way other than: "show ip cache flow", "sh ip traffic" ?  

Many thanks in advance,
Hi, we are having Router Cisco 3925 between LAN and WAN, however it seems like the money is required for AnyConnect VPN on Cisco 3925. We found that pfSense (Free) can be deployed to serve VPN connections however we need to understand its pros and cons.
-So can anyone explain please?
-Should we deploy it or purchase license for AnyConnect?
-Do you know any free Cisco VPN solution that we can configure inside our C3925?

Our priority is:
- Compatible with current environment with minimum impacts to about 400 users
- Easy to configure and troubleshoot
- Price  

Many thanks in advance,
I have a new customer the VPN going straight to the customer was working fine with Comcast crappy router, I install a pfsense and created a rule under nat for VPN, setup server with a static IP etc. somehow this does not work. any help greatly appreciated
Hello experts-exchange, can the ASA 5520 be configured for SMTP Gateway relay use?
Thank you,

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Software firewalls, also known as host-based firewalls, provide a layer of software on one host that controls network traffic in and out of that single machine. Most operating systems now include firewall software, but many available software firewalls include central distribution, antivirus systems and disaster recovery.

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