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Software firewalls, also known as host-based firewalls, provide a layer of software on one host that controls network traffic in and out of that single machine. Most operating systems now include firewall software, but many available software firewalls include central distribution, antivirus systems and disaster recovery.

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I have a group of PCs in a domain environment that we want to lock down except for a few applications.  I am using Group Policy to configure firewall exceptions to allow these applications to work.

One of the allowed applications is Outlook.  We have a CASARRAY, and currently when I try to access Outlook it says that Exchange is offline and won't let me configure a new account.

In the GPO, I have rules configured for DNS & AD Domain Services.  For Outlook I created a rules that allow access to the CASARRAY with the following:

3268/TCP (LDAP GC)
88/TCP/UDP (Kerberos)
135/TCP (RPC netlogon)
443/TCP (SSL)"

"TCP End Point Mapper (TCP/135)
Dynamic RPC port range (6005-59530)"

I am still unable to configure Outlook.  What am I missing?  Is there a different approach I should be taking?
2017 Webroot Threat Report
2017 Webroot Threat Report

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The 2017 Webroot Threat Report provides a uniquely insightful global view into the analysis and discoveries made by the Webroot® Threat Intelligence Platform to provide insights on key trends and risks as seen by our users.

I have a Windows 7 PC that we are trying to lockdown.  I have a group policy that puts a firewall rule in place to only allow 2 IP addresses to initiate RDP connections.  We have tested this successfully from the 2 IPs while all others are denied.  When the PC reboots, they 2 IPs can no longer RDP to it.

So far, the only thing I've found that will reestablish the ability to RDP from the 2 IPs is to remove the PC from the domain and re-add it back in.

Any suggestions on the cause and possible resolution?

I had this question after viewing Wifi issue with asa 5506.

How to you return from AP>. Prompt to the asa prompt (cisco asa> )?

I sessioned into the cisco 702 AP but can't get out it
hello , i need allow skype on sonicwal and block all proxy and signature id 5 or 7 . Is it possible.
Recently we added a new TPG IPVPN Connection (MPLS Network with Hosted Firewall) to eth2 on our watchguard but cant get it to work properly (see attached picture)

For some reason i cannot ping any Sydney LAN IP Addresses (on network) from QLD Office to Sydney Office.

What do i need to enable / configure on the wathguard so i can ping internal lan addresses from qld office ?

QLD Office LAN is on network.
Sydney office LAN is on network

From QLD office I can ping,,, OK, but if I try to ping the Watchguard LAN IP Address or another device in the same Sydney network from QLD Office it times out. Any ideas ???

Sydney Office Watchguard Configuration is as follows:

I have 3 interfaces setup on my Watchguard x750e firewall with following parameters:

Eth0: IP: (External) - This is connected to a ISP Managed Cisco 1900 Series Router. This is a routed subnet services TPG NBN Conneciton.

Eth1: IP: (Trusted)

Eth2: IP: (External) - This is connected to a TPG NTU and is a IPVPN Connection. This also requires RIPv2 and has dynamic routing setup.
Dynamic Routing Configuration:
1. Enabled Dynamic Routing is enabled.
2. Enable RIP is enabled
Rip Configuration :
router rip
network …
I have been seeing quite a bit of traffic attempts from a specific ip address to access the above described firewall
how can I block this specific ip address without just blocking all?
Hi, we are preparing the rules for Zone-based Policy Firewall on Router c3925, however we need to confirm which traffic usually pass through a router, so that the rule will not block/allow any useful/bad traffic. So can we have a method to see it?

Is there a way other than: "show ip cache flow", "sh ip traffic" ?  

Many thanks in advance,
Hi, we are having Router Cisco 3925 between LAN and WAN, however it seems like the money is required for AnyConnect VPN on Cisco 3925. We found that pfSense (Free) can be deployed to serve VPN connections however we need to understand its pros and cons.
-So can anyone explain please?
-Should we deploy it or purchase license for AnyConnect?
-Do you know any free Cisco VPN solution that we can configure inside our C3925?

Our priority is:
- Compatible with current environment with minimum impacts to about 400 users
- Easy to configure and troubleshoot
- Price  

Many thanks in advance,
I have a new customer the VPN going straight to the customer was working fine with Comcast crappy router, I install a pfsense and created a rule under nat for VPN, setup server with a static IP etc. somehow this does not work. any help greatly appreciated
Hello experts-exchange, can the ASA 5520 be configured for SMTP Gateway relay use?
Thank you,
Is your NGFW recommended by NSS Labs?
Is your NGFW recommended by NSS Labs?

Ours is! NSS Labs Next Generation Firewall Test gives the WatchGuard Firebox M4600 a "Recommended" rating! Curious where your NGFW landed on the  Security Value Map? See the map and download the full report today!

hi I need some assistance setting up the wan on a new pfsense appliance, I followed the instructions somehow I still can't browse.
how do I setup the wan on this, most tutorials show an older version of pfsense and honestly I'm a total noob on pfsense.
ASUS Router RT AC3200

Typically, when you bridge a modem it loses any wifi broadcasting abilities & you can no longer directly hardwire your PCs ethernet cable to it - you now must plug in directly into the router. In addition you lose the ability to use to see your modem's GUI anymore. It's still there, I just need some kind of router permission, tweak, programming, firewall allowance, setting enabled, call it what you want, to be able to use again. I know there's a way through the router just need help.

Any ideas?

I have added few folders(say abc, def) as favorite tool bar in Internet explorer 11.

when i try to save a link to one of favorite tool bar folder called abc it is not allowing me.

there is no save option there.

please advise
HI I am kind of new to this of sense firewall, I have the latest release, my question is about the subnetting for I have to use /30 if I'm not mistaking. also if I'm setting up a VPN server inside the network were do I open ports for this. I look into the nat and configure some things there but I can't be sure.
what is the best to have the selection criteria for Firewall and Endpoint security  in the TC level . most  of the  firewall and the end point security has the similar common features . so that very difficult to select the over another  . some are saying we are in the top 3 in the that report , some are saying  we have the gateway level syn .  with the end point , like wise

please give me the best approach on this . we don't want to have the most expensive product

We have a Windows Server 2008 R2 configured as a NAT Server. Currently we have limited bandwidth, so I would like to monitor usage per user. Is it possible to monitor usage via Windows somehow? If not can anyone advise a freeware solution?

Best Regards,

I've just installed a pfSense 2.1.5 on a VM for a migration purpose. This psSense vm will be on a Private vswitch talking to another vm (a testing pc) on the same private vswitch. While I tried to start pfSense up for the first time I found I can't get passed WAN setup --it asks for WAN interface name, which I don't know. (I actually need to set up LAN, but I now cannot even get over WAN setup.) Can you help please?

Here is error I am getting:
VLAN Capable interfaces:
No interfaces found!
No VLAN capable interfaces detected.
*NOTE* pfSense requires *AT LEAST* 1 assigned in....
..*WILL NOT* function correctly.

If you do not know the names of your interfaces, you may choose to use auto-detection. In that case, disconnect all interfaces now before hitting 'a' to initiate auto detection.

Enter the WAN interface name or 'a' for auto-detection:

If I hit 'a',
Connect the WAN interface now and make sure that the link is up.
Then press ENTER to continue.

I get:
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /etc/inc/ on line 447
No link-up detected.

Enter the WAN in....
Hello Experts,


The system includes

OS: Win2012R2

3G router (VPN SIM Card)
Interface ppp0 IP:
Interface usb0 IP:
OS: ARM Linux

Client PC


3 of them connect by

Server <---> 3G router <----> PC Client


The 3G Router is basic linux with nothing but iptables command. I tried several command option but did not work so far.

Such as,  
/mnt/nand1-1/ap/iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -i ppp0 --dport 21 -j DNAT --to-destination

PS. PC client can Ping 3g Router IP: but cannot Ping
Will you have any ideas?
Thank you.
I am going to setup a new PFSense firewall. There are few pieces of equipment on the network that I don't want to have to pay for public facing static IP's for, but I would like to open ports up so they are publicly available to the maintenance people when they are offsite. How do I go about containing those IP's so they can only see out to the internet and not internal to the network in case those pieces of equipment were to be compromise?
When ransomware hits your clients, what do you do?
When ransomware hits your clients, what do you do?

MSPs: Endpoint security isn’t enough to prevent ransomware.
As the impact and severity of crypto ransomware attacks has grown, Webroot has fought back, not just by building a next-gen endpoint solution capable of preventing ransomware attacks but also by being a thought leader.

I am configuring the NSG for inbound traffic for a Virtual Machine hosted in Azure.
The inbound rule looks as follows:

The advisor is alerting that connetions say any / any
I need to leave the incoming as any because the users of the site may come from anywhere, but the destination should only be the VM particular website.
How should I configure the destination IP ?

currently looks like this:

I am not sure what to enter in the source port/range?  The internal IP of the server, the external IP of the IP of the firewall where the DNS points at?
"...some settings are managed by your system administrator"
I did a gpresult and can't find any GPO that is related to firewall.

I uninstalled Symantec Endpoint Protection and since then can't turn it on. Downloaded their app uninstaller to make sure it was fully uninstalled but it made no difference. Any ideas guys?
I would like my router to forward port Pxyz to computer, say.  I know how to do that with my router.  What' hanging me up is: How do I use windows firewall and an incoming rule to send Pxyz to , say 3389 for RDP on my server that is sitting at

If I use plain old generic 3389 and just enable that, sure it works great.  But I really want to specify a pseudo-random port number for RDP, but I really dislike the registry hack approach.  That just seems super inelegant and forced, to me, when I know port forwarding and routing are available!

Gary L. Coakley
Hi everybody,

Kindly provide me some free proxy list which can be integrate in symantec messaging gateway under "Third Party Bad Senders"
I have a server which runs on PostgreSQL, Django on apache and gets hang up every couple of days. I understood that it would require PostgreSQL optimization. But there are so many parameters not sure where to start. As of now, the server hanging up. Please let me know what kind of information you need so that I can provide you and you can better assist me.

Also I have iptables firewall setup not sure where exactly is the problem. But the website hangs up every 1 one day and when I restart the apache it works for one day.
We accidentally clicked on "Restore Default" in Windows 10 firewall screen and now internet extremely slow and most times it doesn't connect.  When we check the inbound it had many option uncheck when prior the restore were check.  Unfortunate we don't know which should be checked or not.  Any EE can help us set the inbound to permit normal internet usage.  Note, prior placing the questions we thought it was the AV apps and we uninstalled them and installed again but didn't work.

Pleases advice.

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Software firewalls, also known as host-based firewalls, provide a layer of software on one host that controls network traffic in and out of that single machine. Most operating systems now include firewall software, but many available software firewalls include central distribution, antivirus systems and disaster recovery.