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Software firewalls, also known as host-based firewalls, provide a layer of software on one host that controls network traffic in and out of that single machine. Most operating systems now include firewall software, but many available software firewalls include central distribution, antivirus systems and disaster recovery.

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my mail server which is exhange server 2010 is published through owa for external users.
i would like to know how to make them connect through their android smartphones to my exchange servers.
what ports really need to be mapped to make that happen.
thanks in advance
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How do I check for currently closed ports on Windows and Linux boxes. Please advise! Thanks!
Hello Experts,
Just wanted to find out how do you guys dynamically update the Office 365 endpoints IPs and URLs that are published by MS for the proxy and firewall access? I know the RSS feed will be retired soon per what I read online and do you guys just run a PS script that grabs the info from the published XML file or there's a better solution/idea out there? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
I am on an Amazon Linux 2 AMI running Apache 2 and I need a software solution for security.  I have been told mod_security isn't a good choice.  So does anyone have experience with the AWS Waf?  If so, what rules are you using?

Or, do you have another idea altogether?

On my previous instance I used fail2ban but I found the bots could outsmart fail2ban so hopefully someone will have a better choice.

Let me clarify my biggest  problems are postfix issues, stopping ddos, bots running up and down my site stealing bandwidth, clicking on every link and having numerous disk i/o's which I have to pay for.

By the way, I am not interested in using another AMI due to the complexity of my existing AMI.
Hi, All.

I have an issue with IPTABLES rules. Here is below image shows my iptables rules. But i can not "telnet" port 2196. I've edited directly "/etc/sysconfig/selinux". And restarted iptables. Selinux disabled.

What am i doing wrong ?

How can I configure Windows Firewall "Allowed Apps" through group policy?

On Windows computers, this can be found within the "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Windows Firewall\Allowed apps" applet.

Windows Firewall Allowed Apps
What settings need to be changed within the Server 2016 firewall settings to allow domain admins to browse the C$ shares?
I am not very familiar with Windows Server firewall settings. I think I need to set a rule to allow HTTPS Traffic-in and was trying to use the World Wide Web Services(HTTPS Traffic-In) rule. Is this in a group that I would find by selecting a predefined rule type? Or do I just have to pick the port and manually type it in? I can't find it predefined anywhere.

Hi Anyone,

Can I anyone advice how to troubleshoot this error as attached for your kind.

1. Is able to ping and SCCM can detect client and is active.
2. When tried to \\LIOE17BSD1889LC\admin$ => I've the local admin password but just can't connect when trying to use domain\admin, .\admin or \admin still can't  

Trying to go client action > Run Software Inventory Cycle and got this error.

Ps advice.


can we use letsencrypt certificates for Sonic wall firewall.
issue: DPI SSl is enabled for users & firewall self signed SSL certificate is pushed to clients by GPO. but when applying the filtering rules for mobile users (smart phones, Iphones, IPads & other computers that are not part of internal domain) they get SSL not trusted error. cannot perform https filtering with this error. so is there any way to use a publicly trusted certificate for my sonic wall local IP or any workaround to filter https for those clients.
Sonic OS 6.5 later  

thank you.
The Lifecycle Approach to Managing Security Policy
The Lifecycle Approach to Managing Security Policy

Managing application connectivity and security policies can be achieved more effectively when following a framework that automates repeatable processes and ensures that the right activities are performed in the right order.

I am looking for some discussion and feedback on best practices for managing a firewall with HTTPS Inspection/URL and Application Filtering and dealing with a consistent issue with CDN's resources somehow not being successfully pulled down and resulting in a page not loading. This could be due to any of the blades of the firewall affecting the ability for it to load including the inspection, a particular CDN not already being white listed or an ASK for verification of use policy not showing because its being pulled down as a .js resource.

In a nutshell, i want to hear how other firewall admins are managing the constant need to allow CDN's resources to sites for user bases with no real streamline way to proactively plan for it or even sometimes resolve it in a reasonable about of time.

For example - I am experiencing an issue where a user can not access a certification site. The site is pulling down resources from Cloudflaressl, cloudfront and facebook. The domains addresses are very specific and i dont think bypassing https inspection, if thats the issue for these domains is a good call. What do you do short of turning the firewall off? : )

Thanks in advance.
Hi, i'm looking for an easy way to shut off Windows Defender, Defender notifications and Windows Firewall until I tell it to turn back on.    A program would be nice, but command lines would be fine also.  I can get them off, but they just keep turning back on.  

Thanks all.
I couldn’t upgrade my firmware on the Cisco rv325 router that's attached to  my Server 2016 essentials environment.  I signed on to ServerWSE and used Chrome to I started the upgrade, and the progress bar kept spinning for 30 minutes, then went away.  But the router still had the old firmware.

I called Cisco and their Engineer said it failed because I must first turn off the windows firewall which should be done on a client computer, not the main server.

We then spent 40 minutes trying to turn ofr the firewall on my Windows 10 Pro laptop.

The problem is that the firewall settings says “for your security some settings are controlled by group policy”.

I am our small business's tech guy, but I know very little about GPO, and the Cisco Engineer knew less.  We turned off laptop's antivirus, and signed on as cpulaptop\Administrator but that did not help.

Does anybody know a simple way to temporarily turn off the firewall?  

If so please let me know.  

If there is not a simple way, perhaps someone can help me with GPO.  I already did the following research, but I am not making much progress.

Link#1: I found this article which show me how to create a domain level policy that turns off firewall for everybody.

But that is way overkill. I want to turn it off only for cpuLaptop.  Ideally, it would only be off when signon as cpuLaptop\Administrator.

Link#2: I then …
Hello everyone!. Perhaps somebody could help me. I am trying to configure firewallD (Centos 7) so public network only has access to http and https services but my trusted networks to ssh, webmin, http, https, etc...
Btw I have only 1 interface.

I need to achieve something like this:

-interface: eth0
-allowed services: http, https

-interface: eth0
-allowed services: http, https, ssh
-allowed ports: 10000

Ho can I do it?
I have an issue where I'm sure someone is hacking our network, specifically four machines.  I have witnessed them going into my home folder and deleting my trash on these machines.  They are also able to change the camera settings.  For example, they're zooming in to locations.  They are doing playback.  This all happens between the hours of 12am-2am.

I'm using:
Windows 10
Palo Alto Networks
Security Camera Milestone software.
The cameras are made by Mobitics.

What I've narrowed it down to is this happens when the security camera milestone software is up and running on the four machines.  When I turn that software off there's no connectivity or suspicious things going on.

What I need to know is how do I find out who is doing this?  How can I get an IP address?  Are they inside my network or outside my network?

I would even appreciate a recommendation of a security company that knows how to track intruders down.

I've checked the parking lot and areas of the campus to see if someone is psychically here, but I don't see anyone.  I've also contacted Milestone software and they've recommended I change my password and the camera's password, but we are still having an issue.
Dear Experts,

I'm using server 2012 r2.

A strange issue (at least to me its strange)  -

Some of  the domain attched clients are being blocked by the firewall, when I turn off the firewall the problem disappears ..

From the firewall log -

2018-05-12 11:35:31 DROP UDP 55667 53 60 - - - - - - - RECEIVE
2018-05-12 11:35:31 DROP UDP 137 137 78 - - - - - - - RECEIVE
2018-05-12 11:35:32 DROP UDP 51933 53 62 - - - - - - - RECEIVE
2018-05-12 11:35:32 DROP UDP 55667 53 60 - - - - - - - RECEIVE
2018-05-12 11:35:32 DROP UDP 137 137 78 - - - - - - - RECEIVE

Incoming connections to 53 (dns) and 137 (network discovery) are dropped ..

Port 53 is in the server firewall to allow any , it has 'block edge traversal' set on.

Any ideas ?

Hello Experts,

Can someone please take a look at my Task Manager and let me know if its normal for Bitdefender and Google to be taking up so much memory. At the moment, I'm only running one instance of Google and yet it shows 11 instances running.

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
We are contemplating whether to use McAfee endpoint security's firewall or Windows firewalls
on our 30+ branches : the branches have some crucial Desktops running database services:
though the branches (ie spoke) connect back to our DC (ie hub), potentially some branches
may have their own broadband (or even just via 4G).

It's a debate between our Windows Desktop & our Firewall admins which one to use.

I know in previous Deep Security, I will have to create numerous 'policies' : one for each
branch though the branches have the same desktops running database services listening
on the same ports and when I upgrade the agents centrally from the EPO, had run into
issues:  modules (eg: Firewall or File Integrity Monitoring) that are not enabled previously
(say for servers), got auto-enabled.

So not sure if McAfee Firewall has similar or any other issues: kindly elaborate
Hi Guys

I am looking for the experts in the security field that could help me with this one.
What would be the pros and cons when it comes to open source firewalls and commercial firewalls?

IE support / costs etc.

What would be the best to use, that would be compatible with Azure VPN Route base and policy based routing for site to site / remote branch connectivity?
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Hello Experts
i'm trying to set up WCCP between a Cisco 6500 router  and Bluecoat ASG-S200

This is the WCCP configuration on 6500 side :

access-list 150 permit tcp any any eq www
access-list 150 permit tcp any any eq 443

ip wccp web-cache
ip wccp 90 redirect list 150

int vlan 100
description << Client VLAN >>
ip wccp 150 redirect in

Open in new window

[b]sh ip wccp 90 detail [/b]
        No information is available for the service

Open in new window

Debugging on Cisco 6500

8385566: 20w4d: WCCP-EVNT:D150: Here_I_Am packet from service not active

Open in new window

Thanking in advance
ATT access my lan techs want me to add IP address and URLS to my Windows 2012 R2 server.

Suggestions on the correct way to add them. I've added ports and etc but this is the first time to add URLS and IPs.

Ex. IP
Been trying to access a 2012 server thru remote desktop but not getting in so wanted to disable the firewall remotely.  Tried to also push vnc install onto server but keeps timing out.
Why are there no books of videos on Palo Alto Networks firewalls to be found on O'Reilly - Safari?
There are tons of books on Cisco, Juniper, Citrix. But nothing at all on PAN. Is PAN just very restrictive
about who can write about their products? PAN isn't brand new any more. Anyone have insight?
attempts are being made to access a DC.  See attached.  How can I determine where these attempts came from?

Centos 7 running firewalld.

How do I convert this;

iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE

to a command for firewalld to understand.

Software Firewalls





Software firewalls, also known as host-based firewalls, provide a layer of software on one host that controls network traffic in and out of that single machine. Most operating systems now include firewall software, but many available software firewalls include central distribution, antivirus systems and disaster recovery.

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