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Software is any set of instructions that directs a computer to perform specific tasks or operations. Computer software consists of programs, libraries and related non-executable data (such as documentation). Computer software is non-tangible, contrasted with computer hardware, which is the physical component of computers. Software written in a machine language is known as "machine code". However, in practice, software is usually written in high-level programming languages than machine language. High-level languages are translated into machine language using a compiler or interpreter or a combination of the two.

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what is difference between

which are owned by j2

is there a file size maximum
because both use same software
Free Tool: Port Scanner
LVL 11
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

I am about to distribute SCEP to users who are not being managed by our SCCM infra, but we need to provide them antimalware software. One thing I noticed is as soon as I install SCEP on a machine, All settings are grayed out so users can change the settings.
On settings page of SCEP, it says 'For your protection, some settings are managed by your security administrator"

How can I unlock the settings so that users can have full control to the settings or is it how SCEP work, supposed to be managed by SCCM?
I need to clean up some computers running Windows 10 for a nonprofit. We need some free software to remove viruses and malware and get them running fast again.

Thanks for your help
Don’ts and Dos in Software Testing
Don’ts and Dos are two important end products of software testing basics and a tester needs to regard both. While the previous set the tone for advance, the last guarantees the software testing process remain streamline, immovable, and does not experience any bottleneck that may affect in general.
As a very senior dinosaur I have been using Lotus 123 for a gazillion years.  It's now starting to malfunction by not functioning the way I want, etc.  Consequently and because I've previously lost some data, I think I better replace this program with something new but similar.  Can you suggest such a freebie type program to replace Lotus 123 (I'm only interested in the Smart Suite portion) with similar functions, etc.
I have Zebra ZT220 Thermal Transfer Label Printer along with one license TEKLYNX LABEL MATRIX 2015 software.
TEKLYNX LABEL MATRIX 2015 software works well for our needs, but its purchase cost is $350 and requires $150 yearly support fee.
Ideally I would like multiple users to use the software when needed and print labels to ZT220 Label Printer, however I can't install this version to virtual machine.
When I spoke to them, they have like 5 user virtual machine compatible version for $640 per year including tech support calls.

Are there more affordable software out there that I can install once on the terminal server and users can log into the terminal server to run label software and print to network-based  ZT220 Label Printer?

What is nice about TEKLYNX LABEL MATRIX 2015 software is that I can link it to Microsoft Access database table and print certain records that matches the search value or print all records from the table.to 3x5 or 4x6 labels.
Sometimes we just print small amount of labels like 1"x 2". Currently LABEL MATRIX 2015 software meets our needs.
We have a 2012 R2 Host Server that had been backing up 100% Using Altaro Software. Now we are getting failed backups. We have found that the "Microsoft Hyper-V VSS Writer" keeps failing. During our investigations we have found that we appear to have a corrupt file (Catsrvut.dll) being part of the COM process we have tried to fix the corruption. The error message is below. If we just run "SFC /SCANNOW" the results say everything is fine but it clearly is not if you runf SCANFILE. Running this command also comes back with a clean report "DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth"

It seems that this file is not easy to fix so we are asking for some assistance to resolve this corruption. Thanks in advance guys.

"C:\Windows\system32>sfc /scanfile=c:\windows\system32\catsrvut.dll

Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some
of them. Details are included in the CBS.Log windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For
example C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. Note that logging is currently not
supported in offline servicing scenarios."

I am looking for a seamless way to start a program at startup automatically for normal user as administrator in Windows 10 Pro so the user can interact with that software. The program in question is Hikvision CCTV software.

Thanks in advance,
Kind Regards,

I want to use a barcode reader with my VB.net or VBA software.
Where do I start?

We use Exchange 2007. I am trying to look for a free mail archive software. Please post me if these are any free software to archive user’s mail boxes.

Independent Software Vendors: We Want Your Opinion
Independent Software Vendors: We Want Your Opinion

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Hello Experts -

Does anyone know a good Windows 7-compatible piece of software that will allow me to manipulate 2 jpg images (one on top of the other)  with the interactive ability to resize, crop, and label the combined image at varous angles?

Idealy the software would also allow the transparency of the background image to be varied in transparent intensity.

I can see some possible candidates by doing a Google search, but without some hands-on experience, I'll have no way of determining which particular piece of software really offers the desired characteristics.

Thanks for any advice you may offer.
Hi All,

I have installed openNMS in windows 10 computer and wanted to set threshold of windows server with email notification if it goes high. I have googled a lot but failed to find help for windows OS.

Does anybody can help me, how to set threshold of windows server (IBM Server) for CPU, Memory etc. Is there any step by step guide to set threshold for windows server using openNMS?

I do have only windows environment in my company.
I had this question after viewing Increase performance of google earth pro.

Using same wifi
Why is google earth so much quicker on windows7 desktop than windows10 laptop
Specifically street view is so quick it is like I am walking outside. Hardly any blurry moments.

Is there a super computer where google earth is quickest
Is video card responsible?
If I spent $100k would I get an experience that is so optimal that street view would be same as driving in same area?
I was given the responsibilities to patch some Unix (centos, Linux etc) appliances along with windows server. These are third party software vendor's appliances as well as our centos servers.
Could someone give me some help on the Linux appliances?

On many physical servers with different make (Fujitsu, IBM, HP) and with different OS (Windows Server 2K8R2 - W2K12R2) EMC networker base backup fails with error in events something like:
Volume Shadow Copy Warning: VSS spent 0x0000000000000028 seconds trying to flush and hold the volume \\?\Volume{cd4a4af1-2589-4872-9a94-7038f7c2c8df}\.  This might cause problems when other volumes in the shadow-copy set timeout waiting for the release-writes phase, and it can cause the shadow-copy creation to fail.  Trying again when disk activity is lower may solve this problem.

However if same Full Backup, File/Folder level backup, System State, Bare Metal backup from Windows Backup tool works fine without any issues.

Anyone can suggest, if any idea on how to fix this?

Best Regards,
Gurucharan Nayak H
WE ARE GOING TO START PRODUCTION COMPANY .. WE HAVE 30 WIN7 WORKSTATIONS FOR USERS ..JUST THEY ACCESS SERVER TO SHARING PURPOSE ..THEY DONT NEE INTERNET .. CAN U SUGEST ME THE BEST ANTIVIRUS SOLUTION WHICH I NEED IS DEDICATED ANTIVIRUS SERVER .. I NEED HARD WARE DETAILS AND SOFWARE DETAISL AND SETUP I need to have a dedicated server as antivirus... Can your recommend a hardware & software to assemble such server. Can I use regular windows xp box and a recommended software Antivirus to have an antivirus dedicated server that connects to the network and do all the virus scanning & removal?
I'm not researching a software or appliance, I just need to add an extra PC to the network to handle that security protection, malware, worm & virus infection live...

I have a client whose office began to act strange, it was super slow and wouldn't talk to each other and would crash. I decided a reinstall of Office was the best bet to fix the problem. After having difficulties uninstalling Office, where I ended up using REVO uninstaller to get it gone, I am now trying to reinstall the software. I get passed where I put my activation key in and everything seems to be going fine until it says that Office 2010 encountered an error and was not installed successfully. I now have a client that does not have Office and no solution in sight. All help is very much appreciated!
It says it needs a WIA driver
Looking on Fijitsus site can not seem to find
Is there a Microsoft generic WIA driver
Please provide me with instructions on how to use Sales Force to create contacts from all emails within a user's email account that extracts the contact's information (such as the contact's name, email address, phone number, address, fax number, etc.) using information that is extracted from each individual email.

This information is usually found at the bottom of the email within the sender's signature but can follow different variations as shown in these email signature examples.

I need to extract this information from each individual email and record it in a contact for each person who has emailed me.

How can Sales Force be used to do this?
Free Tool: Subnet Calculator
LVL 11
Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

The subnet calculator helps you design networks by taking an IP address and network mask and returning information such as network, broadcast address, and host range.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Sorry for my very limited English, i'm french.

Having a concern with a security dll provided by an external company, it responds too slowly in VB.net, 30 to 50 seconds which is unacceptable.

I am trying to create an application that would be hidden at boot time with a notifyicon and a dynamically create menu. This software would be the security management of our other software.

I then need my other software to interoperate the security dll management software, to allow the application to start and retrieve the access levels. (user / super user / admin)

I manage to manage the security part dll. My software recover all the information.

But for now I am trying to overcome two problems:
1) The dynamic creation of the notifyicon and the contextmenustrip. I can create the notifyicon, but the menu does not appear.
2) The dialogue between the 2 software. I found a tutorial to use remoting. It works perfectly, but from a console application, hence the dynamic creation of the notifyicon and contextmenustrip.

I will need a form in my management application. So I tested by creating a form with the notifyicon and the contextmenustrip.
I instantiate the form, without displaying it, and I add a menustrip to my contextMenu, but again I have the icon, but not the menu.

Code below:
 Public Shared Sub Main(ByVal args() As String)
            ' Création d'un nouveau canal d'écoute sur le port 1069
            Dim channel As TcpChannel = New 

Open in new window

ive had accounting software installed for awhile now. and then yesterday all my icons changed to that program and will open that program.

i uninstalled the program and now my app do not know how to open. windows 7 is prompting me to choose a program.

how do i fix
Is there a way to download Ms runtime 2016 in advance like on a flash disc or CD, my users are finding challenging to do the download . It takes about 1.55 hours downloading from the source , quite okay those who manage, the software works very well so far no issues are reported and update are so easy to do.


(1) Some of the users are not IT professional
(2) The time it takes to complete the download is too much
(3) Some end up downloading 64 BIT instead of 32 BIT
(4) Some get scared whenever they see the macro trusting message that after download and click the FE for the first time
(5) in some cases after clicking FE it again require the internet connectivity ( Very strange!)
(6) In some cases it gives options like ( Update,repair and restart computer)

Could it be there some steps we are missing here?

Kindly advise or if there is some write up about the steps required I will appreciate


I run Windows 10 on my laptop, and keep all my data files on an external hard drive that I regularly back up.  Today, I noticed that a couple of folders were missing from my main drive.  When I ran my GoodSync synchronization software - comparing to my main backup drive - it indicated that over 7,000 files from four separate folders had mysteriously disappeared (that's only about 2.5% of my total data files, but still a sizable chunk).

I was able to restore the files from my backup drive, and I ran a Malwarebytes, Norton Internet Security, and Hitman Pro scans to see if there was some virus or malware ... but everything was clean.

What could explain this?


Hi I am a physician using dragon dictation and use the citrix receiver to login to the EMR. I use the citrix receiver downloaded from the windows web store. The issue with this dictation is that some of the letters towards the end of the dictated sentence do not show up in the dictated text. for example, "25 year old male with headache' will be dictated as "25 year ol". when you check  the recognition history in the dragon dictation software the words are fully recognized but only partially entered in to a dictation. I am using windows 10 based PC. Any thoughts.

I have existing windows defined for my monthly patching windows.  I have a need to deploy applications and programs outside of the already defined software update maintenance windows.  The problem I am running into is when the maintenance window hits for the collection that has the application deployed, it is also deploying the software updates (different collection).  I've confirmed the client settings are set to not deploy all patches if the maintenance windows aren't the same.  I also confirmed the maintenance windows are not overlapping.  Is there another setting somewhere else I am missing?  Any suggestions?

Thank you!






Software is any set of instructions that directs a computer to perform specific tasks or operations. Computer software consists of programs, libraries and related non-executable data (such as documentation). Computer software is non-tangible, contrasted with computer hardware, which is the physical component of computers. Software written in a machine language is known as "machine code". However, in practice, software is usually written in high-level programming languages than machine language. High-level languages are translated into machine language using a compiler or interpreter or a combination of the two.