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Software is any set of instructions that directs a computer to perform specific tasks or operations. Computer software consists of programs, libraries and related non-executable data (such as documentation). Computer software is non-tangible, contrasted with computer hardware, which is the physical component of computers. Software written in a machine language is known as "machine code". However, in practice, software is usually written in high-level programming languages than machine language. High-level languages are translated into machine language using a compiler or interpreter or a combination of the two.

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What are some utilities or methods to remove items from the Windows Explorer right click/context menu (such as the "Add to MPC-HC Playlist" or the "Play with MPC-HC"?

There are several applications that have added things to this menu. While I need to keep these applications installed, I want to be able to remote some of the items that have been added to the Windows Explorer right click/context menu within Windows 10.

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Industry Leaders: We Want Your Opinion!

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I need some software that will automatically type the username and password into an application but I do not want to give out the usernames and passwords. The applications are Origin and Steam, two gaming applications.

Many years ago, I saw some software that could type text that had been setup in advance.
So the user would setup commands with the text needed and the software would type that text when the user needed it.

Does anyone know any software that can do this?. I've searched on Google but I can't seem to find anything that will do what I need.

My plan is to setup this software with the usernames and passwords.
Then set the software to launch when Windows starts the gaming applications.

Please assist.
The loophole development kit (EK) has been conspicuous in the scale of past development and has been used by cybercriminals in many Asian countries. Strangely, the flaw development kit suddenly disappeared in late September this year, researchers at first thought that this is just the EK development
What are some good utility to display information such as the logged on username & client IP addresses on Windows 10 desktops?
It was deemed that the crisis will be a lesson for the future and financial institutions will learn from their mistakes.

We have a 4K Sony TV monitor with a touch screen overlay on it.

A Windows PC is connected to this screen via a HDMI cable.

With this PC and display, we use Microsoft Word for brainstorming sessions where people can illustrate their ideas via the touch aspect of the Sony display overlay.

Although this solution is okay, it is not ideal.

We would like to use software created mainly for use with touchscreen drawing.

What would you recommend as the best software for touchscreen drawing?

I support a number of Windows Server 2008 R2 installations for very small businesses.  I'm looking for a good, affordable intrusion detection and prevention software to install on servers.  Most typical case of security concerns I see in the event logs is event ID 4625 - failed logins - spaced just a few minutes apart.  They are trying a brute force dictionary attack of usernames thousands of times a day,  Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, does nothing to lock out repeat offenders based on IP address.  Their best solution is to temporarily lock out user accounts if successive login attempts for the same username occur.  Duh - wouldn't it make sense to lock all activity from that IP address?  Also, why don't all these 4625 failed login events have a source IP address in the event log?  Seems like a critical piece of info is missing!  Is their somewhere else to look?

I did see a recommendation for an Intrusion Detection software from CyberArms.net which I downloaded yesterday, only to learn they have stopped selling and supporting the product due to lack of sales.  Company is in Germany and said not enough people were interested in their product at $150!  Sounds very affordable to me...

So, can anybody recommend a good ID software that would allow me to configure a permanent "hard lock" of the IP address described in my 4625 scenario above?

A bank using san of HP MSA p2000 would like a affordable HA solution for its servers (physical /virtual , windows /Linux) at network and data level..
please help me determine the needed devices as well as needed software ,
We have a legacy software that does not support TLS so we relay the emails via an IIS relay that authenticates and send out via Office 365.

Emails to certain recipients are bouncing with the NDR 550 5.6.11 SMTPSEND.BareLinefeedsAreIllegal

This has just started recently about 2 months ago .

This Microsoft links explains why -

 What's a bare line feed in email messages?

Usually each line of characters in an email message ends with a carriage return followed by a line feed (CR LF). A bare line feed is a line feed (LF) character that is not immediately preceded by a carriage return (CR) character. In other words, instead of a line ending with CR LF, it ends with only LF.
This worked fine before, why did it stop working recently?

Until recently, Office 365 automatically removed bare line feed characters from mail to help it get delivered to recipients using older email servers that don’t support chunking and the BDAT command. The support for BDAT is required by the email industry standards referenced in RFC 1830. In an effort to better support security standards, like DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), Office 365 no longer removes bare line feeds from messages. As a result, messages sent to users with older mail servers may be more likely to be rejected.

Their suggestion is to make changes on the recipients server which is not possible so what can I do on our end to fix this?
Now, it's getting easier to get rid of an ATM. Often, hackers need to find the hardware and software flaws in the ATM machine to hack off the ATM to make the ATM crazy, but it's different now that anyone can steal millions of dollars from an ATM machine by buying malware.
Free Tool: Subnet Calculator
LVL 10
Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

The subnet calculator helps you design networks by taking an IP address and network mask and returning information such as network, broadcast address, and host range.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Is it necessary to uninstall and reinstall Office 365 each time an employee is terminated and their replacement takes their desk or can I run the installer over the old install to change the license over to the new users account?

I haven't seen any of these error out of stop working... should I expect to ?
I am using DameWare version

What needs to be done so that when I remotely connect to remote computers these remote computers won't display the  DameWare "MRC Notification" message window (see below)?

any specific anti-virus software recommended that doesn't take a lot of computer resources / overhead.
when i type some message to a friends  click send in watsup making sound. How to mute that sound while sending watsup messages. while receiving messages i do not hear sounds.

setting notification watsup has little circle which i can move to left and right
is left is mute or right is mute
i see 3 , 4 options there.

i tried all but still sound comes when sending messages. how to mute
please advise
My OS is win 10 Prof 64 bit and I downloaded the Bitcoins Core software version 15.0.1  64 bit, I created a wallet, and then bought some test bitcoins from a atm machine.  When I returned I opened the software and it synced with the network, and according to the forum it takes a long time and downloads a lot of data.  But how long is long?  the software shows the : Estimated time left until synced : 2 weeks.  
Am I doing anything wrong to cause this, and how do I recover and is there a faster way.  Thank u for your advise. Regards
I wear multiple hats. I am a developer, software teacher and each day I learn a lot of things and tend to forget them?
I want to keep track of self-updates that I easily RETRIEVE it from office or home or if possible from mobile.
Some knowledge I want to keep private, share with the selected group and some with the public.

1) Errors & solutions - Private to me
2) Interview questions & solutions:- I keep interviewing on different technologies and wish to record Q&A - open to public
3) Best Practices in Programming - where i could receive updates from outside world
4) Keep track of teaching updates from students and friends
5) My Idea Logs and Suggestion from public
I'm looking for an equivalent of Wink for capturing input driven changes to a browser screen. This follows a painful few days trying to make Wink work in a scenario where it clearly cannot (unless someone here can enlighten me)

No idea if anyone on EE is familiar with Wink. It's among the best examples of freeware I've come across (http://www.debugmode.com/wink/) In short it's a damn good way to capture screen (or window or selected area) activity from any desktop application, for the purpose of creating tutorials, demonstrations, fault illustrations etc. I've been using it on and off for about 7 years. I've yet to have any kind of problem with it (barring this shortcoming which I suspect I can't blame it for)

It has 3 capture modes.
Manual (default hotkey PAUSE) will capture a screen shot (or window, or region) every time you press the Pause key.
Timed (default SHIFT-PAUSE) captures screens - regardless of activity - at whatever frame rate you choose.
Input Driven (default ALT_PAUSE) Which captures screen shots every time it detects a change in the screen.

The last is the most useful and economical.

The problem is that this mode doesn't work for browser activity. I should point out that the first two capture options contine to work and be available without a problem, so we know the software itself is alert and functional, even within the browser windows. But I suspect the software cannot access whatever memory or hooks it uses for capturing desktop …
Dear Sir,

I am already the Local Administrator of my workstation, when I tried to uninstall the mentioned software. It said

Please advise.

Thank you very much.

With regards,
What are the best programs that will detect and clear duplicate files?

Several clients of mine have a lot of pictures on their computers.

Some of these pictures are the exact same picture even though all of these pictures have different file names.

What are the best software programs for detecting and clearing these duplicate files?
Hire Technology Freelancers with Gigs
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Hire Technology Freelancers with Gigs

Work with freelancers specializing in everything from database administration to programming, who have proven themselves as experts in their field. Hire the best, collaborate easily, pay securely, and get projects done right.

I'm looking for a URL to download Office 2016 Professional Plus (from the Volume License Service Center).

A customer has provided me with an Office 2016 Professional Plus Volume License Service Center activation key and needs this product installed on several computers.

The problem is that while I have been able to download and install Office 2016 Professional Plus from the Microsoft website when I try to activate it using this VLSC product number activation key I receive the error message shown in the screenshot "This product key is for the volume-licensed version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016, which isn't currently installed. To use this product key, contact your administrator." (see the screenshot--The product key has been whited out).

So please provide me with a URL address of where I can download the Office 2016 Professional Plus (from the Volume License Service Center).

A non Microsoft URL will be fine.


After I finish editing an image, I would like to close the file so it's no longer in the editor the next time I invoke it. However, the FILE menu does not contain a CLOSE choice. How, then can I accomplish what I need?

Hello Experts,

I previously put a question in about our devices here if it's needed for reference:

I entered everything manually but there are sections that exist on our older one  that do not exist on our newer one.  In addition to this with the our older device getting older and reaching end of support life, I am really worried that we do not have a back up for it.  The end goal is to make the 5510 our new firewall and decommission the other one.

My question:
How can I downgrade the software on the 5515 to match the one on the 5510?  Restore a back up of our current config onto it and then upgrade the new device to current.  Won't that convert a lot of our config for us?

I thought i remember that I cannot restore a back up with our current config  on the 5510 to the current version on the new 5515, is that true?

Are there any resources that can show me how to do this?
MySQL Hot backup for 60GB database.

First I've read that mysql dump is can be slower than another enterprise app so that is where I'm exploring now.  
Trying to find a solution for a hot backup of a 60GB database.  It needs to be encrypted because of sensitive data so looking for the software to use, commands, and tips.

MySQL Enterprise Backup - Is what I'm looking at 30 day free trial but cannot find how much it cost?
If I wanted this recoverable up to the closet time like 15 minutes/1hour how can that be acomplished?  Which command?

I've also seen Percona XtraBackup 2.4.8 but seems to be Linux based and I would have to spin up and pay for another Linux server.  I know the db is small but the nightly backups we take would be bad if I could recover 23 hours ago.  I need a smaller window.  

Also since the DB is so small is it faster to backup to same server and then have an ftp script send or copy it somewhere else.
The fear is with this application it says there are reasons for a table to become corrupt.  So  I also won't know the time it does become corrupt is backing up every hour or every change just going to overwrite that?  How do I achoomplish the simple goal of Daister Recovery up to the minute of incident.  If it is a corrupt table or an entire database that needs to be restored for some reasons.
Port virtualization technology is designed to work with remote COM and USB ports. It may be integrated to the software and hardware solutions, allowing to work with remote devices over network.
I am having to recover a ton of data. I know there is a fair amount of software out there but wanting to know a solution that will restore the file as the original name along with the folder structure. From my experience when it restores (some software) restores it as some system name 0000.something instead of the original name and folder. This is a Windows 2012 server






Software is any set of instructions that directs a computer to perform specific tasks or operations. Computer software consists of programs, libraries and related non-executable data (such as documentation). Computer software is non-tangible, contrasted with computer hardware, which is the physical component of computers. Software written in a machine language is known as "machine code". However, in practice, software is usually written in high-level programming languages than machine language. High-level languages are translated into machine language using a compiler or interpreter or a combination of the two.