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Software is any set of instructions that directs a computer to perform specific tasks or operations. Computer software consists of programs, libraries and related non-executable data (such as documentation). Computer software is non-tangible, contrasted with computer hardware, which is the physical component of computers. Software written in a machine language is known as "machine code". However, in practice, software is usually written in high-level programming languages than machine language. High-level languages are translated into machine language using a compiler or interpreter or a combination of the two.

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Can anyone recommend software that will read/rip a BluRay BD disc to my Mac?
I have a suitable BD Drive, and proved that it works by using "Leawo" free trial, but do not want to buy that particular SW.

(For what it is worth, the Leawo.Net  software did work flawlessly ... but ... <rant warning> the download page said "free", with no sign of a Trial, THEN it became $44.95 with no other info, so I tried the SW then went to Purchase it, the $44.95 is for One Year only (that was not disclosed earlier earlier) and the "Lifetime" version was $99.  To borrow a term from my SEO friends, this was a little too much 'black hat' for me, and I don't want to do business with them, whoever/wherever they are!)

Thanks All
Three Reasons Why Backup is Strategic
Three Reasons Why Backup is Strategic

Backup is strategic to your business because your data is strategic to your business. Without backup, your business will fail. This white paper explains why it is vital for you to design and immediately execute a backup strategy to protect 100 percent of your data.

Hi all

Can I get some recommendations on easy to use Video Editing software for the PC?  I have a need to compile a recruiting video for my son's High School Wrestling experience to present to various colleges that offer scholarships.
  • I'm an amateur and will only do this once a year.  Have used PowerDirector a LONG time ago.
  • Cropping existing video and including still shots into a new video.  Will need to add basic text.  Will NOT need a table of contents or fancy scene segues.
  • Will publish on YouTube, unless anything else is easier, and refer to it in various emails.
  • Long term:  May purchase a GoPro in the future and want to edit that video.

Thanks in advance.

We use Windows 7 workstations and  antivirus product has been installed on 300 PCs on our network.

Now we have procured a new antivirus software and i would like to uninstall the old antivirus and install the new antivirus.When i try to install the new antivirus on the PCs, it fails and the error says , that the new AV cannot be installed until the old antivirus is uninstalled.
Please suggest if there is a way uninstalling the old antivirus.
Thanks and any help would be great.
Im looking to convert one of my physical servers (server 2003 SPK2) to a VM to host on my hyper-V server (Server 2012 R2)

Is there a server backup software that can image the entire disk (1 physical disk 2 partitions) then restore the image to the Hyper-v server?
Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

          I am interested in any software program which can scan an essay and create potential questions from its content.  

          Thank you

Back in the day (about to show my age here) when I was deep into using the Commodore Amiga and Workbench, I worked with a developer on the ability to create a RAM Drive. Not just a drive letter in Ram, an actual drive.

Essentially, the idea was to create the ability of making a pseudo hard drive in Volatile Ram space, that could be used as a regular hard drive.

Obviously, this had huge benefits in terms of program speed, as you could hack install an operating system into this disk and then install software into it (mostly games at the time) and then run that software at unheard of speeds. He actually got it working too! Sadly, he's now deceased so all his ideas and work were lost with him.

A recent question on Experts Exchange made me remember the project so I was wondering if anyone had heard of something like this for Windows?

NB: I know the RAM considerations, but I currently have a high end server sitting around here doing nothing, that also has 128GB of RAM installed in it. More than enough for an operating system and some programs.  And yes I know that all would be lost if the host operating system crashed :)

All that said.. anyone heard of something like this being developed for Windows?

In case it's frowned upon, I apologize for importing a question/thread from another forum but I could use some help understanding a couple of comments.

Several years ago, I began using Directory Opus in place of Windows Explorer as my primary file manager for reasons not really relevant to this question.

Recently, I posted a question on the Directory Opus forum with the title:

Force folder shortcut in Windows Explorer to open destination folder in Directory Opus

However, after receiving two fairly detailed replies, I'm unfortunately still not sure what to do. Also, I sense that the difficulty I'm having is related more to my general level of computer know-how (or lack thereof :P) rather than my proficiency level re Directory Opus — although it could easily be that I'm lacking too much in both. Therefore, rather than post a request for a third clarification, I opted to see if one of my friends here on EE (who is likely more familiar with my skill level) could help me understand what to do.

The thread from the other site is included in its entirety below (in case it is the topic of a future search on EE) or it can obviously be accessed at the above link.


Thread from Force folder shortcut in Windows Explorer to open destination folder in Directory Opus
1) Again: my sister is the bookkeeper for the local cemetery.  She's 4th or 5th keeping internment books.   I saw her books and took 15 months and typed them into computer.  They're now legible and easy to search.  
2) She also has maps of the cemetery that are wearing out too.  I used  Inkscape to redraw her maps.  I'm worried I'm trying to push a square peg through a round hole.  Is there a graphics drawing program that I can PROGRAM to use my digital internment book from  step #1 and fill information into the map items?  Pretend you are making papers that say "happy birthday <kid's name here>" and you write a program that adds their names from a list you have.  It doesn't seem inkscape will do this.  Is there a different program than inkscape that can do this?  Linux is preferred but I considered dual booting my machine anyway.  I'll even go so far that I BUY software. :)

Recently I used the Retropie emulation software for Raspberry Pi. It is a really cool software and is very handy and attractive. So, I was wondering whether I could replicate these softwares on sd cards, install them on pis and start selling them for some small scale business. I would like to know, if doing such a thing would be legal. Actually, there are quite few ideas about using pis as portable media centers, portable game consoles, a simple portable desktops or just a cheap monitoring cameras. It can be customized to the very end for users and can be an attention grabber in certain circles. But what would be my legal position and what, if any, licensing would it require to start such a business?

Thanks in advance.
Hello Experts,
Sorry if the subject didn't explain this well. I have a website being hosted on a Windows 2012 server. The site is using Apache Tomcat (required by the software being configured on the system). When I connect to the site internally to my network I have no issues. The main site itself can be established externally as well... the issue I am having is that part of the site speaks over port 12203 and internally it is working properly, but externally it will not connect.

I have a Cisco ASA 5505 firewall (running ASDM 6.2), and I setup port forwarding on it only to find that it did not resolve the issue. I am not sure what is preventing the connection, and I could use any suggestions to get this resolved. Thank you!
SharePoint Admin?
SharePoint Admin?

Enable Your Employees To Focus On The Core With Intuitive Onscreen Guidance That is With You At The Moment of Need.

We currently have a Dell Sonic Firewall that is our firewall as well as our company router.  This is our main router for all of our sites in the company.  We have 16.  We implemented through our EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software an upload to a billing company.  They in turn configure and print bills and send them out to our customers.  This has worked fine for over two years.  When this was implemented, we were not required to make any firewall changes at all.

A week ago, the user doing this procedure received an error that the file could not be uploaded.  She called the EMR company, who in their effort to troubleshoot the problem, changed the upload method from ftp to sftp.  She then tried to upload and she got an additional error that port 22 was unable to send.  Seeing that error, the EMR said that the problem has to do with our firewall.  I spoke with the billing company who tried to do a trace route to our external IP.  They were unsuccessful, but I was able to do a trace route to them.  The only caveat is that the user can do this procedure from home with no problem.

I am willing to make firewall changes if necessary, I just don't know what they would be or why it is necessary now, if no one has made any changes other than the upload method from ftp to sftp.

Please help.  I am desperate.
I have a test environment running Windows Server 2012 R2 and two Windows 7 Enterprise machines and one Windows 10 Enterprise machine. Three machines are joined to the domain and put in the appropriate OUs. I've created a GPO and linked it to the OUs that tries to deploy software (MSI files) using the computer configuration. I did not mess with any of the default permissions and have never deployed software in this environment before. A couple things to note:

1. Software does not deploy to any of the machines regardless of who I logon as (std user or administrator)
2. When I run gpresult as administrator it shows the computer policies being applied however software does not install
3. The MSI files are in a shared location on the Windows Server 2012 and the clients can read those files from File Explorer

Are there some group policies that I need to push to the machines that will allow for software deployment???

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you very much.
While launching Matercam 6 the error message "Invalid SIM found - error code 2" appears.

This error occurs even if Matercam 6 is launched with administrator rights and continues to appear even after Mastercam 6 has been repaired.

Mastercam 6 is loaded on a Windows 7 64-bit OS computer.

What can be done to fix this issue so that Matercam 6 will be able to successfully load?

MasterCam SIM found -error code 2

I'm getting up to speed with using SnagIt for screen captures. I'm trying to add a text box with an arrow pointing to a component of the screenshot.

While I can type text into a whitespace area of the screenshot, it displays w/o a border.  So, I need to figure out how to add the border. If SnagIt could do it automatically, like MS Word does for text boxes, that would be great. In addition, what's the best way to add a red arrow?

hi experts,

 I have this all in one printer and i got the driver to print but i need the full software to be able to scan to it. can someone help me locate it?
I have a software program that, after we upgrade it on the server it will push the upgrade thru the application. So on the next launch of the software, users will be notified of an update and told they need to upgrade. The problem is, when they click "yes" to upgrade they need admin rights to accomplish this. Without using a GPO to push the program, is there a way to allow admin rights for just 1 program??
On my local machine, everything works like a charm. Carry the code to my clients machine and I get this fun message. Everything I have read online makes me believe my path may be the issue. I have qualified the machine name and folder and tried so many things, im going dizzy now. Any tips or things to try?

Error = [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0]Unable to open BCP host data-file

-- Declare the variables
DECLARE   @CMD       VARCHAR(8000)
		, @DELCMD    VARCHAR(8000)
		, @COMBINE   VARCHAR(8000)
		, @PATH      VARCHAR(8000)
		, @COLUMNS   VARCHAR(8000);

-- Set values as appropriate
SET @PATH = '\\xenrds17\Desktop\RCM';  ---- Update Path 

--- Create the Global Temp Table 
	  DateType                VARCHAR(10)
	, EventDate               DATE
	, VisitDateOfService      DATE
	, TransactionType         VARCHAR(30)
	, InsuranceAmount         MONEY
	, PatientAmount           MONEY
	, BillStatus              VARCHAR(50)
	, PrimaryInsuranceCarrier VARCHAR(100)
	, CurrentInsuranceCarrier VARCHAR(100)
	, CarrierOrder            INT
	, PrimaryInsuranceGroup   VARCHAR(100)
	, PrimaryPolicyType       VARCHAR(100)
	, PatientID               INT
	, Ticket                  VARCHAR(20)
	, CPTCode                 VARCHAR(10)
	, FirstFileDate           DATE
	, LastFileDate            DATE
	, DaysBetweenService      INT
	, Facility                VARCHAR(100)
	, Void                    INT

Open in new window

I have a 52 MB video file. I watched a video on how to compress the file. Three simple steps:
On the advanced tab change the 1 to a 4.
On the audio tab change the 160 to 128.
Check the box beside web optimized.
Click start.

There is no advanced tab on version 1.0.7 (2017040900) 64 bit

I checked web optimized and changed the 160 to 128 and the size essentially stays 52MB. No compression at all.
I was playing around with software mirroring on a Windows 10 box with two SSD drives. There was no increase in throughput between a single drive and RAID 1. I was under the impression RAID 1 should have increased the throughput because there were two drives filling the pipe as opposed to just one but it didn't change much. Why wasn't RAID 1 better?
The Eight Noble Truths of Backup and Recovery
The Eight Noble Truths of Backup and Recovery

How can IT departments tackle the challenges of a Big Data world? This white paper provides a roadmap to success and helps companies ensure that all their data is safe and secure, no matter if it resides on-premise with physical or virtual machines or in the cloud.

What is a recommended software package I can use to test if an SSD drive is failing? Also, would prefer it to have a bootable cd or USB image.

I have used SpinRite and HDD regenerator in the past.

What do you all suggest I get?

I've a server with a few free space in the drive C: , i'm using a copy software for copy some files from another server and i think that this software create a bak files. When i run a tree size software i can see the recycle bin  with 80% taked but in the desktop my recycle bin icon is empty, so how i can empty my recycle bin ??

See the image

I have a large WAV file that I would like to put on CD's that I
can play on my car stereo..  It is 46.2 MB in size. Roxio will allow
only 24.6 MG, so I would like to split it, using Audacity, then
export the two halves, then burn two disks. .It's been awhile since
I've used Audacity, so I'm asking for advice.  I'm using XP on a
Dell laptop
Let's say I have a lot of different program licenses for Windows programs, and I run these Windows programs in a virtual machine in MacBook Pro. Then I decide I want to move these program licenses to another physical computer. Would it then be possible to just transfer this virtual machine to the new physical computer and keep all program licenses and software installations intact, and begin using them on the new physical computer?
We've recently written a couple of reporting programs in PHP and Javascript for our own bespoke software that reads data from a table to return tonnage, sales, costs and margin by customer.
The table has a cron job that rebuilds the table twice daily, currenly at around 2am and then again around 1pm.
We find that the first user to run a report following a table update, that the server call times out returning a HTTP time out error on screen.
Is there a reason, that anyone knows of as to why it only happens on the first server call?
If we close down the window and re-open to run the report again it works without issue and get a normal response time of a couple of seconds.
Hi All

I have setup some Realms on Keycloak for colleagues to have a play around with

It is on server name e.g. TESTSERVER1 on the same domain and the localhost URL is http://localhost:8080/auth/admin/TEST/console/

So long as my colleagues have permissions for that server how do I send them a link to the Test Realms that have been setup?





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Software is any set of instructions that directs a computer to perform specific tasks or operations. Computer software consists of programs, libraries and related non-executable data (such as documentation). Computer software is non-tangible, contrasted with computer hardware, which is the physical component of computers. Software written in a machine language is known as "machine code". However, in practice, software is usually written in high-level programming languages than machine language. High-level languages are translated into machine language using a compiler or interpreter or a combination of the two.