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Software is any set of instructions that directs a computer to perform specific tasks or operations. Computer software consists of programs, libraries and related non-executable data (such as documentation). Computer software is non-tangible, contrasted with computer hardware, which is the physical component of computers. Software written in a machine language is known as "machine code". However, in practice, software is usually written in high-level programming languages than machine language. High-level languages are translated into machine language using a compiler or interpreter or a combination of the two.

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I currently use the pen tool, in Illustrator. When possible, I use image trace which does not work on everything; so I am looking for a any software that I could buy that would complement Adobe Illustrator CC as another tool.  Thank you for any suggestions.
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Windows Server 2016 Standard supports 4Kn drives. Does this mean any software that supports Windows Server 2016 Standard will work on 4Kn drives?

System Requirements: Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate 17.1

Sage does not mention if 4Kn drives are supported or not. How does one determine if software programs are compatibility with 4Kn drives?
I need to prove that certain patterns were engineered and not random events and have been told that Neural Networks can be used to help make this determination.

What kinds of tools and algorithms should I be looking at?

Any sample projects that have done something similar?
in the past
years ago
on windows desktop os
I would pause a youtube video and video would load

now there may be buffering

I want to watch 4k videos but these videos have pauses

is there a browser setting
I logged onto youtube and did not find a checkbox
load video while paused
What is the legal requirement for the TOU for software? If your TOU changes are you required to have customer re-accept?
Thanks :)
Hi All,

A company has provided us with a website for collecting data which is confidential.  The users  typically want the websites session to stay active for up to 1 hour of inactivity so they can leave and return as they please without losing their progress, but IT security want this to be 10 minutes... both are valid and understandable.

Most PC's have a screen lock of 10-15 minutes and will enable users to log back in and continue with their web session without losing data. We also have shared PC's that do not lock and I am looking for ideas of how we can adjust the times the session logs off locally or if this is possible at all?

Each computer have IE11 and Chrome installed

The risks are if the timeout is too long we have a data breach and if too short the system will not get used.
what is difference between

which are owned by j2

is there a file size maximum
because both use same software
I need to clean up some computers running Windows 10 for a nonprofit. We need some free software to remove viruses and malware and get them running fast again.

Thanks for your help

I am looking for a seamless way to start a program at startup automatically for normal user as administrator in Windows 10 Pro so the user can interact with that software. The program in question is Hikvision CCTV software.

Thanks in advance,
Kind Regards,
Hello Experts -

Does anyone know a good Windows 7-compatible piece of software that will allow me to manipulate 2 jpg images (one on top of the other)  with the interactive ability to resize, crop, and label the combined image at varous angles?

Idealy the software would also allow the transparency of the background image to be varied in transparent intensity.

I can see some possible candidates by doing a Google search, but without some hands-on experience, I'll have no way of determining which particular piece of software really offers the desired characteristics.

Thanks for any advice you may offer.
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I had this question after viewing Increase performance of google earth pro.

Using same wifi
Why is google earth so much quicker on windows7 desktop than windows10 laptop
Specifically street view is so quick it is like I am walking outside. Hardly any blurry moments.

Is there a super computer where google earth is quickest
Is video card responsible?
If I spent $100k would I get an experience that is so optimal that street view would be same as driving in same area?
I was given the responsibilities to patch some Unix (centos, Linux etc) appliances along with windows server. These are third party software vendor's appliances as well as our centos servers.
Could someone give me some help on the Linux appliances?
Is there a way to download Ms runtime 2016 in advance like on a flash disc or CD, my users are finding challenging to do the download . It takes about 1.55 hours downloading from the source , quite okay those who manage, the software works very well so far no issues are reported and update are so easy to do.


(1) Some of the users are not IT professional
(2) The time it takes to complete the download is too much
(3) Some end up downloading 64 BIT instead of 32 BIT
(4) Some get scared whenever they see the macro trusting message that after download and click the FE for the first time
(5) in some cases after clicking FE it again require the internet connectivity ( Very strange!)
(6) In some cases it gives options like ( Update,repair and restart computer)

Could it be there some steps we are missing here?

Kindly advise or if there is some write up about the steps required I will appreciate


I have two Excel spreadsheets that are basically identical to each other except that one is a more recent revision that the other.

What software/methods can I use to determine exactly what the differences are between the two Excel 2016 spreadsheets?
I have a failed disk (146 GB Dual Port 15K SAS Spare: 488058-001) in a mirrored setup on our main Domain Controller (we have another one), an HP ProLiant DL385 G6 and I have a spare identical disk available. The failed disk is showing a solid Amber light which means I should be able to hot swap it with the spare. I will of course do a full backup of the server first and move all the FSMO roles to the backup DC. However, my issue is that the HP Array Configuration Utility will not launch on the one with the failed drive. I was not the one who built the system originally, but when I took a closer look at it I noticed that the version of the software is Version which is not compatible with the o/s on it since that is 2008 R2. The other identical domain controller that I built has a newer version that supports 2008 R2 and it works fine. My dilemma is if I uninstall and update the HP Array Configuration Utility then restarts will be required and I would rather not do that until the failed disk is replaced. Should I try to replace the disk before I update the software?
Is there any sort of framework or baseline checklist that could be used when assessing potential erp systems against each other or requirements of a business. Wherras each business will have different requirements there must surely be similarities

are 2 news websites that look very similar

do they use the same software

what content management system do you think they use
I've been using Plex Media Server to watch my movies stored on a Synology DS1513+ for sometime now. With the technology moving from h.2264 to h.265 (HEVC), I decided to convert all movies to that protocol. Plex supports HEVC but doesn't do much of a job with metadata and posters. The new Apple TV 4 running the Infuse 5 Pro app, however, does an excellent job of both. The problem is how other family members can connect using Apple TV 4/Infuse from their own house like they do with Plex.

Infuse documentation is a little light on connecting outside the local network and I'm wondering if others have found a way to do this? Google tells me to port-forward 445, which I did and connecting using a URL from MY house works perfectly but not when I'm outside the home. Google also tells me most ISPs block port 445 (including Spectrum) which makes me wonder if that's why others can't connect. But then, why can I?  Confusing.

Ideas anyone??
I need to set up a virtual machine for new software.
I received software CPU requirements:
2 GHz or more
Xeon quad-core server grade processor

I am planning to set up the following:
Windows Server 2016 Standard
Number of virtual sockets: 2
Number of cores per socket: 2
Total number of cores: 4

I am pretty sure that Windows Server 2016 Standard - License comes as a 2-core license at the price of  CAD $1,099.56.
Based on my virtual machine setup mentioned above do I need to purchase 2 of these for the future audits?
Also, if someone has any additional details/advice on current licensing process please let me know. I need to upgrade all of my Windows Server 2008 R2 servers to 2016.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
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Concerto's Cloud Advisory Services

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I have a MacBook Pro. All my software was updated last week, but I want to make sure my new device is protected. What other security software would you recommend or would you recommend any?
I had to rebuild my Cisco Prime machine.  Since then it's only seeing the AP's on one controller.  I have about 250 APs currently that I can see on each controller.  The tricky part of this is one controller has Software Version and the 2nd controller has  I had to do this because we purchased new AP's and we haven't upgrades switches to support the newer APs so I've split them.  Is there a way for the controller (Prime) to see both controller APs
service pdns status -l
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl status  -l pdns.service
â pdns.service - PowerDNS Authoritative Server
   Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/pdns.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled)
   Active: active (running) since Thu 2018-01-04 14:39:03 CET; 237ms ago
  Process: 6403 ExecStop=/usr/bin/pdns_control quit (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)
  Process: 6418 ExecStart=/usr/sbin/pdns_server --daemon (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)
 Main PID: 6419 (pdns_server)
   CGroup: /system.slice/pdns.service
           ââ6419 /usr/sbin/pdns_server --daemon

Jan 04 14:39:03 ns1.domainname.be pdns[6419]: TCP server bound to
Jan 04 14:39:03 ns1.domainname.be pdns[6419]: PowerDNS Authoritative Server 3.4.11 (jenkins@autotest.powerdns.com) (C) 2001-2016 PowerDNS.COM BV
Jan 04 14:39:03 ns1.domainname.be pdns[6419]: Using 64-bits mode. Built on 20170116223245 by mockbuild@buildhw-05.phx2.fedoraproject.org, gcc 4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-11).
Jan 04 14:39:03 ns1.domainname.be pdns[6419]: PowerDNS comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it according to the terms of the GPL version 2.
Jan 04 14:39:03 ns1.domainname.be pdns[6419]: DNS Proxy launched, local port 10929, remote
Jan 04 14:39:03 ns1.domainname.be pdns[6419]: Creating backend connection for TCP
Jan 04 14:39:03 ns1.domainname.be pdns[6419]: Master/slave communicator launching
Jan 04 14:39:03 ns1.domainname.be …
Hi Experts,

Is there any software or tool where I will provide both content and then it will show me the difference between them as missing or modified code please?
We are currently running RDP on a Windows 2008 server.  Some of our users are utilizing generic accounts to access the systems then using a RemoteApp to access our primary software.

The issue we are running into is that our software has some issues and frequently we have to reset the sessions for users.  Now i have used the below script for users who are accessing from their own desk / login and it has worked wonderfully.  The problem I have is if I cannot query the session by UserName I am unable to return the right Session Name or Session ID.  This does not work for users in areas that use generic logins into the computer.

Now I will be the first to state that the shared/generic login is poor practice and needs to go, that is something I am working on but it taking time to get these changes in place.  

What I am trying to do is identify the Session Name or Session ID for the current connection from the computer the file is being ran from.  I have found a couple of things that look at registry but that has not been working.  In layman terms I want to be able to run a bat file that look at my current outbound connection to ServerName and reset it or reset all if there are multiple.  Is this possible in any way?  

Bat file I am using currently:
echo Current RDP Session ID: %RDP_SESSION%
for /f "tokens=1 delims= " %%G in ('query session %username% /server:ServerName') do SET RDP_SESSION=%%G
reset session %RDP_SESSION% /server:ServerName /v

Open in new window

We have laptops with proprietary data and network information that leave the office daily

Can someone tell me what is a good software to use to provide additional security to the laptops

Looking for additional authentication other then just the Windows logon
I would like the files\data on the laptop encrypted






Software is any set of instructions that directs a computer to perform specific tasks or operations. Computer software consists of programs, libraries and related non-executable data (such as documentation). Computer software is non-tangible, contrasted with computer hardware, which is the physical component of computers. Software written in a machine language is known as "machine code". However, in practice, software is usually written in high-level programming languages than machine language. High-level languages are translated into machine language using a compiler or interpreter or a combination of the two.