Software is any set of instructions that directs a computer to perform specific tasks or operations. Computer software consists of programs, libraries and related non-executable data (such as documentation). Computer software is non-tangible, contrasted with computer hardware, which is the physical component of computers. Software written in a machine language is known as "machine code". However, in practice, software is usually written in high-level programming languages than machine language. High-level languages are translated into machine language using a compiler or interpreter or a combination of the two.

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I’m trying to find a scanner (brand and model), along w/highly secured software that will support me being able to scan both medical and tax documents...
Based on my research, I need to scan and use software w/layers of security and encryption such as WPA2, VPN w/OSI layer 3, SFTP, etc.,
Do you have any suggestions on what scanner and software to use and how to securely set this up?
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Custom App On Budget
The narrative of smartphone revolution is incomplete without the mention of apps, for the latter is being used today for a variety of purposes. From booking hotel (or plane) tickets to ordering food to even conducting small businesses, mobiles apps are proving their utility day-in and day-out.
Got a problem with an old server I was hoping to do a simple P2V on and would appreciate some advice on physical mirrored disc issue.  I normally deal with proper systems with RAID controllers, SAN connected storage etc. so an OS software based mirrored drive is thankfully not something I have had to deal with since hardware has been available to do the job...

This server had been there on a site for many years (alongside a Windows 2000 SBS and Windows 2003 SBS on different LAN's) all of which I have been working to migrate their users off.  This was running a system for their CAD users that has now been replaced with a new version but the old system needs to be kept for reference purposes, I am loathe to even reboot it at the moment while errors show with the mirrored drives, I have tried running a P2V using Disk2VHD and had a non bootable result and backups are basically non existent.  I will get a file level backup of the data files and kicked off native NTBackup but considering the P2V output I am not convinced of any other backups until I can restore them of course.

Windows 2003 R2 SP2 on physical HP server.  Appears to be have 2 x Adaptec SCSI cards and 2 x 136GB SCSI discs using software mirroring.

Disk 0: 136Gb drive partitioned to C: and D: with small 31Mb partition before C:  Dynamics disc, Status: Online (Errors)
Disk 1: 136Gb drive partitioned to C: and D: Dynamics disc, Status: Online (Errors)

In Disk manager both drives show Online (Errors) and both…
Sifo systems exchange server edb file recovery software
Yes friends its free demo exchange edb recovery software by which any of user can rebuild and recover edb file as well as also can convert edb file to pst file with all of internal data like as inbox,calendar ,notes,contacts,task,etc .
It support all version of exchange edb file like as edb 2016,edb 2013,edb 2010,edb 2007,edb 2003,etc .

Get more about free demo from here :-
Hi this is screen shot of the sifo systems exchange edb recovery software in which working GUI interface of software is showing .

Hi All, We are experiencing Blackscreen issue with couple workstations where we are only able to see black screen with a cursor. We have tried almost every different malware removal software and antivirus but the issue seems to be still there. Below are the few things we have noticed.

- Explorer.exe is not launching at startup
- There are certain processes such as "stivsc" which is stuck in the state of stopping and using most of the computer resources.
- Services are listed as "unknown" instead of "Microsoft corporation" in system configuration(msconfig)
- 15- 20 svchost.exe processes are running from C;\Windows\System32\ folder
- Various anti-malware softwares applications are showing the workstation as clean after detecting and removing a Trojan - Trickbot.

Any suggestion/support will be greatly appreciated.
Digital Scheduling Software have different management solution that  leads to have so many dis- management solution for this new era of mobility & connectivity. We optimize end-to-end field service operations including: workforce optimization, advanced scheduling & dispatch, parts logistics, inventory & depot repair.
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Is there a way to lock down ipads & android devices, where users are only limited to specific apps or settings?
There is a POS software I am just becoming familiar with called NCR Silver. that works with iPad & Android devices & apparently employees have figured out that if you're late, you can change the time on the device & then punch in & apparently NCR has no fix for this, or so I am told.
watsup videos, audio, images etc how to delete daily on android moto 4 g plus phone as they are piling up making give error message no storage etc and used all of 53.59gb of 54gb of internal storage as 10 gb is used by android software which i cannot remove
any simple free user friendly application which i can use and check all junk data on phone and cleanup say daily?
Please advise
Our customer has very old backups, 20 or more years.
Those where done with WINRAR and winzip of those days.

there are two issues.
1. Are we able to read those formats today ? Or are we supposed to, lets say, every 5 years convert those backup files to latest formats?
    Is there any software that will do that for us automatically? Auto update itself and auto migrate the backup files to the new format ?

2. The second point is the storage device, usb connections improve they get faster and better, devices need drivers updated, according to new versions of OS
    So I guess we have no choice than to move all every 5 years to new devices ?

 HOw reliable would it be if we store in the Cloud? and is it advisable only the cloud ?
How are companies doing this around the world ?
What are the best software programs for performing file comparisons between 2 different folder locations within a Mac OS X computer?

I need to find out which files and folders exist in one location that don't exist in the other location and if there are any differences between the files within the two folder locations.
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The 14th Annual Expert Award Winners

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I have an HP 8100 Compaq Elite running Win7 that just recently downloaded the update KB4088875 which made the NIC unusable saying no hardware is detected. 3 other machines had the same issue, but they had restore points so I rolled them back and everything is working. But one machine has no restore points. Steps taken:

1. Booted into safe mode and deleted update KB4088875. Restarted and still no network connectivity.
2. Went in Device Manager and uninstalled the unknown Ethernet connection, restarted and plugged Ethernet back in. Still no NIC detected.
3. Attempted to download correct driver from a different laptop, and then using a thumb drive to install it on the broken PC.
4. The PC failed to open the thumb drive due to the fact it doesn't have the appropriate driver...

Any ideas?
i have entities like below


how to find corresponding  foreign special character.

Please advise
I've been having a hard time with this for several days, hoping someone can help me with this.  

Here's the setup; got some Optane P4800X PCIe drives and I want to RAID the boot drive in Server 2016 for resiliency.   From what I understand hardware RAIDing PCIe drives simply doesn't exist yet, so we're stuck with software RAID.  Here's where it gets fun.  

I can RAID 1 the C: volume just fine.  That's all dandy.  But when I remove the primary plex, the secondary doesn't boot.  I have tried all sorts of methods to get the secondary drive bootable, including;

  • DISKPART and XCOPY the EFI and Recovery partitions from the main drive- no dice, BCD error
  • This
  • handy document was looking promising, but when trying to rebuild the secondary BCD we have no ramdisk entry in Server 2016, so that ended up a bust.
  • Fresh install of Server 2016 to establish a good Recovery and EFI partition, then delete the OS partition and replace it with a mirror- no dice, BCD error

All the fun of this points back to the BCD.  Problem is, I can't edit the BCD in recovery mode since the disk is showing up as foreign because it's dynamic (required to do MS mirroring).  If I import it, it instantly becomes unbootable.  Bootrec /scanos
Recently acquired a new client. They are a business based in Europe and they have a small branch office in Manhattan.

They have two Honeywell Datamax-O’Neil Mark III label printers. They use them to print out inventory labels while they are logged into their inventory management system. The inventory system is hosted in their headquarters in Europe and they access it using RDP. The label printers work fine when printing out via their inventory system.

However, the client now also wants the flexibility to use the printers locally for printing their own customized labels. This is a new requirement that they didn’t have previously.

The appropriate printer drivers are installed on their Windows 10 PCs. So simply printing is not a problem. However, I have no idea of which software to use with label printers. Even though the drivers are installed, I see no software installed  that could be used to create, format and print out labels.

I searched the download area of the Honeywell site, but only found the driver software and an SDK application.

I did a search online and the only thing I found was an application called ConnectCode Label Software.

Anyone have any suggestions for software which might be appropriate?
Do you build software for people?
Online Scheduling Software Appointments software that works automatically which  helps in the  desired buffer as customers book their time slots. Go to Settings-Services-Edit and scroll down to the Online Scheduling Rules Section to add your buffer/padding. Click to save at the bottom of the page. Repeat for any other mobile service.
Dear Exchange experts,
I am having a very strange Exchange issue. Here is a little background information. On Sunday We needed to restore an older database from our backups. After successful restore i opened the database with a third party Quest software. I had to installed Outlook (MAPI) for the software to run. We restore emails that we needed to.
On Monday several users complained that on Sunday they were getting prompted for password while working from home and Outlook would not accept password, but OWA did. When in the office, Outlook works fine.
On Tuesday i arrive to the office and i get an error message while launching Outlook saying that my mailbox was moved and i had an option use temporary mailbox or offline version. The only way to fix this was to delete the profile. Which i did.
Throughout the day i sent bunch of emails and never got responses to. Towards the end of the evening i confirmed with one user that my email from an hour ago didn't go through, when i resent it, it went through right away.
I get home, open my outlook and all mail in inbox is missing except Brand new bounce back emails from the entire day. I log into my OWA and all of my mail is there, but the bounce back emails are not. Below is an example of two bounce back emails.  Any suggestions how to start troubleshooting this issue?

We are using Exchange 2010, not 365.

From: Microsoft Outlook
Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 9:33 AM
To: User1
Subject: Undeliverable: RE: Sick …
I have a client who is unable to receive emails with attachments from a particular address.  The emails come in with an attachment of winmal.dat instead of the PDF attachment that should be there.

The client is using an iMac that is about 5-6 years old.  It has osX version 10.11 installed.  It also has Office for Mac 2011 with updates to 14.2.1 (I think that is correct).

At the moment it seems to happen when we send email to her email address from an Office365 managed email address.  The O365 managed address is a reasonably new domain set-up in the last 3 months.  The O365 domain email address does not have issues with the majority of emails they send to other addresses.

My reading has been that the issue is with the iMac and possibly the Office software.  If we configure the same email address that is on the iMac on my PC in Outlook, the emails receive fine with the attachments.  In my opinion this rules out the sends O365 domain as the issue.

Today the O365 sender contacted me to say another client of his has had the same issue this morning on an email from him, so he is adamant it is the O365 setup.

I still dont think it is.

Can anyone assist with their experience of the winmail.dat email attachments issue
windows 10 laptop power settings are as attached set for 45 seconds to lock screen.

But strangely screen locking up after 10 minutes of inactivity.

how to increase the screen locking inactivity time from 10 to 45 minutes.
my goal is even if i am away to a meeting for 45 minutes my screen should not lock or show i am away.

please advise
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We're looking to integrate third-party CRMs with our desktop .NET in-house practice management software.  The CRMs are:
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics

The data to be integrated includes:
  • Contact information (name, address, phone number)
  • Billing information

At the moment, the data needs to be manually entered in both systems which is time consuming and error prone.  We're looking at two options at the moment:
  1. Develop our own system using the APIs to integrate the data
  2. Purchase an integrator to assist us in what can often be a messy job

We haven't made a decision around syncing, push, pull, source of truth etc so we're not limited in options at this stage.

So the question is:
Which option would you choose for a manual one way sync, which option for a robust two-way sync and why?

What integration software would you recommend and why?
I can't add a new drive to Symantec System Recovery 2013 at all, it keeps on giving me this error when I try to add it to a job:
F:\ is a read-only location and is not a valid destination.

I formatted the drive to NTFS, changed the drive letter, nothing helps.

It worked for a while as an exFAT drive but then whined about sector blocks not being complete or something...

I know it's a horrible piece of software but it's what the customer uses.

It's got all updates installed.

Drives that had been added a longer time ago are fine.

Also, how does one delete older backup destinations, it just doesn't let me do that.

A horrible piece of software indeed...

(the OS is SBS 2011)

(tried re-creating the job, doesn't work, restarted services, doesn't work)
Customer has a Windows 2000 Advanced Server running some sort of legacy software.  I am working on setting up a more modern replacement but they have a pressing concern that the machine is exactly an hour behind.  I have tried setting it to the correct time manually but it persists in changing back.

I unchecked the option to automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time, and then changed the time.  It stubbornly switches back in a few seconds.

I tried setting it to SNTP from Apple or, but it continues to change back.  When i try to set it to RTSDOMAIN it says the CURRENT TIME and the LOCAL TIME on the controlling server are an hour apart.  I say yes to change to the other server time.... I believe it setting to CURRENT TIME and not LOCAL TIME.

This is apparently causing a serious issue. And i have no idea how to force this server forward an hour.

UPDATE:  I should say that the machine in question is a virtual machine on a Windows Host.  The host is set correctly and working fine.
Hi, I created a contacts database, and I am wondering if there's a way to use html on a form.  For example, I use a web form builder software that publishes forms to the cloud.  I'm able to get the html for this and add to a web page (to embed the form into the web page instead of following a link to it).  Does Access 2016 have this functionality?  Can it read HTML and store embedded items?  I feel like it doesn't after my web search, but just wanted to ask the experts!  Thanks!
We set up a taxonomy term store in SharePoint 2016 to be utilize for tagging documents with metadata within a document library.   One of the goals is to achieve a true cascading parent / child / grandchild relationship that will function in datasheet view to quickly assign metadata to the documents.

Parents in the terrm set include Hardware, Software, Disaster Recovery, etc.    Children of Hardware would be printers, servers, laptops, desktops and so on and grandchildren would be HP, Dell, Fujitsu, etc.  

Children of Software would be Revu Extreme, Acrobat Professional, Rapid Recovery and likewise grandchildren would be Bluebeam, Adobe and Quest.

Within the document library, three managed metadata coumn have been setup which reference the term store.   When fillng in the values you do get the nice flowchart diagram to assist in choosing the right value but honestly, you can put any value in any column, just as long as that value exists anywhere in the term set.   I can put Adobe in column 1, Fujitsu in column 2 and Disaster Recovery in the third column, all which are in the incorrect columns and unrelated.

Is there a way to lock column one values to only accept parent values, column two values to accept only related children values based on column one's selection, and column three values locked to grandchildren related to to the child record selected in column two?    

Thanks in advance for your assistance
Is there a shortcut key within Outlook 2016 to create an Outlook contact from the user's email within the currently opened email?

Currently, I have to right click on the email address of the person who sent the email I am looking at and then click on "Add to Outlook Contacts" (see the screenshot).

Is there a shortcut key I can press that will open a new contact that contains the name of the person who sent the current email as well as this user's email address?

If I press the "Create a Contact" shortcut key by pressing "CTRL+Shift+C" this opens up a completely blank contact and doesn't have the sender's name and email address already entered.

So is there a shortcut key I can press that will open a new contact that contains the name of the person who sent the current email as well as this user's email address?

Add to Outlook contacts






Software is any set of instructions that directs a computer to perform specific tasks or operations. Computer software consists of programs, libraries and related non-executable data (such as documentation). Computer software is non-tangible, contrasted with computer hardware, which is the physical component of computers. Software written in a machine language is known as "machine code". However, in practice, software is usually written in high-level programming languages than machine language. High-level languages are translated into machine language using a compiler or interpreter or a combination of the two.