Software is any set of instructions that directs a computer to perform specific tasks or operations. Computer software consists of programs, libraries and related non-executable data (such as documentation). Computer software is non-tangible, contrasted with computer hardware, which is the physical component of computers. Software written in a machine language is known as "machine code". However, in practice, software is usually written in high-level programming languages than machine language. High-level languages are translated into machine language using a compiler or interpreter or a combination of the two.

Can someone please suggest best software to convert pdf to excel. I have about 3000 rows with 10 columns in my pdf document.

Thank you,
Toshiba Network EManager software on windows 10.    SD Card reader error cannot backup.      I have the latest version installed and running on windows 10.     Cannot backup system or read SD Card.    however if I switch to a windows 7 system it reads the card and backup works fine.    it appears all other functions work in windows 10.    Tried IE compatibility mode same issue.

The goal is to get rid of windows 7
Exchange 2016 CU11 - Vipre Exchange spam software relies on impersonation to access the users mailbox to quarantine spam email.  However, it is not working because the connection to autodiscover returns an internal 500 error.  Note:  The autodiscover test in the Exchange shell all pass.  I had  Vipre support look at the server and they are stumped.  They concluded it must be an IIS or exchange issue.

The error in the Vipre logs is:  Error: System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.

Look for ideas on a solution or a way to narrow down what is causing the problem.
work for a medium size company.  We have a 5508x firewall with IPSEC Remote Access VPN setup on it and an AnyConnect setup too.  These work fine when an individual client logs in with client software.  
We have a remote warehouse that uses the VPN buy logging the same – as a client.
Sometimes they complain about the speed.  We were thinking if we bought a RV260 Remote VPN router that we could just put it at the warehouse and enter our public address and a few credentials and this would improve the speed and simplicity.  It is not that simple.  So, I have some questions.
Do we need two remote VPN routers, one at the main office and one at the warehouse?  Then, do we need a separate Internet connection?  Does the ASA act as the VPN router on our side?  
I have a simple guide to setup the VPN router, but I unclear about the general setup.
Do I need to setup a site-to-site tunnel , which I don’t know how to do?  I barely understand the IPSEC, IKE, Duff-Hillman, AES-192, etc.   I imagine both sides have to match?
Anyway, I am not very clear on how the device functions.  Do I need two, do I need to attach one to the firewall, what’s the general idea of how this works?  Could someone give me a quick bird’s eye overview?
Rephrasing the original question for clarification - not sure if this is possible to get into a script but any expert advice is appreciated.

I need help getting the output of a script I have below into variables I can use to pass or use in another function I have that will manually ReRun and advertisement.  I'm looking to read any "SuccessOrFailureCode" that does not equal 0 to a variable and also the associated ComputerName and PackagID.

The console output I get when running the script posted below for example is:
Computername      PackageID      ProgramName      SuccessOrFailureCode
computer01              IBM0001      Chrome                      0
computer01              IBM0002      FireFox                      0
computer01              IBM0003      Snagit                     1603
computer01              IBM0004      Teams                      0
computer01              IBM0005      Font                      0

The purpose is to get any error code that does not equal 0, and also get the ComputerName and PackageID so I can pass these to call the advertisement.  

Command to gather the attributes are:
.\Get-CMClientExecutionHistory -Computername Computer01 | Select-Object Computername, PackageID, ProgramName, SuccessOrFailureCode | Format-Table

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    [string[]]$ComputerName = $env:COMPUTERNAME


$Code = {
    # Get Execution History from registry, and package details from WMI

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2xDC at main site, 1xDC at 3 remote sites. 5 total DCs

So I just took over from a software developer who was running IT. There was a remote ESX host (Old AMD desktop on a MicroATX) with a DC and a large FileServer. It was crashing daily because there was 8GB physical memory and 12GB virtually allocated. So I upgraded the machine to 16GB physical ram and a few hours later all my problems began. I believe the DC wasn't replication properly for 30+ days and maybe some bad/old data came back. Or the timing could be malicious from my predecessor.

This is manifesting as an authentication issue, but I suspect it could be related to DNS or AD objects. Using packet tracing we see "401 Unauthorized"

Outlook no longer connect to on-prem Exchange 2016 (Somewhat fixed now)

IE/Chrome/FF can no longer authenticate to on-prem Sharepoint (Somewhat fixed now)

Application aware backups failing (RPC error:Access is denied. Code: 5)

Ticketing System can no longer send emails (Logs show 401 Unauthorized)

I have been working with an external resource who has extensive knowledge of active directory and he was able to get Outlook/Exchange and SharePoint (IE/Chrome, not FF) working by adding/changing SPN records for the Exchange, but still Veeam Appication Aware backups are failing, but whole machine backups are working and my ticketing system can't send/recieve emails.

We opened a ticket with Microsoft and they won't acknowledge an Authentication issue, they want to say its an…
We have a CPA client running Windows 10 Pro with 1909 updates.  For the past two weeks, he is getting a BSOD with PFN_LIST_CORRUPT message.  One day last week he got two BSOD in one day and then three days without the error and one BSOD today.  We had other customers with a similar issue after updates KB4524244 and KB4532693.  Removing these updates appeared to resolve the other client issues but not for the CPA client.  The removal was based on an internet article about Windows 10 issues after the updates around February 17.

We are asking for any suggestions for software or hardware for troubleshooting the PFN issue.  This is a very busy time for all CPAs.  Getting a BSOD in the middle of a tax return could result in the loss of several hours work.  We have found several solutions such as checking RAM, hard drive, and drivers but would like any suggestions before starting the list of items to check so we can minimize any possible downtime of the computer.  If we get replies pointing to a certain solution, we would like to use that as our next step.  

Thanks for any suggestions or comments on resolving this issue.  Please let us know if more specific information is required.

The above screenshot shows that the Power BI refresh (both manual and scheduled) failed due to invalid credentials.  We have tried changing credentials and other properties but to no effect.

As you can tell, the two connections are represented by shared paths to Excel spreadsheets.  And, these spreadsheets pull data from a SQL view successfully.

This virtual machine from which this screenshot was taken pulls data from the box that has a personal gateway installed.  But, the virtual machine itself does not have a personal gateway installed.

What is the remedy for this?

Thank you!

Software Engineer
Best data recovery software - NTFS

Any suggestions?

I'm trying to create a warehouse receipt.  When I select the location, I get the error message saying that Bin Type Code Must Have a Value in Bin.

How do I get rid of this error?


Software Engineer
Last week, my laptop suddenly powered off & could not be powered on
anymore: the IT guys replace battery, use different adapter but can't
power it on & the 500GB SSD that comes with the X270 can't be
read as well when they mounted it to a reader: this reader is plugged
into another PC's USB.

I suspect it could be due to me using 3rd party battery at that time tt
caused a surge/overcurrent that failed both the laptop & the SSD.

Ontrack is charging $3500 for recovery so I'm looking for tools that
I can DIY to do the recovery: anyone can recommend any tools (if
there's any specifically for SSD): those with free 'trial' can be
considered;  wanted a best chance of recovering data from the SSD.
I might need assistance here with using the recommended tools
a friend of mine has thousands of pictures, scattered over his whole pc, and has up to 5 duplicate locations for the pictures in 3 different disk drives

i am looking for a good software to compare picture folders, so i can delete duplicate folders
please only post software you used and like; eventually with the proper settings -  and why you prefer it over others

best is free, but if needed, i'll pay for software with better options

Id like to deploy latest Firefox via sccm (viz App-v or local install).
Now lots of users have installed Firefox manually and I want to uninstall those first.
Also I want to make sure that of issues occur, deploy can be halted, rolled back.

There are lots of options of install: supersede with pr without uninstall, phase deploy etc.
Not sure what to use. Also: how can I make sure ALL old versions are uninstalled before.I do the deploy?
Please advise.
Hello here,
Have a problem on an customer install, I can connect on the DB using SQLPlus, SQLDeveloper, Excel connection via ODBC and OLE DB.

But the customer can't connect to his software (that connect through Oracle Form i guess as window name is Oracle Form Runtime) and I don't know if it's possible that Form try to connect on another instance of the base or something like that. Services seem's to be all launched, TNSNames and Listener.ora seem's work as i can connect through DOS and SQLDeveloper.

Have someone an idea of what can be wrong ? And if need me to link something to help for correcct this.

Thank you.
Can Quick Books Version 2020 enterprise be installed on a s synology nas ds 1515+ ?

I know the Data base file and the qb file has to be installed on the same drive.

A Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 end user says that the combined balances of the Consolidated A/R and A/P accounts in GP are not matching those of the Management Reporter (MR) Consolidated Trial Balance.  In fact, the discrepancy is about $377k.

Now, he did go back into previous periods for comparison upon discovering this.  Eventually, he discovered that his Consolidated Retained Earnings balance between GP and MR differs by $355k.  And, he says that, sometime in the past after closing 2018, they reopened it.  He thinks that this reopening and reclosing didn't "find its way into MR".  Is that possible?

Otherwise, I have reviewed all other avenues from KB articles when there is this discrepancy and can find no other explanation.  Any ideas?

Thank you!  Much appreciated!

Software Engineer
Office 365 account for Office desktop software (No Office e-mail account) and using only a G-mail hosted domain e-mail.  Due to business e-mail cannot set calendar sharing (iCal) to public other than Free/Busy.  So this is not an option.  One user has 2 physical computers, and needs to get this working.
Which is the best software to use for:
- Contract Management
- Policies and Procedures Management?
Hi I want to buy or subscribe Customer service/Chat software that support on our website.
Just like Experts-Exchange but I hope the software has features to allow me programming something like the following:

1. If the member login, and the member's city is Los Angeles, CA. I want to have Customer Service Rep A on the chat. If member's city is Houston, TX, I want to have Customer Service Rep B on the chat.

Do you know where I can get it? Or does Twillo has a way I can build up using c#/MVC?
Is there any training course available for Analytics Assessment Architect.
Hi, I wanted to ask if anyone has been using the Ivanti ITSM plateform? More specifically, the Service Manager, Endpoint Manager and Asset Manager products.

We are currently looking to replace our current ITMS software with one that has more flexibility and integrations and I was wondering what was your personal experience with these products?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi I am looking for some integration from jenkins to sonarqube scanner and similarly other tools like ansible, artifactory, Fortify on Demand etc. has any one worked or used these Tools integrations without actually installing plugins on Jenkins and integrated these tools with sonar scanner / cli for e.g: or else used any rest api to talk to these tools from Jenkins. If so could you please give a shout and if possible share any code references / links to demonstrate this and I will try get to you.

Out of all tools integration mentioned in question, priority is that i am looking at Jenkins - SonarQube integration with out using SonarQube Plugin on Jenkins.

I will be looking to set this up on Linux within a Docker image. Installing directly on CentOS is also an option.

Many Thx
Hi Experts!

Thinking how how resources u guys r and how helpful your assistance has been during my short time here, I wanted to see if any Expert has worked or assisted with AOP (Annual Operating Plan) or what tolls any of u have found effective in this process.  I have always helped my boss using mostly excel, word and PowerPoint to gather information, prepare the report.  FYI, AOP are painstaking process with lots of details, etc.  So I am looking for a software (or tools) and your insight that would assist in my creation of my annual strategic planning.

Thank you much!!
Monitor two employees tracking by location on a windows 10 laptop. I been tasked of tracking two users by location. Can anyone recommend any software to do this with? Thanks,Paul
Goodsync is having issues copying pst files in a backup procedure.

Getting snapshot of Locked File.
Cannot snapshot network volume …

Is there anyway to get around this?






Software is any set of instructions that directs a computer to perform specific tasks or operations. Computer software consists of programs, libraries and related non-executable data (such as documentation). Computer software is non-tangible, contrasted with computer hardware, which is the physical component of computers. Software written in a machine language is known as "machine code". However, in practice, software is usually written in high-level programming languages than machine language. High-level languages are translated into machine language using a compiler or interpreter or a combination of the two.