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On my lap ASA, I can successfully copy files from my ASA to my SCP Folder using SolarWinds SCP Server. The problem I am having is copying files from my SCP Server to the ASA using CLI. IT fails to copy do disk0:/ on the ASA.

 I can see the file being copied from the SCP Server via the SCP Log:

      10/23/2019 12:19 PM      Unknown      Authenticated user cisco from IP
      10/23/2019 12:19 PM      Unknown      User cisco from IP downloading file at "TestFile.txt".

 See the information below:

ciscoasa# copy scp://cisco:cisco@ disk0:/TestFile.txt

Address or name of remote host []?

Source username [cisco]?

Source filename [TestFile.txt]?

Destination filename [TestFile.txt]?

Accessing scp://cisco:cisco@
%Error reading scp://cisco:cisco@ (Success)
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I installed SolarWinds SFTP and SCP Server on a Windows 2016 Server and configured it.
I am trying to backup VCSA 6.7 via SCP protocol

I tried multiple locations on the server as in the below,,

When I create a backup schedule, i get "Failed to connect to the provided location"

I am using my AD account for the creds as a test and I am in the Administrators group.

Any idea what is causing the error?

Been having an error alert from our Backup Solution which is MSP Backup by Solarwinds. The error goes 'Exchange files could be inconsistent. Logs will not be purged. Check with eseutil.exe'. This error has been not specific to which database it was actually pertaining since we have 3 database for this exchange 2010 that we have. Had checked with the backup solution support and cannot identify which database is it too. Anyway, I checked exchange and it seems that the exchange is not automatically purging this database after all. Has anyone encountered this inconsistent data and what's the best way to resolve it? Thank you in advance.

I'm trying to add a core switch to Solarwinds NetFlow as a POC but each time I attempt to add the node, it comes up saying 'test failed'.  I've added the communicty string, snmp server and port to the Core switch but still not joy.

Any ideas?
Just wondering if know of a good way to add the Aerohive's Access Points to SolarWinds, perhaps through just the controller.  There are about 250 Access Points so trying to avoid having to add each AP separately but was thinking to just add the controller.  

The devices I'm using are Aerohive Hive Manager and AP250s

Is it possible with other vendor?
I have attempted to configure netflow v9, but I am not able to generate any flows within my 3750X switches. Should I add more configuration to my netflow module to get the flows to be read on my solarwinds NTA server? Or should I switch to netflow v5 to accomplish this task?

Here is my configuration & I am using IOS 15.2(4):

flow record Record
match datalink source-vlan-id
match datalink dot1q priority
match datalink mac source-address
match datalink mac destination-address
match ipv4 version
match ipv4 tos
match ipv4 ttl
match ipv4 protocol
match ipv4 source address
match ipv4 destination address
match transport source-port
match transport destination-port
match interface input physical snmp
collect interface output snmp
collect counter flows
collect counter bytes
collect counter packets
collect timestamp sys-uptime first
collect timestamp sys-uptime last
flow exporter Export
destination < Solarwinds Server IP >
source < Site VLAN >
transport udp 2055
option interface-table timeout 60
flow monitor Monitor
exporter Export
cache timeout active 60
statistics packet protocol
record Record
sampler NTA_Sampler
description NTA_Flows
mode random 1 out-of 32
interface GigabitEthernet2/2/2 < Netflow Module >
description **** NTA export ****
ip flow monitor Monitor layer2-switched input

sh flow interface
Interface GigabitEthernet2/2/2
FNF: checking sub traffic.
FNF: monitor: Monitor
direction: Input
traffic(ip): layer2-switched

Open in new window

We have SolarWinds NTA and NPM installed but our devices are not sending flow information (that's what Solarwinds told me) to the database.  e.g. Netflow Sources.

We are the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles, non-profit.  I do not have much money to spend so I am hoping someone is willing to help us get this configured properly?

I can pay a little.
New to solar winds patch manager. I have deployed updates to test group. updates arrive to all machines but don't get installed. I have to manually go to updates and install them. not able to figure out why?

I have  been assigned a  job to install SolarWinds  Switch backup solution. and I need to setup or create a RADIU user with read only permission.
My RADIUS server is running on Server 2016 Standard. I have bit confused  to setup the RADIUS  read only account.

how I can crate RADIUS read only account   to use this for Solar wind  switch backup solution .

please advice.

Hi, I have recently purchased a copy of solarwinds and have set it up to monitor my SQL server.

Straight away it has brought loads of critical errors mainly on the following

Workfiles Created/Sec          - Average 35 out of hours, 250+ in hours, sometimes its as high as 600
Worktables Created/Sec      - Average 25 out of hours, 90 in hours
Page Splits/Batch Request   - 0.35 out of hours, 1.45 in hours
Page Splits/sec                       - 20 out of hours, 143 in hours

Nobody has reported any issues regarding performance.

Is this something that is safe to just adjust where the critical alerts were?

Originally the server had 96Gb of ram, and it was using 100% of the ram, I upped the ram to 256Gb, but weirdly its only using around 60Gb now.

I have tracked down a lot of cross database / server queries and I have changed the way they run to reduce the CPU time on them. However it has made little difference to the results.

If anyone has any advice on the counters, what are safe limits etc I would really appreciate it.
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Hello team,

I got a question on Solarwinds N-central alerts.

We have an exchange server being monitored by our N-Central. I got a failed status saying: "Exchange Database 2013 - Information Store". When I look into the details, I got a "Database cache Percent Hit (%) value: 0"


      Normal      90 - 100
      Warning      70 - 89
      Failed      0 - 69

When I look into the events viewer. I see Dcom error and MSExchangeDiagnostic event 1006 saying

The performance counter '\\servername\LogicalDisk(C:)\Free Megabytes' sustained a value of '24,123.00', for the '15' minute(s) interval starting at '27/09/2018 11:32:00 PM'. Additional information: None. Trigger Name:DatabaseDriveSpaceTrigger. Instance:c:

thanks for your help.

I apologise if there is an existing thread. you can post a link to it.
Fellow EE's, I am looking for some software solution suggestions for auditing asset warranties. Below is a list of desired functions that I would like to have and if anyone has something that can do some of these please feel free to share, thanks in advance!

1. Start/Ship Date, End Date: This is critical. I need to know when a tracked asset is nearing its warranty end to approach extension or replacement.

2. Vendor Neutral: If possible I need a system that can check different vendors if possible. Dell is typically an easy solution which I typically deal with but some clients have non dell systems and servers which causes extra effort to track and adjust.

3. Event Triggers: If possible it would be able to also send notifications to a desired email account or notification outlining a pre-configured time period prior to expiration. This early warning system would be important to give the client time to budget and respond accordingly instead of last minute.

4. System Type Flexibility: Most devices like workstations, laptops, and servers have the ability to check the vendor. I also need the ability to manually add details and fields for systems that may not have a system that can be tracked manually. This would be important for UPS/Battery Backups, Switches, AP's, etc. If it cannot be que'd by an automation system with agents I need to add to the list.

5. Technician Assignments: Would love the opportunity to set the systems into clusters like for specific …
Logon Login failed for user . Reason: Attempting to use an NT account name with SQL Server Authentication.

I have a Windows domain account like gooled\solarexpert that is set as sysadmin on mssql database, connect to Solarwind application.  The application connection is not successful. I check the database log, it is "....Reason: Attempting to use an NT account name with SQL Server Authentication."

I use this account gooled\solarexpert  on other database with same setting, it's no issue to connect. Most are nnncet5ed successfully, only few of them is with this error message.

Any advice?

I have tried almost all suggestions posted from web about this error, it still doesn't work.

My server is mssql 2012

I am running an issue with our Solarwinds Orion server not producing any reports and values showing 0 for CPU and Memory usage for even weekly report. This issue started ever since we migrated from 2012 server to 2016 server. The database was simply moved to the new server. We are on VMware 5.5 environment.

Upon checking more, some nodes were showing not managed so I went ahead and enabled the hosts as managed nodes. Now the host is enabled for VMware VCS polling auth but the windows servers within the hosts need VCS polling authentication.  For these windows machines I tried checking the box where it says VCS auth and input VMware root credentials for the host but it kept failing with message invalid auth. I am sure that I am entering right credentials.

- The reports are showing 0%, we checked a sample node and I found out that there is no data in the database (VMStatistics table)
- I went to the web console and checked the vmware polling, found out that the guest is not managed in Orion

- To get the data collection working, I need to enable VMware polling for the nodes

Does the windows nodes within VMware host also require VCS polling authentications ?

Sorry I am new to solar winds and can use some help.

Thanks in advance.
I want to know how to integrate Chocolatey into SolarWinds N-Central?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Please advise. I have a Dell PowerEdge T420 where the hardware is fine but SNMP for Solarwinds MSP Remote Monitoring is reporting a battery issue  for:
DELL PERC H310 SCSI - "Dell - RAID - Storage Management" and "Dell - Battery State - State of battery" is reporting "Unsupported SNMP variable. Everything matches the other working servers. However I want to compare the OIDs from the Dell Server vs. the Reporting Software. For the monitoring software it is reporting (battery) OID:
Please advise
FYI: Could not find matching hardware when I ran the SNMP Walk on the problem server unless I am looking for the wrong thing? Searched for "battery" and "RAID"


SolarWinds’ mission has been to provide purpose-built products that are designed to make jobs easier for IT professionals, MSPs, and DevOps pros. We offer value-driven products and tools that solve a broad range of IT management challenges—whether those challenges are related to networks, servers, applications, storage, virtualization, cloud, or development operations.

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