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Home Business Firewall Solution


Since COVID we have more and more clients moving equipment into their home offices. Many have a


Unstable/Slow Performing Networks or VPNs? …just go grocery shopping!

Imagine you have a shopping list of items you need to get at the grocery store. You have two …
Troubleshooting Solution

Safer for file transfers Teams or Dropbox with Sonicwall Cloud App Security?


I have a client that is using dropbox enterprise account with a product from Sonicwall called Cloud

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How to locate the mass-mailing PC on the network

byY Y

Our public IP was blacklisted by Spamhaus. 

There must be a computer on our network was infected and

Troubleshooting Solution

Ransomware prevention strategy/high availability


Hi all.  we have a local esx server (local storage - no SAN currently RAID 10), hot standby of

Advice Solution

4 x 48 port managed switches, 4 VLANs and 2 different firewalls.

byMark S

We have 4 x 48port PoE switches installed in a 4 story building.  1. switch is installed on each

Troubleshooting Solution

Cannot establish SonicWall VPN


Had a lighting strike take out a Spectrum modem and TZ370 SonicWall.

Spectrum came out and swapped

Advice Solution

Implement Azure AD MFA for SonicWALL VPN scenario


Hello Experts,

I am having some difficulty in determining the correct process to deploy the Azure

Troubleshooting Solution

Home wireless computer has no Internet after adding new SonicWall SOHO wireless-n router

2nd home wireless computer is connected to Sonicwall SOHO wireless -n, but has no internet
Troubleshooting Solution

Concerns with OST due to Ransomware @ Rackspace - thoughts?


Hi all

We had several clients at Rackspace which admitted they had a ransomware attack.  Outlook was

Troubleshooting Solution

how do I a huge list of IPs to the allow list on a sonicwall firewall device

I am using Skykick to migrate a customers on-premise email server into Exchange Online. I have got …
Troubleshooting Solution

MacOS losing L2TP VPN connection suddenly.


Hi Experts,

I have had two users on separate versions of macOS (13, and 10) encounter the same

Troubleshooting Solution

Block certain websites by MAC address on Sonicwall


I need to set up a rule in a Sonicwall Firewall that blocks certain websites, but only on select

Troubleshooting Solution

Cannot map to network share on different domain with active site to site VPN


There is an active VPN between the two sites, green light on both Sonicwalls.

Despite the …
Troubleshooting Solution

Cannot access website with office network. Cell phone works.


I have a website in the office that I have been able to get to for the past 2 years. Now, I cannot

Troubleshooting Solution

Sonicwall tz215 internet speed slow  help

Hi Guys

I have Sonicwall tz 215 Firewall.

My speed is 200mbps but after installation this …
Troubleshooting Solution

wireless network computers not seeing each other

Installed a new SonicWall SOHO wireless router and the other computers at home cannot be viewed over…
Troubleshooting Solution

RDS Gateway server address unreachable....help!


I'm feeling a sense of deja vu (all over again...).  I have a Remote Desktop Services issue. I have

Troubleshooting Solution

SSLVPN Sonicwall connection cannot ping LAN side IP


We setup a Sonicwall firewall (SOHO Model) to use the SSLVPN function.  We setup the SSLVPN to use

Troubleshooting Solution

Sonicwall blocks a site


One of my coworkers was trying to go to www.ten-x.com,, but we are getting …

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