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Sophos develops products for communication endpoint, encryption, network security, email security and mobile security as well as unified threat man...

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integrating firewall appliance with  Windows Active Directory,


Dear Experts:

Our firewall is receiving the alert as high-risk application TOR Proxy, we are not able


Any one have a good suggestion for an endpoint protection …

Any one have a good suggestion for an endpoint protection with sandbox? I heard about Sophos but not…
Advice Solution

two ISP to achieve link redundancy for on premise email server to function on any one of the active link


Dear Experts

We have internet leased line in our head office and firewall hardware Sophos XGS ,

Troubleshooting Solution

Anti-Malware & Ransomware Protection for End Points

We have Trend Mirco endpoint protection but we also want to have separate and dedicated …
Troubleshooting Solution

How do you delete all the .cheetah extension that were added to files

We had a none critical server get infected with the Cheetah virus.  I have run Sophos and …
Troubleshooting Solution

Sophos drop policy not working as expected


I am trying to apply first policies on our new XGS Sophos firewall.

Setting a drop policy on the

Troubleshooting Solution

macbook pro a1286

I am helping  a friend with her macbook pro. Now I know you MAC folks will take offense to my use of…
Troubleshooting Solution

Running VB/Batch script through Group policy

Hi All,

I have a VBS script, which checks on the network for Sophos End Point Antivirus …
Troubleshooting Solution

need help with sophos

hi guys,

need help with the sophos it used to connect to my vpn client pc and now it wont connect …
Advice Solution

Sophos Firmware is out - backup first before upgrade or not necessary just upgrade right away?


Hi experts, 

Just querying this on behalf of my clients: they have a Sophos Firewall XGS and the

Troubleshooting Solution

Outlook 2007 receiving but NOT sending email

Outlook 2007...
Recieving but NOT sending emails...
Occasional Secuirty Certificate cannot be …
Troubleshooting Solution

issues with Microsoft adding a spam rating to an email domain


I have a client who's domain emails seem to get a spam rating from of 6 form Microsoft for no

Troubleshooting Solution

Changing IT support (current left, new IT support)


Hi guys, 

I have a small clients business which 14 computers. Currently, their IT support have left

Troubleshooting Solution

Backup strategy against ransomware and what to do when infected

We had a user whose laptop was infected with ransomware, and that led me to look into the solution …
Troubleshooting Solution

Troubleshoot Azure S2S VPN



I have recently configured an Azure S2S VPN to connect to an on-prem Sophos Firewall, the

Troubleshooting Solution

WiFi recommendations

I am looking at getting a new Wifi solution for our new building.  I have looked at Meraki, Ruckus …
Troubleshooting Solution

chip vulnerability MS patch

For the patch of the chip vulnerability, can I just download the patch from microsoft and install it…
Troubleshooting Solution

move dhcp from sophos to server



I want to move DHCP from a Sophos firewall to a windows server. I do not have access to the

Advice Solution

Do Firewall's HTML5 Clientless VPN posses any security threats ?


We want to use  Sophos UTM HTML5 Clientless SSL VPN to allow  access RDP to some jump hosts.

Troubleshooting Solution

Sophos Connect VPN odd connection issue


Sophos Connect will connect but it will not provide internet or mapped drives to the LAN from my PC

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