A spreadsheet is an interactive computer application program for organization, analysis and storage of data in tabular form. Spreadsheets developed as computerized simulations of paper accounting worksheets. The program operates on data represented as cells of an array, organized in rows and columns. Each cell of the array may contain either numeric or text data, or the results of formulas that automatically calculate and display a value based on the contents of other cells.

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I trade options.  At present I am entering each trade into a spreadsheet .  I can manipulate each individual trade rather easily but when I want to summarize data I have to determine each piece of data I need and what cell it is in and then manually create a summary function.  

Spreadsheets are good for certain things.  Databases are good at storing data for manipulation.

I want to store my trades in a database .  I chose MySql  because it is free.  I am using OpenOffice  calc as my spreadsheet .  I want to be able to export data from MySql  to OpenOffice  Calc .

I want to be able to create forms so I can view the data in the database .  

 I want to avoid using Microsoft products because I don't want to pay the license fees.  I am the only one who will use the data so I want to keep costs low.

From looking at many web pages I gather people are using PHP or Django to display and manipulate MySql  data and create forms.  

I am willing to spend some time to study but I am not going to be an expert programmer.  I have experience using SQL server and using SQL expressions.  I have some experience programming active server pages and ADO.

I have 2 computers both running Windows 7 pro.  They are networked together.  I plan to have one computer running MySql  and the other will be a client machine.

So what I want to do is:
Export data from MySql  to OpenOffice  Calc
Create forms so I can view data in the MySql  database
Print some reports.

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Free Tool: ZipGrep

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Hello Experts

Something very strange just happened.  I have a client who, following  some automatic Microsoft updates, was suddenly unable to expand all his sub-folders in his Outlook 2007 mailbox.  His .pst file is over 15GB in size and I updated his registry, but to no avail.  I wound up upgrading him from 2007 to 2010.  Now all his sub-folders open but he also has several spreadsheets that he works with nearly every day and several of those are suddenly days, weeks or months old.  So he has lost some data, but not really lost.... just replaced.  I haven't seen any of the files yet, he just reported it to me by phone.  I did tell him not to disturb any of the files that appear to have been replaced.  I'd like to help him get back what seems to be missing, but I don't really know what the heck happened.  I mean, I can see a file being missing, but replaced by an older version?  I don't see a path to that scenario.

Does anyone have any ideas?


I am trying to create a summary report in sheet2. When i enter the employee code it automatically fill the rest of the values from sheet1. But getting error in vlookup. Need help
How to round to 0, 5 or 9 which ever is closest?
i need a newest to oldest order i google spreadsheet.
In Excel, what is the conditional formatting rule for changing a cell color if it contains either of the following strings:
"SUP /##"
"AIC /##"

I am trying to have a Pivot Table get data from another Google Doc.
I tried putting this into the range:
IMPORTRANGE("https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y7_80DDjZ7T122zV3bxg4eapxv4FBGGGUhMudve1UbY/edit#gid=147055643", "range=1:103")
but it did not work.
What is the correct way to do this?
A screenshot of the error is attached.
Hello Experts,

I have issue with Excel Vlookup.

Can you please help ?

HI Experts

Hope you can help

I have some data converted into a pivot table in Excel that contains some multiple criteria  in terms of quantity, number of cartons per shipment and number of purchase orders that equates to these values.

At present, I set up a simple pivot chart for quantities and would like to insert a slicer that would allow me to choose between showing the quantity, number of cartons or number of purchase orders on the chart itself.

Ive tried altering the order of fields and even though the table contains the relative data, I cannot seem to get it to allow me to select the multiple options from one slicer  - only separate ones.

If you could give me some ideas of how I can do this I would be very grateful – I have attached the sheet

I’m looking for help with a file I created by exporting a query from Access to a specific range in an existing Excel file.  I am trying to do everything from a button (on click event) in Access.

Query:  qryChecksSentToAP
Excel Spreadsheet Location:  \\corpfs01\global\DATA\OIPC\Access\DB0175 - Weight Watchers\Sent to AP
Excel Spreadsheet Name:  ChecksSentToAP.xlsx
Excel Named Range:  APChecks ($A1:$Q200)
Workbook Name: APChecks

I’m not a programmer and at first I was able to overlay the file each time but now I have to retain them.  The code below transfers data from an Access query to a named range in an existing workbook.  I have formulas inside this Excel spreadsheet that will calculate once the data is transferred.  My problem is I need the spreadsheet to be saved as ChecksSentToAPmm/dd/yyyy.xlsx(this is done weekly and needs to be retained) and no longer be overlayed and the original (ChecksSentToAP) to remain blank with just the formulas so it can be used each time.  Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.

DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel12, _
    "qryChecksSentToAP", "\\corpfs01\global\DATA\OIPC\Access\DB0175 - Weight Watchers\Sent to AP\ChecksSentToAP.xlsx", True, "APChecks"
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hi EE,

I have thos columns in excel :

Style      Model Code      Description      Scale Description      Sizes      QTY
A123         1123                TEST A                  INCHES               44           7
A123         1123                TEST A                  INCHES               46           3
A123         1123                TEST A                  INCHES               50           1
A123         1123                TEST A                  INCHES               52           17

B777         3411                TEST B                  REG                     R32           2
B777         3411                TEST B                  REG                     R34           37

is there a way in excel to transpose this for the sizes to be across left to right instead of up to down ?  like this :

A123         1123                TEST A                  INCHES                           44              46              50                52
                                                                                                               7                3               1                  17

B777         3411                TEST B                  REG                                R32            R34
                                                                                                              2                 37

let me know.. .?
Hi All

I'm trying to build a macro where it will prompt the user to select a csv file for import. I have looked around the net and found several macros however they won't prompt the user to go to the file for importation but rather have the spreadsheet and csv file within the same folder to allow for the import to work.

What I'm looking for is an Excel macro where it can update a tab called Commission and columns D11:O427. I'm wondering when the csv file is imported can it be formatted in the same way the data is presented, see Capture for an example.

Thanks all!
We have Excel document which is pretty basic except having few VLOOKUP formulas. Those VLOOKUP formulas get the data (mainly name, address, email, etc.) from the other workbooks within the same spreadsheet, when we enter the specific number which is on the same workbook as the data (i.e. we enter 362 and VLOOKUP populates it all for us). We do not add that many new entries to the data workbook. The other workbook calculates rent for us on the monthly and annual basis automatically. Since November, the spreadsheet grew in size 3 times the original size, but we added minimal amount of data there (it is about 2Mb now). In addition to that, Excel is freezing a lot when opening and using it spreadsheet. We checked that there are no objects or formulas or links which should not be there. We suspect that the issue may be with VLOOKUP formula, here is one of them:
=VLOOKUP(C22,'Tenants and Property Addresses'!$A$2:$E$220,3,0)
Any ideas what might be wrong with that spreadsheet?

I'm looking for a workaround to a problem that currently doesn't have a solution: to put multiple hyperlinks into a single cell of a spreadsheet (Excel or google sheets)

I suspect a 'fudge' workaround is possible as follows:

Spreadsheet to display a single hyperlink that contains a parameter listing a number of other urls
This link points to a special webpage to parse and display these links

eg spreadsheet displays "click to see list of products"
and webpage is "generated" showing the list of products with links

It's a bit of a fudge because the user will need to click a link twice (once on the spreadsheet, and then again on the webpage)

It maybe that a URL shortener service would also be required depending on the maximum permitted URL length

It's for low-volume use, I'm thinking to put such a webpage on my server for private use, so I'm looking for help to create this page.

Perhaps a more general version is to create a page that converts an input parameter into a new webpage. ie embedding some HTML as a parameter to then display this as a webpage.

I have a 2016 file server.  This server is used for everyone to share docs.  I'm having an issue with a few users not closing docs and spreadsheets.  Is there a way to time them out automatically without me having to go on there and close the open file?
I am running a VLOOKUP but on some rows, instead of Zero I'm getting a blank. How can I correct this?

=VLOOKUP(A17,'[My Master List.xlsx]Sheet7'!$B$2:$Z$1111,20,FALSE)

I don't want a blank. Another formula relies on the zero.
I have an Excel sheet showing lease details for 20 leases.
The main details are the payment amount each quarter and the dates of those payments.

Below each lease I have rows for their payment date.
I want the amount of each lease's quarterly amount (in row 6) to be shown in the relevant row (from 1/1/2017 below row 32) and in the column of the respective lease.

The file is attached.
How do I achieve this?

I have 2 Excel workbooks. Working with Excel 2016.

Workbook_1 consist of a complete list of names and contact information. In Workbook_2 I have a smaller list of names, all of which are in Workbook_1. I'm looking for a way to match the name in Workbook_2 Column A with the name in Workbook 1. In Workbook_2 Column B I would like the result to be the corresponding address found in Workbook_1.

Workbook_1 is Static. Workbook_2 is Dynamic.
I Need calculation of End of service ("L" Column). You may refer the attached sheet to better understand my query.
Example: employee number A-1 service is 9.5 years with salary of  5,900. then he will get first five year half salary (5*(5900)/2) and remaining years he will get one salary (4.5*5900)
Free Tool: Path Explorer
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Free Tool: Path Explorer

An intuitive utility to help find the CSS path to UI elements on a webpage. These paths are used frequently in a variety of front-end development and QA automation tasks.

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Want to add 20 Leaves every year in an individuals account specifically on the date of his hiring in our company in two sets of dates
Cell A1 Date of of hiring :  01/07/1992 (Date format: dd/mm/yyy)

A1: 01/07/1992

        B2                           C2                             D2                       E2                        F2 (Answer Cell)
       01/01/2017         30/04/2017          01/05/2017      29/06/2017                0
       30/06/2017         30/07/2017          31/07/2017      20/12/2017                20
       21/12/2017         20/06/2018          21/06/2018      01/07/2018                20
       02/07/2018        30/10/2018          31/10/2018      02/07/2019                20

If the hiring date occurs between any of these two sets of date of any year F2 will return 20 or 0

I immensely searched the net for the answer but yet to find a solution for the problem looks unique.  Will be glade if you can give me a solution.

Thanks in advance for the solution offered.


I have a little issue in Excel and hope someone has a pointer for me.

Basically, I have a customer database that has names, emails, etc. secondly I have a second excel that only has emails in of customers that opted out. What I try to do is to either compare the 2 and identify the cells that are in the customer list where the email cell matches the email in the "op out" file.

I would appreciate any assistance on this.

Best wishes,
Our team has been tasked to rate a list of software change requests with a priority 1-10 in Excel.  There are about 90 requests and we are supposed to use 9 instances of each priority.
The spreadsheet has a column for each team member to enter their priority

To make sure we are all adhering to the limit of 9 we need a formula that for each person lists the each priority and the number of occurrances, this could be on another sheet.  

For example
I need a formula to help identify cases where the name column (column C), appear more than once in a column of data, but only where the customer ID (column B) is different for these customers. If the customer name and ID is the same on each row that that name appears, that's not a true duplicate.

123-J Bloggs
123-J Bloggs
456-A Bloggs
678-A Bloggs

should flag only the last 2 records as both have same customer name, but differing ID's. I then need to do it the other way round, where supplier ID is the same for however many rows but flag instances where the same ID shows 2 differing CUSTOMER names against that ID.
I want to use a structural reference in a vlookup function. I have a table called Staff_data on a separate sheet which I want to use as the table array. I've tried typing it in as worksheet reference![staff_data], hasn't worked. Do I need to name the range like I do for creating a dynamic dropdown or what am I missing? Thank you.
I have a excel sheet where I am trying to get results based on some values user seelcts from the drop-down box. But for some reason my one cell is not outputing the correct values. It seems it is showing the same value no matter when I change the value in the dropdown box. Can somebody please help me resolve this issue. Cell E16 is the formula which is not working and the formula is =(671*(E13*100/E5))/100. I have attached the excel sheet


A spreadsheet is an interactive computer application program for organization, analysis and storage of data in tabular form. Spreadsheets developed as computerized simulations of paper accounting worksheets. The program operates on data represented as cells of an array, organized in rows and columns. Each cell of the array may contain either numeric or text data, or the results of formulas that automatically calculate and display a value based on the contents of other cells.