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Telnet is an application layer protocol used on the Internet or local area networks to provide a bidirectional interactive text-oriented communicat...

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winscp and Bitvise : features to throttle speed and resume from where sftp is disrupted for sftp'ing a huge file


We are planning to sftp (or scp) a 9TB file over a WAN link (that's shared by various online


Resolving connectivity problems to Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 instances via SSH/RDP

Hello to you all,

I hear of many people congratulate AWS (Amazon Web Services) on how easy it is …

Here's a useful replacement for SSH. I never really gave …

Here's a useful replacement for SSH. I never really gave much thought to UDP vs TCP for staying …
Troubleshooting Solution

openssh reinstallation

byEnd N
is there any possible solutions in the scenario where openssh server client  ftp were removed…
Troubleshooting Solution

No colors in SSH

Hi there everyone,

I don't know what i've done, but for some reason when I SSH into my server, i …
Troubleshooting Solution

cannot ssh to a centOS 4.9 server

I have an old centOS 4.9 Server. I cannot ssh to it.

it's a vmware server, I can use console to …
Troubleshooting Solution

Fetching data from Multiple Linux Server using Shell Scripting

I am working  Linux server using Shell Scripting and executing the commands on multiple Linux …
Troubleshooting Solution

Rysnc from cigwin to Centos not working


Hello, I need to connect via ssh (rsync actually) from a Windows machine (with cygwin) to a remote


helllo, is there any possible solutions in the scenario …

byEnd N
is there any possible solutions in the scenario where openssh server client  ftp were …
Troubleshooting Solution

Issues with OpenSsh: updates/patching & maintenance

We have an internal brainstorming on which free (it has to be free) sftp softwares
 to run on our …
Troubleshooting Solution

[sshd] keeps asking for a password


The sshd daemon on the remote keeps asking me my password. Here is the trace https://x0.at/r2UA.txt

Troubleshooting Solution

help logging into openssh

when i do   ssh localhost, i can't login (please see attached code)
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How to setup the openSSH SFTP server on Linux?


I need to implement an sftp server but not sure what flavor to use?

Thanks for ur help,…
Troubleshooting Solution

ssh connection

i install ssh in ubuntu. i start services and it's  runnig. idisabled firewall. i add keygen in …
Troubleshooting Solution

ssh error

Would anyone know what the below error might mean? I have upgraded all the routers (about month ago)…
Troubleshooting Solution

Telnet session

I need to update the firmware on an HP Procurve switch (2650) and reading posts on how to do it, one…
Troubleshooting Solution

cannot telnet on port 25

I tried to issue telnet command against many hosts …
Troubleshooting Solution

Where are the SSH config and other files? (openSSH)

I hope someone can help me. First time working with SSH.

1. I need to connect to EC2 environment on …
Troubleshooting Solution

Upgrade server ubuntu ( sftp ) and consequences

byEnd N
whether is it possible to upgrade Ubuntu  12.0 Lts to latest 23.0 server ? The usage of server is …

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