SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based report generation software system from Microsoft. It can prepare and deliver a variety of interactive and printed reports and is administered via a web interface or its web service. Its web services interface also supports the development of custom reporting applications. Finally, SSRS can also be integrated with SharePoint. SSRS competes with other business intelligence tools, most prominently Crystal Reports.

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SQL SSRS subscription fails with "Failure sending mail: An error occurred during rendering of the report.Mail will not be resent."

SQL Standard edition Version 11.3.6020.0

I have 40 SSRS reports that are working and just 2 that give this error, can anyone help?
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I have created a report using visual studio and deployed it to the Report Server.
The Data  Source is configured to use Windows Authentication.
I have deployed the Report and can see it in Report Manager.
I can run the report from the Report Manager URL on the Report Manager server.
However when I try to run the report from a desktop I log into on the domain I get an error
An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)
Cannot create a connection to data source ‘test report'. (rsErrorOpeningConnection)
Login failed for user An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)
Cannot create a connection to data source 'Report_Run_Frequency'. (rsErrorOpeningConnection)
Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON'.
I do not understand why it is trying to run the report using the account 'NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON' as I have configured the Data Source to use Windows Authentication.
I am expecting  the Report Server to run this report using my windows login which has the Roles Browser, Content Manager, My Reports, Publisher, Report Builder assigned to it
Any guidance appreciated
I have a new server that has sql 2017, ssrs 2017 installed and ssdt installed.  I think i goofed something up.  When using ssdt with Visual Studio,  there are no projects available to start for Reporting Services.  I have a feeling i goofed up on the the install.
any suggestions.
I have a 2012 Report Server that is currently our production Report Server.  I have spun up a new report server ssrs 2017.  Is there a way to do a mass migration of the reports from one server to the other.  I was able to download one at a time and then upload it one at a time and then reestablish the datasource on the new server.  It was kindof a pain.
Use SSRS to send emails.  I have an application that records inspection results.   There will be a column in a table that change.  Inspection result will go from "null" to "pass" or "fail"
when this field change occurs.  I would like for ssrs to send out an email to an email address configured for the customer on that inspection table.  Is there a way to do this.  The application itself has a rudimentary way of doing it but i dont like it.

I'm thinking some sort of trigger needs to be initiated and then ssrs email the user... any insight or document for the ssrs process would be awsome
Have an SSRS report with 2 columns that calculate percent using expressions. I'm receiving an #ERROR when dividing 0/0 or 0/1. I've tried a few iif expressions, but nothing worked. It's quite possible I simply had errant formulas. Below are the expressions I'm using and attached is a screenshot of the results with errors.

In advance, thank you for all of your help on this!


Have a report in SSRS that I've added a link to another report within a textbox using "Go to URL" because wanted to open in new tab. The below code will open the report but doesn't pass the parameters:

="javascript:void('https://servername/RsMgt/Pages/Report.aspx?ItemPath=%2fInventory+Data%2fActivity+Lifespan&rs:Command=Render & Fields!Location.Value & Fields!SN.Value'))"

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
on SQL Server 2008 R2.
I have the following two queries below. What I am attempting to do is compare my results from current production to archived data from the week prior. My goal is to compare sales by season OTSWIP and SUM of the std_cost. However when I attempt to join the two queries together my results get exaggerated. I'm not certain what I am doing wrong?

Production Query is as follows. I Receive 23 rows. Results are attached.

SELECT  cs.season ,
        cs.season_name ,
	    SUM(cs.Ext_std_cost) AS Ext_std_cost
                    c.STYLE ,
                    c.COLOR_CODE ,
                    c.LBL_CODE ,
                    c.std_cost ,
                    c.season ,
                    CASE WHEN c.season IN ( '20121', '20122', '20123', '20124',
                                            '20125', '20131', '20132', '20133',
                                            '20134', '20135', '20141', '20142',
                                            '20143', '20144', '20145', '20151',
                                            '20152', '20153', '20154', '20155',
                                            '20161', '20162', '20163', '20164',
                                            '20165', '20171', '20172', '20173',
                                            '20174', '20175', '20181', '20182',
                                            '20183', '20184', '20185', '20191',

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Dynamics 365 CE 9.0 Online

We are upgrading from CRM 2013 to Dynamics 365 CE 9.0 Online.  

We would like to use SQL Azure to maintain certain CRM 2013 report database elements and also custom entities that can't be added to the Microsoft shared SQL Servers (that are part of D365 Online).

Would it be possible to run SSRS reports (housed on a Azure SQL database) that would be populated with the D365 Online data??  Would this require Data Export Services to populate custom entities on Azure SQL from the D365 Online data?

Please advise.
How would you add a line break in a column with data that has multiple names?
Using Oracle 12c, 12.2

Column - Program_Managers all in one column...
Data - "A, Smith, J. Colby, B. Christopherson, M. Gonzales"

This is used in an SSRS report and should show like this in the report;
Program Managers
     A, Smith,
     J. Colby,
     B. Christopherson,
     M. Gonzales

I have tried - "A, Smith, (char10) J. Colby,  (char10) B. Christopherson, (char10) M. Gonzales"
And - "A, Smith, VBCRLF J. Colby,  VBCRLF B. Christopherson, VBCRLF M. Gonzales"

Seems to not work if I try to embed the (char10) or VBCRLF inside the string, to separate the names into
another row.

Any help would be appreciated.
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we have a group of reports that we run twice a month

the challenge we have is that the data for the reports keeps changing and when it runs the output is different

i’ve been asked to come up with a way that would allow us to save the output for each run date so we can do analysis on the output between different run dates

for example one of the reports is customer order history.  one of the parameters is address state

if i run it one day with a parameter state value of ca
i might get let’s say 50 records

if i run it a month later i might get 60 due to people moving to different states

some of the 60 may be overlap with the 50 from the previous run date and some not

i am being asked which of the 50 (if any)  customers were on the first run and which were not

figured if the report data was in a table with the run date i could run queries

I know that there is a snapshot available in ssrs and thought somehow could maybe use that

hopefully this makes sense

any one have any ideas?

Dynamics 365 9.1 online, CRM 2016 On prem, SSRS reports to Fetchxml

I am trying to convert an SSRS report to FetchXML that uses a stored procedure as the query type for the MSCRM_Datasource.  The goal is to create Fetchxml to run the report on D365 Online.

I have tried a number of ways to convert the SQL stored procedure code into Fetchxml but I am getting errors.

This code converts into FetchXml without error:
select  attributename, value, attributevalue,langid,objecttypecode from account

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But when I add other parts of the stored procedure code, I get the following errors:
Error: Error occurred when parsing the SQL script: Unsupported statement type: #stringmap
select  attributename, value, attributevalue,langid,objecttypecode
into #stringmap  from stringmapbase
where langId = '1033'

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What is the best approach given a complicated sp that uses functions that are unsupported in fetchxml?
PowerBI?  Convert the sp to other code?


I am trying to add a date with a time portion as a parameter default value in SSRS (2016) . The default date needs to be previous business day at 1 PM. The underlying report runs every day and uses this date to look for changes to certain data as of the previous business day at 1 PM.

Example: 2019-01-22 13:00:00.000 or 1/22/2019 1:00:00 PM as i see it formatted when i run the report in SSRS.

Could someone please help with the proper Date Expression?

Thank you in advance.

Rob M.
Need to find a way to have summary and detail pointers in a bullet graph in SQL Server Report Builder 2008.  My data comes in from a dynamic number of model types and I need to have them as a pointer within a "summary of all models" pointer. I have done it statically, but not where model count can change depending on what our plant is building.
Visual Studio 2015, SSRS

I am having a problem working on RDL files locally.  I was sent some RDL file to review.   When I use  "Add Existing"  to add the reports to a report project, I can see the report design when I right-click and select "View Designer"

However, when I select "View Code", I only see XML.  What am I doing wrong?

Hi Experts,

We are using Dynamics CRM 2016 on prem.  We have a subject tree built out in our CRM system that contains subject matters for Cases.

Our customer service people are in need of some reporting, and I think to get them the data they need I might need to use SSRS or Visual Studio, but if Advanced Find is an option I'm all for it because it gives them the ability to tweak their results on the fly without involving actually changing queries or reports.  Avanced find is tempting, as it will let me use the UNDER option, which is kinda cool, but I don't think it does enough.  It seems like I can only chose one subject matter at a time to report on.

Anyhow, they would like some reporting that captures each item we have listed as a subject.
They'd like this by year or by month and with a count of occurances.
So for example, I think they want something like this:

YR 2019
       Vendor Issues                     210
       Personnel Issue                    14
       Bad venue experience        45
       Guest Sickness                       6
       Complaint                             178
       Compliment                          57

YR 2018
        Vendor Issues              196
       Personnel Issue               13
       Bad venue experience   48
       Guest Sickness               17
       Complaint                       92
       Compliment                   114

Yr 2017
       Vendor Issues               …
I'm a system administrator for Report Manager.  I can see the users my folders, but cannot see the reports in the folder.  I need to be able to see all the reports created in report builder in the user's my folder.
I'm executing a query inside SSRS and receiving an ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended.  It's just a SELECT statement but the error appears to be in the Where clause.  Am I specifying the parameter, @PaperBill, incorrectly?

I have opened an RDL file in Visual Studio 8, when I preview the report, I get an error message  “The selected Data Source cannot be found”.
When I go to the DataSource properties, it tells me to verify that the DataSource be included in the Project.
I do not have the rds file.

Within the Report Server Database I can see an entry for the Datasource in a table DataSource.
Is there someway I can extract this database entry into an rds file?
any guidance appreciated.
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Hello All,

I am using the following expression to calculate percentage in SSRS,
however, sometime the calculated values aren't equal to 100%  they are 99, so the rounding is not working correctly.
Can someone please help?  Thanks.
I am designing a SSRS matrix report that shows a list of people and people on their team in categories. For example

                 |CAT1      |CAT2      |CAT3
JOE           |SAM       |BILL        | MIKE
ALAN        |SAM      |ADAM     |  
DOUG      |               |BILL        |STEVE

This much works fine. But sometimes there are two people in a category for one person. So if there are 2 cat2 people for ALAN I need:

|                 |CAT1      |CAT2       |CAT3      |
|JOE           |SAM       |BILL        | MIKE      |

|ALAN        |SAM      |ADAM     |                |
|                  |              |MARK    |                |
|DOUG      |               |BILL        |STEVE     |

How do I get that textbox to expand so that it displays both values?

I am using Visual Studio 2015 and SQL Server 2016.

Here are some details that may make the question clearer. There are four tables involved. Here are the table and the relevant fields:



Category Table

ManagerWorker Table
Worker ID

The query results look like this:

ManagerID, ManagerName, WorkerID, WorkerName, CategoryID, CategoryName
1, JOE, 1, SAM, 1, Cat1
1. JOE, 2, BILL, 2, Cat2
1, JOE, 3, MIKE, 3, Cat3
2, ALAN, 1, SAM, 1, Cat1
2, ALAN, 4, ADAM, 2, Cat2
2, ALAN, 5, MARK, 2, Cat2
How do I stop being asked for the user credential and password when I launch the SSRS reports.


How can we deploy the ssrs report to Share point?
I am creating a chart inside my SSRS table.  In my table I have ClaimAccount, Quantity, BillingDate and ChargeComments.  I am creating a report that groups on ClaimAccount.  But for a few accounts there are multiple records per month so I want to split out those reports while grouping the others.  ChargeComments has project details that can use for grouping.  Specifically, I want to group on the part of ChargeComments that starts with a slash and all the way to the last letter of the string.  This section of the string is variable length.

How do I add a group in SSRS based upon this section of ClaimAccount that starts with a slash?


ClaimAccount     BillingDate    ChargeComments
000450                 01012018     DOIXM/agribix2348             this is one group
000450                 01012018     CIXMS/bourlagzip7              this is one group
000520                 01012018     DASFALKG/zip3                    this is one group
000520                 02012018     DASFALKG/zip3                    this is part of the group above because it has the same ClaimAccount and same BillingDate
Hi Expert,

I can launch the SSRS url. When I try to open the report I got the following error.

Could not load folder contents
You are not allowed to view this folder. Contact your administrator to obtain the necessary permissions.

Please help




SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based report generation software system from Microsoft. It can prepare and deliver a variety of interactive and printed reports and is administered via a web interface or its web service. Its web services interface also supports the development of custom reporting applications. Finally, SSRS can also be integrated with SharePoint. SSRS competes with other business intelligence tools, most prominently Crystal Reports.