SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based report generation software system from Microsoft. It can prepare and deliver a variety of interactive and printed reports and is administered via a web interface or its web service. Its web services interface also supports the development of custom reporting applications. Finally, SSRS can also be integrated with SharePoint. SSRS competes with other business intelligence tools, most prominently Crystal Reports.

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Created an SSRS 2014 report by joining 2 table ,related by CS_ID filtered by year . Notes column is in 2nd table and for each year it is unique . I am able to display data in a tablix. Issue I am facing is ,when some of the rows  are having notes (value of which is same for all rows). How to display that note on  bottom of a report on  a textbox  ? Currently I use another dataset to do this .  I want to do away with this. But I feel there is  way to set a report variable on expression of a column ( I use status column) of the row which has that  note column value. SetValue() does not seem to work . Ensured that report variable is not ready only.
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how can I declare a Textbox or render it accessible in relation to the error-message below?

"Textbox313' is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level."


i have parameters with values 1, 2 and 3. I would like to define the in such a way that the possible choices appear the following way:
"East" (if parameter = 1)
"South" (if parameter = 2)
"North" (if parameter = 3)

how is it possible to set more than 1 filter in SSRS, such that the values in the 2nd filters are shown according to the choice lade in the 1st filter?
In my example (see attachment), I have a sales area divided into regions. I would like to appear only the regions which are presented in the sales area chosen in the 1st filter
Hi Experts,

I am having trouble getting a report to show just the parent and child on only the last leaf nodes on a uneven structure. How would I group a report so that only the last nodes are grouped by the parent. Sometimes the parent might be at level 3, 4, 5 or 6. Is there a way so that I only group the parent with the leaf nodes?

Any links to other examples would be great!

Hi, I've got an ASP.NET project which includes a report (main.rdlc). This report has a sub-report (mySubReport.rldc). Both are set as embedded resources in their properties.
The report runs fine but the subreport does not show up. It comes with the message, on the report itself:

The subreport 'subreport1' could not be found at the specific location /Project_Name Reports/mySubReport. Please verify that the subreport has been published and the name is correct.

Also, when I check the outputwindow I can see the following warning:

Warning: An error occurred while executing the subreport 'Subreport1' (Instance: 0): The report definition for report 'mySubReport' has not been specified (rsErrorExecutingSubreport)

  protected void btnReport_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            Warning[] warnings;
            string[] streamIds;
            string mimeType = string.Empty;
            string encoding = string.Empty;
            string extension = string.Empty;


            var cnn = new SqlConnection(Global.conString);

            ReportViewer viewer = new ReportViewer();
            viewer.ProcessingMode = ProcessingMode.Local;
            viewer.LocalReport.ReportPath = "Reports/Main.rdlc";
            viewer.LocalReport.EnableExternalImages = true;

            // viewer.LocalReport.SubreportProcessing += new SubreportProcessingEventHandler(addsubreport);


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SSRS Report Builder - Export to CSV issue; Double Quotes exist for each record.

We have a report that is scheduled to produce a CSV file.
This file is consumed by another application and requires specific formatting in order to successfully process the file.
The following entry has been configured within the 'rsreportserver.config' file:

<Extension Name="CSV (No Header)" Type="Microsoft.ReportingServices.Rendering.DataRenderer.CsvReport,Microsoft.ReportingServices.DataRendering">
                              <Name Language="en-AU"> CSV No Header</Name>

The file that is being generated from this contains double quotes at the start and end of each record (see below).
"180603,06/06/2018,AB,123,A,AB,123456789,-1234.56,Team Journal,21/05/2018 to 03/06/2018,12345,N,I,NA,TEAMJNL,123"

The output we need is shown below:
Good morning Team,

  This is directly related to a recently answered question here on EE ( Both Mark Wills and Scott Pletcher successfully resolved my issue related to a cursor in a scalar function however, the next level is now posing a bit of a challenge, as the scalar was converted to an inline table function and, SSRS report builder is prompting me to enter parameters BEFORE I try to run the report (meaning, before the actual page where a user would actually enter the parameters - it wants them once I change and save the query in the dataset). --- This part is fixed - Now, it's SSRS taking a very long time to render the report!

Previous Select Statement - no prompt to enter parameters -  (line in bold letters is what has been replaced):

Manf.vendor_name as Manufacturer
,convert(varchar(10),getdate(),101) as Process_date
,case when sales_pricing_unit_size <> purchase_pricing_unit_size then
 mast.List_Price * sales_pricing_unit_size
 else mast.List_Price
 end as export_List_Price
, dbo.fnt_Get_Customer_Pricing_Herman(@customerID,'100002',Mast.Item_id,getdate(),4,1,0) as CustPrice
, 'N' as Serialized
, @vendorNo as VendorNum
from vHerman_inv_Mast as Mast
inner …
I have the same problem as mentioned. Can you please provide me with a solution

I have an SSRS report that contains images that are attached to a sharepoint list but when you export the SSRS report to PDF the pdf is 31mb (six photos).

I either need the photos optimised in sharepoint or optimised when the report is being produced so that the file size is much much smaller.

I have seen code options but not sure if code in the report, code in the sharepoint list or an event handler is the best.

I have also not deployed an event handler before.

But if you print to pdf from SSRS the file will be only a few bytes.

I cannot use the SSRS print option as I am using a product called SQL-RD to produce the dynamic reports and it calls the SSRS export function.


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Hi Experts,

We have some users that are Unable to run SSRS Reports. When they try to open any Microsoft SSRS report (From any computer) they get an error message that’s says: 'The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request'

I will attach a screenshot of the error message. The issue is not report specific or users specific and the issues doesn’t appear to be related to permissions as for example a user with the same permissions can open reports without an issue where’s another user with the same permissions hits the error message.

The SSRS is running on Windows Server 2012 R2SSRS report error

Any suggestions on what could be causing this issue and how to resolve?

how can I hide a row if a certain column-field = "Purchase"?


I would like a customized (manual) sorting in my SSRS-columns. I.e. I want to show first the results of "Sales", then "Production", then "Logistics", then "Purchase".

How can I do it?

Many thanks!

when saving a report created with ssrs as a pdf file, is there any way to specify the name of the pdf file?
My SSRS emails have stopped working, I'm getting "The user data source credentials do not meet the requirements to run this report or shared dataset. Either the user data source credentials are not stored in the report server database, or the user"

Can anyone give me a simple solution?

I am working on a SSRS 2012 report and I need your help with this problem

The report has two parameters:
 1) @Search is a text type param and has two specific values
                                                              - "WorkerId"
                                                              - "DepartmentId"
2) @ActCodeFilter is also a text type param and only 1 default value
                                                              - "%"
When report is executed the first param gets "workerid" as the default value and
the second parameter get "%" as the default value.

My requirement is when I change the value of first parameter to "DepartmentId" the second parameter value should become Blank i.e the text box should become empty.

Thanks for your help.
Good day, team

 I am working on a severe latency issue revolving around a function (below/attached) with a cursor that iterates through customers and then gets presented in an SSRS report. The function works OK provided the number of rows the cursor fetches through is relatively small. Unfortunately, one customer has a massive amount of rows and, it takes over an hour and a half to complete. I understand that the cursor may not be the most optimal route to go but, I do not have the necessary skill to replace the cursor with something more efficient. I've tried every cursor option and, of course, this did nothing. Is it possible for the experts to take a look and provide some insight? I'll get you any/all additional information as required.fnt_Get_Customer_Pricing_Summit.txt

SQL Version: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (SP3) - 10.50.6220.0 (X64)   Mar 19 2015 12:32:14   Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation  Standard Edition (64-bit) on Windows NT 6.1 <X64> (Build 7601: Service Pack 1) (Hypervisor)

USE [CommerceCenter]
/****** Object:  UserDefinedFunction [dbo].[fnt_Get_Customer_Pricing_Summit]    Script Date: 06/05/2018 20:10:27 ******/

ALTER FUNCTION [dbo].[fnt_Get_Customer_Pricing_Summit]
( @Customer_ID as int
, @Location_ID as int
, @Item_ID as varchar(50)
, @tran_date as datetime
, @rounding as int
, @include_core_pricing as int
, @Calculate_Web_Locig as bit)

RETURNS decimal(19,4)




While deploying SSRS report , it asked for credential but somehow those were not correct. Now I am trying to deploy report again. It is not asking for credential.
It is saying "Permission granted to user ....  are insufficient for performing this operation". Please suggest how to get crendential asking popup again.

I am trying to create a feature in power bi where whoever has last published this report from Power Bi Desktop his name/userid should appear. Any idea?
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I have created a query/agent job and I want to turn it into a ssrs report where the user can select parameters from drop down menus.

My question is, what tool should I choose to create my first report of this kind?  It seems like all 3 below will work, (different means to the same end) I just want to pick a good one as a starter.

1) Native tools on report server url?
2) SSDT?
3)1.BIDS ( Business Intelligence Development Studio 2010)>

is it possible to publish a report created in "SSRS Report Builder" with the publisher for mobile reports? How?

I'm trying to deploy a report from Visual Studio 2010 to a specific folder on my clients report server.  When I right click on the report and click Deploy, it gives me:
deply notesand this indicates that the report is going to the /Maestro/Adoption Reports/ folder.  But I don't see this folder listed anywhere in the properties of the report, or anywhere else.  How do I go about changing the folder the report gets deployed to?
I have column chart with 2 categories in RDLC report.  Is it possible to make X-axis looks like the first chart instead of 2nd chart?  The 2nd chart is a standard multiple category column chart with line segment.

chart 1  Chart 1
chart 2  Chart 2
Window Server: 2016
DB server: SQL 2014

IIS Server hosting website.
IIS website uses windows authentication

Report server and Database is on 1 server
Service account: built in reportserver account
Current Report server Database credential:  net service\Reportserver

When going straight to SSRS, i get prompt for login credential, once in i can generate any report that I want. However if i run the same report via the web site. I get the following error

 WebException: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.]
   System.Net.WebClient.DownloadDataInternal(Uri address, WebRequest& request) +365
   System.Net.WebClient.DownloadData(Uri address) +111
   Events.Controllers.ReportController.Buyout(String param) +249
   lambda_method(Closure , ControllerBase , Object[] ) +139
   System.Web.Mvc.ReflectedActionDescriptor.Execute(ControllerContext controllerContext, IDictionary`2 parameters) +280
   System.Web.Mvc.ControllerActionInvoker.InvokeActionMethod(ControllerContext controllerContext, ActionDescriptor actionDescriptor, IDictionary`2 parameters) +35
   System.Web.Mvc.Async.<>c__DisplayClass42.<BeginInvokeSynchronousActionMethod>b__41() +33
   System.Web.Mvc.Async.AsyncControllerActionInvoker.EndInvokeActionMethod(IAsyncResult asyncResult) +42
   System.Web.Mvc.Async.<>c__DisplayClass39.<BeginInvokeActionMethodWithFilters>b__33() +80
   System.Web.Mvc.Async.<>c__DisplayClass4f.<InvokeActionMethodFilterAsynchronously>b__49() +385
Dynamics 365, SQL 2016, Windows 2016

We are trying to update SSRS reports on the D365 server with the D365 SQL datasource.  The D365 server is accessible by VPN or IFD.  Whatever we try, however, does not allow us to "Test Connection" successfully and, without changing the datasource, the reports are pointing back to the database in CRM 2011.

There is no Visual Studio on the D365 servers, is there a way to change the datasource from the IFD or connect to the report datasource through the VPN?



SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based report generation software system from Microsoft. It can prepare and deliver a variety of interactive and printed reports and is administered via a web interface or its web service. Its web services interface also supports the development of custom reporting applications. Finally, SSRS can also be integrated with SharePoint. SSRS competes with other business intelligence tools, most prominently Crystal Reports.