SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based report generation software system from Microsoft. It can prepare and deliver a variety of interactive and printed reports and is administered via a web interface or its web service. Its web services interface also supports the development of custom reporting applications. Finally, SSRS can also be integrated with SharePoint. SSRS competes with other business intelligence tools, most prominently Crystal Reports.

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I have an ssrs report which has a cell with value minutes, which I set to days:
=  ( Fields!Total.Value ) \ 1440

I color code this via
=IIF(Me.Value < 10,"LightGreen","Orange")

Now I'd like to set this cell to days:hours:minutes
and also keep same color coding: if days  < 10,"LightGreen","Orange"

Please advise howto

On SSRS, there is a folder SCCM, under that one there are lots of reports.
Inheritance is set on topfolders but on each subfolder inheritance is disabled(!). How can I reset it in bulk (there are like 40 reports) so they all inherite the parent rights?


In ssrs I get diff from two dates.
How do I get also hours and minutes (now some results show 0 since diff is hours minutes only.


I d need to count total in a dataset, that works fine.
However the dataset has a parameters on it so it is filtered, whereas I need the total NOT filtered.

=CountRows("dataset") does not work, it shows the filtered count.

Please advise.

I have a sql database in which I gather info of other sql databases and use this to do execute some actions.
F.e. I gather which applications are.deployed on sccm, AppV Infra and where they are deployed to, which users requested it etc

Therefore I query different sources  via Powershellandcreate different tables in my database (let's call it MyGatheringDB).
I.also have ssrs which does query my MyGatheringDB to show reports.

Isn't there a way I can make ssrs do the work and query ssrs right away?
In.other words, I d then query select * from sccm on ssrs and query these ssrs items (stored procedure then?) from my MyGtatheringDB without the need to store all the tables on MyGatheringDB?

Is there a way to determine which SSRS reports are being run, and how frequently?
SQL code runs fine in Management Studio but when used in a SSRS report,  the Group By and Having statements in the query blinks (it displays and 1 second later is gone and then displays and is gone).  This is using visual studio 19 community.  If I try the report in Visual Studio 13 it doesn't blink but it also doesn't pull up any data.  The report itself runs fine in both versions, but I need to make some changes to the report so need to access the query.  

Note I just migrated from SQL 2008 R2 - I don't know if this has anything to do with it?
The dataset exists... I wish to add a field. Not sure how to do this. Don't you add a field and refresh the query (this option is disabled)?
The dataset is embedded (I think).
Query is disabledSQL Report Builder
Using SSRS, is it possible to have summary and details page on same page in SSRS and to be able to highlight a row in the summary section and have the detail section display data related to that highlighted row? This is for SSRS 2017.
There is a report that has been in production for years but now is throwing an error when trying to export it to Word. The error is:

The Rectangle is too complex to export to Word. Please group the ReportItems together into rectangles to simplify.

Nothing has changed anywhere, and I cannot find an answer to this anywhere. Can anyone here help?
I needing to find the last time that an item's new_qty went under inv_min.  So for this example, the report would show.  I think this would require a rank but not sure.

item_id	  new_qty	inv_min	  trans_date
Tape	          140	          161	     11/16/2019

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Below is the sample list.  

item_id	new_qty	inv_min	trans_date
Tape	40	161	12/3/2019
Tape	55	161	12/2/2019
Tape	65	161	11/30/2019
Tape	70	161	11/27/2019
Tape	85	161	11/26/2019
Tape	100	161	11/21/2019
Tape	120	161	11/20/2019
Tape	140	161	11/16/2019
Tape	190	161	11/15/2019
Tape	200	161	11/10/2019
Tape	90	161	11/8/2019
Tape	110	161	11/4/2019
Tape	180	161	11/5/2019
Tape	200	161	11/3/2019

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I have a 3D Exploded Pie Chart in SSRS 2012.  When it only shows one value, there is a strange thin slice that sticks outCapture.PNG  It doesn't show up when it's not exploded, although if you look closely, it shows a thin like along thee outside edge.  It is apparently there because I have included rows in the dataset that I want to show in the legend, but have 0 value in the pie chart.   For example, these are all "Up to Date", but I want the legend to also include "<30 Days", etc.  Does anyone know how to get rid of this?  I've tried hiding those with a count of 0, but that filters out the legends as well.  I need the legend to stay, but not show pie pieces with 0 value.
My table contains data for the past 2 years.  I have 2 groups and want to display the current month totals and the YTD totals.  I am not displaying the other months totals.

The problem is that for the previous year, the total is including all months of the year.  I only want to include transaction amounts up through October (no November or December amounts).

Even if you don't have a solution but can explain to me why it's not working, that would be helpful.
Here are the fields in the dataset.  I had to assign month numbers since we are using a fiscal year.
passing Datetime to a URL for SSRS
Exported SSRS reporting  data in Chrome  now exporting to separate tabs in Excel.  I there a setting in Excel  or Chrome to only have the data go to one tab?
I have a SSRS report with a query that runs quite slow. I use a similar query for several reports. The part that seems to be slowing it down is an IN operator in the WHERE clause. In one version of the query, instead of using IN(@CP_Msmt_Number) I was able to hard code two values and use IN '(9', '16'). This ran slow so I split the query into two separate queries using = '9' in one query and ='16' in the other and using UNION ALL. The original would take 5 minutes, splitting it would take 2 seconds.
My problem is the other versions of the report get @CP_Msmt_Number from a Multi-Valued parameter that is selected by the user. I can't split the query like I did with the one with pre-set values.
Is there some way to change the where statement so that this IN operator doesn't slow it down.
Here is the whole query with the multi-valued parameter. We are using Microsoft SQL 2016.

SELECT mdpatdat.Last_Name, mdpatdat.First_Name, mdpatdat.Location_Code, patientmsmtvitals.CP_Msmt_Date, patientmsmtvitals.CP_Msmt_Time, patientmsmt.Measurement AS V, ISNULL(cpmsmtqualval_1.Value, '') AS Q1, ISNULL(cpmsmtqualval_2.Value, '') AS Q2, ISNULL(cpmsmtqualval_3.Value, '') AS Q3, ISNULL(cpmsmtqualval_4.Value, '') AS Q4, ISNULL(patmsmtnotes.Notes, '') AS N, cpmsmtcde.CP_Qualifier1, cpmsmtcde.CP_Qualifier2, cpmsmtcde.CP_Qualifier3, cpmsmtcde.CP_Qualifier4, patientmsmtvitals.Patient_Number, mdloccde.Location_Name, cpmsmtcde.Display_Name 
FROM patientmsmtvitals 
INNER JOIN cpclinicalnthdr ON

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HI all, i want to fit width of ssrs report proportional to width of browser
is there any way where we can add any code or change any setting
i have table with 6 columns in report but when they view report in browser they can see empty space on right side of table
so now i want to change width of each column so that it fits to browser window
is there any way we can do it?
HI all, i have ssrs report with some report name financial report
what i want now is i want to export that to csv with name + time stamp
how we can do this in ssrs reports? can someone help me with this?
my report doesnt have subscriptions so i want that file name with time stamp either by creating a button and having go to url action
but i didn't see how we can change that report name dynamically while rendering to csv
any help would be much appreciated.
thank you
Hi all, i have ssrs main report with from and to date parameter which has table which displays just names of sub reports(text). when user clicks on report name it will redirect to sub report based on parameters given in main report.
in sub report i have text box go to main report.
when it revert backs to main report, parameter pane is hiding.
i tried following options but didn't worked
i used go to report action in sub report text box and tried to pass parameter but didn't worked.
i used go to url option where i set &rc:parameter = true but that also didn't worked
i used javascript:back(1)--not exact correct syntax something which i found on web

can some one tell how we can unhide parameter pane when going back to main report from other report by having some default parameter value.

Please note that fromdate and to date parameters have default value to today. when i didn't gave any default value to parameter in main report then when going back to main report, parameter pane is not hiding. but as per business requirement they want default value as today.
also in my local visual studio i don't have this hiding of parameter pane issue. problem arised only when report is deployed to server.

main report and all sub reports are having same from date and to date parameter.
kindly someone guide me on this. thanks in advance
Hello Experts,

I am  new to SSRS and I have deployed SSRS to the SERVER. The reports are getting opened on the Server but on my personal computer they are not opening. Please find attachments showing error.

Server Configuration:
Windows Server 2012 R2
Mircosoft Report Viewer 2012 Runtime
Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2008 SP1
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Mulit-Targeting Pack

While I was working on it I also found following issue :

Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies. The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly reference. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131040)

But I see its not coming now and I did not even provide version assembly to it because I have only version.

More Inputs:
I have just deployed the Reports on Server on my local server they are working well.
reports url is being referenced from code as following:


Please help!
How do I create parameter to include or exclude values in a table. Ssrs
How can invoke SSRS print window from VBA code or how can i print SSRS report by using URL parameters? i have VBA application, which has form with print report button, on click of print i need to show print window to select printer and print the report.
Hi, i am trying to export ssrs report to csv format. but when i do that it's not exporting as expected.
some of data is missing like static  text boxes, logo, colour format etc. same report when exported to excel is coming as expected.

can someone guide me how to export to csv with out losing any data? i am pretty new to code so don't know how to write code. is there any blog which show step by step process. any help would be much appreciated. thank you
Hi all,

I have SSRS reports which are built on Oracle DB. i have from and to date parameters where user will give dates. but i want to restrict user to select future date. Ideally future should be grey out. but when i checked online it says we can't do that way. the only way is report not to get generated when future date is selected.

Is there any way where future dates are greyed out?

In SQL Reporting Services (SSRS), the main report containing data from two subreports is displaying data accurately.

But, I'm curious as to why the data displayed upon generating the subreports "by themselves" is being pulled one day behind the data displayed on the main report.

Again, the data in the main report and pulled from the subreports is showing as accurate.  But, the subreports "by themselves" are one day behind.

What are some things to check, to determine why the timing in the main report is correct as compared to the subreports?




SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based report generation software system from Microsoft. It can prepare and deliver a variety of interactive and printed reports and is administered via a web interface or its web service. Its web services interface also supports the development of custom reporting applications. Finally, SSRS can also be integrated with SharePoint. SSRS competes with other business intelligence tools, most prominently Crystal Reports.