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Storage devices include any device used for storing and retrieving digital information. Hard disk drives (HDDs) use one or more rigid ("hard&q...

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Troubleshooting Solution

iMac macOS reinstall from recovery not working


Good afternoon,

I have an apple mac 27” 2017 IMac.

The computer kept shutting down intermittently.



The bad hard disk problem

The bad hard disk problem

The Course of the Month for May: Comp TIA A+!  Prepare for …

The Course of the Month for May: Comp TIA A+!
Prepare for the 220-901 & 220-902 exams in the month…
Troubleshooting Solution

Best ways to recover from a hacked system.


Recommendation for W10 recovery when an apparent hacker on system startup messages you with

Troubleshooting Solution

Disable Windows Update forever..

is there a way to disable Windows Update on Windows 10? I have mini-pc that has 16G hard drive, only…
Troubleshooting Solution

Yes! Finally! External hard drive support for the …

Yes! Finally! External hard drive support for the PlayStation 4 is now live in today's 4.5 update! …
Troubleshooting Solution

free screen meeting recording software's with less foot print


Meeting software's like zoom, teams, GoToMeeting etc. takes like 100 MB to record audio and video of


Lessons Learned: Adding Used NVME Drive to HP ProLiant Server with ESXi

Installing used hardware in a home lab or other systems can have some challenges. Hopefully, the lesson learned here with a used NVMe drive will save someone else time and headache.

Just learned that tomorrow is World Backup Day …

Just learned that tomorrow is World Backup Day! How are your backups?
Advice Solution

windows 16 gb ram laptops


Looking for Windows 16 gb laptop with SDD and intel i5 for java development as current 8 gb windows

Troubleshooting Solution

Laptop Failure & Recovery


Hi Experts,


My client gave me his HP Laptop 14-fq1xxx, as it started looping through the Windows

Troubleshooting Solution

What kind of HD do I need to purchase to improve my laptop's performance?


Recently, I purchased a session with a Norton Security Specialist that was able to guide me through

Troubleshooting Solution

Is there software that can repair a lost partition on a Western Digital external hard drive in Windows 11? Windows 11


On Windows 11, I receive an error code 43 on an external USB Western Digital  The file system is

Advice Solution

How do I replace a hard drive showing a predictive failure in a RAID 5?


How do I replace a hard drive showing a predictive failure in a RAID 5? The machine is a PowerEdge

Troubleshooting Solution

hard drive windows xp


I have some old windows XP computers I would like to get rid of but first need to erase any personal

Troubleshooting Solution

External memor for Samsung Tab S7 FE


Dear Experts,

I have Samsung Tab S7 FE

I wanted to put a memory card so that I could save educational

Troubleshooting Solution

How do I upgrade my hard drive to solid state without getting errors?

Toshiba Satellite P50-A
i 7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz 2.40GHz
64 Window 10 Home

I'm trying to …
Advice Solution

RAID configuration for SATA SSD


Dear Experts,

We are planning to purchase synology NAS and we are in the final stage of negotiation,

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