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Storage devices include any device used for storing and retrieving digital information. Hard disk drives (HDDs) use one or more rigid ("hard&q...

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Dell e7470 laptops locking up intermittently

Dell e7470 laptops locking up intermittently because of defective Intel m.2 drives

Found that the older Dell e7470 laptops with this Intel m.2 drive had frequent lockups, never knew why until we saw this defective chip on these Intel drives.
data eraser

Methods to Wipe an External Hard Drive in Windows 10

In the following article, I will share some simple but effective methods to erase your data permanently from hard disk drives so no one can recover it.
Fix hard drive

Easy Working Steps to Recover Not Responding Hard Drive

The following article sheds light on easy-to-use steps to recover non-responding hard drives without data loss. Count on these approaches to fix undetectable, not responding, or non-working hard drives.

How Much Do You Know About the Future of Data Centers?

How much do you know about the future of data centers? If you're like 50% of organizations, then it's probably not enough. Read on to get up to speed on this emerging field.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Backups and Disaster RecoveryIn this post, we’ll look at strategies for backups and disaster recovery.

Hard Drive vs RAM Drive Speed Comparisons. RAMDisk introduced!

This article shows how to use a free utility called 'Parkdale' to easily test the performance and benchmark any Hard Drive(s) installed in your computer. We also look at RAM Disks and their speed comparisons.

Swapping Controller Boards on Failed Disk Drives

We look at whether swapping a controller board on a failed hard drive is likely to solve the problem.

Why hard drives have less data than advertised

When we purchase storage, we typically are advertised storage of 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and so on. However, when you actually install it into your computer, your 500GB HDD will actually show up as 465GB. Why?
It has to do with the way people and computers use numbers and do math.

Best Free Data Recovery Software for Windows

The article will include the best Data Recovery Tools along with their Features, Capabilities, and their Download Links. Hope you’ll enjoy it and will choose the one as required by you.

Storage 102: more concepts of the IT enterprise storage

This article is an update and follow-up of my previous article:   Storage 101: common concepts in the IT enterprise storage

This time, I expand on more frequently used storage concepts.
Pen drive recovery

How to recover the deleted data from a formatted pen drive or USB

Storage devices are generally used to save the data or sometime transfer the data from one computer system to another system. However, sometimes user accidentally erased their important data from the Storage devices. Users have to know how data recovery tools work.

Windows Signature Collisions

Ever notice how you can't use a new drive in Windows without having Windows assigning a Disk Signature?  Ever have a signature collision problem (especially with Virtual Machines?)  This article is intended to help you understand what's going on and fix some common problems.
Windows 10 Recovery Features

Some Manual Methods to Recover Data from Windows 10

In this article we have discussed the manual scenarios to recover data from Windows 10 through some backup and recovery tools which are offered by it.

HDD vs SSD vs SSHD : Which storage device should you choose for your Laptop and PC ?

In this article you will get to know about pros and cons of storage drives HDD, SSD and SSHD.

Raid Conversion on Dell Server

this article is a guided solution for most of the common server issues in server hardware tasks we are facing in our routine job works.

the topics in the following article covered are,

1) dell hardware raidlevel (Perc)
2) adding HDD
3) how to increase the storage space and upgrade RAID.

Storage 101: common concepts in the IT enterprise storage

More or less everybody in the IT market understands the basics of Networking, however when we start talking about Storage Networks, things get a bit dizzier, and this is where I would like to help.

How to fix read performance on Samsung SSD 840 EVO and 840 EVO mSATA


The Samsung SSD 840 EVO and 840 EVO mSATA have a well-known problem with a drop in read performance.


Running Out of Drive Letters?

Bellevue, WA, USA; Late December, 1980

"OK, folks, we nailed the IBM

Solid State Drives and Defragmentation

Solid State (Hard) Drives aka SSD began to evolve in the computer industry recently. As the name …
Crucial m4 SSD

Computer Unresponsive - Crucial m4 SSD is the Culprit

As hardware bugs go, this is a weird one! I upgraded a laptop in December 2011 with a 512GB Crucial m4 2.5-inch/9.5mm SATA Solid State Drive (SSD), Crucial part number CT512M4SSD2. This article describes an extremely strange problem that occurred with the SSD — and how to correct the problem.

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