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Storage devices include any device used for storing and retrieving digital information. Hard disk drives (HDDs) use one or more rigid ("hard&q...

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Troubleshooting Question

Lenovo V3700 Drive Showing Critical error

One Drive showing excessive error and attached image for the reference. pls advise whether this …
Troubleshooting Question

computers cannot connect to NAS in office

Having issues with connecting to a NETGEAR NAS 1500.  I have the NAS in an office next to the office …
Troubleshooting Question

Server Freezing and perhaps Corrupted Disk Management in Windows

Hi Guys,

We have a Windows 2016 Server running as a MS SQL database server.
The server started going …
Troubleshooting Question

How can I delete old files from my NAS?

I have a Netgear NAS that has about 10% free apace.   I want to delete older files from it.   I have …
Research Question

VSSAdmin shadowstorage resize automation

hello world :)

 I am starting an interesting task geared to make things easier for me when it comes …
Troubleshooting Question

Storwize Migration from V3700 to a 5030 over Fiber Channel Switch

Hi all

I need help in the steps in migrating mdisks from my old SAN V3700 to a new V5030 IBM …
Troubleshooting Question

Qnap not detecting new Hard drives

Hi all

we have qnap ts 453 and 2 of our hard disk failed. So we replaced 2 hard disk but when we go …
Troubleshooting Question

do you want use Hitachi Vantara as NAS?

interested to see if anyone uses Hitachi Vantara as a NAS solution.  (file share).  or how do you …
Troubleshooting Question

Cisco switch port reset make backup to run normal

hi Experts
I have a Cisco 3750 switch, two ports of it, one connected with server iSCSI adapter, the …
Troubleshooting Question

Slow start up to Apple Logo after replacing SSD

Upgraded the existing PCie SSD in an MacBook Air Early 2014 (6,2) with either a OWC 480GB SSD or a …
Troubleshooting Question

Options to Mount NAS permanently

Hi experts,

Right now I execute below command to mount a NAS drive. which is a temporarly option. If …
Research Question

Possible to run HD mini SAS SFF-8644 over OC4 LC fiber cable?

Hello all,
I have three RAID Machine 24 bay 12G SAS Expander Enclosure - N4424RM at one location. I …
Troubleshooting Question

How important is read write speed on local server


In our small office of 6 people we have data on a local server ( microsoft Windows SB Essential …
Troubleshooting Question

How can I recover data from an unrecognised WD My Book external hard drive

How can I recover data from an unrecognised   WD My Book external hard drive? It was dropped and is …
Troubleshooting Question

PERC H710 Weirdness

Okay, I'm admitting right up front I'm not too into RAID stuff, have messed with it here and there …
Troubleshooting Question

Drobo 5N, storage problem.

I receive email notifications that my drobo is full,  however when I look at it through windows …
Troubleshooting Question

Can I convert a disk from Basic to Dynamic on a live production host?

Would like to convert a disk that it is currently basic and it is 2 TB. I want to convert it in …
Troubleshooting Question

Synology NAS, which now reports 2 x WD30EFRX (3TB RED drives) as Failing

Synology NAS, which now reports 2 x WD30EFRX (3TB RED drives) as Failing, looking at the …
Troubleshooting Question

VMWare Thunderbolt external drives

I have a old physical server with external attached hard drives for backup.  I am using Veeam 9.5 …

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