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The term "Backup" means the methods and processes involved to copy computer data (system data as well as application data) to media other...

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Troubleshooting Solution

How to check if M.2 Enclosure is working as it should

Hi Experts!

Hi purchased a Nimasa Enclose M2 NVMe that came with a USB Type C cable I bought a Type-C …

Windows OS migration to dissimilar/new hardware. How to move your system to new hardware without OS reinstallation.

HistoryI think many of us have had this question - how do I transfer my well-adjusted and…

Just learned that tomorrow is World Backup Day …

Just learned that tomorrow is World Backup Day! How are your backups?
Troubleshooting Solution

Help on connect M.2 enclosure keys gets slow, reboot with M.2 enclosure and it boots to the enclosure OS

Hi Experts!

Something super strange is happening (strange to me, hope not 2 u guys):  I purchased the …

Listen Up!  IPv6 is here to stay. Removing it can break …

Listen Up!

IPv6 is here to stay. Removing it can break networking. Do not remove it.

SMBv1is a…
WordPress 5.5.3 Update Breaks Site

WordPress Update 5.5.3 Broke my Website

I always make backups of my website before upgrading WordPress, but this time, I decided not to bother and sure enough, Murphy's law struck - it broke my website! This article explains how I fixed it without a backup. The process wasn't easy to find, so I hope this Step by Step helps you out.
Troubleshooting Solution

USB First?  Or, Always Able to Get to BIOS


I'm using a Legacy Boot on an Acer Aspire.  I could update the BIOS so as to get to UEFI.  But, …
Troubleshooting Solution

Topic Area Moderators

Linda had this idea originally. And several members of the community have brought it up as well.
Troubleshooting Solution

Why does Acronis backup to Cloud take so long?

Acronis True Image is trying to to back up to the Cloud, but calculates it will take 2 days.
Troubleshooting Solution

Which is better Acronis True Image 2021 or Malwarebytes?

I have both Malwarebytes and Acronis True Image installed.   I understand there is a conflict …
Opinion Solution

How to migrate or copy a VM from one vCenter to another vCenter which has different datastores and servers?

I have a mission critical VM (Windows 2019) which has about 10 HDs using about 50+TB currently using …
Troubleshooting Solution

Why does Acronis pop up an alert for ransomware?

Acronis Active Protection pops up an alert about ransomware.   Please see attached screenshots.
Troubleshooting Solution

How to Determine Size Required for Oracle RAC Database

Need to provide our hardware group with size information for Oracle RMAN database backups.  What is …
Troubleshooting Solution

Restore SBS 2011 from Recovery disk.

Hi there,

after running an update on SBS 2011 the server has become unusable, can't even login as far …
Troubleshooting Solution

Acronis snap deploy across different VLANS


I am using Acronis Snap Deploy 5 and would like to deploy images in our classroom by …

Storage 101: common concepts in the IT enterprise storage

More or less everybody in the IT market understands the basics of Networking, however when we start talking about Storage Networks, things get a bit dizzier, and this is where I would like to help.
Research Solution

Good local backup software or system for Windows Servers & Hyper-V Virtual Machines

Please recommend a backup solutions for at least 3+ TB for Windows Server & Hyper-V virtual …
Troubleshooting Solution

Replacing a Windows 10 HDD with SDD

Hi All -
I have a Windows 10 PC in a Tower case with a 1TB Spindle drive in it.
I want to ADD a 1TB …

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