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The term "Backup" means the methods and processes involved to copy computer data (system data as well as application data) to media other than the ones where the data originally live (disk, tape, optical, cloud). "Restore" in turn means the methods and processes involved in data recovery, i. e., bringing back copied computer data to their original location. Backup/Restore primarily serves as a means of protection against data loss, be it due to disaster, corruption or sabotage. It can also be used for recovering data from an earlier point in time and even for cloning machines or applications. There is a wide variety of backup/restore software available, from expensive commercial products to free or open source tools.

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Hi - I need to move two Brocade 300s to new pdu's. Can someone confirm whether there is a shutdown command/procedure for a Brocade 300 running Kernel: Fabric OS:  v7.0.0c or do you pull the cord?

Sorry if this has been asked and answered - Thanks in advance!
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We have a SBS 2011 machine that backs up to an external USB Hard drive.  This USB Hard Drive has a virtual drive letter K and in the backups folder are 4 vhd files.

I have taken the USB Hard Drive to a desktop and within Disk Management attached each of the 4 VHD files in read only mode which created separate Disk numbers.

However, I can't do anything with these disks in order to view the contents.  I can't attach a drive letter and I can't explore the contents so i'm at a loss of what to do if our SBS 2011 crashes and I don't want to reinstall SBS on a new machine.

Should I not check the read only box?

How can I access the contents of the VHD files so we can recover data in the event of a crash?

thank you...
So this startup, Nectome, is engineering the science to preserve your brain -- memories in tact -- so that one day off in the future, it can be rebooted with full consciousness. Basically a full backup of your brain.

Catch being that the backup procedure is fatal.
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by:Lucas Bishop
No question. Just a post about something I found a bit fascinating.
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it is interesting. I do not think I wil try it any time soon.
Step by step guide to map emc vmax lun to iscsi target using emc unisphere
Got a server 2012 R2, shadow protect installed for backup . backups going to nas drive. backing up the whole server.
server has few drives. like ",c,d,e,f,g" . all drive successfully backing up. but "d" alone fails few times in a week.
not sure why it is failing. i went through shadow protect, found its failing with  "503 fatal i/o error"

i just attached a screenshot for more info.
could anyone help with this issue.

I am testing arcserve for my backups, but on one server, the proram keeps on failing with the following error: Event ID 22, source: VSS
Here's the error message:


I have already tried the following, but to my surprise the registry entry was already there:
Dear Experts, we tested this concept: but did not see the difference in backup speed.

Test1: We backed up a Mail Exchange server (VM) with VM snapshot:

Test2: With Storage backup

but the result was not so different

I believed Test2 should have quicker time (based on the article's suggestion)? Could you please explain and suggest? Many thanks as always!

Environment: Vsphere 6.5, Veeam B&R 9.5 update3, Win Standard 2012, MS Exchange 2016
Hi Experts,

       I am working on an web application (wagtail cms) like django-cms, which is in aws ubuntu.  Its backend is postgres, with elastic search few modules reactjs and nodejs.
The application is deployed in docker containers.  uwsgi is the upstream server for nginx.

      I get lots of errors with npm build, i am not able to run the application.  sometimes ports are not accessible. postgres is using 5432, elasticsearch is 9200. react is rendering on 9009. I get lots of dependencies error.    At what situation I have to use dockers?  sometimes I get errors in nginx configuration. could please tell what is good practice for npm build, run deploy.  

    What is the best way to architect the development and test environment?

    Will I be able access the postgresql, elastic search and nginx in linux ubuntu on aws with cms source code and contents on windows local pc?   or having the copy of postgresql, elastic search, cms contents and nginx all on a windows pc as development environment environment.   Elastic search has huge data.  and how to deploy the application on dockers in linux environment.

    What is the best way to have a development environment?  what is best test environment

   could you please tell me on how elastic search data is stored on postgres and what is network host setting in elastic search how it accessed from outside application.

    Could you please throw light on how to create development and test environment.

with …
VMware Site Recovery Manager
The article describes step by step how to validate the SRA software certificate once installed on the Site Recovery Manager server. I hope it will be very useful for all administrators of virtualized environments.
Starting clean with an external TimeMachine drive that's full

I have multiple TimeMachine drives and found I get informed when older backups are deleted. I like that. But today, I was told the disk is full and can not do the backup.

I did move my machine to a new MacBook, then back to my old MacBook, so it is trying to do a 312GB backup. Those are likely files it already has, but from a different machine ID.

How do I simply start over with that drive?

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7 new features that'll make your work life better

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Hi Experts-Exchange,

I have few queries regarding exchange 2016 backups.

On our environment we are using the networker tool to take exchange backups. But sometimes this networker tool 9.1 is not able to take backups and sometimes its taking exchange backups for DBs and transaction logs.

Using with Networker tool 9.1 we are taking backups 1.Exchange 2016 Active and Passive Dbs. 2.Veritas Enterprise vault 12.1 backups(Archive, Journaling). 3. Enterprise vault Edisc and SQL Server.

When it comes to SQLServer 2014-taking a lot of time and EV side.

Please suggest me which 3rd party software will be best to take exchange 2016 , EV-Archive and Journaling, EV Disc and SQLServer 2014.

I want to back up 3 external hard drives to 3 other external hard drives.

So let's say I have copied all the data from each one (call them the working drives) to the others (call them the backup drives). And I mean just a straight copy, one to the other.

Next week, when it comes time to perform the backups, how can I do just an incremental backup, which of course will take much less time than another complete backup?

I have a felling this is relatively simple, but I just can't quite seem to confirm that this is indeed possible.

i have been hacked by ransomware and lost my quicken. i have a backup thumb drive that i need to open. what is captcha???
What is the best way to expand replicated datastore without breaking the replication in VMware?
I used to expand snapmirrored  NetApp datastore (NFS), but unable to do EMC's RecoverPoint replicated LUN.
Looking for a backup program that will backup all my data from my NAS to google cloud, synology has a option to do so, but for some reason it does not use the bucket I crate instead it creates a new bucket, and a multi regional, and seams to create extra traffic or space not sure but it cost me about $50 a month.  I switched to cloudberry whitch a licence for a year is ony $30 and it cost me for storage on google less then $2. cloudberry has many options I found useful a nice online portal but recently I encouraged a issue  with the backup, I am already emailing with them over a month and the issue is not yet solved.

Does anyone have any recommendation? appreciated.

I have Backup Exec version 12 (no longer supported) and it started 3 days ago, where it tells me backup failed because it could not access some folder. I checked the folders and they are accessed with no problem
I uncheck everything in the backup and selected it again, and still the same errors
What can be wrong?

Hi everyone:
                             I need to  execute a TSM archiving on tape to save critical data for a period of 2 years and i need  to put them in a safe box.

Please can you give me the steps to do it?

thanks in advance

I purchased a QNAP TS-453B per a previous question on EE.  

I've installed the device with 2-step authentication.  Currently the device is "Raid Group Synchronizing" (I setup as RAID 5 using 4 3TB HDs).  

What is best practice regarding setup/next steps?  I have zero experience setting up a NAS and have only started poking around with settings/configuration.  

My goals for the NAS (tentatively):

1)  Personal data storage while using ChromeOS devices/Windows.  I will have admin access.  
2)  Data streaming for Tablo, Plex, other random video.  I'm also playing around with Plex Cloud with Google Drive.  
3)  Personal data storage for my wife.  I've set her up as a user.  

Initial questions:

1)  Do I want folders accessible as drive letters (I will use with Windows and ChromeOS in future)?  Why or why not?  
2)  What is Snapshot?  Should this be setup?  How for my tentative needs?  Should all shared folders be in the Snapshot folder?  
3)  I see this under network in Windows, but cannot access and backup my Acronis test to any of the folders (see attached).  I'm unsure how setup should be in Microsoft Networking (QNAP) (see attached).  My understanding of domains vs local network users and proper setup is poor.  
4)  Why setup an email account (SMTP)?  It seems like the app requires access to "read, send, delete and manage your email"?
5)  Why does my DataVol1 capacity only show 3.15TB?  See attached.

Thank you in advance for …
Looking for very simple/easy to setup file level backup for redhat linux.  (backup to network share)

I have acronis - but the latest version won't do file level backups (even with agent installed) because my main LVM partition is LUKS encrypted.... it forces me to do sector by sector which means #1 HUGE backups, and #2 no file level recovery.  I already backup at the VM level for DR and just keep a few days.

But I need an easy/low learning curve (and preferably free, since I already pay for acronis) way to backup 2 of my more important linux servers, just at the file level.  I'm looking for something easily to implement - don't need fancy features just

1. can do full and incremental on a schedule
2. can do file level restore
3. can encrypted the backups.

I don't even need a central management console... I'm fine with something standalone.

These would backup to Samba shares on a NAS.

Any suggestions?

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Never miss a deadline with

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Let us take a look at the scenario, you have a database that is corrupt and you run the ESEUTIL command only to find you are unable to repair it. How do you now get the data back?

As I noticed that "Backup and Sync" tools tends to crash several times a day, I did write some companion agent to check presence of process to relaunch.

I had a surprise : sometime google back up and sync icon disapeared but not detected from my companion agent.

I found the reason :
a process called googledrivesync.exe is there but launched from a GOOGLE_DRIVE_UPGRADE_xxxxxx folder in my %temp% folder as if Google had to upgrade but it last a long time (15 minutes) and it tries to upgrade for no reason :

Right now the version located in %temp% is 3.39.8370.7843
The version installed in my program files is already 3.39.8370.7843...

=> why is Google trying to upgrade the same version ?
=> why is this basic process taking 15 minutes ?

This happens several times a day, and this is why "Backup and Sync" seems to crash on my PC.

(I use a windows 10 pro 64 bits PC, but I had the same problem with a windows 8.0 PC)

temporary folder containing "new" version of googledrivesync.exe
On a single server I have four VM. All the VM are on RAID 1 with 6Gbps SAS drives with hardware RAID controller equipped with cache memory. Server capacity is 3 *900GB + 300GB
I am using native windows backup software & using portable USB 4TB HDD attached with USB 3.0. Backup is scheduled for night daily.
During the night no user is connected to the server.

As backup is taking too much of time now; I am considering to switch to NAS. Currently total daily backup size is 2TB (Full backup)

I am considering to use a NAS with RAID 0 to double up HDD R/W access speed. Would use two 1Gbps ethernet (Link aggregation)
I would map NAS using NAS iSCSI target feature with windows Hyper-V Windows 2016 iSCSI initiator feature & would schedule windows backup hoping it would reduce the backup time much.

First query: If the idea to use NAS is good enough considering the backup solution in a budget.
Second query: Which NAS should I choose:

NAS 1:  Western Digital or Netgear?,netgear-readynas-104-rn104-79 
  I belive I must use enterprise grade HDD:
Install Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 but fails to backup any vm guest. The error message is "Not enough licenses". However, the license file has been updated properly inside veeam

Any idea ?

Hi. I'm using Backup exec 2010R3 D2D2T and now since about 2 weeks I'm experiencing a weird issue. When I open the management console the Backup Exec Server service is stopping. If I leave the management console close the service is not stooping and my jobs are processing correctly.

Should I uninstall and reinstall Bexec? I have also check for viruses or malware and everyhting is OK on this side.

I created a base image for a set of computers with good, fast hardware.  I backed up a disk image and cloned 21 other systems with it. All was good for 18 months or so until it was found that the Windows 10 creators update failed to install on all of these computers. The users see the message "We can't tell if your PC has enough space to continue installing Windows 10. Try restarting Setup." On the Windows 10 updates screen it shows "Something went wrong", "Microsoft can't install important security updates on your PC." and "Please provide the support representative with this error code: 0x800703ee".

I have had zero success with any past calls in to Microsoft whether I paid for support or not, I have not bothered to get them directly involved in the issue.

Disk space is not the issue. All of the computers are HP Z240 Workstations with a 512GB HP Turbo Z drive. Windows 10 Pro and 16GB RAM in each. I've checked disk space on a sample of the computers and all have better than 350GB free space.

The partitions are setup pretty simply:

  Partition ###  Type              Size     Offset
  -------------  ----------------  -------  -------
  Partition 1    System             100 MB  1024 KB
  Partition 2    Reserved           128 MB   101 MB
  Partition 3    Primary            476 GB   231 MB

These systems use UEFI to boot and I recall having some trouble getting them to boot successfully after cloning. If memory serves correctly I was trying to use MBR style …

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The term "Backup" means the methods and processes involved to copy computer data (system data as well as application data) to media other than the ones where the data originally live (disk, tape, optical, cloud). "Restore" in turn means the methods and processes involved in data recovery, i. e., bringing back copied computer data to their original location. Backup/Restore primarily serves as a means of protection against data loss, be it due to disaster, corruption or sabotage. It can also be used for recovering data from an earlier point in time and even for cloning machines or applications. There is a wide variety of backup/restore software available, from expensive commercial products to free or open source tools.

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