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The term "Backup" means the methods and processes involved to copy computer data (system data as well as application data) to media other than the ones where the data originally live (disk, tape, optical, cloud). "Restore" in turn means the methods and processes involved in data recovery, i. e., bringing back copied computer data to their original location. Backup/Restore primarily serves as a means of protection against data loss, be it due to disaster, corruption or sabotage. It can also be used for recovering data from an earlier point in time and even for cloning machines or applications. There is a wide variety of backup/restore software available, from expensive commercial products to free or open source tools.

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Hi guys,

Got a qnap storage device- nas
Suddenly it just got stuck with “system booting “ message. Cannot ping it through IP address so can’t access web interface
- tried pressing the reset button, stiill no luck. Shows same message “system booting”
- normally the Manual says, If reset buttton presses for 3 seconds, there will be beep sound. No sound either when I press reset button.

Any ways to make it start as normal ?? I removed all disks from the nas, so it does not damage any data.
Learn SQL Server Core 2016
LVL 13
Learn SQL Server Core 2016

This course will introduce you to SQL Server Core 2016, as well as teach you about SSMS, data tools, installation, server configuration, using Management Studio, and writing and executing queries.

A script that will backup MongoDB:-

1. Backup the db at 00:01 (cron job..)
2. Compress the backup file
3. Remove backups after 2 days
4. Alert by email of backups successful or fail

A script that will be used to restore the MongoDB
My coworker and I are at odds on the correct way to upgrade our DC.

What I've learned, but never had to promote a new DC, was to use DCPROMO. To promote the new server and then demote the old server.

I would like to install windows server 2012 r2 add it to the domain and promote via dcpromo.exe.

He's been at the company longer(10+ years, I've been here for 2 months) and thinks it's better if we use his way. We use a Datto for snapshot backups of the server. He thinks it's best to do a bare metal restore from the Datto to the server. We are also in a fail over clustered environment if that makes a difference.

The server is a Gen 3 HP from 2010. The new server is a gen10 from 2019. I told him that it's too great of a time period between servers that a fresh install is best. He says that our DFRS, DNS, DHCP won't be transferred over to the new DC. I've told him that EVERYTHING is transferred over with DCPROMO.

I spoke with the Director and he says we need to figure this out, laughed and walked away.
Now, this isn't going anywhere, so I'd like to get some feedback from seasoned system administrators.

Thank you,
Server 2016 - Patches up to date - Running as a Workgroup.

I use a cloud backup for my daily backup. I am getting my backup daily, but recently, I started getting a notification of a warning.

The warning is that the software was unable to take a Snapshot (Shadow Copy) the warning states that the service does not exist.

I looked in services.msc and sure enough there is no Volume Shadow Copy service.

I am looking for a way to reinstall VSS without rebuilding the server.

Thank you

Andy Coyle (
I am using Acronis Backup 11.7 for Linux server backups in our environment. Acronis management server is installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Linux Backups are running on it. For windows server backup we are using different backup solution (SCDPM).
The problem we are facing is my C: drive disk space is getting filled rapidly due to increasing SNAPAPI logs in C:\ProgramData\Acronis\SnapAPILogs folder.
The same is not increasing in my DR Site Acronis Management Server.
Can anyone please help me disable these logs?
I have tried disabling it via registry but no luck:
(To turn off the logging, delete the subkey HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Acronis\SnapAPI or set the value of the SnapApiTracing parameter to 0.)
WordPress backup software recommendations.
Have a customer using Wordpress and none of the backup pluigins seem to be working.

Neither Backup Guard or BackUpWordPress work.

Any ones that actually work?
Last year we did a few things starting with:
Next, one of the Experts engaged in a planning task for us that was tailored to our particular situation; the result was an outline of an approach that makes sense to *me* and I'll be revisiting that soon.
Next, I set up a test lab with Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V VMs.  Not that I *plan* to have two servers per site but that I *anticipate* the possibility.
That's going to be revved up now and I'll probably configure a 2-subnet arrangement with a DC out of the 2 VMs on each.  That will do a pretty good job of emulating the real environment.
(I'm a rather great believer in partitioning machine roles and in keeping things simple to understand as much as is possible).

Some had asked what we are trying to accomplish:
- We aren't trying to implement file serving up front because we already have a pretty good system set up for that and it's not the focus.  BUT, I'm willing to consider it.  And that's the purpose of THIS question.
- We need to provide User and Access controls - that's the focus.  And, I'm hoping to grease the skids for things like SIEM that we now do sans-server.  Keeping individual machines "connected" either passively or with agents still proves to be challenging.  There are always a handful of machines that don't respond - even after ALL the machines have been made responsive.  I suspect Windows updates more than anything has …
I have a customer who wants "online backup".  I understand that this topic is huge - I need help narrowing down the options so I can give her two or three choices that make sense.  
Question:  Apart from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, what is there to say in simple, layman's-terms language, about options for online backup of data files?
In a minute I'll post a related question about file synchronization.  Maybe it should be the same question.

we use veeam for our backup solution in the datacenter. We backup our Hyper-v hosts to a veeam backup and replication server. This server is located in the same datacenter. After this backup we use cloud connect to send the data to another location.

Last week someone told me that the cloud connect solution is not so good as if the original backup i take is corrupt then the cloud connect copy is also corrupt.

He told me that we need to setup a second backup and replication server and then take a second backup with that server.

when i told veeam about this they told me to use the sure backup option. we have the enterprise license and this is included they told.

what are your ideas over this? What to do to make sure we take correct backups.
I am currently using Data Protector A.09.09.
I setup incrementals, but want to remove and/or edit those incrementals.

I am only seeing the option to Remove these incremental one day at a time.
How do I remove all of the incrementals in the schedule without affecting the weekly full backups?
Ensure Business Longevity with As-A-Service
Ensure Business Longevity with As-A-Service

Using the as-a-service approach for your business model allows you to grow your revenue stream with new practice areas, without forcing you to part ways with existing clients just because they don’t fit the mold of your new service offerings.

I installed Paragon and tried to do a restore.   It was not able to complete the restore because some files were in use.   I have no idea how to get a program that works reliably.   I am not a computer expert.   I have tried Acronis, Shadow Protect and Paragon.   All seemed to complete the backup, but none has completed the restore.   Is there no program that does this without my having to understand computers?   I am quite prepared to pay for a program that works!   Please help.   Thank you.
Assistance in backing up MongoDB databases:-

I am new to MongoDB and need some assistance in backing up databases by writing a script:-

a) Backup MongoDB at 00:01 kept for 7 days and are removed.  
b) An e-mail notification is sent to state that backups are completed or failed.
c) Is there a way to backup MongoDB i.e. transaction log backups or similar method, so 'point-in-time' restores can be done
When I use Acronis True Image to restore a disk image to dissimilar hardware, I cannot see the destination disk, although it is visible in the previous screen, where I choose the item to be restored.
I need the .inf file for a WD hard drive WD5000LPLX in order to run Acronis Universal Restore.   I have looked on the WD website and also in Device Manager under drivers, but I cannot find the .inf file.   Acronis needs this in order to restore to different hardware.

I am about to do a server refresh.

thoughts on a HP Server running PureStorge and underpinned with DATTO Siris all flash backup device.


DELL EMC running DELL EMC SAN (all flash) and DELL DataDomain to store the Veem backups.

Any thoughts....
We have HP HPE P4300 G2 Storage Systems, i have made 2 arrays, in first array i have put operating system (Win 2012), second array it has 13TB.
I am trying to add this new SAN server in HPE StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console, but its not picking it up, i have attached screenshot.
Do i have to add Initiator Node Name? i tried to look through i didn't find that information.
How can add the new SAN Storage to HPE StoreVirtual CMC?

Need To Locate Disk UID/Serial Number with WWN/WWPN @UCS Running Win 2012 Server for single /multiple Boxes

How can we extract using command line/Script/utility  from OS level or if any way to get it from UCS Manager?
Hi guys,
i had a old on premises windows 2008 server and its backups were going to azure cloud, using the azure mars agent.  that server is not in use anymore and i cant access it too.

but i want to recover files from the backup which is in azure cloud.  how do i restore files to a another computer ?
do i need to install any azure software in my laptop and how do i connect to its azure resource group, so i can access that server and backups ? ?

any help would be great.
I do have a HP stream11 pro G4EE and I have installed our volume license copy of windows 10 on the laptop.
I would like to take and image of the laptop and push the same image to other HP stream11 pro G4EE laptops. I have taken the image of the laptop and now I want to create a bootable recovery media builder using a USB stick.
I installed “Paragon backup and recovery 16 free” on the laptop. When I click Home - Recovery Media Builder- Welcome to recovery media builder wizard-  and it gives 2 options
1)      advanced mode
2)      Use ADK/ WAIK
I choose the second option and – click next and recovery media format I choose USB flash drive
It took the default location of the WAIK.
C:\Program Files(x86)Windows Kits\10\   and  click next it says WAIK/ADK path does not seem to be valid. Please specify a valid WAIK/ADK path.
WAIK for this particular windows 10 build has been already installed on the laptop and not sure why it saying “WAIK/ADK path does not seem to be valid”
Please help what could be the problem and suggest if these is any other way of taking and image and install to other similar laptops.

Thanks in advance
Active Protection takes the fight to cryptojacking
Active Protection takes the fight to cryptojacking

While there were several headline-grabbing ransomware attacks during in 2017, another big threat started appearing at the same time that didn’t get the same coverage – illicit cryptomining.

I bought a new desk top computer last week and already filled an entire disk and a half with mostly apps and programs. Is there a way to move these things to the other disk. When I try these is only an option to copy. I was able to copy the download shortcut to a second disk on my laptop and copy some of the main files like program files in disk C over to D but that didn't solve the problem because I couldn't erase them from C. Are there any programs to help with this?
Hi, for quite some time now one of our windows 2012 servers fails on the daily backup job on our barracuda device.  The error that comes up states "error during backup initialization: the writer's timeout expired between the Freeze and Thaw events."  Ive spoken to barracuda support already 4 times and each time they give me a different answer and one of them works like 80% of the time.  I stop and start both the com+ event and volume shadow copy services and once i do this and run a manual backup of that server it works.  I was also told by barracuda that there is a microsoft hotfix for this on one of the updates but when i went to install that update, a message came up stating that the system already has this update installed.  Any ideas on how to solve this issue?  Thanks.
I have Data Protector A.09.09 installed on Windows 2012 R2.
I am receiving an error in the logs:

\Registry\Schema cannot export configuration object: Details unknown.

The only answers I found only applied to Win NT 4.0 to Win 2003.

This answer includes the creation of a registry entry, but that entry already exists in 2012.
Is there an updated solution to this error?
On a server, let's say as of today at 11:00 am I have 230gb free on drive F. Tomorrow, I want to know what the free space is at exactly the same time. And I want to repeat this task for 30 days. Basically, every day at 11 am I want to know the free disk space on drive F on this server. Could you recommend a pre-written script or scheduled task, or a free utility that might give me this info?  The solution would have to be easier than manually remoting into the server to check the drive (otherwise what's the point). Hoping that there would be some way to log this exact info into a simple log file - something that I could just open after the 30th day and easily see the trend in disk usage on this server.
I need to restore some files from tape backup from Windows 2003 Server's built in backup program from an old system.  I setup a HyperV session and setup the operating system and updated it to SP2, which is far as I can.  Tape drivers installed and everything seems to work fine.

When I try to catalog the tapes, it keeps saying that the set list needs (the current tape name), Tape2 to continue.  There are no tape 2's.  I went through all of them.  

Is this an issue because I cannot update W2K3 server beyond Service Pack 2?  Was the backup possibly done by a newer version and this is the issue?

Is there any way to get around this?  Is there any software that could build an index from the tape files?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Linux operating system was upgraded from RHEL 5 to RHEL6 and the IBM TS3100 Tape Library no longer functions.  I don't have any details.  2 Linux Admin whom worked in this position before i just started, couldn't find an answer to get Tape drive functioning again.  It's been 2 years with no backup solution.

what could be a possible fix.

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The term "Backup" means the methods and processes involved to copy computer data (system data as well as application data) to media other than the ones where the data originally live (disk, tape, optical, cloud). "Restore" in turn means the methods and processes involved in data recovery, i. e., bringing back copied computer data to their original location. Backup/Restore primarily serves as a means of protection against data loss, be it due to disaster, corruption or sabotage. It can also be used for recovering data from an earlier point in time and even for cloning machines or applications. There is a wide variety of backup/restore software available, from expensive commercial products to free or open source tools.