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Computer data storage, often called storage or memory, is a technology consisting of computer components and recording media used to retain digital...

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I have over 30 years in the IT industry. During this time I have worked with a variety of products in a variety of industries.

Troubleshooting Solution

PSOD on VMware ESXi 7.0.3


Good morning,

I'm really no good at reading Purple Screen of Death-Messages in VMware.  This is what


Disk drive reliability overview

Don't buy such-and-such disk drives, they are not reliable!    Boy, how many times have we read a …

Long overdue in writing this simple article to share with my…

Long overdue in writing this simple article to share with my friends and family who have iPhones.
Troubleshooting Solution

Benefits of thin provisioned storage array in vmware 5

Hi experts, I have done some readings on best practices for VMware storage and what I have gathered …
Troubleshooting Solution

HPE Smart Storage Administrator in Windows 2016, unable to launch.


Looking for help with an HP ProLiant DL380 G10 server and troubleshooting a drive problem.  I have

Troubleshooting Solution

PowerEdge T440 wont boot after changing RAID card


Hi I have a client that bought a Dell Poweredge T440, I've bought a few of these, but this one came

Troubleshooting Solution

How do I host a large Zip files for numerous downloads from my website?


I expect t have a Zip file that is huge, like 10GB, and I would like it downloadable, on command,

Advice Solution

server room cooling recommendations


Dear Experts:

Please suggest the type of AC units for the server room where 4 Rack servers, one blade

Advice Solution

Raid 1 and Raid 6


Dear Experts:

We are planning  setup small infra for CFD  Computational Fluid Dynamics project where

Advice Solution

IT infra design for on-premise setup


Dear Experts:

We are going to start new project and for this we need on premise IT infra and best

Troubleshooting Solution

free screen recording software


Looking for free screen recording software's that records screen for 2-3 hours without annual costs.

Troubleshooting Solution

Record whole video of MPG file


I have one MPG file 2.3 gb and 1 hour 32 minute length. It is playing till 45 minutes and 56 seconds

Advice Solution

Need easy to use file folder manager


My internal storage in my Samsung Galaxy S9+ it maxed out. I have nothing left. I am asking for

Advice Solution

Move hard drive array?


Failed server, I believe it to be motherboard issue. I have an identical server and am wondering if

Troubleshooting Solution

I am unable to format 6 TB drives that were removed from my Qnap Nas, I can only get 1.4 TB.

NAS drives only format to 1.6 TB after removing them from NAS
I took the 4 6TB drives out of my QNAP…

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