Computer data storage, often called storage or memory, is a technology consisting of computer components and recording media used to retain digital data. In addition to local storage devices like CD and DVD readers, hard drives and flash drives, solid state drives can hold enormous amounts of data in a very small device. Cloud services and other new forms of remote storage also add to the capacity of devices and their ability to access more data without building additional data storage into a device.

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I have azure storage running. It works perfectly in the office and in my l notebook computer. As soon i got home and connect to my wifi (ATT) i can not connect if i connect the motebook to my hotspot (celphone) it works again.
I have the computer in the home router as dmz but still is not working. What can be happening?

thank you

Please let me know what can  i do
Free learning courses: Active Directory Deep Dive
Free learning courses: Active Directory Deep Dive

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I have an HP DL 380 G7 server, with a mirrored set of SAS drives, with a P410i RAID Controller.

Can I pull one of the SAS drives from a mirrored set, and install a Samsung SSD for better performance?
Is this a terrible idea?
Will it just work?
Is the controller capable of detecting faults on an SSD and kicking it out of the RAID like it would for a spinny SAS or SATA drive?
Does the RAID controller prefer one drive over another when handling read requests?
Is there something special I need to do in order to make it work properly?

I think those are all the questions I can think of for now. We are a small office of 5 people, so we don't have heavy I/O, but would like better performance on our database if we can do a simple upgrade like this with some drives we have on hand.

Thank you
Our Files server run Windows 2012 R2. One of the shares currently resides on a volume that is 180TB and we need to add more space to the volume to make it 280TB. This is all for one share. I know NTFS is capped with a max size of 256TB for a volume. What is the best way to have users access one share but is back by multiple volume so it would give them the impression they are 280TB of space. Yes are are only using DFS but DFS does not help use with this issue.

I am open to any suggestion with this one.
Hi Experts

we have EMC networker and we have EMC data domain DD2500

this type of solaution cost us alot every year for license and support and hardware for data domain

now we are searching for a cheap solaution as a replacment for our data domain

for Newrker we are thining to bug Veeam

but now my quastion only about data domain

i want to ask if i can buy server with huge amount of local HDD disks with raid controller  and 1000 ethernet interfaces

and configure it as NAS server and then we can backup to disk VIA NAS

and here we miss the dedaplication software

any idea about have cheap good solaution to backup to disk

kindaly advice
windows server 2012 r2 installing on hp z440 raid 1 cannot see the drives
Need to replace the raid controller with different type ,I need instructions for how to install without loos data ?
The user is a photographer and presently has an 8 TB RAID, which is physically carried between two locations every few months.

They now have a decent cable modem connection in the remote connection they use, with an upload speed of 10-15 mbs

Their activity consists of loading in 2-15 gigabytes every week or so, cataloging and adjusting the photos with Adobe Lightroom.  Computers are MacOS X, maintained to the latest version of the operating system that supports Lightroom.  

What's the best way to keep two copies of the RAID in sync over the Internet?  I can set up a VPN.

Hello - I have a server PER710 that I will use for a FTP server. I have c drive set on a RAID 1 and I'd like to have my FTP dir on my DELL Compellent SC220. How would I create a volume on Compellent and have it recognized on PER710 Server?


Hi , I need your help and thanks in advance
I have server 2008 R2 on Dell Poweredge 2950 with 3 SCSI HDD and RAID 5
It made from few weeks blue screen with error code 1E i changed the RAM and it worked again but from time to time made same blue screen error
yesterday i tested all RAM's and when i finished my work and turned on the server it didn't work windows
after control-E screen made a black screen and can not ping on it IP
we have LUN presented to two nodes (however failover cluster was not configured)  and online at the same time.
it was a dynamic disk of many partitions.
this LUN is showing as missing, and failed is the label on all partitions,
tried to recover disk, and tried to recover partitions and both failed.

i know a disk should be online on one host a time, could it be the reason this corruption ?
is there any way i can recover that disk ? can HP support assist in reactivating that disk and representing it again ?
any ideas would be great, thank you
Complete VMware vSphere® ESX(i) & Hyper-V Backup
Complete VMware vSphere® ESX(i) & Hyper-V Backup

Capture your entire system, including the host, with patented disk imaging integrated with VMware VADP / Microsoft VSS and RCT. RTOs is as low as 15 seconds with Acronis Active Restore™. You can enjoy unlimited P2V/V2V migrations from any source (even from a different hypervisor)

This is going to be a fun one...

We have a client that has an HP ML350 G5 running RAID 5 and Server Essentials SBS 2011.  So, we got a call from them that there files on the server all no longer accessible.  When I went out there, I found out that there was 3 sticks of bad memory, but the system would still turn on.  We replaced the bad sticks and I could not get into Windows.  That's when I determined that the array was bad due to a failing hard drive in bay 1 (3 drives total).  We got in a replacement drive and I was able to boot to Directory Services Restore Mode.  The drive was rebuilt and is now part of the RAID.

Told you it would be fun.  Now for the part I'm stuck on.

Hardware is easy, but software is a pain.  I cannot get it to boot into Normal Mode because the Active Directory is broken somehow.  I need assistance on repairing it to get them up and going again.

If it helps, the reason they have a server is for backup purposes of their data.  They only connect to it as a file server, not as a user on the server (if that makes sense).  Though, they do from time to time access it remotely (Web Access).

1.File system should be NTFS: If you want to Speedup Pendrive , then make sure you have NTFS as file system. You can do so by Right clicking on your pendrive and selecting Format,Select NTFS File system, Uncheck Quick Format And Click On Start.

2.Disk errors: To check disk errors go to the properties tab of your pen drive, then select ‘tools’ tab. You will find a ‘check now’ button, click it and then hit ‘start’ to fix the errors. The time taken for scan depends on the size of the pen drive.

3.Device policy: Under properties of your pen drive, select ‘hardware’ tab. Then select USB device from there that will lead you to a pop up window where you need to change settings. You can even have better performance of pen drive by clicking the option under ‘hardware’ tab.

4.Format: This is one of the effective options that many users have tried. When you have used your pen drive for quite a long time, you can speed it up by formatting the device.

Carefully test your pen drive with the factors given above to Speedup Pendrive. In addition to this, you should keep checking for these aspects regularly, say twice or thrice in a month.
 I have DELL Poweredge T420 Server with H710 RAID  and like to update all drivers and firmware - BIOS, Chipset, iDRAC, Lifecycle ... etc. Instead of downloading necessary files on each component individually, is there some type of utility program that I can use to install firmware/drivers all together?

Good Morning,

Last Saturday, we proceeded to run our Site Recovery Manager vmware to replicate live all our servers from the Main Site to the Alternate Site, the migration was a success.

Right now reviewing the Site Recovery Manager of my site Alterno that at the moment is my productive environment, I could validate that at Array Based Replication level the following error:

Cannot find matching consistency group at remote site for 'RCG-PRO-BACK-CB'.
Cannot find matching consistency group at remote site for 'RCG-PRO-BACK-CB.r48367'.

However I run a Test Recovery Plan and in the report, no errors or warnings appear, my question is that if when I re-execute the migration to my productive site again, this error in the Array Based Replication, would it affect my replication at all?

Or should we validate our storage box.?

Similarly, append printer with the error.

Hello, so my 4 drive hardware backplane or RAID card is experiencing a failure, two ports are malfunctioning which caused the RAID to go in degraded state and cause a passthrough disk to fail.  SeaTools didn't find anything wrong with the drive, so I narrowed it down to either the RAID card, the cables, or the backplane, so yeah, rather than spend a lot of time with trial and error, I thought it might be worthwhile to replace all 3 components and try a different setup.

My existing Hyper-V setup involves two RAID arrays on separate cards, a RAID-5 (Areca ARC-1210) and a RAID-1 (Areca ARC-1200).  Both arrays are using Seagate Constellation drives.  The hypervisor boot drive is a standalone disk.  The RAID-1 is used for boot VHDs and RAID-5 used for Data VHDs.  So what I am looking at is replacing my current Areca ARC-1210 with an ARC-1220 which would get me 8 ports.  This would be enough to setup two RAID-5 arrays on the card and then I could stripe them in Windows Disk Management for RAID50.  I already have the six hard drives needed for this.

Let me be clear this is not a production environment, this is just a home lab.  Are there any pitfalls to look out for using RAID-50 with VHDs besides losing two drives on one array?  I don't have enough slots in the case to do RAID-60 and RAID-10 would leave me short on disk space.
This is virtual disk in Raid 5, where Disk 7 is hotspare.
When Disk 11 removed (failure disk), Disk 7 is Rebuilding.
Should I wait for Disk 7 rebuild completely, or I can insert new Disk 11 now?
Dell PowerEdge R510 with PERC H800 Adapter
Many thanks!
I need to present all datastores in a cluster to a VM to support SAN-Transport. For the VM can I create a WWN using Fibre Channel NPIV to may SAN admin can zone the lun's accordingly?
We had a switch issue yesterday and since then, two hosts are unable to connect to our dell equalogics'. Six hosts are connected over iscsi with Dynamic Discovery with no problem. The other two hosts cannot connect to Dynamic or Static LUN's

I have rebooted the host, attempted rescans of HBA.

any thoughts. i have verified all CHAP credentials and everything are set correctly. the switch was replaced with the same exact switch configuration.
Hi Everyone,
                        i have 2 drives online on my tsm:

tsm: VWARCKDSTSM01>q drive

Library Name     Drive Name       Device Type     On-Line
------------     ------------     -----------     -------------------
LIBTSM           DRIVE1           LTO             Yes
LIBTSM           DRIVE2           LTO             Yes

but when i check the path status, i got this:

tsm: VWARCKDSTSM01>q path

Source Name     Source Type     Destination     Destination     On-Line
                                Name            Type
-----------     -----------     -----------     -----------     ----------
VWARCKDSTS-     SERVER          LIBTSM          LIBRARY         Yes
VWARCKDSTS-     SERVER          DRIVE1          DRIVE           No
VWARCKDSTS-     SERVER          DRIVE2          DRIVE           No

so i tried to bring them back online:

tsm: VWARCKDSTSM01>update path vwarckdstsm01 drive1 srctype=server desttype=drive library=libtsm device=mt9.0.0.0 online=yes

and this is the error message i get:

ANR8444E UPDATE PATH: Library LIBTSM is currently unavailable.
ANS8001I Return code 15.

Please any idea? i need to run a restore ASAP.

Thanks in advance,

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Technology Partners: We Want Your Opinion!

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I have an SD card that I need to get the pictures off of.  Something seems to have happened to the disk and it is asking me if I want to format it...and that doing so will cause me to lose all data.  Any help?  I would really like access to the contents of that disk!!!
Dear Experts, as my understanding, Exchange DAG (for 2 nodes) is the cluster that replicate all data from Mail Server1 to Mail Server2. Is it still correct in SAN storage environment? If so, everything related to mail in SAN storage will be duplicated, am I right? Can we configure so that there is only one version of data exists on it and there are only 2 VM servers for HA-failover?

Many thanks as always!
Hi Experts,

We are using Nakivo backup and replication(installed on a windows vm) and would like to use a remote esxi as a storage option for the repository to house backups,

We have a standalone Esxi host with no production servers running on it at the remote site and would like to use this host as the offsite storage repository.

How would I present/prep this storage for use?

Thank you
Find the data transfer rate and average access time for disk pack with following specification
1. Disk pack capacity=100 ms
2. Storage surface=18
3. No of track/surface=600
4. Drive speed=3000 rpm
5. Average seek time=25 ms
Dear All,

I am looking for a solution to host on premises server like we transfer Means download upload over Http.

Not Own cloud type solutions


What application will display the contents (both text & images) of a .dto file?

I use a clipboard utility called Ditto which saves a copy of everything placed on the clipboard. This includes both text and images.

The utility has an export function which is accessed by selecting the items (clips) you want to export then right-clicking as shown here:

Regarding the export options:

• Export Clip(s) results in a file with the extension .dto and as far as I can tell, is used only for moving data to another computer running Ditto.
• View as QRCode (don't know what this is or what it does)
• Export Clip(s) to Text File (no images of course and only one clip per .txt file)
• Export Clip(s) to Image File (no text and only one image per .png file)
• Export to Google Translate (n/a)

I'm looking for a way to open the file with an app that displays strings of multiple clips (both text and images) which can be scrolled up or down rather than having each clip in a single file.

Following are some sites containing info re Ditto although nothing I understood well enough to accomplish what I'm after:

1) Ditto download website
2) Ditto documentation
3) Ditto forum
4) Forum thread which includes the following comment:
        "the data is stored in an sqlite file, Ditto.db"
5) File extension website







Computer data storage, often called storage or memory, is a technology consisting of computer components and recording media used to retain digital data. In addition to local storage devices like CD and DVD readers, hard drives and flash drives, solid state drives can hold enormous amounts of data in a very small device. Cloud services and other new forms of remote storage also add to the capacity of devices and their ability to access more data without building additional data storage into a device.