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Computer data storage, often called storage or memory, is a technology consisting of computer components and recording media used to retain digital data. In addition to local storage devices like CD and DVD readers, hard drives and flash drives, solid state drives can hold enormous amounts of data in a very small device. Cloud services and other new forms of remote storage also add to the capacity of devices and their ability to access more data without building additional data storage into a device.

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A bank using san of HP MSA p2000 would like a affordable HA solution for its servers (physical /virtual , windows /Linux) at network and data level..
please help me determine the needed devices as well as needed software ,
What does it mean to be "Always On"?
What does it mean to be "Always On"?

Is your cloud always on? With an Always On cloud you won't have to worry about downtime for maintenance or software application code updates, ensuring that your bottom line isn't affected.

My setup is: HP Proliant 360G8 server with a p222 adapter added. On this adapter I've connected a external HP Ultrium tape unit. On the server I run VMware Vshpere 5.5. I've setup three virtual servers (DC/Exchange, file/printer and remote access desktop server). The fileserver also functions as the backup server with Symantec BackupExec 14 running. I've connected the external tape unit to this machine in the virtual machine setup. In backup Exec I've configured backupjobs (one running daily, one for fridays; the daily one runs over the designated tape each week, the friday jobs run on five tapes so I can run back into time for 5 weeks). The jobs are complete backups of all three servers (including all data, system state and bricklevel backup of Exchange).

What I run into is that at least once a week the fileserver completly 'freezes'. This goes to the point that you can't even power off from the VMware consile and need to reboot the whole server to get everything working again. From the log files i see this happens at a point just after the backup finishes. On most occasions, but not on all, the P222 card is shown as 'dead' in VMWare manager.

What I have done so far is: installed both windows server and backup exec completly fresh (as a new virtual server). I've replaced the P222 with a new adapter. I've update the firmware on the P222 and the driver in VMWare (april 2017). But nothing changes this behavior.

After the server 'freezes' it is completely …
I have my Dell Disk Array out of the boxe and I need to connect to my Dell Open Manager but I'm facing a login page.
Can someone help me to get the default pass of Dell Open Manager??

Thanks in advance.

I have a Dell Precision T7600 with a H310 RAID Adapter. there are two Virtual Disks. One for the OS (Ubuntu) and another for data. Two months ago I replaced the data volume with four new Western Digital 5TB drives in a RAID 10. Suddenly, this volume is unavailable. When I go into the RAID Controller and look at Physical Disks all disks are present but all four WD disk show as Foreign. Under Virtual Disks, the data volume shows only two of the four disks. One says Ready, the second says Rebuild and the other are Missing.

It seems highly unlikely that two disks failed simultaneously. There haven't been any electrical anomalies and all the fans and temp sensors in diagnostics are normal. I re-seated all of the drives and RAID Controller connections and no change. I tried Importing, which fails.

The data on this volume is really important. What would be the best way to recover this RAID?

Thanks in advance
Hi All,

We use Dynamics CRM 2011 with IE 11. If I want to write Javascript using Local Storage, can anyone tell me that it is working or not?

A friend had an old Windows Home Server NAS with 4 drives. He experienced a power outage which seemed to wipe out his NAS (no UPS). He tried to access the drives in a caddy, but couldn't see any data (he thinks it was setup as mirrored or as RAID - not sure). For some reason he formatted the drives and attempted to recover the data (mostly family pics). When images are recovered they are not shown and look corrupted.

Is there anyway these can be recovered?

I bought an Acer 8th Gen core i5 8250u based laptop model A515-51G.

Does the laptop support M.2 SSD in the second SATA slot.

Can I have a configuration where I can install the OS from the SSD SATA slot and also have the 1 TB hard disk that comes with the laptop for storing data.

Does this model support dual SATA configuration?

Does this laptop support booting from the M.2 SSD SATA slot with the default hard disk as the data disk?

What is the size and specs. of the SSD that I can install in the second SATA slot and whether I can make it bootable?

Please reply asap for this question.

Thanks for your support.

Warm Regards,
Its just a general question.

I got a server 2012 and backup scheduled to my iscsi target.
I thought normally windows server backup service keeps backup for about 30 days ? but when i went to recover files, i can go beyond 30 days .
1.  so just wondering how long does server keeps the backup by default before erasing the old one ?
2. can i schedule 2 backup instances ? for example : 1 backup for external harddrive and 2nd backup for iscsi target ?
3. can i do incremental backups in windows server backup services ? or does it only support full backups ?
I'm having trouble making hyperlinks work when we move the file folders to our archives. We're using Microsoft Office 2016.

I'm an auditor and as an organization we have moved to a paperless system where we produce reports which need to be sourced internally to other documents. The way we do that is to have a report with comments for each section or sentence that needs supporting documentation. It looks something like this:
 How we use hyperlinks to reference supporting documentation
Our problem is that when we are finished with an audit, we need to move the report and all the supporting documentation to various archives. That means that if the hyperlinks are absolute, (e.g. c:/users/michael/documents/filename.docx), the links will no longer work when we access the report from a different server or CD. Also, our audit files often have multiple folders within folders all within an overall audit folder, so I don't think a specific hyperlink base wouldn't work.

I've noticed that when I do hyperlinks while working remotely (VPNing into our servers from an audit site), the links sometimes automatically give a perfect relative link that will work regardless of where I move the audit folder (e.g. ..\..\SupportingDocs\Area4\Lorem Ipsum Doc B.pdf).

Is there any way to make MS Office default to creating those functional relative links? I know how to manually enter them in, but I can't train my colleagues to do that (I've tried).
Hi everyone,:
                         i need to archive for 6 months all the daily backups successfully executed 2 days ago. How can i do this?

thanks in advance
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i have supermicro server x7dva-8.
when i try to install windows server 2012, there is an error "we couldnt find any drives.to get a storage driver, click load driver"

i install sata driver from the super micro cd...
but the error still remains...

how can i config hard drive or bios.

I got an email "IBM System Director (ISD) storage controller affected by the vulnerability in IBM java run time"

We have windows 2008R2 servers but I am not able to understand where this ISD is installed and how to remediate it. Is it applicable for our environment or not . Please suggest

We have a old windows 2003 server with 4gb of ram with hardware raid 5. We are going to retire this server, but before we do so we need to transfer/clone/mirror about 900gb of data.  The problem is that it has almost 6 million files and any type of data transfer I have tried runs really slow.  I am thinking if there is a way to do with clonezilla or any other software that you guys can suggest.


I have a Synology DS 414 with 5,4 TB storage of which I already use syncs in the cloud (cloudstation).
However, I'm not backing up ALL data (like videos etc) + I'd like to have a backup to a format that is not vulnerable to a malware like Cryptolocker. That's why I'd like to use hyperbackup of backup Vault.

But never used these backup methods, so would like to have your input on it + what external (budget, it's only backup) should I buy?

Please advise.

I have the following situation: 1 physical server that runs Oracle 11g (2 x E5-2643 v3, 64GB RAM) on Oracle Linux.
The client bought another identical server, for fail-over and redundancy purposes.

This looks like a good opportunity to virtualize the server.

Basically there will be 2 physical servers in a cluster.


1. What is the recommended virtualization solution for Oracle?
2. What licenses will be necessary, if he goes with VMware ESXi?
3. What type of shared storage do you recommend for the cluster?

Thank you.
i have the codes in mvc / c# below. The "CA' actually came from javascript localstorage from previous pages.
How can I get the local storage value and pass into MVC controller below?
I don't want to hard codes in html hidden value in cshtml.

public ActionResult AdditionalInfo()
         return View(getvalue("CA"));

Open in new window

The drive was created on Win 7 and now I am on a Win 10 system and I am unable to assign a drive letter or open the drive.

See attached.


Hi, everyone!
This is my first post,
I need some help, Im ussing veritas backup exec16 to backup ndmp emc storage.
All the backup is ok, but i need restore 1 file, but the media is expired. How to put the media in state to restore the file?
Hi dears,
How are you?

can you help me,please?

friends, do exist NDMP client for centos?

Free Tool: ZipGrep
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Free Tool: ZipGrep

ZipGrep is a utility that can list and search zip (.war, .ear, .jar, etc) archives for text patterns, without the need to extract the archive's contents.

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How do you create a backup testing schedule/strategy or what are the best practices?

I am currently reviewing our corporate schedule but I’m not really sure if it is adequate.
It covers 3 areas for testing backups via restores (there is a separate DR testing strategy that tests more than just the restore of data).
  • Exchange
  • Server

Currently, every quarter we review how many ‘real-life’ restores we have conducted and use this to identify any areas from the above three areas that have not been subjected to a restore (i.e. a user requesting a restore of a file they deleted a few weeks ago).  If for example during that quarter we didn’t do a restore of any mailboxes, we would then conduct a restore test of a mailbox.  
However if we recovered data for a server that an application sits on, that would satisfy the server requirement.  However we have thousands of servers so therefore we are saying if we can restore data from one server, the backups for the other servers are presumed to be OK.  I’m not sure how suitable the above is as this means there are likely to be some servers which never have their backups tested.  Although I appreciate we can’t list each server and make sure each servers backups are tested, we just don’t have the resources to do this.

Is there anything missing from the above process?  Whilst it makes sense to me, I’m just concerned we’re missing out other key backup tests.  What do other …
I have a small VMware environment with 3 ESXI hosts and a physical Dell ISCSI SAN.
We have a MS SQL server that I need to install on to the above environment.  It just has 5 databases in it and all are not heavily used.

I would like to set this up on 2 x VMs running Windows & MSSQL server using Windows Cluster but I am not sure whether I should be using separate storage for this and If i need 2 Volumes\Luns. After reading Dells best practices it suggests creating 5 volumes for a SQL instance which I feel is overkill for our fairly light weight use. It also doesn't mention SQL Clustering.
Does anyone have any guidelines they could share?
Thanks very much.

Please advise. I have a Dell PowerEdge T420 where the hardware is fine but SNMP for Solarwinds MSP Remote Monitoring is reporting a battery issue  for:
DELL PERC H310 SCSI - "Dell - RAID - Storage Management" and "Dell - Battery State - State of battery" is reporting "Unsupported SNMP variable. Everything matches the other working servers. However I want to compare the OIDs from the Dell Server vs. the Reporting Software. For the monitoring software it is reporting (battery) OID:
Please advise
FYI: Could not find matching hardware when I ran the SNMP Walk on the problem server unless I am looking for the wrong thing? Searched for "battery" and "RAID"
Helo i own a dell latitude E5450 its been in storage for a little while and ive forgotten the password i had set when u power the laptop on ..is there a way to reset this as i have long forgotten what it may have been .thank you for your time.it has alot of personal info and even more importantly pics of my 1st marrige and kids baby pictures .irreplaceble stuff...so urgent i get sum help figuring this out..sincerely my gratitude.good day
I have a an issue that I’ve had to back burner for too long, and I just don’t have time to test out a bunch of solutions for different environments that I have found online.  

In a nutshell, small office, iOmega NAS, 2000+ thumb.db Files, an inability to move directories because of permissions set to thumbnail files, no domain, and my good friends at Expert Exchange :)

What’s the quick fix here fellas?
I had a healthy 2012 server with 8 (RAID 5/software RAID) sata hard drives and two raid 1 c hard drives with the Operating system on the C rive/raid 1critical data no back ups. The server crashed and had to rebuild the server. Problem is when I finished building the server and tried to import the drives instead of coming up 8 of 8 drives they come in two sections. One is 4 of 4 disks and the other is 4 of 4 disk. In each of the times I attempted to import it sees the total size but says  and  I am paraphrasing "data incomplete and will be destroyed if ok is selected. I dread importing the data 4 disk at a time because it would destroy the data. Anyway to get the disk computer management to display 8 of 8 and help save all my data.






Computer data storage, often called storage or memory, is a technology consisting of computer components and recording media used to retain digital data. In addition to local storage devices like CD and DVD readers, hard drives and flash drives, solid state drives can hold enormous amounts of data in a very small device. Cloud services and other new forms of remote storage also add to the capacity of devices and their ability to access more data without building additional data storage into a device.