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Stripe is an Irish technology company that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. Stripe focuses on providing the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate online payment systems. Using Stripe, web developers can integrate payment processing into their websites without having to register and maintain a merchant account. Application programming interfaces (APIs) have been created for a wide variety of common languages.

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I am trying to copy 200 GB single .bak files using ROBOCOPY.
When i test with single file (200 GB) it, took 2 Hrs. to copy from Source to Destination (this is NAS)

Then i took the SQL backup of same file with stripe, Like

each file is around 40 GB.

Then i created 5 separate robocopy scripts and executed separately. Eventhough it tooks same amount of time.

c:\windows\system32\robocopy /V /R:0 /W:1 /LOG+:SQLbackup_part1.txt \\source\backup  F:\Backup *part1.bak
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OWASP: Forgery and Phishing

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The Adaptec Raid Controller Stripes failed for some reason, the controller details are given below. It is a live server, please give any suggestions to fix the problem without data loss. Restoring data on new disk/server is highly complicated.

Controller Model                  : Adaptec 5405

Logical device number 0
   Logical device name                      : DATA
   RAID level                               : 5
   Status of logical device                 : Optimal
   Size                                     : 571382 MB
   Stripe-unit size                         : 256 KB
   Read-cache mode                          : Enabled
   MaxIQ preferred cache setting            : Disabled
   MaxIQ cache setting                      : Disabled
   Write-cache mode                         : Enabled (write-back)
   Write-cache setting                      : Enabled (write-back)
   Partitioned                              : Yes
   Protected by Hot-Spare                   : No
   Bootable                                 : Yes
   Failed stripes                           : Yes
   Power settings                           : Disabled
I am using Woocommerce Stripe Plugin.  I need to only show 4 icons rather than like this https://gyazo.com/a6b5852dfbbdb7abc76a869c62fc5462

I am using version 3.3 of WooCommerce

Please show me how to remove the obscure payment icons that I don't need.
what is the recommended stripe/full strip size for a Raid 10 configuration exclusively for SQL 2012 files which used for electronic  transaction authentication
I'm struggling to get an example of taking payments with stripe, using a mixture of client and server side code. I have the following JavaScript (example) code which generates, the example listed below generates an error when I run it in a debugger this line "<script type="text/javascript">" gives the following error "
 SCRIPT5009: '$' is not defined" I'm new to both stripe and jquery so not sure what needs changing can someone help.


<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="workflow.aspx.cs" Inherits="StripeDemo.workflow" %>

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
<head runat="server">
    <form id="form1" runat="server">

    <script src="https://checkout.stripe.com/checkout.js" ></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(function () {
                var renderPaymentMethod = function () {

                    var handler = StripeCheckout.configure({
                        key: 'pk_XXXXX_XXXXX', //Your publishable key from the Stripe Portal
                        //image: "http://tempurl.com/logo.jpg",
                        email: 'YourSoToBeCustomers@email.com',

                        token: function (token, args) {
                            //However you want to get the Token back to the server
I need to integrate Apple Pays decrypted Payment Token Format into a Stripe Rest API call. This does not require any Stripe SDK's or JS files. The raw apple pay token information has already been decrypted ready for stripe to process via 'Source', 'Token', 'Charge' etc. Stripe support will not disclose the solution but acknowledge its possible, why, i am not sure? Spreedly does exactly as i am describing with Stripe, passing in the information below, but how is it correctly structured?

This is the what a decrypted Apple Pay payment token format looks like:

Hi Experts

Can anyone recommend an effective WP Plugin that can handle Subscription payments via Stripe and PayPal?
Most Shopping Carts Iv'e seen are too big for my needs.  I have a few products but monthly / annual service subscriptions is my primary focus.  It will need to be simple for the client to use.

Many thanks in advance
I need an example that shows credit card type while typing

.Net page

I am using stripe but their custom elements don't show the icon
Hi there,

I have a report that prints out a simple ID and name - but the ID needs to be part of a magnetic stripe.  I have tried several options - one being using OLE, linked to an external RTF file.  The external file contains ~SP:M:L:1: {CnMem_1.CnMem_1_Membership_ID}?

It triggers the printer to identify that mag stripe coding but cannot identify what to do with the membership field. The printers displays a read/write error.  

I had tried several other options but the same issue, it cannot identify what to do with the membership field,

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks very much - CS

I am building a small ecommerce marketplace.

Companies can add products in USD, EUR, GBP.

Customers can purchase product from multiple different Companies at the checkout.

I'm trying to get my head around how I should handle a Customer who has 3 products in their basket with 3 different currencies:


What should the Customer pay?
Fundamentals of JavaScript
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Fundamentals of JavaScript

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I'm building a basic marketplace at the moment, however there are 3 parties involved in every product / sale.

When a customer purchases a product, let's say for $100 I need to split the $100 three ways on the fly:

- party 1: 70%
- party 2: 20%
- party 3: 10%

I was hoping to use Stripe so that each party could connect to the platform using Stripe Connect but Stripe have said that they do not allow payments to be split like this unless the platform owner is keeping the majority of the funds. I do not want to handle any of the payments... I want them split on the fly.

Can anyone recommend a payment processor that will support this? Thank you in advance for your help.

I want to override inline styling and zebra stripe my #product1 table.

Got it to stripe, but can't override inline styling.

Here's the #product1 CSS:

// Generic responsive table styling
	#product1 table { 
		width: 100%; 
		border-collapse: collapse; 
	// Zebra striping 
	#product1 tr:nth-child(odd) {

	#product1 th { 
		background: #333; 
		color: white; 
		font-weight: bold; 
	#product1 td, #product1 th { 
		padding: 18px; 
		border: 1px solid #ccc; 
		text-align: left; 

#product-body strong

#product1 th, #product1 td

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I want it every other stripe to be #a8d5ed the head should be #333.

Heres the html

<p><strong>Sizing Table</strong></p>
    <div id="product1">
        <tr class="producthead">

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Here's a link (it's the sizing table)


You can see that inline styles are getting in the way.

Here's all the CSS if you need it

 * 3dcart Shopping Cart System - Version: 6
 * http://3dcart.com/
 * Date: Tue, Sept 23 2014


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Hi experts ,

Am trying to make online payment gateway using woo commerce plugin . I saw that Stripe is accepting only credit cards , Is this rite . what happen if someone pays in debit card . Is there any docs related to it

Liink :
I have a saving bank account in Australia and would like to link it with Stripe, so I can sell online and receive payment worldwide. Is it possible to create a Stripe account if I havent registered any company yet at the moment.  TQ
I'd like to set up a website where I could charge a business for services rendered. The catch is that I don't want them to enter any credit card info. I want to just show them an invoice online and have them approve it or decline it. Also it would be great if I could skip a third party payment gateway and just conduct business with my bank and their bank. I don't know if this is possible but it seems to me that this is how business has been done before the internet. So my question is... can two companies setup direct payment with each other without a payment gateway company such as paypal, stripe, square, authorize.net  etc.?  And if so, how?  Any advice is appreciated.

I developed a small web based invoicing system a few months ago for my own use. A few of my clients asked me what system i was using and how they could get it etc... so i packaged it up and sold it to a few clients, and now it's getting to a stage where every client wants it.

Here is a quick video of the software if you are curious - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-JDU0OcL2M

In order to scale the software, i need to change the approach. Instead of having to install it on every client's web server, which involves obtaining their FTP access etc... i am planning on building the following approach:

01 - build a new dedicated website
02 - clients sign up via the website and pay $5 a month
03 - clients sign into their dashboard via the website and manage their invoices from there
04 - client's customers are directed to the same site where they complete their payment (no sign in required for the customer)

The main downside of this approach, in comparison to the individual install, is that the individual install allows the client to redirect their customer to their own site / url... so i will probably offer the individual install as an option on the website too.

Getting To The Point
From a high level view, i don't think the migration / approach will be too challenging. I'll need to create a new 'accounts' table and all other database tables will stay the same, with an 'account_id' added to each of them.

All processes will then need to associate and query the …

Does anyone know if it is possible to issue an invoice to a customer on stripe.com

i.e - create an invoice on stripe.com dashboard and then send a link to the customer so that he can pay me on the stripe.com website?

Thanks in advance for your help.
entering debit card number, debit card expiration date, cvv2 into an eCommerce website as a customer.

online one (or multiple) time purchase of  food delivery is considered by customer bank account as 'recurring payment'
and allowed to go through on an overdrawn bank account

I thought 'recurring' meant monthly

how can online food delivery company set this up where their payment will clear on an debit card that is out of funds.

Does 'recurring' just mean 'online'
Hi, I am going to install woocommerce supscriptions and am looking for a gateway which is better than paypal for Canada. I need one which can handle recurring payments properly. Paypal splits up payments if initial payment is greater than the subscription. Can you suggest any?
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OWASP: Threats Fundamentals

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Can anyone advise of a good invoicing / payment system that i can setup on my website.

I often get calls from my clients asking me to make changes to their website. Some of these changes are minor changes whereas some of them can take a full day, or up to a week to implement.

I often find myself chasing my clients for payment AFTER the work has been completed.

I'd like to implement a system whereby i can raise an electronic invoice and then explain to the client that i work from an order list, which is based on paid invoices.

I implemented a similar system for a client before using - https://wordpress.org/support/view/plugin-reviews/wp-invoice - however it seems over complicated and bloated, and all payments need to be made through PayPal.

I'd rather use a credit card system using Stripe etc.

Any advice greatly appreciated, thank you.
Hi Experts,

I'm building a new website to a client, and he needs to sell stuff in the website.
This is all ok, i'm gonna put PayPal to PayPal lovers and i have an credit card paying system here in Portugal that is called EasyPay.

My problem is, my client is Portuguese but it has bank account in USA, and EasyPay doesn't work with foreign bank accounts.
Although PayPal works with foreign bank accounts, i need a Credit Card Payment System that transfer the money to a USA bank account using the clients VISA card, Master Card, American Express, Maestro etc.

I know that there is allot of online payment systems out there.
But can someone point me out to a good one that is safe a user friendly to developers?

Thx in advanced,
Miguel Guerreiro

I am building a new Wordpress website for an old boutique hotel.

The hotel does not have the ability to process credit card payments (yes, very old).

They would like me to setup a system on their website so that they could create / publish invoices for guests who can then access their invoice via the website and pay using their credit card / paypal.

What would be the best way to set this up? Obviously i'll need to make the invoices private, so that guests cannot see other guests' invoices. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
Hello, I'm not sure I have the right category but here goes: I'm trying to integrate the "Stripe" payment processing platform (www.stripe.com) into my website in the most simple plain-vanilla way. I just need a simple "Buy" button on my site for customers to click on and submit their CC info. Stripe has some basic documentation on how to do this at:


But still, they assume the user is proficient at a web programming language (ie. PHP, Python, Perl, etc)... of which I am not. I know a little HTML, so I'm not completely useless, but nothing as far as PHP and such. As I communicated with Stripe support regarding this, they wouldn't offer much help and recommended I hire a programmer to do this. I really didn't think that was necessary as I only want to do a very very simple implementation of their system. If you look at the doc page I mentioned above, that part # 1 is certainly no problem. The part I get bogged down at is the next step:


Here they give code samples in 4 languages (my web host uses PHP). My question is - *where* do I put this code sample on my web host? What filename do I give this, and what directory do I put the file in? That's really (I think...) all I need to know. Can someone help me with this?

I am currently building a hosted Billing CRM System. Dwolla's low fee structure is highly appealing to me as a business owner, and may appeal to my customers as well, but I can't find supporting api documentation to confirm that it can do what I want it to do. does anybody have the expertise to answer the following for me?

 I am currently building out choices for financial gateways for the users of my payment system. and Authorize.net paypal, and stripe, offer a robust enough way for me to "store" a payment profile on file for  end customers of the payment system, so that the organizations billing those customers can automatically process a billing transaction if the end user enables auto billing.

I would like to do the same for dwolla, however I do not wish to make the end customer go off site or have to leave our application. can I leverage the dwolla API to create and store a payment instance, and generate an applicable payment token that my software can then use to process future payments from?
I am trying to pick a set of tools for building web sites.  Please help me avoid spending a lot of time messing around with tools that won't work out.  Here are my relevant details:

1. My coding experience is mostly with Delphi (which, because it is amazingly similar in language and rules, allows me to work with C# quite easily).
2. I am not very familiar with HTML, CSS or JavaScript
3. I like the .NET MVC URL readability and I have no experience with code behind pages
4. I have Windows hosting at HostGator
5. I do not know php
6. I am good with databases but I've avoided SQL so far
7. I know a great deal about security technologies but I have little experience knowing all the doors I need to lock on a web site.  I need the sites to be secure by default so that I just focus on not creating security holes rather than doing an exhaustive security audit.

Here are some of the details of the various sites I need to build:

1. Most will require authentication
2. Some will require a shopping cart, credit cards, etc.
3. The sites will all need to look sharp and seem modern
4. The security of the sites will need to be solid because real spending gets triggered when a sale is made.

That's pretty much the essentials.  Here are some thoughts I've had in case the above is not clear or complete:

1: I like the fact that Joomla! let's me install a site with authentication and a cart yet I don't have to know HTML in order to get a gorgeous site. BUT, I don't like Joomla! because I don't …






Stripe is an Irish technology company that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. Stripe focuses on providing the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate online payment systems. Using Stripe, web developers can integrate payment processing into their websites without having to register and maintain a merchant account. Application programming interfaces (APIs) have been created for a wide variety of common languages.

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