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About Us Our story dates back to 1996. Since our inception, we have evolved to be the most highly-awarded, premier hosting provider recognized b...

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Five Golden Stars

The Proof is in the Reviews - Not the Pudding

Every business owner understands the significance of online customer reviews and the impact it can have on sales and revenues. With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, getting online reviews has never been easier, especially when many regions around the world are already using the Internet.
Superb Internet Corp - SSL Certificates

Get Expert Advice on SSL Certificates - Everything You Need to Know

SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer” and an SSL certificate is a critical component to keeping your website safe, secured, and compliant.
Any ecommerce website must have an SSL certificate to ensure the safe handling of sensitive information like a customer’s personal and credit card information.

The ABCs of a Homepage - Always be Converting!

Before we dive into the marketing strategies involved with creating an effective homepage, it’s crucial that EE members know what a homepage is. In essence, a homepage is the introductory, or default page, of a website that typically highlights the site’s table of contents.
Transparent Cloud

Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

Meet the world's only “Transparent Cloud™” from Superb Internet Corporation. Now, you can experience firsthand a cloud platform that consistently outperforms Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM’s Softlayer, and Microsoft’s Azure when it comes to CPU and disk performance.

3 Reasons A Firewall Is A Must For Every Business

A 2007 NCSA Cyber Security survey revealed that a mere 4% of the population has a full understanding of firewalls. As business owner, you should be part of that 4% that has a full understanding.
Standard License

How to Protect Your Business from Cloud ‘Overselling’

Many CHPs use the buzzword ‘Cloud Hosting’ to sell the idea of reliability. Most consumers have the opinion that cloud hosting is easily scalable and can handle just about anything. Further, most CHPs are not transparent and hide the underlying architecture and resources available. With that in mind

What would data loss cost your business?

Your data is at risk. Probably more today that at any other time in history. There are simply more people with more access to the Web with bad intentions.

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