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Sybase, a subsidiary of SAP, builds a client/server relational database management system. Products include Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA), Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) for mobile applications, Afaria for enterprise mobile device management and IQ for data warehouse and big data applications.

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In one my tables (not very big, just 700 MB) , the performance for some of the queries goes bad in few days. I did some analysis and found that one of the index on that table , its large i/o efficiency value keeps going down and becomes 0.4.  when we do full reorg rebuild it becomes 1 and performance improves.
I want to know why the large io efficiency values goes down. there are around 1million DML operations on that table on daily basis.

sybase experts please throw some light as always you do.
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I am working with Sybase Replication 12.6 using MSA.  There are reports that run against about 60 tables in the replicated database.
The application team wants to suspend updates to those tables while the reports  are  running.  The report takes approximately one hour.
There are about 100 other critical tables in this database and they prefer not to suspend the connection for the entire database.

It seems I can create a 2nd database and define a subscription but there are a few tables that are extremely large that are not part of the report.
If  I define a subscription for a 2nd replicated database, I need to perform a dump/load- so this replicated database will need to be as large
as the source database and unfortunately with Sybase 12.6, I can't shrink the database - totally wasted space.

Basically, what I need in addition to my MSA replicated database is a snapshot of the database or a subset of the database.
Is there a way to suspend updates for only the tables in the report for my current replicated database?

I thought about creating a database at primary with only views for the tables in the report then trying to replicate that database.
Then I can suspend connections to that database.  Any reason this will not work?

Any other ideas on how to accomplish this?


I am MS SQL DBA and I am now going to study Sybase feature.

1) did sybase has horizontal scale out feature like MS SQL always on?
2) what is the tools (cost/free) tools that detect problematic query ? slowest query at run time?
3)  any tools to detect which part of the slowest query cause the problem?
4) what is the monitoring tools you all use can monitor most of the Sybase problem.
5) any tools help on detecting Sybase query anti pattern ?
6) any tools help on checking missing index and unused index?
7) what is the best backup tools for Sybase.
8) any read only round robin load balancing operation across sybase node?
9) admin and developement tools usually used by sybase DBA and why that?

Any one can tell me what kind of HA , DR solution Sybase is using ? only replication  ?

latest version of Sybase I tried is ASE 15.7!

What monitoring tools , admin and development tools you guys can introduce  for Sybase ?
How to do large set of data movement from SAP ASE/ ASE IQ server to other RDBMS say SQL server.??
The data is need to move is around 2-3 TB , could you please provide a complete step to step approach.
My Sybase IQ tables are too big. A detailed explanation will be highly appreciated.

Hi Experts,
I need to change one of my Sybase databases to be "Inactive", I need to know the value to be updated in "status" column in "sysdatabases" system table.

Daniel Mina
Hi, could you please provide me the new features of sybase SAP ASE 16 version for DBA's and Developers.
I have searched lot on net but mostly find some generic features.
I need whats new for developers ?

One of my SQL queries is picking up the index sometimes and sometime it does the table scan. I can see in the show plan , sometimes it picks up the index but other times does the table can.
I have run the update stats on the table many times and even done reorg rebuild but still the issue persists.
Can you please advise what all to check or make changes so that optimizer picks up the right index always. ( i dont want to force the index on the table)
Please advise.
Dear sybase experts,

I have a big table where i am trying to run the reorg rebuild but database space is not much and hence its failing. Table size is approx 30GB and space left in database is also 30GB. Is there a way without increasing database space i can complete reorg rebuild.

Can someone please help me to change my query slightly?

I have a simple database table  which is named "City". It includes the id of the district, and last names of people in the district.
As you can see in the sample table the last names occur more than once, as there are many people in the city with the same last name in different districts.

I have a query which counts the number of unique names in the city by district. The name will not be counted more than once. Meaning if it was already counted in a previous district, it won't be counted again. So for example you can see in the query result that last name "Marconi" was only counted once, as it was counted in District 1, but not District 2.

The query works great, but it needs to be modified slightly so that it will also display the total of all of the names in a district, regardless if there are repeat names in a district. Please see the "Desired result" below to see what I need my query to produce. Attached is a copy of my table with data which can be recreated in sql server by running the attached script. My sql is very generic, so that it runs on other sql platforms like Sybase and Oracle.

My Working Query :
select t.Cityid, t.DiD, count(FamilyName) AS DistinctFamilyNames
from (
            CityId, MIN(DistrictId)AS DiD,FamilyName  
    from City WHERE CityId = 'Austin' Group By CityId,FamilyName
    ) t
group by t.CityId, t.DiD;

City table :

CityId  DistrictId        …
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Suppose I have a City which is divided into districts.

I have a database table  which is named "City". It includes the id of the district, and last names of people in the district.
As you can see in the sample table the last names occur more than once, as there are many people in the city with the same last name.

What I need is a query which will display the data broken up into the CityId, the DistrictId, and the unique last name of each person in each district. Note that the count of a last name should not occur more than once. So if the same district has 10 people with the last name of "Brown" that name should not be counted more than once. Also if the name was already counted in another district, is should not be counted again in a different district.

City Table :
CityId  |  DistrictId | FamilyName
Austin  |  1          | Brown
Austin  |  1          | Brown
Austin  |  1          | James
Austin  |  1          | Maroni
Austin  |  2          | Maroni
Austin  |  2          | Trevor
Austin  |  2          | Jones
Austin  |  3          | Brown
Austin  |  3          | Greyson
Austin  |  3          | Maroni
Austin  |  3          | Nantula

Query result :

Austin | 1 | Brown
Austin | 1 | James
Austin | 1 | Maroni
Austin | 2 | Trevor
Austin | 2 | Jones
Austin | 3 | Greyson
Austin | 3 | Nantula

I have a sql query which will return the correct result in sql server, but it will not work in Sybase, because Sybase…

We are running ASE 15.0 (with character set latin-1 on Solaris 10).  We want to convert the charset of database server from latin-1 to UTF-8 to support  Chinese characters.
can anybody help us to list the steps involved in this charset conversion?  We understand we may have to bcp out/in all the tables unless the data stored in tables are only ASCII-7.  Is there any easy method to convert to UTF-8 without bcp in/out?

We have setup Warm standby using Sybase Replication Server. Do we need to change the charset of Replication server too to support UTF-8 along with dataserver? Kindly advise.

SELECT Professor_Name, Salary FROM SALARIES WHERE Salary > (SELECT MIN(Salary) FROM SALARIES) * 4;
why above query not working
please advise
Dear EE,

We have licensed EAServer 6.3.1 software available.

Now we want to relocate our EAServer machine from one location to another. (Geographic relocation).

Please help us to confirm whether same EAServer license will work or we have to request SAP for another license.

As per our understanding EAServer license is bind with Server MAC Address.

Do we need to maintain same server name and ip address etc ?

I'm trying to establish a connection to Medisoft database using ODBC but I can not get a connection established. This is the command string I'm putting in my application:

ODBC;Server=HDCServer;DSN=MSPatient;User ID=user;Password=password;

The ODBC source is pointing to MWDDF.ADD

The error is that "the table is a database table, it can not be opened as a free table"

The ODBC driver is installed. Any ideas ?
what are uses of Windows functions like


is it supported in all the databases?

what are other windows functions are there?
why they called windows functions

please advise
what are differences between correlated vs non-correlated sub query

when we use each one of them
what is moving range date and how correlated sub query useful there?

also when we use Cartesian product with cross join
please advise



please advise


i have 100 records in column 1 and column 2 with roughly half capitol words(HONDA etc.) and rest of half small words(nissan etc.)

when i do UPPER character function

i expected to see 50 records with values like NISSAN

when i do LOWER character function
i expected to see 50 records with values like honda

but i got only 2 records.

can you please advise how to fix this
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Hello Experts,
Currently I am in the process of comparing a large number of tables between two databases. The source db is Sybase and the destination to which it was migrated to is SQL Server. One simple but a tedious way is to save the output as text files and compare it with each other using file comparison, which really is not efficient when the rows are several hundred thousands. Hence, would like to know if there is an easy way out.

Thanks in Advance!
I have a Sybase Anywhere 16 database. I was wondering if there was anyway of see who or when a row or column was last changed. I am thinking there is not but I am not that familiar with Sybase.
SELECT COUNT ( DISTINCT cust_code ) AS "Number of employees"
FROM orders;

checking above query at

how to display those unique values of  cust_code rather than just count
please advise
WHERE District= "California";

what is difference between above and below query?

WHERE DISTRICT = "California";

Please advise
Need to know if its possible in SAP Plant Maintenance to do a manual call on just ONE maintenance item # on a multi-item maintenance plan. For example, I have a maintenance plan # 1001 that has 99 task list items on it, varying in intervals from daily to annually, and one of those task lists maint items is # 567, I want to manually call just that 567 item to generate a work order tomorrow. I know if I were to create a maintenance plan for every task list, this would not be a problem, but my maintenance plans have many task lists on them and I cannot figure out how to manually call just ONE of them and not any others on that maintenance plan.
thx experts
In Sybase sql how do I check if a stored procedure exists?
If the procedure exists I need to recreate it.

If it does not exists I need to also create it.

Sybase Database

Sybase, a subsidiary of SAP, builds a client/server relational database management system. Products include Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA), Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) for mobile applications, Afaria for enterprise mobile device management and IQ for data warehouse and big data applications.

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