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System Utilities are a type of system software used to support the computer infrastructure, distinguishing it from application software which is ai...

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Troubleshooting Solution

PC Freezing

I probably should know what to do with this sort of Q, but when it's your own PC it's sometimes …

How to determine the type of file from its contents

There have been many questions here at Experts Exchange along the lines of, "How can I tell the type of file from its contents?", as well as, "What kind of file has the XXX extension?" Sometimes the situation is that a file does not even have an extension. This article addresses those issues.

Calling all System Administrators!!  We are excited for …

Calling all System Administrators!!

We are excited for SysAdmin Day on July 28th! To celebrate, …

System volume on server needs to be extended.

It is a common problem that often server suffers from the lack of space on system volume. Old …

Creating a bootable USB drive: another comparison article

I previously wrote an article addressing the use of UBCD4WIN and SARDU. All are great, but I have always been an advocate of SARDU. Recently it was suggested that I go back and take a look at Easy2Boot in comparison.
Troubleshooting Solution

network/downloading issues

recently, nothing has changed on our network, we have a PIX 515e firewall.  Our AVG willnot update, …

Windows Drivers


Find out what hardware you have and get the most up to date drivers from the manufacturer!

You can


Slipstreaming Software

I wrote an article some time ago with a reference to nLite 
Troubleshooting Solution

How to remotely connect to a pc that got stuck middle restart?

Hi Experts,

I was connected remotely to my work pc and installed windows updates then had to …

Best Free Data Recovery Software for Windows

The article will include the best Data Recovery Tools along with their Features, Capabilities, and their Download Links. Hope you’ll enjoy it and will choose the one as required by you.
Advice Solution

How can we automatically reboot 60+ PCs every evening?

byY Y

Hi experts,

We want to automatically reboot a group of domain-joined Win10 PCs every evening. 


Troubleshooting Solution

Windows 8.1 can't boot up after updating chrome

Dear all,

once update chrome x64 and reboot, Windows 8.1 can't boot up at all, restore point very…
Troubleshooting Solution

MAC Recovery Partition Gone...

I have a MacBook Pro 2012 I am working on for a client... I grabbed all data & just copied it to a …
Troubleshooting Solution

How to make work again Windows 10 that has been damaged by a bugged cloning tool that have removed the partition table of the disk


Some time ago I tried to clone the main SSD disk and the only partition where I'd …
Troubleshooting Solution

Dell Studio XPS 13 - Need to put XP on machine

We have tried speaking to dell and get no help what so ever

All I want is the exact sata drivers …
Troubleshooting Solution

Search for word within files in a folder.

Hi Experts,
What is the easiest way to search for a word within the contents of files in a specific…

For Windows: Here are top 10 Duplicate File Finder Tools that you need to know

Today, still in the boom of Apple, PC's and products, nearly 50% of the computer users use Windows as graphical operating systems. If you are among those users who love windows, but are grappling to keep the system's hard drive optimized, then you should read this article.
Troubleshooting Solution

Downgrade Vista to XP - Need Audio Driver!

Background Details:
I have 4 of these Gateway M-151x Laptops that came with Vista.  Three must run …
Troubleshooting Solution

use WD true image to clone Windows 8.1 system partition

Dear all,

right now try to use WD true image to clone the system partition of Windows 8.1 and my …

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