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System Utilities are a type of system software used to support the computer infrastructure, distinguishing it from application software which is aimed at directly performing tasks that benefit ordinary users. Commonly used utilities include password managers, disk managers, system monitors, data synchronization tools, security and antivirus software and editors.

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I purchased 3 servers, set them up on my domain, and then an outside software vendor came in and installed their software and set it all up. They went out of business but the machines kept chugging away. I changed my domain structure and took two servers down ( put them on a workgroup) preparatory to moving to the new domain. But I was unable to join the domain as that "guru" had changed the local admin password. They are long gone and I really need to "reclaim" those servers! Is there any way I can get that local admin password back??? I haven't yet taken the 3rd server off the current domain and assume its local admin password would have been set to whatever the other two are. Is this any kind of help to me? Can anyone tell me how to reset the local admin password so I can get back into those servers? Or recover that password somehow?

How to measure disk I/O. what are the tools available in Suse Linux and which tools is best for it.

Thanks in advance,


Here goes:

Recently I accidently repartitioned my drive which had VERY valuable data on. I didn't format the hard drive so the data is still on it. I did use OnTrackRecovery software and I have managed to get data back from the hard drive, but it is in a right mess. The extension (.exe or .jpg, etc...) of my files are not quite what they should be.

I am having a right difficulty on determining what type of file it is by trying to open the file as an ".exe" or a word or PDF or music, I'm sure you catch my drift.

There is over 100GB of data which I am trying to retrieve so as you can imagine the pain i'm in right now!

Is there is way possible to use a software which can run tests or something which can identify which application the files can run in?

I would greatly appreciate your help in this matter as you can see by the screenshot how many types of file extensions there are, some of which aren't detected by a simple google search.



Hello Experts,

I have a USB Camera that is not working on four different machines.  I have installed the device and drives and it was working.  Now it does not.

All systems are Windows XP.

I have taken the Camera and tried it on a different machine and the device is recognized.
When I plug it into one of the four computers it does not even reconize there is a  device.  I have plugged in a mouse to the ports we use and the mouse works.

How do I remove the current driver for this device?   It does not show up on Device Manager.

The device does work on the firth machine  were I did not install the drivers.  The USB ports work because the mouse will work in those ports.
I can get the times (create, Access, Modifiy) of one file and change a second file's datetimes accordingly.  However, I'm having a devil of a time displaying that datetime as a string. See below.

FHIn  := FileOpen(FNOut,fmShareDenyWrite or fmOpenWrite);    
FHOut := FileOpen(FNOut,fmShareDenyWrite or fmOpenWrite);    
                               // - all working so far

showmessage(FormatDateTime('yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss',FMDo)+'   '+FNOut)
                               // this displays - 1899/12/30 00:00:00  (and the file name)

What is the most direct way to display a file's date in string format?

TIA - Ed
Dear all,

I have the following existing script using litespeed backup

Declare @filenumber int
exec master.dbo.xp_backup_database @database = N'iXCore_Port',
@GUID = N'7565C182-6AC1-4E5F-82B9-6136A3BAA782',
@filename = N'\\REPO\Litespeed\Batch02\iXCore_Port200903191122LiteSpeed_Full.BKP',
@backupname = N'Repository Daily iXCore_Port Full Backup',
@desc = N'Repository Daily iXCore_Port Full Backup',
@jobp = N'FlTb+IlqB9p9+MB4HPgZQg==', @cryptlevel = 6,
@compressionlevel = 11, @comment = '', @with = N'SKIP', @with = N'STATS = 10',
@filenumber = @filenumber output

exec master.dbo.xp_restore_verifyonly
@filename = N'\\REPO\Litespeed\Batch02\iXCore_Port200903191122LiteSpeed_Full.BKP',
@jobp = N'FlTb+IlqB9p9+MB4HPgZQg==', @filenumber = @filenumber

I have tried to add "@threads =16," and change compressionLevel to 11, but the total time doesn't change much.

Any suggestion on how to optimize that?

Also any link show me how to implemetn full backup + differential backup + retentation period using litespeed?

any way to improve the speed and size ,etc will be good !

I am trying to troubleshoot an issue related to a corrupt user profile and internet explorer.  The issue basically impacts the user in a multitude of strange behaviors when running thin client applications in internet explorer.  There are various communication errors that are not reproducible when she logs in to another machine with a brand new profile.  Yet on her machine the problem persists in spite of rebuilding internet explorer.  

Are there any utilities that would be useful that would help analyze what exactly is going on with the users profile as we reproduce the issue?  I was thinking something the event viewer could do to shed some light on what is going on.  We would ideally like to have a lens into what internet explorer and the underlying profile might be doing to cause the communication errors.
I was again needing to expand a partition on one of my 2003 x64 servers.  I expanded the vmdk as usual, but, when I tried run extpart either via CL or interactively, I get the following error:

Program Cannot Start or Run
The program or feature "\??\C:\Temp\EXTpart\ExtPart.exe" cannot start or run due to incompatibility with 64-bit versions of windows.  Please contact the software vendor to ask if a 64-bit Windows compatible version is available.

The main difference between now and when I last ran it on this system (5 day ago), is I ran Windows Update the day before (ran out of sufficient free space causing the Exchange (2007) Transport service to reject message submissions).

Any assistance with getting extpart to run, or an alternate method to quickly expand partitions (preferably hot) would be greatly appreciated.
We are looking to purchase the Dell SecureWorks iSensor with managed IPS services. We currently do not have an IDP or IPS system in place.

Does anyone have any experience with SecureWorks, the iSensor platform, or their managed IPS services? If so would you recommend it and do you find that it has significantly improved your network security? Have you had much trouble or headaches with the service or device?

We are strongly considering purchasing their services. We have a small network team (myself and one other admin) for a medium sized and fairly complex network so we don't have the time or expertise to learn and manage an IPS system on our own or report to every false alarm they generate.

Thank you in advance!
When I boot up via Safe Mode, it would pause for almost 6-7 minutes
while reading mup.sys file below.  I renamed this file to disable_mup.sys
but it recreated this file again.

What is this driver file used for or is it a virus?  Any harm to permanently
delete/disable it?

 Directory of C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers

04/21/2011  09:37 PM           105,472 disable_mup.sys
04/21/2011  09:37 PM           105,472 mup.sys

I have a client who has a dead ASUS Laptop mainboard. The hard drive is fully functional. Since it is still under warranty i will be sending it in for repairs. ASUS tech. support requested that I backup the drive contents prior to shipment to them. Normally not a big deal but the client has two programs that he does not have the reinstall disks for.

Is there a way to image that entire drive and save the image until the laptop is returned?

I will have to connect the Laptop drive via a USB adapter to a desktop PC.



  I would like download data from a webpage in to excel or csv..


  I would need to extract ,

               FX Buying      FX Selling
 Dollar      1.8100      1.8187
 Euro      2.2227      2.2334

   from the above page in to Excel and convert it to the below format in .csv..... file


     Only the Buying rates needs to come in to .csv file....

    ANy ideas or advice.... Help greatly appreciated.

every time i start my laptop bitlocker drive encryption password entry when i start my laptop; how do i get rid of it?
I have an IBM P520 that came pre-installed with AIX Unix from a software vendor. The machine is no longer being used for it's orignal purpose and I would like to install a linux distro (Debian preferably) in place of the AIX Unix.

The problem is there was no HMC installed on the machine. IBM want's a support contract to just to talk to them about how to download and install an HMC.

I'm looking for advice on how to get (download) an HMC for an IBM p520 and pointers on how to install it as well, and maybe a link to a manual.

I have picked up this HP desktop to repair. The operating system is on a partition on the hard drive. I have done all the diagnostics and start-up OS repairs to no avail. The PC will boot up all the way to the users name and waiting for a password. Sometimes it will reboot before I can type 1 character of the password and other tines I can type the whole password in but that is where it stops and then after a few seconds it reboots.
I took the hard drive out and hooked it to this one and I can see everything on the hard drive.
I ran a check disk and malwarebytes while I had it hooked to mine hoping that would fix any corrupt OS file but that did not work. I really don't now what else to do besides backup and format to factory condition.
Can any of you experts please have an easier way than formatting, There are quit a bit of programs that would need to be reinstalled.
I thought HP had a function key that would repair/reinstall without loosing any data or program but I don't see it/
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
I have been messing around with Process Explorer.  I have a question.  Is it correct to assume that if I total all the Private Bytes that will equal the Current Commit Charge?.  I am attaching a screen shot to illustrate.

If that is the case is it possible for some memory usage to not show up in the list but only in the total?

Process Explorer
I've been searching for an application to do system logging. We’re having an error pop up during the log off process and want to capture what application is invoking it. When this error happens nothing is recorded inside Windows event viewer. I’ve been using ProcMon, but couldn’t narrow anything down.  The monitor needs to a system based process, rather than user. The issue happens when the user logs off.

Does anyone have a good experiences with something else out there?
I have purchased a second hand server (DL380 G4) and need to install Windows 2000 Server SP4.  

I have the Windows Server 2000 disk and license but can HP SmartStart be used for the setup?
Hi Experts... I have been having trouble sending emails to addresses from our server. I noticed that this is somewhat common with their domain. On one of your threads I found the answer to the problem by following the following url:

Unfortunatley this is no longer a valid path... is there an updated place to go to get removed from the list. We have no other issues like this.

Thanks for the help.
Hi all,

I know at first this might seem easy but as always the devil's are in the details.

So here's the scenario...

Let's say I have a directory structure like this:


I want find to return all the directories under first directory called "b" it finds so in the above case I want it to return:


and not


since these although are under a "b" directory it's 2 levels of "b" down.

Because I don't know how far in the first level "b" will be I cannot use the "maxdepth" option which otherwise would be the easy way. I don't want to return anything but these directories directly under the specified directory.

I working an environment where the number of hosts my team is expected to manage is starting to grow. It is starting to get to the point where logging onto to the individual machines to roll out changes is too time consuming.

Can someone please recommend solutions that would allow us to perform the functions below across multiple hosts in a centralized manner? The computers will be running XP Pro and Server 2008.

Registry Management
Software Management
Directory Management
File Management
Scheduled Tasks

I know this is basic stuff, but any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Hi Expert ,

One of my client have 150 computers and they want to get inventory list os version software etc , is there any free network inventory tools? ,

My client site using Active Directory

we have a scanner that cannot transfer files over the vpn by itself so i need a utility that can look at one folder on a computer move the files to another folder accross the vpn on a server on a different subnet.  it needs to delete the files from the orginal location and just move them to the other location.  is there anything like this??
I need to be able to monitor remote server services of my clients servers. I have tried some of the commercial software which is costly, overcomplicated and difficult to setup and configure. I just want an email sent if a service stops on a server. Simple as that. The software needs to be cheap or better free.  Oh and I dont want to have to do a load of messing around in windows firewall or the hardware firewall to get it to communicate so preferably something that installs on the server ie an agent. Anyone got any recommendations.
I am new to Backup Exec so please bear with me.

I have 3 jobs set up to back up 3 individual servers. First jobs always runs successfully, then second and third always fails with fallowing error:

“The job was canceled because the response to a media request alert was Cancel, or because the alert was configured to automatically respond with Cancel, or because the Backup Exec Job Engine service was stopped.”

I thought the problem was that all 3 backup jobs were schedule to start at the same time, so I spaced it out a bit to start at different times. But that did not help.

Any ideas what could be causing the issue?

System Utilities





System Utilities are a type of system software used to support the computer infrastructure, distinguishing it from application software which is aimed at directly performing tasks that benefit ordinary users. Commonly used utilities include password managers, disk managers, system monitors, data synchronization tools, security and antivirus software and editors.