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System Utilities are a type of system software used to support the computer infrastructure, distinguishing it from application software which is aimed at directly performing tasks that benefit ordinary users. Commonly used utilities include password managers, disk managers, system monitors, data synchronization tools, security and antivirus software and editors.

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Hi Expert,

Good Day.

I have a windows xp in factory for machine use, some issue and I formated and I need the driver to be working. I have try update it from device manager and it couldn't I can't remember what I did in the past to force windows xp to search for it driver. Appreciate if anyone know it.

TaskManager all tabs values are 0%,can anyone help me to fix that?
Hey everyone I am looking for some tips on troubleshooting causes for third-party applications that constantly freeze up or simply crash when in use. Unfortunately the software provider is of no use until I can actually prove that it is the software and not a Windows system issue or resources.

Does anyone have any tips on what tools to use and to extract event logs or crash logs to investigate after a user experiences a lock out or application crush?

Any quick tips would be much appreciated thank you.

These are windows 7 32-bit and sometimes 64-bit machines running office 2016 and Internet explorer and chrome along with this third-party custom developed browser to connect to a hosted server over the internet.

When Users experience this issue they seemed to be OK clicking on Outlook or another browser so it doesn't look like a networking issue per se.

Thanks again.
I have just taken a trip to Italy took pictures with both my Canon SLR and multiple iPhones.
I copied all images  when I got home and wanted to make sure all TimeStamps are properly sequential.

  1. My SLR time was adjusted a few days into the trip to match the time zone I was in. So the first 100 or so pictures were timestamps with Eastern Standard Time (-6 hours from Italy). After I changed the time on the SLR all Date Taken were correct.
  2. iPhones time adjusted to the time zone when we landed do all images Date Taken were correct.

So I wanted to make sure that the first 100 or so images taken with my SLR had the correct Date Taken and not be offset by -6 hours.  So what I did was modify the Date Modified +6 hours, but this did not change the Date Taken and I know that this data is EXIF information and cannot be changed the same way I did for date modified.
What I did notice when examine this, Date Taken vs Date Modified on the iPhone EXIF were offset by 6 hours.  So Date Taken was the time in Italy, but the Date Modified is the time in NY.  This data was not manipulated in any way.

Can anyone shed some light on why the iPhone timestamps are offset like that?
Greetings!  Setting up WDS on Server 2012 64-bit.  I am trying to generate a catalog file for an image and I keep getting this error:
(see attached log file.  I had an error stating the version of the ADK was not correct and got rid of that error.  Now I get this one.  Unknown.
Anyone run into this before?  Any ideas?  Doesn't matter if I create an image using ImageX, ImageX GUI, WDS.  I am using a WIndows 8.1 installation disc as the source of the install image.

Any ideas or comments of a mature, friendly and/or professional kind are much appreciated.J--WSIM-error-Log-Catalog-file-creat.txtpicture of basic error WSIM
Best regards,

i need to redirect the input and output.conf files for my workstations so it see my current splunk server. which is the correct location of the file?

C:\Program Files\SplunkUniversalForwarder\etc\system\local


C:\Program Files\SplunkUniversalForwarder\etc\system\default
Toshiba Satellite P50-A
i 7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz 2.40GHz
64 bit
12.0 GB
Windows 10 Home

What is a simple way to make sure my computer is running efficiently with Windows 10 Home? With the old windows I could defrag my hard drive, clear up unused programs and do other things to make it run faster. I don't see where I can do that with Windows 10 Home.

Or if you could suggest a free program (not a registry cleaner because I had bad luck with that) that could do the same thing?
Hello experts , I am having an issue with finding drivers for a range of different systems. Is there a good bit of software or a pool online that can help me out?

I work on HP's, Dell, generic stuff .
I'm looking for a utility or program that will run an analysis on a given disk and provide information about the amount of consumption over time.  Say for example over the last year we've consumed X amount of disk space.

THanks ...

ineed any way to rest dvr password
or the dvr roms
I am pulling my hair out trying to narrow down what is causing my Disk Performance in Task Manager to be 100%

The following screen prints aren't giving me any indication.

I am a .Net Developer and have been using this particular PC with no issues for some time.

Memory Sorted
I have a pc running Win7Pro and using a Radeon HD 6870 graphics card to display to a Samsung TV.  The driver got funky today and I went to AMD and downloaded a driver, and thought it installed, but when I go to Control Panel>Display>Screen Resolution>Advanced Settings and click on Adapter tab, it shows Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600.  What do I need to do to get the AMD driver to load?  I had restarted the machine after the AMD installer had finished running.

I went through some questions about duplicate files finders here.
Some where old and most related to personal computers.

I am looking for an application, current, not free, which would do a good job in removing duplicate files by moving duplicates to a folders tree to a different location for backup and retrieval if needed.

Before I used Dupehunter:

Not sure that this application is updated anymore and maybe there is something better.

Thank you.
I am trying to do the following with a brand new, out of the box, HP Probook 650 G2 laptop.

I built an image using AIK about a year ago. To install the image I boot the laptop to WIndows PE via usb thumb drive that is formatted Fat32. Once it boots into Windows PE I attach another USB thumb drive that has the .wim image on it and is formatted NTFS (image is over 10GB in size). The issue is when I go in to Diskpart and then do a list disk and it shows only the internal hard drive. It doesn't show the drive I booted with (WinPE) nor does it show the drive where I have the image.

I have used this method on other HP laptops (HP EliteBook Revolve 810 and HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 ) that have the newer SSD's where they are like a chip instead of your standard looking drive. This particular laptops model is M.2 solid state form factor. I don't think the drive has anything to do with my issue though. I think something in the BIOS is set wrong or no longer supports this method.

If I plug both USB thumb drives in at boot up and go into the BIOS one of them will show under the UEFI boot section and the other in the Legacy boot section. Each time I reboot they show a little differently. Sometimes they will swap places, other times only one will show in both and the other no where. I have disabled UEFI and it made no difference. I am not sure why it would boot into Windows PE yet diskpart not even see the drive it is running off of let alone the one with the image. While …
Please provide me with the URL address(es) I can use to download the Windows XP printer driver for  Dell Color MFP H625cdw printer
We have an old physical Win 2003 server almost running out of space on C drive. There is plenty of space on D which is on the same HD as C. We want to re-distribute more space to C drive. Do you know if there is a utility for this purpose? free better.
Laptop: HP Pavilion, OS: Windows 10.
Until recently the disk drive of the laptop worked as expected.
Suddenly it started to display the message "No disk drive", although, from time to time, for a short time, the laptop displays the content of the DVD which is in the disk drive.
Unfortunately I don't get a suggestion from HP.
What should I do.
So I have a Windows 10  home edition laptop with  UEFI that has a disk going bad. I was able to get Paragon Disk Manager 12 to create an archive of the disk a week ago. But when I attempt to migrate the OS to a new drive, the disk is now far enough gone to not complete the boot partition.
The failing drive still boots in the laptop but I get a pop up window warning of a failing disk. I have a copy of every type of Windows 10 except the home edition and everything i read says the any repair or restore efforts must be made with the edition and version that was installed on the machine.

Is there a way to restore the archive to the new drive and run a utility to make it bootable? Can I use the recovery or Push button partitions in some fashion? I am trying to avoid a clean install. Can I sure another utility like Easy BCD to create a boot sector after restoring all the partitions from the archive? I can use my home computer to put the old and new drive on and then run Paragon or Easy BCD to make the replacement drive bootable. Once back up, then I will upgrade the drive to 10 Pro.
We've got several Dell E6330 Latitude laptops with both a primary and a modular bay battery installed.  (We manually installed the bay batteries after receiving the units)

We began powering on the units and went to the bios to check out various settings. Surprisingly, on many of these units, the Battery Information screen in BIOS only shows (1) battery, the primary one.  We became concerned when more and more of the units did not display the attached second bay battery

However, THE FIRST TIME  you attach an ac adapter to the unit, while viewing the Battery Information BIOS screen, within 2-3 seconds, the second bay battery pops up and is displayed in the bios screen.  We then restart the unit without an ac adapter and the 2nd battery still shows both in BIOS and in Windows.

I'm trying to find out why it took attaching an ac adapter to seemingly 'activate' the bay battery.

Does anyone have an excel or know of a good inventory for virtual servers?  This would be both hardware, software, configuration and database inventory.

My Norton subscription is about to expire.  I'm considering changing security software on my (Marshmallow) Android.  Any suggestions?  Any anti-suggestions?

I want real-time protection for web browsing (preferably for more browsers than Chrome and the stock Android browser, ideally UC Browser), the ability to scan my microSD card, and a good program that will allow me to retrieve a lost phone (photos, siren, GPS) and wipe the phone and SD card remotely, if need be.  I'm sure there's a lot more that I would want if I knew more, so feel free to add requirements.

I'm not married to the idea of using a single program for all of these functions.  Also, my phone is NOT rooted.  I expect that I will root it sometime in the next year.

Incidentally, I tried Where's My Droid, and it totally messed up my phone.  I've seen worse mess-ups, but I wouldn't even consider that program (unless my using Norton at the same time was the cause of the problems).

I'll check back in a few days to see what y'experts think.  Go!
someone brought in a system with some malware on it + chinese softwares
i ran the usual tools : AV, MBAM, roguekiller, adaware
i also removed old softwares with revo

however, in the context menu of this windows 7 system (updated to windows 10) i still see chenese entries, though in add/remove programs there are none to be seen (they were there before)

on some you can select uninstall - but then are presented with multiple choices in chinese

does anybody know how to delete these?
if someone reads chinese, i can post a screenshot of it
Dear Experts,
I have an old tape to restore the data from. It is showing 512 GB when I select the slot where the tape is kept but when I try to do the restore it shows blank in the restore folder tree as if there is no data inside the tape. I tried to do the inventory and catalog the tape before restore but same problem.Few days ago when the c drive was full, I selected the option to keep catalog for two months only. Is this creating the problem. Any suggestion will be great help for me.
Thanks and Regards.
I have a corrupted  Windows 10 home on a laptop and the files that SFC would use are also corrupted. I have a installation disk of Windows 10 pro and the system files look like they are stored in a \sources directory on the DVD. I am having problems using /offbootdir and /offwindir to get SFC to use the system files on the installation DVD. Can someone help me with the syntax or perhaps another way of repairing this install?
How can I add a folder the "Favorites" list in WinZip? This list appears to be different from the analogous list in Windows.

Adding Folder to WinZip Favorites
In the above example, I wish to add the FREELANCE folder.


System Utilities





System Utilities are a type of system software used to support the computer infrastructure, distinguishing it from application software which is aimed at directly performing tasks that benefit ordinary users. Commonly used utilities include password managers, disk managers, system monitors, data synchronization tools, security and antivirus software and editors.