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I am setting up the Microsoft debugger tool and have difficult to set the path for the symbol file path.

Please help
Simplify Active Directory Administration
Simplify Active Directory Administration

Administration of Active Directory does not have to be hard.  Too often what should be a simple task is made more difficult than it needs to be.The solution?  Hyena from SystemTools Software.  With ease-of-use as well as powerful importing and bulk updating capabilities.

We are looking for a tool that would add users to an AD group based on the volume listed in the home directory path. It looks like Hyena and ADManager Plus might have these capabilities. Would anybody recommend one over the other or know another program that they think is better?
Mass Updating Active Directory From a Text File
This video shows how to use Hyena, from SystemTools Software, to update 100 user accounts from an external text file. View in 1080p for best video quality.
I would like to use applocker to block access for all domain users (except 10 End User support domain ids) from
accessing the following apps :

a) cmd.exe (which can be named as something else as a user may copy cmd.exe to another name, say cmm.exe)
b) mmc.exe
c) PowerShell

Kindly provide step by step (with screen shots if possible) on how to configure the above

Not feasible for me to go PC (or laptop) by PC to set this.  Do provide a mass deployment method.  We have
SCCM & Desktop Central so if the rules/policies can be saved & mass 'pushed' to all the PCs, will be good
to provide the steps

Is applocker free for use as long as we have a Win 7 (or Win 8) licence (as in our case)?
OS : Windows OS

to give remote support for software products to my personal clients, I want a tool, with free/reasonable price for an individual.

remote connect tool should able to connect - remote PC with/without  intervention by user at remote pc ( of course with credential configured)

 I have checked with Teamviewer, which offer above features, but the price is too huge for an individual to bear the cost.

please advice some alternatives
I would like to check if specific proxy service  (sc queryex ProxyClientSvc) is running on
the 3000 PCs/laptops in our organization.

A past SCCM administrator was able to push installers (*.msi) to the 3000 PCs & install it
but our new SCCM administrator told me it's not possible to issue Windows commands
(eg: dir,  sc queryex ...) from SCCM to the PCs.  Is this so?

I've used a HP product in the past which could issue OS commands (Windows & UNIX)
to hundreds/thousands of PCs & UNIX endpoints & get the outputs for all the endpoints
back in one single output file which indicates the hostname/IP of each endpoints, the
output for each points segregated by =======  between each endpoints' output

If it can be done by SCCM, can someone can give me a step by step instruction (with
screen shots) so that I can share with the new SCCM administrator?  The exact SCCM
command I wanted to issue is:
  sc queryex ProxyClientSvc | find/i "Running"
  if %errorlevel% neq 0 echo service is not running

Possible to run Windows .bat or .cmd scripts or PowerShell scripts via SCCM to be
executed to all endpoints & then get the output back?
Looking for software that will run off a thumbdrive for cleaning up computers. I currently, either have to run the hard drives as a slave on my computer our install my software on their computer.
Hyena v12.2 is now available for downloading and is available in English, French, German and Spanish versions.
Restoring deleted objects in Active Directory has been a standard feature in Active Directory for many years, yet some admins may not know what is available.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

do you know any good vpn monitoring tools?  what i want to do is, manage the different vpns for my clients?
Looking for recommendation or advice on how others have accomplished this task

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SystemTools Software develops, markets, and sells computer system management and Active Directory administration software. Our award-winning 'Hyena' software product is used worldwide by thousands of organizations to help manage Windows-based computer networks.

Are you still using the built-in Windows administration tools to manage your Windows 200x or Active Directory environment? SystemTools Hyena is designed to both simplify and centralize nearly all day-to-day management tasks, while providing new capabilities for system administration.

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