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A tablet computer is a mobile computer with a touchscreen display, circuitry, and battery in a single device. Tablets come equipped with sensors, i...

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Learning is a process of forgetting learned stuff; acquiring innovative ideas from our competitors; challenging the status quo of our World.

Troubleshooting Solution

COM & LPT ports nonexistent in device manager.

- How not to use a laptop -
I put two devices on the same COM port and now no com …
Pen Tablet

Creating Art with Digital Media Forms: Where to Begin

All of the resources available today make learning a new digital media easier than ever-- if you know where to begin. This is a clear, simple guide to a few of the basic digital art mediums and how to begin learning them on your own.

Apple's iPad Pro and Microsoft's Surface Pro aren't supposed…

Apple's iPad Pro and Microsoft's Surface Pro aren't supposed to be competitors in my eyes, but …

It amazes me that my toddler nephew is already a YouTube …

It amazes me that my toddler nephew is already a YouTube wiz. He remembers which videos are his …

Huh... Samsung made an infographic to share what they …

Huh... Samsung made an infographic to share what they figured out about the Galaxy Note 7 battery …
Troubleshooting Solution

How Stop Galaxy Tablet Wallpaper Looks Like A Puzzle


I have a Samsung tablet A that has the wallpaper looking like a puzzle.  How do I get rid of that? 

Advice Solution

Determine what application is using NTLMv1


The security scan and advice suggested we Ensure that NTLMv1 and old LM protocols are banned. I see


I really hope this gets integrated into Windows soon :)  …

I really hope this gets integrated into Windows soon :)

Troubleshooting Solution

tablet/laptop recommendation

I am looking for a tablet/laptop that employee can use when they are on the go.

I will have an …

How Small Businesses Can Enhance Their Site's User Experience

If you’re trying to turn your small- to medium-sized business website into something great, then look to some of the strategies being used by similarly sized businesses for inspiration.

How to improve Healthcare BYOD and HIPAA Compliance

Ensuring effective and secure communication in the age of healthcare BYOD.
Troubleshooting Solution

does a Visual Land Premier 10 tablet support Bluetooth?

Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

           I am wondering if a Visual Land Premier 10 tablet …
Troubleshooting Solution

Enable "Pin to Taskbar" Windoze 11 on an M$ Surface Pro


M$ Windoze 11 Pro, 22H2 (but it was the same with previous versions) on an M$ Surface Pro (Core

Troubleshooting Solution

Disable all on Windows 10


I need your help. We have a TabletPC (Windows 10) in a domain (DC:Windows Server 2008) and…
Troubleshooting Solution

how do I set up a simple home network?

I have a Bell (my ISP) 2000 modem/router.  It is connected directly to the PC beside it by way of an…
Troubleshooting Solution

Setting up an android tablet for password and browser use only

Has anyone ever configured an android tablet that only allows 1 application to run upon login?  

Troubleshooting Solution

Windows 10 tablet with GPS

Are there any WIndows 10 tablets or laptop with build in GPS receiver ?
Troubleshooting Solution

WEb pages getting very dark background on Samsung Tablets. Other devices and desktop OK

Some HTML5 / Bootstap web pages started getting very dark background and unreadable reported by …
Troubleshooting Solution

Prowling for the best 8" Google Android Tablet

Well I just bit the bullet and bought an 8" tablet called Amazon Fire which I really like because …
Troubleshooting Solution

Need help booting from USB drive.... 500 Points

I am trying to boot from a USB drive on my M275 Tablet. I am trying to boot a .ISO image of …

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