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A tablet computer is a mobile computer with a touchscreen display, circuitry, and battery in a single device. Tablets come equipped with sensors, including cameras, a microphone, and an accelerometer, and the touchscreen display uses the recognition of finger or stylus gestures replacing the usage of the mouse and keyboard. They usually feature on-screen, pop-up virtual keyboards for typing. Tablets may include physical buttons for basic features such as speaker volume and power, and ports for network communications and battery charging. Tablets are typically larger than smartphones or personal digital assistants.

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I am looking for a tablet/laptop that employee can use when they are on the go.

I will have an access program running on it [the database is on the company server].

Need to connect to their office computers in a domain environment via a VPN connection.

Light work [no robust system]

Work on Verizon network.

Purpose of porches giving the employees access to their computer on the go and using the access program.

Any recommendation, please.
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Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

          I wish to help a friend reset his Zeki Quad Core tablet (Model Number: TBQG884B).  I did notice a Reset which corresponds to a tiny hole.  I assume I will need something very tiny to insert into that hole to commence the resetting procedures.  This is speculation on my part though because I am not entirely sure what to expect.  I did mention to my friend that all data on the tablet will likely be lost because a reset returns the device back to its original default manufacture settings or when he first bought it.  He said that everything on the tablet is backed up to his laptop.  So, he seems to be fine with that part of it.  

          Any step by step guidelines for resetting my friend's Zeki Quad Core tablet (Model Number: TBQG884B) will be greatly appreciated.   I do have a serial number on the back of this tablet and will be furnished if needed.  

          Thank you

We need to know how to prevent firmware update on surface pro3 and 4. We have tons of Microsoft Surface pro tablets and once they get firmware updates they caused lots of problems
Looking to scan documents from a samsung tablet with like a scancam or adobe scan.  The problem I have is that due to security reasonings I can not have these automatically upload to a cloud.  Any suggestions how to do this.  I have two-three scans to make for each file.
I'm on Office365
I have a Samsung tablet , I want a decent signature with a logo and certain format.

On the outlook app , the logo can't be copied and the format changes once I hit save.

OWA doesn't work well on the tablet.

The regular email app on device isn't good enough.

Any suggestions?
I have a Galaxy Tab S 10.5.  I was thinking about getting the Tab A 8.0.  I would like some opinions if I should or not.  My biggest problem is the screen is smaller.
Need large display area tablet which is pretty low cost

I will be giving tours and need a cheap tablet with a large display area. I think Android would do the trick due to the higher cost of iPads.

I need to have a WiFi connection and the ability to scroll through images, which will be hosted on my website. I do not need much at all in terms of memory or fancy hardware.

I would consider used, as well, for a lower price.

Even old versions of Android OS are fine, at least I think so.

What is the largest display area for a Tablet?

How about Windows? Acer?

BUT, I need a large display area. Are there any enhanced display options which make it easier to show a small group the images? This kind of upgrade (to a less antiquated version) I would consider, IF it meant the display was easier to see.

So, what can you suggest for me?


New info...

This one seems pretty large and pretty cheap:



I have a Bell (my ISP) 2000 modem/router.  It is connected directly to the PC beside it by way of an ethernet cable.  This modem/router sends a wireless signal throughout the house.  The wifi signal is picked up by other PCs, laptops, tablets and 3 televisions.  I would like to setup a simple home network for my PCs, laptops and tablets.
How do I do this?  I would like to do this without disrupting the existing wifi system throughout the house.
My device: Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T580 (10.1 inch tablet)

Version: Android 7.0
Kernel Version: Fri Dec 8, 2017

I am trying to root and load TWRP.

Pre-requisite: Installed Windows Samsung Driver to Windows 7, the tablet is recognized when plugged in
as a USB device.

On Android device, Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T580:

1. ->Settings ->About Tablet ->Build Number (keep pressing build number)

2. "Developer Mode Has Already Been Turned On" message pops up

3. ->Developer Options, OEM Unlock is turned ON

4.  Downloaded files:


Note: I tried both versions of TWRP, neither worked.

5. Turned off tablet. Unplugged USB. Held down Volume Down, Home and Power.
This took me to a Warning page. Has an option to Continue with Volume Up pressed, or to
restart phone with Volume Down pressed.

6. Volume Up took me to Download page: being able to flash files from the computer to the tablet.
USB is connected at this point, I connected it AFTER I got to the download page. Should I connect BEFORE
going to the download page?

7. On the computer: Open up Odin (Odin3 v3.12.7.exe)

8. Press the AP button and check the checkbox next to AP button.

9. Choose file: twrp-3.1.1-0-gtaxlwifi.img.tar or twrp-3.2.1-0-gtaxlwifi.img.tar from the Windows dialog box in Odin and press Start.

10. Computer …
What's the difference between the following CPU with the Seventh Gen Intel Core i5-7300U ? I want to look for a cheapest tablet with CPU that is compatible with i5.  Thx

Intel X5-Z8350
Intel N3450 Quad-Core
Intel Apollo lake N3450
Intel Core M 5Y10C
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What are the steps required to activate AT&T cellular service on iPad Pros?

These iPads will be using AT&T cellular for their wireless data plan.
USB port intermittently and repeatedly fails.

When I go into Device Manager, 'USB Composite Device' typically will have a yellow exclamation mark.

I have tried right clicking and updating it, but I am always told the most up-to-date driver is installed.

I then right click and 'uninstall' it, reboot, and everything returns to normal again until the next time...which is usually within 1-2 weeks.

I do typically connect this to a DisplayLink pluggable 3.0 USB docking tower. However, this is a company machine and we all do the same with the docking tower and I seem to be the only one having this repeat issue.

Thanks for any suggestions. - JH
Over mobile and using CSS, how can I put a white border around where it says "Make an Impact Today". I can get it to work over desktop but not over smaller devices like phones and tablets. Here is the url... http://ccdenver33.staging.wpengine.com/get-involved/

Any ideas experts?
I'm having a problem with my Poloroid P900 tablet.  I can't seem to get the time to change.  I tried changing the time in settings, but it won't change.
We are creating an adaptive CSS layout for varying resolutions as well as web, mobile, tablets, etc.

I notice that when I load the page with my Display Scale and Layout at 100%, it loads as designed.

But if I change my Display Scale to a different size, such as 125%, it doesn't resize it to fit, instead it just makes it larger and throws things off the size of the page.

Is there something we're missing in our CSS that accounts for the Display Scale?


We are looking at a few Windows tablets, mainly
1. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S
2. Lenovo Miix 510
3. Acer Switch 3

Does the Windows comes built-in with a Windows Firewall?   Planning to use it for customers to generate
e-Tickets at counter when they touch it but we want to filter it such its open ports are accessible only to
certain designated IP

Can we harden it?  Is a tablet's Windows 10 the same as normal PC's Windows 10?

Can we install AV and whitelisting tool (from McAfee) on tablets' Windows 10?

What about patching?  Is it the same as normal PC's Win 10 patching or there are
special security patches (ie from Acer, Samsung, Lenovo) or the patches are from
MS ?

I've just bought my first Kindle. I've read through the instruction book that comes loaded on it, however I have 3 questions:

01 - I plan to highlight various areas of books and make a lot of notes about various things in books, so that i can get back to them at a later stage... is it possible to sync these notes and highlights to an online account so that if i lose my Kindle or change to a new one, i don't lose my highlights and notes?

02 - When i turn off the Kindle, i still see an image on the screen... is there a better way to turn it off that just pressing the ON / OFF button once?

03 - How can I favourite books that I like on Amazon (web / desktop), and get them to appear on my Kindle?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I was wondering if anyone has come across an issue I am having.
 Excel 2016 kind of locks up and flashes and Excel sheet items become enlarged. This is on Surface Pro with Windows 10
and only happens to Excel files that are opened from email or clicked on. If I open Excel first, then use Excel to open the file, no issues.

I do intend to try
aka.ms/surfacerepair for surface diag tool.

Just wondering if anyone was familiar with this issue???

Thank you..
I have a client with Windows RT tablets and they keep losing the attached barcode scanners.  Is there a way to scan barcodes directly onto the tablet with out a separate scanner device?
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Ok, I have a bunch of HP Elite x2 tablets with fingerprint readers.  Once I join them to the domain the fingerprinter reader "windows hello" goes gray and they can't use them.  I can't find a GPO on my 2016 server to enable biometrics to allow these to work.  Anyone run into this and find a solution??  HP was of no help.
Have inserted a 32GB microSD card in my Samsung Tablet GT-P5210 running Android 4.4.2
Card shows ok, and I'm able to create new folders on the sd card.
Files copied to the card when card is connected directly to my PC works well, and files are accessed without problems.

When trying to copy files from external sources (a Win PC), using a file manager on the Tab, I get an error message on the Tab, saying no access.
Have tried two different file managers, and both show the same. Error message also say something about rooting.
Copying from the tab's internal memory to the sd-card works well. Creating new folders on the sd-card also works well.
Any ideas how to fix this?
Some HTML5 / Bootstap web pages started getting very dark background and unreadable reported by customers. On Samsung Tablets using chrome browser.  

Multiple Samsung tablet users reported this problem starting. I don't believe it is a change on our end as they pages have not been changed. They work fine on Samsung Note 8 which I have. I don't have Samsung tablet to test. The pages are fine with  all browsers for desktop and other devices as far as I know.

Please help me understand and fix how I can adjust the html / css to fix this. Or is a plugin misbehaving? I am not sure. Sorry I am not super-technical but know enough.

Here are two examples of the pages getting the dark backround on Samsung tablets


I wanna buy a tablets for sales staff at the company to use Citrix Apps and also to track their track.

1- What are the best brands with best price.
2- These tablets must be easy to monitoring by auditing account staff.
3- Is there a mobile printer that can be connected to the tablets and what are the best types?

Android tablet (Samsung) Parental Control or Lockout settings.

I need settings or an app that will only allow certain websites to be visited, only certain apps to be accessed, and no access to the PlayStore.


Is there any way of upgrading an ASUS Transformer TF 101 Android v 4.0.3 tablet to a more recent firmware or software version?

I purchased this tablet back in 2012.

When I go into the system settings and try to update the firmware I am told that there are no firmware updates available.

Are there any other options available for updating this tablet to a more recent version?






A tablet computer is a mobile computer with a touchscreen display, circuitry, and battery in a single device. Tablets come equipped with sensors, including cameras, a microphone, and an accelerometer, and the touchscreen display uses the recognition of finger or stylus gestures replacing the usage of the mouse and keyboard. They usually feature on-screen, pop-up virtual keyboards for typing. Tablets may include physical buttons for basic features such as speaker volume and power, and ports for network communications and battery charging. Tablets are typically larger than smartphones or personal digital assistants.