A tablet computer is a mobile computer with a touchscreen display, circuitry, and battery in a single device. Tablets come equipped with sensors, including cameras, a microphone, and an accelerometer, and the touchscreen display uses the recognition of finger or stylus gestures replacing the usage of the mouse and keyboard. They usually feature on-screen, pop-up virtual keyboards for typing. Tablets may include physical buttons for basic features such as speaker volume and power, and ports for network communications and battery charging. Tablets are typically larger than smartphones or personal digital assistants.

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What's the best Android Tablet on the current market?   Looking similar to ipad pro 10.5 512mb.
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What would be a serious competitor (non-apple) to iPad Pro 512GB WiFi+Cellular
A1709 exact model.
I have a user that is looking for something portable (ie: Surface Pro ) but that can handle very fast typing. She is so fast, that even an AutoCad laptop cant keep up (MS Word, etc.).

Any ideas?

I want two Android devices to communicate with each other Via USB only.
I have two apps, One as a USB Server and other as a USB client. The Server Device recognizes the client device and is able to fetch the USB configuration. But the client device does not recognizes the server device.
Can someone help me head in the right direction or let me know what am I doing wrong?

My Samsung Tab A charges fine when the charger is connected to the micro USB port, and my USB scanner device works great when it is connected to the micro USB port.  But since there is only one port, how can I do both simultaneously?  If there is a splitter or other device that will do the job, note that I am fine using micro USB connectors and/or standard USB connectors with the appropriate adapters.

If this can be done, please provide info on what cables, adapters, etc. are needed.  Or if it CAN'T be done, help me understand why not.  TIA
We have an app we've been running successfully for a year now on Microsoft Surface 3 tablets with Windows 10, pairing the Zebra LS3578 scanner via bluetooth for barcode input.  This has worked almost flawlessly on multiple tablet/scanner installations.

Now we've converted our app to run on Android, so I am trying to use the Samsung Tab A tablet with the same LS3578 scanner.  The problem is that the bluetooth connection keeps dropping.  When I say it is "dropping", I am referring to how when I pair them, at Settings > Connections> Bluetooth  it shows this on the tablet screen like it is supposed to:

Paired Devices

LS3578 M1V09J24T
Connected as input device

But now and then, for no obvious reason, the line disappears that shows "Connected as input device", and if I touch the tool button on the right it shows "Text input" with the slider to the left (off).  If I touch "Text input", the slider will go to the right to turn it back on, it will briefly show "Connecting..." on the screen, and it will beep and say at the bottom "Bluetooth keyboard connected".  And then I'm fine until the next time it decides to disconnect.

There is no clear pattern or reason.  It is definitely NOT the easy obvious stuff like the scanner being out of range or low battery.  It does this with multiple brand new Samsung Tab A tablets and Zebra LS3578 scanners.  It might happen once an hour or once every minute or two.  I know I can go to Language and Input > Physical Keyboard and turn on …
Dear Experts,
Recently, one of my clients requested I look into finding him a good combination of rugged tablet and mobile printer for his workers to use on the road. This is his description:
"They need to connect via cellular, not just wifi.
Print load is small – perhaps 6-15 prints a day – 1 or 2 pages per print… but need to withstand dirt and mild abuse.
Tablet will access internet and use web for application they will be using.
That website may integrate with google maps, and they may use it for navigation, and they may use email app on tablet"

My past experience with rugged tablet is only with Fujitsu, which I do not see anymore, and I want to make sure that I select a combination that will fulfill their needs without being too difficult to connect to Internet, Cellular, etc.  I do see some portable printers with battery, such as
Canon Pixma iP110 or HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer, but I do not have any experience using them.
If you could share some working sample combinations, I would greatly appreciate it.
Good day,

I have a surface pro 3 with thin line crack on it which I believe is causing me one issue. The tablet works great until it's restarted but on restart this gets stuck on surface splash screen. I tried to play with bios setting but there is no setting to disable touch screen.

The only solution is to press and hold power button for 30 seconds and then start again. Do this 4 times In a row and then hour glass appears and it boots up to windows.

I did disabled touch screen drivers in windows but it does not work.

Any possible suggestions. I want to fix this issue without having to fix the screen.

Can it be upgraded to windows 10 so that I can run normal exe programs ?

It currently running windows 8.1 RT
Network 1gb the main computer is wired with 1gb , a couple of wired computers and some wireless tablets that has AC Access Point.

What can I do to make it faster?

Just move to SSD hard drive? or there are other ways?

The main computer has windows 10 with a regular hdd.

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Currently our MDM policy blocks our corporate-issued iPads
from accessing iTunes (to prevent data leakage/loss).

There's a number of senior staff who wants to use the
iPads to project out via projector for presentations.  However
our MDM (think it's MobileIron) will enable iTunes access if
we enable this projector access via the iPad's lightning port
(which we use an adaptor to connect to the projector : I
 presume it's the projector's HDMI).

How can we allow projector connection & yet block iTunes

I'm assuming the data leakage/loss will occur when these
staff bring the iPads home to connect their lightning port
to their home laptop's USB (via an adaptor).  

Any IOS apps that's smart enough to detect if it's projector
traffic or iTunes traffic?  or any way to block sync'ing or
communication with iTunes from these iPads?

I need your help. We have a TabletPC (Windows 10) in a domain (DC:Windows Server 2008) and we need to block everything on an account called Tablets that logs on it. Everything has to be disabled, denied, blocked except one running application.
I mean no Internet, no Search function (even if I press windows button and then I write), no CMD, no Windows 10 panels, no Action Center panel, no Control Panel, just nothing.

I need to have this TabletPC in state that user will be able only to run one application and switch user/restart. Nothing else. User must not have any other access.

I appreciate any suggestions... registry changes, policy changes etc. Anything that could help me.

Thank you.
For example, these...

There machines have dual OSs - Windows 10 and Android 5.1, so they look idea as a happy-medium between a Surface Pro-type machine and an Android tablet, at half the price of either one.

But I'm a bit concerned about it being Android 5.1, wereas 6.0 has now been out for 18 months.

Does anyone know if the company are planning to release Android 6.0 firmware for this machine?

Also, any feedback or comments you otherwise have for this device would be appreciated.

Dell Venue 5055 Pro.
Windows 10 32Bit Home.

This tablet has the rear light on all the time.  I have searched and don't see any info on how to resolve.  So I am coming to the Experts instead of wasting hours on google.

If anyone has anything for me to try.  Let me know.

Thanks very much in advance.

Hi experts

can we buy MS office 2016 pro office volume license per user

because we have some users they access office from tablets - laptop - PCs and Citrix

because some of them they needs outlook to be locally installed

kindly advice
I am interested in shared iPads for our users, locked down by MDM, but one of the key requirements is that multiple users can be used, that is the MDM platform needs to support multi-user logon.

Does anyone know of an MDM that can do this?

We use FiftyThree paper in our iPhones & iPads.  We try to find it for our tablets and windows 10 devices, but it seems that they only have for IOS platform.  That said, does any EE has recommendation for an apps similar to Paper 53 but for  Windows?
We are a Citrix shop with XenApp 6.5. I only have 200 devices, but over 325 licenses are being consumed. Most by licenses named HTML-XXXX-XXXX, where the X's are random numbers. What are these and how do I eleminate them? I've been revoking licenses daily but I need to solve the root cause here.

I've started purchasing per-user licenses as I will be gradually switching to user from device, but those aren't being issued either, likely because I'm in per-device mode. What is the best way to eliminate these HTML-XXXX-XXXX licenses and transition to the per-user mode?
I have a Samsung tablet

The system will not connect to customers internet.  Get the following errors: DNS PROBE_FINSHED_BAD_CONFIG

Android Platform.

Shows WiFi and connected to clients home network but will not connect to the Internet.  No issues at my office?
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Is there a piece of code that makes a website compatible in all the main browsers, ISO Phones, Android Phones, and tablets?
I am after some suggestions as to whether it is feasible to know where the mobile phones of our staff are at any particular moment and where they have been in the past so I can replace the expensive rental on GPS trackers in the cars.

* I work with a small electrical firm where each vehicle has a GPS tracking system that is soon to run out of rental contract.
* Staff are all equipped with an iPhone and a Galaxy TabA (can be hotspotted to iPhone)
* Office staff need to know where staff are at any particular time in order to efficiently assign urgent jobs
* Office staff also need to occasionally look to see where a vehicle was on a particular day
* I have no idea what an iPhone can do as far as reporting current position or historical tracking but I believe it can do it so some degree
* Using the iPhone for too much tracking can put a real drain on the battery so what are the options?
* The Tab A has GPS functionality but it's communication options are limited to WiFi
* I may be able to use TASKER on the Galaxy tab to log its position at regular intervals and email it to the office when connected to WiFi

Any suggestions would be appreciated
Hi all, I have a Sprint SM-T237P Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8". I switched to Verizon and I wanted to know how to flash the firmware to Verizon?
How can I get my Verizon Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 upgraded to at least Kitkat? I see so many people who did it with the Wifi version, but I can't find anyway to do it with the Verizon LTE Tablet version (SCH-I915).

Seems to be a lot of interest in this.... my understanding is that this is basically the ability for a Samsung Android OS to be projected onto a monitor and the user to run Citrix based apps that are present on the device, correct?

What is the use case here?

1. A user at home can dock their personal device into Dex and connect to corporate resources

2. A user in the office can do the same, and we don't need to provide them with a virtual desktop or physical machine

3. Not understanding the Workspace ONE integration (second link)?
Hi I need an app that I can install on a tablet, so when I write a message on the tablet it can be instantly synced to show the same message on the desktop.

I need it to make things easier at my work (in a shipping department). Currently when we ship boxes  we  write the box size and weight on a piece of scrap paper. Then I would carry the paper over to the desktop terminal where I would enter in the shipping weight and box size.

I can not tell you how many times I get to the shipping station and there is no scrap paper, or no pen, or both. It just makes the task of creating the shipment 2x as long cus once we realize there is no pen or paper sometimes it takes an extra 2-3 minutes just to find a pen laying arround. So I figured if I had a tablet that stays right at the shipping station all the time and also had a program to sync the data to the desktop, I can write with my finger or type into the app "30 LBS, 12x12x25" then when I get back to the desktop I can see the numbers I just entered, and then maybe clear the screen out for the next time someone needs to create a shipment.

Does anyone know of any such software?






A tablet computer is a mobile computer with a touchscreen display, circuitry, and battery in a single device. Tablets come equipped with sensors, including cameras, a microphone, and an accelerometer, and the touchscreen display uses the recognition of finger or stylus gestures replacing the usage of the mouse and keyboard. They usually feature on-screen, pop-up virtual keyboards for typing. Tablets may include physical buttons for basic features such as speaker volume and power, and ports for network communications and battery charging. Tablets are typically larger than smartphones or personal digital assistants.