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The tax and financial software topic covers both personal and organizational software, ranging from checkbook managers and tax calculation systems to sophisticated general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, inventory and planning packages. Two of the most common titles are Quickbooks and Microsoft Dynamics.

hello Everyone,

I am switching from Windows to Mac. I have to take the Turbo Tax data file from my old Windows and move it to my new Imac. Does anyone know if once i will install Turbo Tax in my new Imac will automatically read the data file as soon as i attach it ? or do i need to buy a new third party utilities to covert the existing data file created in windows to be able to be read by my new Imac ?

Does anyone know please ?

Thank you,
I want to compare between different savings offers.

Here are the details :
All offers have 2 different "punishments"
1) X percent per any monthly deposit (calculated immediately upon deposit).
2) Y percent per accumulated money. This calculation is somehow complicated :
    2.1) The collection is made once in 3 months
    2.2) The interest rate is calculated in a manner so that the "yearly compound interest rate" would be "Y". For example if the yearly interest rate is 2%, than the quarterly interest rate would be something like 0.49%.

The excel sheet should accept two numbers (initial accumulation + monthly deposit).
The output should give me the results at the end of the year :
A) How much is accumulated in each method
B) How much did I pay in each method.

when choosing a database for a financial application/system, what are few things to consider. I've worked with mysql, sql server and oracle, but apart from writing simple queries , I haven't dig deep into these databases. I know few differences between them , like one being free vs another. some have automatic logging and so forth.

if i were choosing to develop a financial app, is there any preferred database system to use?
I've been offered a "C2C" or 1099 contract position. The company is interesting to me for the cool stuff they do and I want to be a part of it to see how the magic's done. They say it could go full time if things pan out - although that's not critical for me if it just winds down or turns into a long term gig. I've always either worked directly for a company or as a W2 contractor where the consulting company just took care of everything. Is there a web site that can help me dot all the I's and cross all the T's in order to be a C2C or 1099 contractor? It's all going down quickly so any advice is appreciated!
Any EE can suggest links or how to setup GP web client for GP2018?

Thank u!
Is this Statistical Question as simple as i hope it is...

If I have a 5 Minute Time Bar for measuring trade volume within a Stock Symbol (any symbol)

Which is 300 seconds in total (5 x 60 seconds in a minute = 300)  

and i divide the 300 seconds into 10 equal segments of time -- 30 seconds each

and i measure the buying volume that took place from trades during EACH of the 10 segments --- HOW DO I MEASURE THE RATE OF BUYING PER SEGMENT IN RELATION TO THE 10 SEGMENTS to quantify how smooth was the trading done... Measure the Variance ? How do i measure the consistency of the buying ?

For example:

If each of the 10 segments of 30 seconds had 1000 shares traded then the rate of trade volume consistency of trading per each segment would be exact or the same rate flow of volume

1000  - 1st segment
1000 - 10th segment

But in the real world you get more inconsistent flow something like this... and i would like to understand how to measure the variance here ?

1250 - 1st segment
1500 - 10th segment
My father is 75 next month. He has a whole life insurance policy for $120,000 with Farmer’s. It is not a fixed contribution policy, and Farmers puts up the premiums every year. They started at about $150 per month, and are now after about 26 years at $350, and going up all the time. The surrender value of the policy is $282. Is it worth continuing with this policy, or should one just regard it as a term policy that has ended, and surrender it. He would just add the monthly payments of $350 per month to his $401K payments into the Prudential, that has been doing very well. (No, he does not have to draw on the 401K because he is still working and is a State employee (Professor)). His concern is for his wife. They have a paid-off house worth about $350,000, and some $500,000 in investments and will have a pension of $40,000 per annum, and currently receive social security payments to them of $40,000 per annum.  He still works and makes $100,000 per annum. My father also has a fixed payment whole life policy with Jackson for $200,000, which he intends keeping up. Should he continue with the Farmer’s policy?
Using Quickbooks 2019 Pro, Desktop, along with their merchant services. If you have an order set up for recurring payments, and the client adds several new users to their service,  is there a way to update that recurring payment to reflect the new services? (eg. a client buys 5 email licenses, and we set up a recurring payment for 5 units at $X/ea. Now they want to add a 6th license. Is there a way to update that recurring payment?)
In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, I want to automate the standard GP report; "Payables Aged Trial Balance - Detail" Is there a native method to do so?
Is it possible to import an invoice that reflects two different states sales tax into Quick Books? Can, in general,  Quick Books show two different Sales tax rates on one invoice?

I have been struggling with exporting from a 3rd party database, to importing into Quick Books via an IIF file without errors. I finally got past the error messages with a successful import only to discover it only recognizes one states sales tax rate (we deal with several states for a number of customers).

Anybody have experience with this?
What are the steps involved in becoming incorporated so I can be paid on a Corp to Corp (C2C) basis?
I'm after a simple to use budgeting program. Preferably free but will pay for something that's awesome too.

Just keep in mind this is for the home user to categorise their income/expenses and track their spending.  I want to be able to import my bank transactions and have the program automatically categorise them.  If I need to set up a new category, I expect to be able to rerun the categorisation for all transactions.

Anyone know of a program that will fit this need?

Thanks and appreciate your input.

(I'm at the point of developing something myself but just hate reinventing the wheel)
My QuickBooks Pro 2018 shows my Maryland Unemployment account for 1st Qtr 2018 as being due/late in the “Pay Liabilities” page. It was paid end of April and cleared May 2nd. In QuickBooks it shows as being paid May 2nd in the “Pay Liabilities Payment History” section; so why would it show as still being due in the “Pay Liabilities” section? The payment also shows up in the register as cleared.
Which industries use the "end of period" and "beginning of period" options in the PMT, FV, PV and other financial functions.
When I've taken out a personal loan at the bank, I was never asked "Would you like to pay at the end of the month? or would you like to pay at the beginning of the month?"

Which types of transactions?  Is it non-USA entities?  Is it real estate? Asset-based loans?
Can anyone point to an article, blog post, or video that discusses who uses the last option in these financial functions.
What versions of QuickBooks allow checks to be printed?
Please provide me with a list of free credit monitoring services/websites such as Credit that will alert me to different credit alerts and also provide offers from different banks and lenders.
Last year I electronically signed some loan documents using the website.

Now when I try to log back onto the website I am unable to do so and I can't find any links on their website that will allow me to reset my password.

Does anyone know of any website addresses, methods, customer service or tech support departments I can contact to reset my login password for the website?
When will the Federal Reserve meet again to discuss raising interest rates?
What are the differences between mortgage interest rate and APR?
What is the deadline for amending past year federal tax returns?

I overlooked some deductions in previous year tax returns and will need to amend these returns.

How many years back can I go to amend prior year tax returns?
Hi... for user with ms Dynamics gp10, are there  U.S. Payroll Tax Update still 2018, or is there a workaround?
Hello Experts,

I am trying to put together a Minute Book for my small corporation and am I correct in thinking that all of the below are pre-made templates that I can download somewhere and just fill them in?

1.      Corporate company ownership structure (showing upstream parent company/companies, Trusts and personal shareholders)
2.      Shareholder’s Register/Ledger (current and up-to-date)
3.      Share Certificate(s) (of majority shareholder(s))
4.      Shareholder agreement (for companies with two or more shareholders)
5.      Any other issued Articles (e.g. Articles of Amendment, Amalgamation, etc.)
6.      Director’s Register

If applicable, do they need to be specific to my province, which is Ontario where I register my corporation?
I am trying hard to find a way to automate some calculations on a credit card merchant statement. But I must be 100% within the letter and the intent of the rules which define PCI compliance.

Writing a Java app to run on all platforms was a great suggestion to "pre-process" the data, redacting private data, before upload to my site for further processing. But, I wonder, why not do ALL the processing via a downloadable Java App?

Is that a guarantee that I am 100% PCI compliant?

The problem will be when it fails a user and they need it debugged...I would need that PDF file sent to me for debugging. BUT, isn't that a much safer route to take than putting it on a website?

I would certainly have a high security bar to maintain regarding how I handle my PC, and maybe the methodology I use when choosing a password for that email account. But NOT having a website where any Credit Card info resides seems like a smarter way to go.

So, I am now imaging a simple website, probably WordPress. I would post a current version of the Java App for download and explanation of what it does, etc.

Users could download it and privately process their merchant account report on their own PC's. In the LIKELY event they have an unsupported report format, they could email me their full report. (Redacting private data from a PDF itself seems like a pretty high bar for users to handle)

On receipt of the PDF, I would redact all private data for that statement, and delete all un-redacted…
Our business owner needs to upgrade his Quickbooks Enterprise Edition but is not willing to purchase a subscription. How long has Enterprise Edition been subscription only?  If we can find a stand-alone 2015 or 2016 version, that will work for our needs.
I had some dual pane windows installed on my balcony that have improved my home's energy efficiency during both the winter and the summer. Now I don't need to heat my home as much during the winter or cool my house as much during the summer.

This installation and materials cost $3,100.

I have been told that I might be eligible to write this cost off in my taxes or to gain a tax credit of around $250.00.

How can I go about claiming this tax credit or deduction?

Tax / Financial Software

The tax and financial software topic covers both personal and organizational software, ranging from checkbook managers and tax calculation systems to sophisticated general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, inventory and planning packages. Two of the most common titles are Quickbooks and Microsoft Dynamics.