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Tax / Financial Software

The tax and financial software topic covers both personal and organizational software, ranging from checkbook managers and tax calculation systems to sophisticated general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, inventory and planning packages. Two of the most common titles are Quickbooks and Microsoft Dynamics.

Is there a chart or article or rule of thumb for consulting rate differentials?
If a consultant gets paid $X dollars per hour on a W-2 basis, what does that translate to on a 1099 basis?
Is it 50% more? 2% more?  I'm interested in the higher-tax states like NY, NJ, CT, CA
I realize that state and city taxes factor into this so perhaps there might be a chart with various states/locales listed.
A client of mine believes that he might be entitled to a trust fund or other type of financial settlement fund and has asked for my advice in finding someone who will be able to look into this to see if any such accounts exist.

Are there any websites that can be used to research this information?

Or what type of attorney or financial adviser would be able to look into this for my client?
Two problems have cropped up on every workstation that I've installed the tax1099.com QB plugin.  Every workstation is either running Premier or Enterprise, both are running the 2016 version.  

1) Ability to access mapped drives vanishes.  Rebooting the computer sometimes once or twice seems to fix this problem, but after a couple of days, QB will stop seeing the mapped drives.  Uninstall the plugin, and the problem vanishes for good.  Re-install the plugin, the problem comes back right away.   If I'm working in an office with 5 computers, one or two may lose the ability to connect to the mapped drive while the rest are OK.  You can ALWAYS access the mapped drive via run, CLI, and My Computer.  The next day, it might be another computer that loses access.  It seems random when the problem crops up.  

2) The next problem is that eventually, QB will stop running.  Event Viewer will show a 1000 error.  Running the QB repair tool works sometimes, uninstalling the plugin never helps, but occasionally I have to do a complete un/reinstall of the QB software, which includes reinstalling the Tax1099.com plugin, which brings back the problem I addressed in number one.
I need someone who can figure out how to delete a "condensed" Journal Entry in QB and provide a utility to do this.  If you do not know what this type of entry is, please do not respond.
Ias-23(Borrowing Cost)
If interest of Specific Borrowing is paid from General Borrowing than Will Borrowing cost be Capitalized on by weighted average rate on this Payment of interest?
Hi Game programmers/ web / financial people who generally know about this kind of thing..

I saw an email for an opportunity to take online surveys and receive compensation.
Sounds too good to be true?

Anything that I have to provide credit card / banking information is a red flag consideration, right?

apple must have 10% market share according to microsoft monopoly agreement
when apple goes below 10%, then microsoft helps (power pc, combining Microsoft office products)

could you please provide articles about this
We are getting a message that we cannot file State/Federal taxes from an user account that has total access.  It says that we have to be signed in as the administrator  or an external account.

Is that correct or is there some permission I can give the person to allow them to file the taxes from their account
my client wants to get turbotax (a united states tax program)

turbotax premium is hundreds of dollars

my client is suggesting getting from peer 2 peer sharing program

my client thinks it is the actual .exe file with just a keygen to get past the signin

Can i explain to my client that his private important tax information can be uploaded and saved by the "bad guys"

Can i explain to my client that the .exe file could be infected

Only way I can describe is a 3 day course on "viruses".
I dont even know the answer which is why I would do a long 3 day course explaining "viruses" or "maleware" from the beginning with no end to this question and no answer

please dont tell me to download a bad file and scan it with antivirus
I have Peachtree 2012 and need help. I am looking for either answers or a link that will show me how to do the following:

Why some of my files will not let me enter invoices for them?

Thanks for any help!
I have Peachtree 2012 and need help. I am looking for either an answers or a link that will show me answers on the following:

How to keep inserted text boxes on forms from moving when I want to print them?

Thanks for any help.
I have Peachtree 2012 and need help. I am looking for either an answers or a link that will show me how to set up forms.

Thanks for any help!
I have Peachtree 2012 and need help. I am looking for either an answers or a link that will show me how to run reports.

Thanks for any help!
In one vendor's visits, they asked the client yearly revenue.  Is that important in  an initial vendors visit in order to present a quote?  Whys is this question asked every time?
Hi, I'm moving away from a job where I was a contractor. I worked and got paid 110 hours every 4 weeks. I also, over the years, always got 4 weeks off, so I got 110 hours off every year.

I've will have worked 33 pay periods since Jan 1, 2016, when I leave at the end of the week. How can I calculate how much vacation time I've accrued?

I'm not sure if anyone here can answer, as it's basically an accounting question, but maybe, so here it is. Thanks.
In the recent past, I had a Node enveloper create me a website and customize the javascript to enable site visitors to purchase monthly subscriptions for a service I offered. This "handshake" with PayPal required me to configure the service on PayPal. But now I have a WordPress site using WooCommerce, and my products are more conventional.

I sell a:
1) book
2) book as PDF
3) a deck of cards

Do I need to configure PayPal for these products? I suspect that regarding the Node site, since the user could select to make the service repeat monthly, I needed to manage this service through PayPal. And I right?

My WordPress developer says the sandbox sales worked, but I never shared the root password for PayPal. This makes sense to me if selling a book does not require that book to be listed in PayPal.

Please tell me your thoughts.

I had this question after viewing having problems with peachtree over vpn connection..

I am trying to get Sage 50 / Peachtree accounting to work across a VPN.  I have a mapped drive with contains the data and can be seen from the VPN client.  It appears the problem is with Pervasive.  The error is "Sage 50 cannot connect to its database, Pervasive, on computer  The database is needed to run Sage 50".

I have turned off the firewall on both but that did not help.
I am looking for websites that will allow me to enter my current and projected 2016 earnings (including all taxes and other withholdings) so that I can get a good idea of how much I will owe for my 2016 federal (and if possible) California income taxes.

What websites will allow me to do this?

I have a request to add a 4-4-5 Fiscal Calendar to CRM 2011.  The client believes this to be "out of the box" functionality.  I do not see this as OOTB and believe it would require customization.  

The 4–4–5 calendar divides a year into 4 quarters. Each quarter has 13 weeks, which are grouped into two 4-week “months” and one 5-week “month”.  You can derive the calendar by counting the number of Saturdays, the period with 5 Saturdays is the 5 week period.

Based on the 4-4-5 calendar (custom or not), they also want the ability to control which Fiscal Period an order appears in based on the date of the order.  Depending on where the order date falls in the Fiscal Period and retain the order in the current month or push it into the next month/period.

Please advise.

In October of 2015 I purchased a condo in the San Francisco, CA Bay Area  for $215,000.

This condo had been appraised at $220,000 in August of 2015.

I have now received a supplemental property tax statement from the county of Alameda where they have assessed the total value of my condo at $310,000 (with a gross assessment of $229,529).

In my neighborhood there are homes that are valued at $300,000 to $550,000 and up. The problem is that I didn't buy a home I bought a condo. My condo is inside of an apartment building with a total of 19 condo units. On this same property is a second condo apartment building with another 19 condo units within it.

My questions are:

1.      Does the county have the right to reassess the value of my property simply so they can collect more in property taxes?

2.      If the county does have the right to do this what means can I take to have the value of my condo fairly appraised? There is no way that the value of my condo has increased by this much so quickly. I live in a 1 bedroom 1 bath condo and there are other 2 bedroom 2 bath condos (that are 200 square feet larger within my condo unit) that are currently on the market for $270,000.

My realtor has already told me that the county doesn’t have the right to reassess the value of my condo simply so they can collect more in property taxes. What actions can I take to stop the county from doing this?
Is there a particular field layout an Excel file needs to be in to convert to OFX?
I've reviewed the history of Accounting..... from a multitude of sources ..... but I cannot find the history of "The Balance Sheet".  Does anyone know the history or any website that can help me understand where the idea and accounting capability of "The Balance Sheet" come from?

Thank you,

I would like to establish a working relationship with an expert in Quickbooks online.  There will be an initial amount of hours to help us set up our system in a way that works for us.  After that, we would like to have someone that we can schedule from time to time for an hour or two of consulting here and there to troubleshoot or work through a problem with.  
We will be connecting CAD and USD revenue streams through 2 separate Shopify stores.
If someone could post a link to where I can see quickbooks online experts, that would be helpful.  I am also interested in what is considered a reasonable hourly rate for this kind of expert.
Hi all,

We have an old copy of Sage Job costing that we don't have support for now as it's ended but when we double click on the desktop icon it brings up the "open company" box which shows our company but it also shows a lot of older companies as well (some on servers that no longer exist)
Does anyone know where this information is stored as i'd like to remove all but the company we need as users keep clicking on the wrong one and telling us it's errored.
Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone has run across this and can help me. If so, it would be most appreciated.

Short version of my question:
  • How do I convert QB POS 3.x data to QB POS 2013?
  • I have exhausted everything I know to do.
  • Below is a detailed list of things I have looked at and have done.

After doing an end of month on June 31st, QB POS v3.x stopped being able to accept sales input for item numbers, descriptive names and/or bar code scans for a new client of mine.

Interesting thing is it will work in practice mode AND will work if we role the date back to the day before. Apparently it's a crappy, builtin little present from Quick Books for it's paying customers.

Upgraded POS to latest version through internet updates with no effects. (You cannot d/l the file and manually run the update because QB has taken that file offline. I had to take the computers offsite to do the QB POS internet updates.) QB Support NO help at all. They said to upgrade to latest version. I called my QB Advisor and had her double check with her resources and she got the same feedback. Upgrading has not been an issue for the client because they don't even have internet hooked up to the computers at all, don't even have it in the store and don't plan on getting it. They do their cc processing through the external terminals.

Another client had stopped using QB POS altogether and went to a …

Tax / Financial Software

The tax and financial software topic covers both personal and organizational software, ranging from checkbook managers and tax calculation systems to sophisticated general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, inventory and planning packages. Two of the most common titles are Quickbooks and Microsoft Dynamics.