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Tax / Financial Software

The tax and financial software topic covers both personal and organizational software, ranging from checkbook managers and tax calculation systems to sophisticated general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, inventory and planning packages. Two of the most common titles are Quickbooks and Microsoft Dynamics.

Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone has run across this and can help me. If so, it would be most appreciated.

Short version of my question:
  • How do I convert QB POS 3.x data to QB POS 2013?
  • I have exhausted everything I know to do.
  • Below is a detailed list of things I have looked at and have done.

After doing an end of month on June 31st, QB POS v3.x stopped being able to accept sales input for item numbers, descriptive names and/or bar code scans for a new client of mine.

Interesting thing is it will work in practice mode AND will work if we role the date back to the day before. Apparently it's a crappy, builtin little present from Quick Books for it's paying customers.

Upgraded POS to latest version through internet updates with no effects. (You cannot d/l the file and manually run the update because QB has taken that file offline. I had to take the computers offsite to do the QB POS internet updates.) QB Support NO help at all. They said to upgrade to latest version. I called my QB Advisor and had her double check with her resources and she got the same feedback. Upgrading has not been an issue for the client because they don't even have internet hooked up to the computers at all, don't even have it in the store and don't plan on getting it. They do their cc processing through the external terminals.

Another client had stopped using QB POS altogether and went to a …
Why does Quickbooks the qbw file location under public?  Also,  I got prompted if I was a server from quickbooks troubleshooting diagnostics.  Is the computer hosting the file but also reading from it always considered the server?
This is a Sage 300 database pushing data to a Sage CRM database using a trigger.

-- Trigger on the Order Detail Table for non serialised items only

if exists (select * from sysobjects where name = N'tr_acc_GetShippedOrdersNonSerialised' and type = N'TR')
	drop trigger tr_acc_GetShippedOrdersNonSerialised

create trigger tr_acc_GetShippedOrdersNonSerialised
on oeshid
after insert
--with encryption
    declare @dtCurrentDate as datetime

	select @dtCurrentDate = getdate()

	insert into crm..zzzMyTable (nvchCheckValue)
	select 'Non Serialised Trigger: ' + convert(nvarchar(30), @dtCurrentDate, 113)

	insert into crm..Product (s3pr_CreatedBy,s3pr_CreatedDate,s3pr_UpdatedBy,s3pr_UpdatedDate,s3pr_TimeStamp,s3pr_Status,
	select 1 as InsertId,
		   @dtCurrentDate as InsertDate,
		   1 as UpdateId,
		   @dtCurrentDate as UpdateDate,
		   @dtCurrentDate as dtTimeStamp,
		   'Active' as sStatus,
		   oh.SHIUNIQ as OH_UniqueID,
		   od.SHIUNIQ as OD_UniqueID,
		   od.LINENUM as OD_LineItemNumber,
		   null as OS_UniqueId,
		   null as OS_LineItemNumber,
		   null as OS_SerialNumber,
			   when od.SERIALQTY > 0 then 'Y'
			   else 'N'
		   end as IsItemSerialised,
		   1278 as 

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When a user logs in via RDP to the app server (Windows Server 2012 Datacenter) and attempts to open Sage 50 (2016), they get this popup:

UAC popup
What I noticed is that we can still use the program.
We can click No and the app opens and we can work fine. When we close the app, it pops up again. We click No and move on.

This happens to all end users even though they have FULL CONTROL of the Sage Program Files folder.
This does not happen with any other app.

I already followed Sage's KB to turn off UAC and it didn't work:

I got an error message saying Sagemgr.exe is not working.

Do you know what Sage says will fix it? Turn UAC on again?! WTF?

How can I get a user to open this program without getting the UAC popup or the Sagemgr.exe error?
The issue is the auto-filled company EIN on Liability checks like the federal form 941. I checked the Company info (Company -- My Company) and the EIN is correct. So the liability check auto-fill must be grabbing it from somewhere else. Thank you for any assistance.  --  Joe
Any one else having issues with Sage Line 50 Data service on Server 2012 and having lots of data corruption. Solution so far is to move data onto a clean Windows 7 machine and share data from there to stop issues?
A user with a Windows 7 64-bit OS computer has reported an issue where QuickBooks continues to run in the background on a computer even after the program has been completely exited out of.

As a result he has to go into the Windows tax manager's processes tab and manually end all of the running QBW32.exe processes (see the screenshot).

We would like to make it so that QuickBooks won't remain running in the background once it is closed to prevent issues like this.

What can we do to resolve this issue?


This is a tax questions, because I haven't received yet the 1095 A form from my Health Insurance I have been advice from them to file for a tax extension. I found the form 7004 and related instructions. what I don't get it is which code i need to pick for my business ?
Also I am not sure if I am asking the extension for 5 months or for 6 months ?

I am attaching the form may be someone can guide me about how to fill out properly this form.f7004.pdf
We are running an old version of MAS200, just added a new user to system, when going into ANY MENU, get a dialog box saying "You are not authorized for this menu option"
Please provide me with a source or method I can use to lookup the legally recorded square footage of a condo.

I understand this information might be available from the county assessor's tax records.

How can I lookup this information online?
My customer is telling me I must quote the two digit country code before their VAT number. How can I do this is Sage?


Both credit memos and invoices are already in GP 2013 R2 and posted.  We need an automated way of applying the credit memos to specific invoices, without using the Auto Apply button in Apply Sales Documents.

I'm familiar with creating and using Microsoft Word mail-merge macros in GP.  But, can they be used to automatically apply credit memos to specific invoices within the Apply Sales Documents window?

If not, is there a third-party piece that can accomplish this?

Thanks!  Much appreciated!

I want to hire a Canadian web developer to work in Canada remotely for my U.S. business. I know I need to submit a 1042-S.

I know what all the websites say about this. Some say I have to take out U.S. taxes, others say that since they are working in Canada, I don't. Some say I have to fill out a 1099, others say I don't.

I'd like to know if someone on here actually has done this and what requirements, I as the hirer have to do, versus what the Canadian has to do.

We are currently using Sage 50 Peachtree for all of our accounting needs, but the finance department is thinking about switching to Quickbooks. Has anyone ever made this switch? Is there any reason not to? Any striking reasons to do it? One feature that they absolutely have to have is the job costing feature since they use that for all of their different rentals to show cost and profit of each of them. Is there a simple way to convert our Sage company information and files into whatever Quicken uses? Thank you!
We currently have our peacthree files spread across two servers. We are going to upgrade to Sage 50 2016 this week and need to install it on a new server since the new version doesn't support the OS that it is installed in right now. Has anyone ever done a complete migration of Peachtree to a different machine? Is there anything to watch out for? I will have Sage helping me, but I want to know if there is anything to absolutely be on the lookout for.  Thanks!
I bought Quicken for Mac 2016, but honestly, it really sucks.

I was really excited at first when it was released, but alas, the software seems very hokey.
It constantly crashes and I cannot mix CAD$ accounts with USD$ account. (i.e. if I try to transfer between accounts, there is nothing to let me calculate the exchange rate. Also, when I download data from the bank it almost NEVER is able to match up with the data that is already in Quickbooks. Creates duplicate entries and I have to manually match everything, and even at that sometimes it won't let me match the entry and I have to just delete one. Causes WAAAAAY more work that it's worth. It would be easier to simply use an Excel spreadsheet

What do you guys suggest for Mac?  Hopefully something that can load the Quicken file that I've already set up now, but if not, that's OK. As long as it's a good program. Also, I need it to be able to print cheques on the Letter-sized paper (3 cheques per page). I don't need it for business (i.e. don't need payroll, tax, accounts payable, accounts receivable - don't need any of that). Just something simple and sweet to keep tracking of my personal bank accounts and print cheques. I don't care what it costs.
I'm currently shopping around to get the best deal in refinancing my mortgage.

A mortgage broker told me two days ago when I called him that the total monthly cost for the principal and interest if I refinanced my mortgage through him would be $983. Then yesterday he said that this monthly total would be $1,045.00 even though I would still be refinancing at the same 30 year rate of 3.875%.

He said that the TNX on the stock exchange is what to look at. That is the ten year yield tied to a 30yr mortgage rate and if you go look at it, it has gone back up. It was up .50 in cost from yesterday, this morning. Simple math to figure it out $209,000.00 loan amount X .50 cost  = $1,045 for the same rate as yesterday that was offered. It’s now at  +.49% I just checked.

I'm very new to this subject and am hoping to find information online that will  better explain this to me.

Please provide me with online resources where I can learn more about this subject.
I recently purchased a condo and am now interested in obtaining the following information:

1. How much the other condos in the condo unit were purchased for and what year they were purchased

2. The estimated values of the condos within this condo unit

This condo unit is located within a residential neighborhood surrounded by homes. There isn't another condo until within a mile in any direction. The problem with going to websites like Zillow and Trulia is that they estimate the value of the condo to be much higher than I actually purchased it for simply because the homes in the neighborhood have been recently sold for much higher.

What websites will allow me to obtain this information?
I am looking to refinance my home mortgage and am interested in finding brokers or other agents who can shop the market and give me the lowest possible APR that I qualify for.

So far the best deal that I've been able to find has been to refinance at a 3.875% fixed interest rate for a 30 year mortgage with no points. I would like to see if I qualify for any better deals.

Please provide me with the website URL addresses for such organizations.
Hey guys,

We have a company file here we've been working on for some time, all of a sudden today we get the message; "the user name admin is not a recognized user" any ideas on how to fix it?
I am looking for a tool (library, free program, robust propriétary tool...)  able to access my banks, ask for my transaction data, retreive them and string them under an identical format whatever the bank in the world. NOTHING more.
Does this exist?  

Thank you for the help
Hi guys,

I am trying to move from Freshbooks (www.freshbooks.com) to Quickbooks. I can do an export of my contacts through Freshbooks, but i cannot do anything with all my invoices.

Does anyone know of a way to migrate this?

In GP 2010, I have seen instances in one of our foreign GP companies that the sales invoice would post in US Dollars.  But, the resulting journal entry would post in British Pounds.

I did some testing in Fabrikam and created a sales transaction in Canadian Dollars.  Upon posting this transaction, the journal entry remained in Canadian Dollars.  I say "remained", because GP does not let you change the data within the "Currency ID" field.

So, how is it possible that--in our production environment--someone posted a journal entry in one currency even though the subledger's currency was different?


On the home page, it says Pam Street's Home.  What if the name is misspelled?  Where do I go to correct that.
This is what I want to do:

1. I have five suppliers. I pay them every month a set amount (say $500) on the 15 and 29th of every month.
2. I would like to print out post-dated cheques for them for payments from January to June 2016. (I'm leaving the country and I would like to leave the cheques before I go.

So do I have to "write cheque" individually for each payment in Quicken?
Is there a way that I can set these up as recurring and then be able to print the cheques for all six months in one fell swoop?

I have Quicken 2016 for Mac.

Thanks for your help!

Tax / Financial Software

The tax and financial software topic covers both personal and organizational software, ranging from checkbook managers and tax calculation systems to sophisticated general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, inventory and planning packages. Two of the most common titles are Quickbooks and Microsoft Dynamics.