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Tax / Financial Software

The tax and financial software topic covers both personal and organizational software, ranging from checkbook managers and tax calculation systems to sophisticated general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, inventory and planning packages. Two of the most common titles are Quickbooks and Microsoft Dynamics.

I am a first time home buyer in California.

My mortgage broker has told me that I qualify for the California first time home buyer's grant that I will never have to pay back.

This grant is discussed at these websites:




However I have just heard that there are stipulations and requirements placed upon home owners who receive these grants. I have heard that some people wish that they had never gotten the grants because of the added requirements and that some people who have inadvertently violated some of the terms or conditions of the grant have then had to pay the grants back.

I'm looking for resources or a specialist who will be able to tell me what these stipulations, requirements, and "fine print" are for people who receive these grants.

The main piece of information I am interested in determining is how long I need to live at or own this residence before being able to sell it without having to pay back the grant.

What are some good websites that discuss this or who are some good advisors (such as attorneys) who would be able to provide me with this information?
Hi - we are developing an online service to which users will be able to buy subscriptions and purchase additional ad-hoc services. We are weighing up whether to build a subscription management solution or use something like Chargebee.com. Alternatively we could build this logic ourselves and link through to an online accounting package such as Xero. Advice greatly appreciated. PS - we are in the UK and in addition to taking card payments we also need to be able to setup direct debits and are planning to use Go Cardless to achieve this - just something to throw into the mix. Cheers Ed.
we have been having system problems and I just noticed that we have a lot of transactions in the GL10000 table.  Do these transactions belong to the batches that I see in the financial module in the Series post screen?
We had to change the account description on one of our accounts.  This was changed in the Account Segment setup.  Our account string is xxxx-xxxx where xxxx = location and 2nd segment is account.  How can I get all locations/account combination to update to the new account description.  Thanks!
Please provide me with the instructions on how I can download my 2013 federal and state tax returns from Intuit Turbo Tax web (https://turbotax.intuit.com/)

I have been able to download my 2014 tax return but I get stuck in a complicated mess while trying to download my 2013 tax return.

Please provide me with the exact instructions on how I can download my 2013 tax return from Intuit Turbo Tax web (https://turbotax.intuit.com/).
I am looking to buy my first home in the sate of California.

I have heard that there is a state of California program that assists first time home buyers make the down payment by providing these buyers with a loan.

Can you please provide me with the name of this loan program?

Or if there are several such programs within the state of California please include the information on all of these programs.
I'm in the process of purchasing a recent model mobile home.

I've already been approved for a mortgage.

The lender requires a 10% down payment for the mortgage.

I need to borrow $10,000 in order to be able to make the down payment on the mobile home.

What lending or financing sources can I use to obtain a loan for 10,000 in order to be able to pay the down payment for the mobile home?

Or are there any government programs that can help me with this? I currently make around $80,000 a year so I would need a government program that I would qualify for even though I make so much money.
I'm looking to purchase a used mobile home within the San Francisco and San Jose, CA Bay Area.

This mobile home will be relatively new (built within the last 15 years) and will be located within a mobile home park where I will be leasing or paying monthly rent for the lot space.

I'm hoping to get as low of an interest rate as possible and am also hoping to only have to put down a 5% down payment.

Please provide me with a list of credit unions, banks, brokers, etc. that will be able to provide me with the best financing for purchasing such a mobile home.
How can I tell if a check batch has posted to history. What is the table name. It was stuck due to batch status of 7.  I was able to use the SY00500 table to correct that but now need to make sure the batch actually posted to history.  Thanks!
I am in the market to buy a newer mobile home and am hoping to finance the purchase with a loan from a bank or credit union.

My questions are:

1. How difficult is it to get a loan for a used mobile home?

2. What are the typical interest rates for mobile home mortgages?

3. How long of a mortgage will I be able to get? 15 years? 30 years?
Is there a way that the posting accounts for Receivables could be hard coded so that it cannot be changes.  We need the account to be 1221 and we do not want the processors to be able to change it.

I need help in finding the table and field where the default account code on the customer card is set.  We would like to remove all default account codes on any customer card.  Thanks!

I'm editing the invoice layouts for my company, and I need to total up cost of labour and materials for each invoice.

If I enter line items under the right nominal codes, is there then an expression I can use at the bottom of the invoice footer to show the total net value allocated to each nominal code, i.e. 4000 = Labour / 4001 Materials?

Many thanks
Our controller has asked for a report with the last 3 months of invoices entered with account of 2100 and WHO entered them?
I am having a hard time finding this information.. If I run the report in SQL, what tables would I use?  THanks!
I'm looking to obtain a list of (credit card) debt consolidation companies where I can take out a lower interest loan that can then be used to pay off higher interest credit cards.

I want to be able to contact these companies directly without having to go through another company like Lending Tree who will charge a fee to refer me to a another company that will provide me with such a loan.

Please provide me with a list of such companies, websites, or offers that will allow me to do this.

I have a client that is running SAGE accounting packages (500 & 1000) on a W2K3 (32bit) (DELL Poweredge 2900 with dual e5420 2.5 GHz quadcore xeons)

I have suggested that we migrate this server to W2K8 R2 (64bit), in order to support more RAM and to add more disk space, and more specifically, additional users
Personnaly I find this config overkill just for Sage (max five concurrent users)

We would purchase a couple of disks for the purpose of a 'clean' reinstallation

I checked with SAGE (ABSYSY) with regards to compatibility and all seems in order.

Can anyone, with experience in SAGE, roughly explain to me how one 'moves'
a SAGE installation from one server to another ?

When  exporting to Excel from a Smartlist, some of the columns are getting moved to another row. We have discovered that having a space after the account description is causing this. Does anyone have SQL code that will help us determine which Account Descriptions (GL00100) have spaces at the end of the description.  The auditors are with us and we need to give them data.  THANKS!!
Client has upgraded to Mac OS X 10.10.4  They are using Quicken 2007.  They do not do any online banking or downloading of transactions.

They are very happy with Quicken 2007.  If all that they are doing is just typing in checks and deposits, can they continue to use Quicken 2007.

I know that Intuit says that the product is unsupported.  

But is this a risk?
Best Practice :

I am developing an application which will be used by people to file their income tax returns. As the rules of income tax are dynamic there will be changes in the database structure and UI forms at least  once in a year. These changes will be in calculation, data entry forms and database tables.

I would like to know what will be best way to incorporate these changes without much disruption to the application year-on-year. Will it be advisable to use different database instance for every year or make the changes in the same database. Or there is any other better way to handle this.  

Thank you
Hello Everyone,
We are using Quickbooks 2008 and I think I may have a corrupt file but I'm not sure.  Originally the program was having trouble printing.  So I ran a repair on Quickbooks through windows control panel.  That's when the real problems began.  Now I cannot even open my QBW file.  When I open Quickbooks I get the following error message.
ErrorAfter clicking Ok the error message pops up again.  I can't do anything.  I have to close quickbooks through task manager.

Here's what I've tried so far.
Moved the ND and TLG file into another folder so QB would create new ones
I tried the QB file doctor.  It said there was nothing wrong with the file.

I have a backup of the file but I'll have to redo a couple hours of work so I'd rather get this one working.  Any help would appreciated.

BTW, just so you know I know nothing about quickbooks.  I'm just the poor sap who is tasked with getting this working :).

One of my Sage users has a weird problem on his local workstation. An error pops up when he launches Sage200 (see attached, but when he clicks OK, it lets him into the program.
However, he is not getting this error message on other PCs.
I have discussed at length with the support company and they think the error is due to the application trying to write the Sage.mms.messenger.xml file to his server based application data redirected folder  instead of C:\users\username\appdata\roaming!!!

But I have checked on the machines where it works without the error and for the other users for whom it works without the error and there is nothing in the C:\users\username\appdate\roaming local path related to Sage for anyone. They all have it on \\server01\application data\username\Application Data\Sage\MMS\ Sage.MMS.Messenger.xml and it is working well for both the user in question and others from that location.

All I can deduce from here is that the issue is with the PC rather than his profile.  

Other than giving the user a fresh PC or re-imaging his PC, I just wanted to check f this is something someone has come across before. I have cleaned out and recreated the user's profile several times already.
We often need to calculate the price of an object before tax when we only know the price after tax and what tax was applied.  For a single tax it is simple, divide by (1 + Tax%)

i.e.  10% tax on price after tax of 10% =   110 / (1 + .1) = 100

However, I am having a problem when there are multiple taxes applied, and some are compound taxes. i.e.

100 + 10% VAT + 10% Compound State = 100 + 10 + 11 = 121, so how do I calculate backwards.

To add to the complication, sometimes the second tax is not compounded, i.e.

100 + 10% VAT + 1-% State = 100 + 10 + 10

To further complicate this, I have an example where there are three taxes, one VAT type tax, and two withholding taxes, again these taxes can be compounded or may not be.

In each case I know the tax rules, and the after tax price, and need to calculate the pre-tax price.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I have spend 2 days playing with Excel, but the final equation escapes me.
We have a remote online backup supplier who back up what every files and fodders we pay them to back up, nightly.

I want to get them to back up our Sage Accounts 50 data. Its the UK version of sage.

I have googled and played around a little to no avail.

Anyone know exactly what needs to be backed up and where it exists to make this happen?

Thank you for any help.

I am looking for the GP table for the Vendor Maintenance Screen.  Trying to run a report that show the default accounts set up on the vendor card. Thanks
Dear Experts,

From Google Finance, I need to get the stocks quotes onto C# (and other information like the Fast Stochastic Oscillator K and D  etc..)
so I can run additional analysis...

How do I do that?

Thank you in advance


Tax / Financial Software

The tax and financial software topic covers both personal and organizational software, ranging from checkbook managers and tax calculation systems to sophisticated general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, inventory and planning packages. Two of the most common titles are Quickbooks and Microsoft Dynamics.