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The tax and financial software topic covers both personal and organizational software, ranging from checkbook managers and tax calculation systems to sophisticated general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, inventory and planning packages. Two of the most common titles are Quickbooks and Microsoft Dynamics.

Hello All,

My company is looking into Migrating from Dynamics SL2015 to QuickBooks. I want to find a company, or individual that could help with the process. Hopefully someone that can remotely look at what we have to identify what needs to be migrated, as well as do the migration for us. Therefore, I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction, or could suggest someone that could help with this?

Trying to import a Purchase Order from Google Sheets into Quickbooks Desktop. I found an IIF Template but it is very hard to look at and make sense of it all. Does anyone have a Purchase Order Template that will work with Quickbooks?
How do I merge two Sage 300 data set into one? I will also need to automate this task weekly.

Can I use task scheduler to run this script?

I have been tasked to create a Spotlight type of report.  I am thinking the best way to get all the data I need for each "cell" of the report would be to create a Stored Procedure the contains multiple output parameters with the result of each cell rather than creating multiple methods in a partial model or something like that.  

I need some advice, tips or any help on how to add a Stored Procedure with out put parameters to my EDMX and then use that data in a View.
ReQlogic 9 web application for purchase orders has a problem today.  The problem is the home page has removed for all users there history of Approvals and Recent Transactions.  The PO's are still stored in the database but are not on the home page as they normally are.  We can even create new PO's just the home page is empty  Screenshot image included as well.  If anyone has had similarReQlogic 9 Home Page Example issues and resolved I was hoping to get steps you took?

I would like to set a performance test plan for core banking. I have no experience in this. Can someone please help initiate the plan?
What's a good replacement for Microsoft Money 2007 that can import the MS Money data?
how do I add the 30, 60, 90 days past due amounts on the bottom of the customer invoice?
I am using the quickbooks online. Thanks.
I have an index and it is only published quarterly. I want to change it to monthly data.  I did the to the power 1/3 so each month in the quarter has the same return and it produces the same return as the quarter. This causes correlation problems with other indices which has monthly data.

Index 1 (Quarterly Data)
Index 2 (Monthly Data)

Index 1
Quarterly Return 0.48%

Index 2
June -6.71%
July 1.29%
August 2.65%
Which bring this quarterly return to -3.00%.

When I am converting Index 1 to monthly data , i would like to use Index 2 as a guidance.  So, it needs to weighted using the Index 2 data when making Index 1 monthly.

I tried the following.

For June Index 2 x1 = (1+ -6.71%)/(1+ 3%) - 1
For July Index 2 x2 =(1+ 1.29%)/(1+ 3%) - 1
For August Index 3 x3 = (1+ 2.65%)/(1+ 3%) - 1

For June Index 1  y1= (x1/(x1+x2+x3)) * 0.48%        (0.48% is the quarterly return for Index 1)
For July Index 1 y2= (x2/(x1+x2+x3)) * 0.48%        (0.48% is the quarterly return for Index 1)
For August Index 1  y3= (x3/(x1+x2+x3)) * 0.48%        (0.48% is the quarterly return for Index 1)

Then when I compound (1+y1)(1*y2)(1*y3) - 1 = 0.48% So it worked for this quarter.

It works great for some quarters but it doesn't work for some quarters. In some quarters, when I compound y1 y2 y3, i get a number very different from the actual quarterly data for Index 1.  Please see the attached file for the excel file. It has the calculations.
creating a 1099-misc efile.  Where do you start? what's the easiest way beside buying software?
Hey, we have been having a strange problem with our Quickbooks POS ver 13 multi user installation in a club setup (4 machines). Customers have to recharge their accounts before ordering and the big problem we have is discrepancies between current and available balances. However,the sale transactions are posted in real time but the balances take seem time to synchronize(happens  to a random member account irregularly ) and we have changed the LAN routers and cabling and the problem is still persisting. The charge to account is posted after some delays of a few hours. We have integrated the solution to Quickbooks premier for financial exchange. Our company file is 500MB big and the connectivity tool doesn't post any errors. The environment is available for remote access any time. Any pointers?
Does anybody know what a BK line is?
okay so when I ordered some squishies it says that the price adds up to 3.68 because tax now when I check it its only 1.69 no tax I'm trying to figure out if its 3.68 or 1.69

Windows 10. Sage 50 Accounts Professional 2017, perpetual license. I'm out of the first year free tech support. I've only ever upgraded every 3 or 4 years because I'm a one man band but I do need the sales and purchase order processing functions. Moving to Sage Cloud including sales and purchase order processing is too expensive. I've been using previous versions of this for 20 years. It's been nagging me to upgrade for a month or more. I finally accepted it and would have stopped if it had asked for payment, but it didn't so I continued to the end. Everything seemed fine until I tried to print a purchase order. I discovered that ALL the layouts had disappeared. I can print invoices because one suitable layout is still there. But only one. I checked sales order printing and found ALL of these layout are gone too. So I installed the program on another machine. So far it has NOT asked me to upgrade. I've exported the 2 layouts I want to a USB stick but can't figure out how to import them to the old machine's Sage. How can this be done please? This is my preferred solution. Plan B would be to see if I can roll it back to before the upgrade. Plan C would be to uninstall Sage and reinstall it but not upgrade when requested to do so. By the way, during the upgrade I recall it telling me I needed a 1.8MHz PC and this  was a 1.3MHz. Could that be the cause? I'm fairly sure I got this message 18 months ago when I upgraded to the 2017 version but it worked fine.
I have a client running a Server 2012 STD server as domain controller and remote desktop server.   On that same server, they have Sage 50 US installed and hosting 4 Sage company files accessible via the local network workstations and through remote desktop services.    We now have a need to isolate one of these company files.   My thought is simply to install another 2012 or 2016 Standard server and to install Sage 50 on that box for that single company.   I'm assuming local workstations could still access that file through a different drive mapping.   Is that correct?   Would I need all new RDP licensing to keep users of this lone company ONLY on this new server when accessing it remotely?

Any other solutions anyone can think of?
I purchased BOTH Turbotax Premier and Business.  Does the sequence in which I install them make any difference?
Install BOTH TurboTax2017-Premier  AND TurboTax2017-Business
Do I want to install Premier first followed by Business?  Last year (2016) i installed them separately and it seemed to make a difference.   Last year I installed Business FIRST and then Premier and there were some issues with the Premier seeing and importing the Business content to my Premier return.
I have tried everything i know and i can not get quicken 2017 home and business to install.  When it comes to the installing netframe 4.6.1 page (also on that page is install quicken 2017 and update quicken 2017) it hangs up.  hard to know what it is hung up on because the check boxes do not visually get advanced or checked.   I have manually gone to microsoft and installed 4.6.1 and 4.6.2 and on the progess bar it always hangs at the same spot.  I have tried runing as adminstrator and i have looked to delete what has already been installed but do not find where that has landed.  I do not see it in the x86 folder. i am running the latest version of Windows 10 64bit.
Any suggestions.  Thanks
Can the main Sage 50 company file be backed up from client PCs as opposed to logging into the server?

Reason: server being decomissioned and one last backup is needed so it can be transferred to new server (Win 10 Pro)
Hi guys

My program includes a simple query on Sage 50 via ODBC, something I've programmed hundreds of times before. The Sage data tables are on a network drive. On this particular client's PC (Windows 7, 64 bit), the query ran perfectly every time when run manually, but threw the following errors when scheduled:

ERROR [08001] Cannot find all files in data path
ERROR [01000] The driver returned invalid (or failed to return) SQL_DRIVER_ODBC_VER: 23.1
ERROR [IM006] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed
ERROR [01000] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The driver doesn't support the version of ODBC behavior that the application requested (see SQLSetEnvAttr).

I checked all the DSNs, drivers and registry and everything seemed OK. I did a search and the only relevant post was one here by RogerMoquin:

Problem with ODBC connection when run from a scheduled task
His solution was to insert a two minute delay, though I think his issue was with login.  In my case the program runs long after login. Using his idea, however, I found one solution was to set the program to try to connect, then each time an error exception is raised, it waits two minutes. After 3 tries it consistently connects. (Please note that I changed to a DSN-less connection string, but it still uses the 3 tries).

' Original 

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Submit all the tax forms that affect your small business.
Recently when I tried to reconcile, I get the message that there are no transactions to reconcile but there are many that are marked with a c which indicates that they have not been reconciled. I crossed a month boundary so there wouldn't seem to be a statement date issue. How can this be corrected?
I am running Sage 50 v.21 on windows 10. Every time I print an invoice the application stops and closes with the message "sbd desktop has stopped working". Any help in resolving this would be welcome.
I am unable to make corrections in Sage Instant v.15 via File/Maintenance/Corrections.

The list of transactions are shown and I can search a trans number via the Find key but then the software freezes and I have to either Control Alt Delete or Esc to exit the screen.

There seems to be no data corruption and everything else is running fine.  When the software is loaded onto my desktop the correction wizard works.  

Your help would be appreciated.
I wish to delete the entries under "Sage" from the C:windows\assembly but keep getting the "access denied" message.

How do I get round it?

Tax / Financial Software

The tax and financial software topic covers both personal and organizational software, ranging from checkbook managers and tax calculation systems to sophisticated general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, inventory and planning packages. Two of the most common titles are Quickbooks and Microsoft Dynamics.