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Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is the set of networking protocols that define end-to-end connectivity specifying how data...

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Troubleshooting Question

can tracert to local router but not ping, other devices on same subnet can do both

From a new Windows laptop, I can do all networking fine EXCEPT unable to ping the default router …
Troubleshooting Question

Detailed information from tcpdump on a Linux server

Hi there,

We're trying to troubleshoot a connection from an Oracle database server to a URL.  I'm …
Troubleshooting Question

Mitel MiVoice 250 calls transferred to hunt group disconnected/dropped

We've been experiencing intermittently, calls being dropped.  We have the MiVoice 250 and our calls …
Troubleshooting Question

Why would IPv6 interfere with pinging an IPv4 address?

I ran into an odd (to me, at least) situation at a client's yesterday and was hoping to understand …
Troubleshooting Question

Port 104

I have a machine that needs to dicom send and recieve via port 104 however, this is proving to be …
Troubleshooting Question

IPv6 versus IPv4

Does anyone know why IPv6 wants to be able when trying to access some sites on the internet (such as…
Troubleshooting Question

Windows SBS2011 Hanging after IPV6 disabled

Hi All,

Windows SBS 2011 - disabled IPV6 while troubleshooting a separate problem now unable to …
Troubleshooting Question

SSIS Job changes will not save for SysAdmin role when edited remotely

I have SysAdmin role/rights on a SQL Server 2016 server.   The server is physically located several …
Troubleshooting Question

Getting the wrong subnet mask

My private IP addressing is in the 10.10.10.x network, subnet mask, is the …
Troubleshooting Question

How run a telnet command on AIX server via C# program

We have an AIX unix server we need to connect to and then run two commands using C# or something in …
Troubleshooting Question


ISP uses router in front of my firewall and They use dedicated public IP block  (WAN and GW) for the…
Troubleshooting Question

DHCP reservation vs exclusion - best practice?

byE C
Trying to figure out a better way to manage IP addresses.

In a typical scenario, let's say a DHCP…
Troubleshooting Question

How to send Json converted data via TCP/IP in Ms Access

Hi Experts!

Now after battling with the “POST” method under http to send data for tax purposes …
Troubleshooting Question

Application binds with the wrong NIC card

Hi, I have Windows Fail Over  Cluster configured as below in VMware vSAN environment:

Production …
Troubleshooting Question

Secure Print not working with Canon iR-ADV C3530 III network printer

I’m not sure why but I cannot seem to get Secure Print to work for a Canon iR-ADV C3530 III network …
Troubleshooting Question

C++ Poco Libraires TCP Server

My application consists of  GUI application, an  application which resides on controller  and the …
Troubleshooting Question

Add LAN adapter and TCP/IP protocol on SCO 5.0.5

I have SCO Unix 5.0.5
I am trying to Add LAN Adapter
Using netconfig program
Add Hardware Lan …
Troubleshooting Question

ERROR : System.Net.DnsPermission

Hello i am trying to do an asynch server tcp in c# and i get this error and can not resolve it …
Troubleshooting Question

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