Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is the set of networking protocols that define end-to-end connectivity specifying how data should be packeted, addressed, transmitted, routed and received at the destination. This functionality is organized into four abstraction layers which are used to sort all related protocols according to the scope of networking involved.

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HI Experts,

I have some co-workers who are in another office temporarily.  There is existing wifi already in place and also configured through the ports in the offices.  We have permission to use it.  Problem is that our management does not want to plug directly into theres and went out and purchased a wifi router of our own.....

They set it up and are connected to the wifi of this new router but it only works when he is plugged into the wall through his laptop which isn't making any sense to me.

I do not think plugging directly into their router is a option.  

I really don't feel like this is ideal or should be working but I'm not really clear on why, but it just doesn't sound right and I have to get them connected today.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

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What are the best methods to translate or determine what an IP v6 address equivalent IP v4 address is?
I often need to determine the IP address of printers that are mapped to Windows 10 computer using WSD.

What is the best method for doing this?

Is this IP address stored somewhere within Windows 10 (such as the registry) where it can be looked up?
If I have 2 domain controllers in 2 different sites and both have IPv6 checked in TCP stack, do I need to define the dynamic IP address in AD Sites and Services?

I had an issue with SYSVOL GPO replication where one of the domain controllers was using the IPv6 address of the other domain controller to access its SYSVOL, but the address was not defined in AD Sites and Services.  I unchecked and did some other things that resolved the issue... but I need to know best practice for this please. thank you.

Single Server 2012 R2 network w/40 Win7 PC's.  All "appears to function just fine but continually getting DNS - BPA reports "DNS Servers on Ethernet should include the loopback address, but not as the first entry".

NIC is configured:
Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

I've tried different combinations of these addresses.  Should I have our ISP's DNS server settings as primary?

I confess I'm no DNS expert, nor do I know anything about actively managing an IPv6 network.  I can find my way around IPv4 and basic DNS functions just fine.

Connection has  “Microsoft Network Adaptor Multiplexor Protocol” unchecked.  Unsure if this is a default setting or if done as part of earlier diagnostics.  Will follow best practices.

Unsure if it is related but all workstations on the network are Windows7 Pro.  Most of them show a yellow exclamation mark on the network icon in the task bar and “no Internet” although the Internet connection is just fine.  I disable IPv6 momentarily and the exclamation mark goes away.  I reenable IPv6 and the exclamation mark stays gone until the next reboot.

Any assistance appreciated.
Describe what happens at every step of our network model, when a node on one network establishes a TCP connection with a node on another network. You can assume that the two networks are both connected to the same router.

Please include a detailed explanation of the following:

Physical layer
Data link layer
Network layer
Transport layer
MAC address
IP address
TCP port
Checksum check
Routing table
I just installed a Sonicwall at a location that just has multiple PC's and wireless hp 8710 printers. I can install the printer with TCP/ip address and print a test page but, documents print half pages and partial lines.

I downloaded new drivers but, the hp software sees the printer but fails to install.

Don't know what i should do. Would really prefer to install by ip address.
could I have 2 incoming skype phone numbers

can I receive (not send) sms to skype united states phone number
iphone 6
verizon united states cell phone

how can I forward all calls to another phone number

do I need to use verizon or can I use iphone (no jailbreak. I dont want viruses or errors with jailbreak).
Ground Phone line number. How can I opt out of receiving text to landline messages.

Do I need to opt out for 1 phone number at a time
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We have an odd issue on one of our IBM i servers. It appears that every Thursday at 5:00 PM - our hand held devices lose connectivity to our IBM i server.  It looks like our services go up and down for about 20 minutes and then stabilize.  If I look at QHST - I see that there are a lot of devices disconnecting - but i don't see the IBM i actually being unresponsive - but I don't know that for sure.  

I was wondering if there was any detailed logs somewhere related to TCP/IP that I could look to verify if the server actually lost connectivity during that timeframe or if OTHER devices connected to it lost the connectivity.  I have included a couple of snapshots of the show what I am seeing around that 17:00 PM timeframe.

Does COMCAST have poor quality phone service?

I switched yesterday from Verizon FIOS to COMCAST and had terrible telephone calls today on the land line.

I think we were sold >100 GPS upload speed. So, I doubt the poor quality is due to a slow internet connection. But maybe the old Verizon FIOS phone number was what they called a POTS line, a Plain Old Telephone Service line. Those were the ones where you cold hear pin drop.

Did I move from a POTS Line to an Internet based phone? And is that the cause of the major drop in quality?

My new modem is...

Dual Band Wifi

The phone cable goes into the back.

Would an Internet phone do better?

Is there anything I can do?

I really despise having poor phone quality and may go back to Verizon to escape a bad connection.


I've got a NETGEAR  GS724T V4 Managed switch with a VLAN set up using the Auto VoIP setting for 6 ports to serve VoIP phones at a client's location. The other ports are set to default. The IP for the switch is  The switch is on a network.

1) Do I need to set up another subnet for this VLAN (, or will these ports just be isolated from the traffic on the other ports of this switch.
2) If I do need to set another subnet, how do I set either static IPs or DHCP for these 6 ports on the subnet?

Thanks lots for your insight.
what happens at every step of our network model, when a node on one network establishes a TCP connection with a node on another network. You can assume that the two networks are both connected to the same router...... how it works?
Dear experts,

I have a Window 2012 R2 server running DNS, DHCP, and AD DS and a sonicwall firewall. For some reason that my DNS server is not working. When I look at my network connection from Window 7, I can see that IPv4 Default Gateway is, IPv4 DHCP server is on but IPv DNS server is on 68.x.x.x It is not pointing to my DNS which should be the same as the DHCP server ( I am not sure what went wrong as in if there is a mis-configuration in sonicwall firewall/router or the DNS server at

I can see my client PC is not talking to the local DNS server but instead on 68.x.x.x my ISP. Is there a way to configure in order to ensure my client PC will ask my local DNS first if no information can be found then forward to the DNS of my ISP and so forth?  I have set my TCP/IPv4 to Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. Is there a way to set obtain IP and DNS server automatically rather than set those to static?
Striggling with dhcp on linux.  
Need to know scope range, reservations, lease hours/days, % scope used, etc.

Here is what I have:   can can you take  apeek and help with commands?

# File managed by Chef

# set this to store vendor strings.
set vendor-string = option vendor-class-identifier;

allow booting;
allow bootp;
allow unknown-clients;
allow client-updates;

authoritative ;
ddns-domainname "";
ddns-update-style interim;
ddns-updates on;
default-lease-time 6400;
filename "pxelinux.0";
max-lease-time 86400;
next-server 10.x.x.x;
one-lease-per-client true;
ping-check true;
update-static-leases true;

option domain-name "";
option domain-name-servers 10.x.x.x,;
option domain-search "", "", "someothername";
option host-name  = binary-to-ascii (16, 8, "-", substring (hardware, 1, 6));

zone {
 primary 10.x.x.x;
 # uses name format could use IP address format
# zone {
#  primary serverhostname;
# }

include "/etc/dhcp/groups.d/list.conf";
include "/etc/dhcp/subnets.d/list.conf";
include "/etc/dhcp/hosts.d/list.conf";
~     …
We’re using a SonicWall TZ-215 firewall.  Our LAN X0 port is setup as—254, with setup as the gateway, as the subnet.  

We’re getting VoIP phones, and the vendor is setting them up with static addresses between—200, subnet  How do I configure the SonicWall to get the phones to access the gateway?  (X3—X6 interfaces are unused on the SonicWall, if needed for the solution)
I can see in a packet X-Forwarded-For info such that I can see the original source
address of the packet sent to the front end of my load balancer. Now if I am using
wireshark and I only wanted to see packets with a specific x-forwarded-for value,
how could I do that?
We need to get Speed and Duplex of networked machine via CMD or powershell.   Is there a way to do this, and to get the information, without looking at the switch?
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When I go to the website and type in the email domain name of my organization the SPF & DKIM results pass but for the DMARC test I receive a message that says "Thank you for getting started with DMARC. You are currently at the lowest level and receiving reports, which is a great starting point. Please make sure to review the reports, make the appropriate adjustments, and move to either quarantine or reject soon. Additional information about reporting tools can be found here" (see the second screenshot below).

When I click on here I am taken to this website

What values do I need to change or what settings do I need to change within my external DNS server records so that I will pass the DMARC test for this website?

I currently have this TXT record setup within my public DNS records for DMARC:      3600      IN      TXT      "v=DMARC1; p=none;;"

PLEASE NOTE: The actual domain name has been replaced with the word domain above and has been whited out in the screenshot for privacy purposes.

Domain results
What is the correct Time to Live (TTL) value that an email domain's MX record should be set to?
Dear experts,

I came across a situation where I wish to create two subnets as in and

The will be my main network which will contains most of the PCs, printers, etc....

The will be my wifi network which all wireless connections such as phones, scanners, etc...

Here is the situation:

1. only have 1 switch with 48 ports (can be configured)
2. one sonicwall firewall  4 ports in back(can be configured)
3. allow the two networks to talk to one another as in if I have a PC in 192.168.1.x and wish to access a wifi device in 192.168.2.x

Here are the things that I wish to get answered and accomplished:
1. I wish to know what will be the "BEST and SIMPLE" configuration to accomplish this task. Thanks!
2. Is it possible to connect all devices into a single switch (the 48 port switch) and have combination of networks like 192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x together without utilizing the VLAN?
I want an Button to form that will display my computer's IP address,, how can I do this? Thanks in advance.
I have an VPN trough 2 sites. but i can´t configure the printers through IP.

I open the cmd and ping the IP correctly... but when i try to configure a printer of the other site with the IP, it doen`t work.

For instance:

i can ping a printer in but i can't install this printer on a server 2016 via this IP.

Any tips?
Are other ISPs besides Comcast able to use Comcast's DNS server addresses of &

An organization I am working for has switched over to using Comcast fiber optics as its primary internet service provider (ISP). We also have a second internet service provider (Etheric Networks ( which provides satellite dish based internet services.

Our internet service is set up in a failover configuration using a SonicWALL TZ600 router so that if our primary Comcast fiber optic internet service fails then our internet service will automatically switch over to Etheric until the Comast fiber optic service is restored.

We would like to continue to use the static external DNS server addresses of and in place if our internet service ever switches over to Etheric should the Comcast fiber optic internet service become unavailable.

Our question is if our internet service switches over to using the Etheric internet service will the external IP DNS server addresses of and still be valid and provide timely DNS name resolution?

Or is there a different type of method we should be using to handle our internet service and DNS name resolution switch over?






Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is the set of networking protocols that define end-to-end connectivity specifying how data should be packeted, addressed, transmitted, routed and received at the destination. This functionality is organized into four abstraction layers which are used to sort all related protocols according to the scope of networking involved.