Telecommunication occurs when the exchange of information between two or more entities (communication) includes the use of technology. Communication technology uses channels to transmit information (as electrical signals), either over a physical medium (such as signal cables), or in the form of electromagnetic waves. The word is often used in its plural form, telecommunications, because it involves many different technologies.

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NEC SL2100 over an Engenius EnStationAC wireless bridge is having issues with Echo on the VOIP phones.  The phones are PoE powered from a Netgear GS724TP.  All equipment is brand new (Phones and network).  The cabling is not new and has not been certified.  The VOIP phones over the internet and not over the wireless bridge work fine.  Only the 7 VOIP phones on the far end of bridge have echo problem.  It is intermittent, sometimes not at all for several minutes.  All equipment has the latest firmware.  All phones are on G711u codec.  A massive amount of monitoring and testing has been done so far, and their is no latency (1ms or less) or dropped packets (0%) ever.  The phones also can monitor packet loss (0%).  The bridge has RSSI of -34, and for testing purposes was lowered intentionally to -45 and -50.  Bridge is 100% stable with no obstructions between the buildings (Clear line of sight).  I have used multiple 5GHz channels, and their is only one other 5GHz broadcast anywhere near this building (That channel is never close in frequency and has been adjusted for testing).  The bridge is currently in 20MHz (have used 80MHz also).  There is no data devices of any kind on this network (Voice only).  The bridge is NOT running in Green mode.  Engenius has been working with me on this and doesn't have any more ideas to test.  I have tested a phone directly connected by 3' cable to PoE switch, and problem exists.  We are going to test directly in front of the bridge (with PoE …
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I have Avaya ip office in branch a and Nortel (upgraded to avaya) in branch b
I was connect branch b  to branch a with billion ssl
no its working with mikrotik sstp connection.
avaya can ping to Nortel and Nortel can ping to Avaya but the sip is not working between them
how I can resolve that ?
is there any documentation about that ?
I am looking for a Program or Script to dial remote Hayes AT Modems and log results. We have a large number of Hayes compatible modems connected to Verizon POTS lines. Many of these modems are in locations where there are frequent service interruptions. We would like to automate testing the availability and logging results. Is anyone aware of how we can do this?
I have a Panasonic TDE phone systeme and one of my phones, a KX-DT343, cannot do External Call. It says "Restreint".  
I am in the PBX software and cannot find where a restriction could have been implemented.
In a phone manual I found that the Restrict fonction is activated ON the phone itself but on my kx-dt343s there is no option visible for this.
It can be accessible from the phone or from the PBX  I guess but where?
I have a project that requires 1000 lines to make outgoing calls.

Inphonex can provide the voips line but I don't know what kind or how many pbx (elastix)  I need or where to get them

Any ideas?

I am running FreePBX v13 and need to hangup all current calls from a set of extensions at a set time every day.  
Does anyone have a script or method that could perform this type of function??
Would it be a lot of data loss from SM to MM?
We have fiber from ISP [10Gb] is 9/125 SM going from SC to LC then into our LC 50/125 MM then into SM switch network module with SFP.

Would I have a lot of issues with that setup?

 I also read some people are using mode conditioning cables.  Will that help a lot?
SIP Provider Review, I have quote from Access Point Inc, I've never hear from the company before and bit skeptical where all their servers are. I don't to want SIP server siting on West end of country when our building is at East End.  Is anyone who experience with them? any feed back? or SIP provider who does good what they do?
How can you tell what DIDs are associated with an AT&T PRI? I've migrated pretty much all of my traffic to a SIP circuit and I want to start cancelling circuits.
Should the circuit ID to DID mapping be on the bills?
I have a BCM 200 with 4 analog lines incoming.  I would like to use the BCM to call forward these 4 lines into a new phone system that I am trialing. Could someone please point me in the right direction as I am not familiar with configuring BCM's.
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Skype (Windows 10). The Video Button has disappeared from its position on right side top - alongside the telephone icon. Have tried for answers without success. What does this signify?
Has it anything to do with paying money.  It is not a problem with my computer, as I have opened the account on a second computer with same result.

I am looking for an entreprise grade gsm modem compatible with kannel.
I need to send at  least 100 sms per minute.
Dear Experts, can you suggest the pros and cons of Skype for Business? Does it have these features in Broadcast mode?
- Share file
- Share screen
- Control screen

Compared to other opponent like ClickMeeting, Zoom, Webex; what are its advantages and disadvantages? Many thanks!
I always get confused / use firewall / router rules so infrequently that I don't know  what the right way to set these things up.

Can you help?

I have a VOIP service using a Grandstream HT-502 V1.2A gadget.  The call quality isn't always good.  That device is plugged directly into one of the ports on an actiontec router (left over from when we had verizon fios, but now we have cable internet 15down / 5 up speed.

I have lots of other devices plugged into a gig network switch in the basement that might be using the internet at the same time as the calls?  That gig network switch has 1 cable going over to the actiontec also (so there's only 2 cables on the lan side of the router).

To improve call quality, that's a job for QoS, right?

The attached picture is what I did in the actiontec router.  The grandstream has the ip of

But then i thought, should this be on the Ethernet/Coax or  Broadband Connection (Ethernet/Coax) sections? Did I at least get outbound rather than inbound correct?

But that just gets the call out of the house with highest priority.  Once it's on the web, it's fighting with all kinds of data / can't prioritize it, right?

Does the VOIP provider have any bearing on the quality of the calls? Iwe are using  is there  a way to substantiate / test where the poor qiuality - dropped fractions of a second in the conversation, etc.  NO stuttering, max headroom type things.  Just a m ssing sound here and there.

And most …
related question/answer¬ificationFollowed=206569166#a42538269

Using verizon wireless for residential (not business)
is there a way to have both phones ring at the same time

*71 is one phone and then the other
related question:

Since you have Verizon, you can do this:

Calli *72 plus the forwarding phone number, including the area code (e.g., *72-555-555-5555). You will hear a confirmation message.

This works with all phones with Verizon service, not just iPhones.

Dial *73 to stop forwarding. You will get a tone or message.

Can I have both phones ring

I this answer only gives me second phone ringing.
I have several Mitel 5220 IP phones that I need to convert to gigabit .....   What is the easiest way to do this .?

I have an implementation of 3CX with soft phones . Recently i add also telephone (IP/VOIP) except of soft phone. the IP telephones are working properly but now  I need to export the contacts from the soft phone to IP telephone.

I am looking for a step by step instructions how to do it.
could I have 2 incoming skype phone numbers

can I receive (not send) sms to skype united states phone number
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iphone 6
verizon united states cell phone

how can I forward all calls to another phone number

do I need to use verizon or can I use iphone (no jailbreak. I dont want viruses or errors with jailbreak).
Anyone knows if there is a way to change a hostname in Polycom SoundStation 7000?   So it would broadcast an actual hostname instead of the make/model name.
Easier to manage and troubleshoot.
I have a client experiencing voice quality issues and their voice vendor is asking us to perform some Wireshark packet captures.  They have a Netgear GS724TPv2 PoE switch, which supports port mirroring, so according to NEC's instructions I mirrored the ports the PBX and IP phone are connected to and made the port my laptop is connected to the probe port.  I run the captures, making test phone calls from the IP phone, but NEC is saying the captures aren't showing any SIP traffic to/from the PBX and the IP phone.  

I don't run packet captures very often so I'm hoping an expert out there can confirm if the configuration I am running the captures in is correct?  Thanks in advance!
Does COMCAST have poor quality phone service?

I switched yesterday from Verizon FIOS to COMCAST and had terrible telephone calls today on the land line.

I think we were sold >100 GPS upload speed. So, I doubt the poor quality is due to a slow internet connection. But maybe the old Verizon FIOS phone number was what they called a POTS line, a Plain Old Telephone Service line. Those were the ones where you cold hear pin drop.

Did I move from a POTS Line to an Internet based phone? And is that the cause of the major drop in quality?

My new modem is...

Dual Band Wifi

The phone cable goes into the back.

Would an Internet phone do better?

Is there anything I can do?

I really despise having poor phone quality and may go back to Verizon to escape a bad connection.


How to program flexible key/button on panasonic KX-T7420 phone to blink instead of ring on incoming call?
Avaya IP Office 500 switch/hub going into a patch panel. - All seems OK

Running Avaya  IP Office 8.1 Manager on the PC. Our phone system is no longer greeting callers. It just rings and rings and rings.
I'm able to ping the gateway and static ip. Everything was working up until a few days ago apparently.

I tried rebooting the Avaya and also the IP Office 500 Switch.

Any ideas or direction is greatly appreciated.

TY All...


Telecommunication occurs when the exchange of information between two or more entities (communication) includes the use of technology. Communication technology uses channels to transmit information (as electrical signals), either over a physical medium (such as signal cables), or in the form of electromagnetic waves. The word is often used in its plural form, telecommunications, because it involves many different technologies.