Telecommunication occurs when the exchange of information between two or more entities (communication) includes the use of technology. Communication technology uses channels to transmit information (as electrical signals), either over a physical medium (such as signal cables), or in the form of electromagnetic waves. The word is often used in its plural form, telecommunications, because it involves many different technologies.

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We have a yealink IP SIP phone that needs to connect from the outside.  We have set up the phone and tested it internally and it's good so we moved it externally.  

In the phone, we edited the account and put in the public IP of our router (a Sonicwall NSA4600) and waited for the phone to register.  It fails to register.

I've checked the ports and I DO have the right ports open on the Sonicwall but I've also read a lot of posts about people having trouble with SW and SIP phones.  So, after reading, I have made the changes suggested on the posts I've read and still no joy.  

I'm using to test 5060 and it reports that it's closed.

Does anyone have any insight into how to make the SW work well with the SIP phone?

PS:  An alternate port scanning tool tells me the port is filtered.  So, I'm looking up how to turn filtering off in the sonicwall for this service.

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I'd like to know how to be able to subnet a PepLink Balance one router for less than 50 users. More concretely I'd like to have the IP phones on a  separate subnet. How can I go about that?
I have many voicemails that I transferred from my Android phone Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a file extension .smil. that I can not listen to . Can you advise me on what to use in order to listen to them? Also, why does the voice mail gets recorded in this file extension not other ones like .avi or .mp3?  Thank you
I need to set up a switch to serve a VOIP phone system where clients connect to the network through the phone.
I've set up a ProSafe GS108v3 with 2 VLANs, VLAN 1 ports 2-8 untagged and VLAN 20 port 2-8 tagged (port 1 for connection to the firewall/router).
The Firewall/Router is set with QoS enabled

Is this sufficient/correct for use as intended, and is there anything else I should do to make this work correctly/optimally?

Thanks much.
Team ,
i have a design clarification ,where i have 2 - 3 sites, where sites are connected by MPLS link . They have video conferencing units installed but client is complaining of Jitter and  Latency on certain ocassions.

Now my question, in design perspective , should VC's be connected through ISDN than IP or is IP preferred with dedicated bandwidth for VC .

Hi, I am looking for remote software, preferably free, where I can have 2 people look at my display so I can give a presentation.

Thank you.
Hi, we have just had Avaya IP Office and Voicemail Pro installed on a Hyper-V Virtual Server (A Dell Poweredge R7040 with 32GB RAM Intel Xeon Silver 4109T 2Ghz (2 Processors). The Avaya virtual server has been running fine since Christmas but over Easter it crashed. The telecoms guys that support it say that for 1-100 users it should be at least a 4 Ghz Processor (we have 75 users) and 2-3 cores.

Now, I can shut it down tonight and give it an extra processor, but would we really need to upgrade the processors to faster ones? It's a fairly new server and I thought that the Xeon Silver 4109T although low Ghz are pretty good? Thanks for the help.
Is there a way to send text messages to a group without displaying the phone numbers / ID's of the members in the group thus achieving the same results as blind copying contacts on an email?  I use both android and ios phones.
This is (hopefully) a dirt-simple question for the Avaya IP Office gurus, but over 30 minutes of Google searching has yielded no results for me.

I have an existing Voicemail Pro module ("VM:Support") that works perfectly, and I know how to redirect external incoming calls to the module, but I need to create a single extension (x5555) that points directly to the module.  How is this done on an IP Office 500 / Voicemail Pro system?
I have two iPhone XR’s I believe. One was stolen and it was my business line. Can I still forward calls from it to my personal phone without actually having phone in hand. I have sprint as carrier.
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At a customer site we have a VoIP server running. The customer complains that the some voice conversations are not going well. Even with collegues next door.

The network guys have checked the network and told that there is no problem on the network. They tell that the voice server has not enough troughput or that the network card has an issue.

is there a software that i can install on the server to monitor the lan? i want to know what the max network troughput asked is. Not a measure like i want to know how much is asked when calling.

The server is windows based to i need a windows software.
Hi there,

I'm looking for a solution to make a 3 way voice call between 3 sites and hang 5 lines off each of those sites.

Two of the sites have 1 PSTN line only and one site has two PSTN lines, and each location would like 5 POTS/physical handsets to be able to use at any given time (not cell phones).

Site A - 1 PSTN
Site B - 1 PSTN
Site C - 2 PSTN

Each location also has IP connectivity between the 3 sites but it is setup like a WAN so is a closed network and there is no internet breakout. Therefore no hosted solutions can be used.

So far this says simple PaBX either traditional or IP based.

Each site can call out which is fine but there maybe times that each of the sites need to be on the same call together and have more than one handset from each site join a call.

The bit that I'm not clear on is if each of the sites want to have a 3 way call between them and have each of the 5 local lines connect into the same call. Would the easiest way to do this be simply have a PaBX system on each of the 3 sites and have two off the sites (A and B) with 1 PaBx dial in to the site with the 2 PSTN sites (Site C). Then have the PaBX on site C merge the calls?

This seems a little clunky, is there a better way to do this? Is there an VOIP/SIP solution that would work better?

Trying to keep this uncomplicated and keep margin for error to a minimum so simple PaBX solution was my initial thought. If this is the best solution, does any one have any …
I have an old Nokia 2720. I had it when I was in Canada 10 years ago. I just charged it, and it took a charge, but obviously the sim card is no longer good. I plan to take it up on a trip to Canada and buy a prepaid SIM card so I have a Canadian phone while I'm there.

Is there any way to know if the phone is viable? If I take my Mexican SIM card and plug it in, will that work? Thanks, I'm not that good at cellphones, I don't use them much.
We have a location that needs to have a backup WiMax signal in the event that our primary internet goes down.  It seems our provider is suggesting SD-WAN along with the backup line.  Is this necessary?  Is there another way to get a device that cuts over to the backup line to supply bandwidth when the primary goes down.  Or should I consider SD-WAN along with the backup line?  Any comments?
Have been looking at Google Fi service and interested in others experience. Particularly how well it works outside of the US, since that's where I'll be using it most of the time.

I'm not looking for other carrier suggestions though.

I am looking for a way to check the trunk and the DID charged  for the 3cx which is currently setup and working properly.
How can check these information?
Several clients have expressed an interest in getting a blocking service to prevent junk phone calls from being received on their land lines.

Is there a filtering service that can work with VOIP provided by  Xfinity, FIOS, Optimum Online, and other providers?
Is there one for those using copper wiring?

I have been using RoboKiller on my iPhone, and I've been happy with that service.
Something like that for land lines would be great.

I have SC-LC orange from carrier's DMARC to the patch panel.  How to know for sure is it a single-mode or a multi-mode?
Hi Experts,

We are moving our phone service to a new provider and i have a question on the circuit PRI.

When we send the new provider the circuit ID that is to be moved/ported over does that include all the phone numbers we use/associated with that PRI. Or do we need to send them the list of those numbers separately?

My thought is that these numbers are included in the circuit.

thank you
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I want to know more about Webex from Cisco. Does the server running webex reside at customer premise or @ Cisco. Also, please let me know how des licensing work for using webex.
Hello Experts,

I at a customer site and they a VALCOM V-2006A Amplifier , I configured the SIP paging adapter and connected it to the Valcom V-2006 Amplifier, the SIP adapter has paging extension. Now the question is how the speaker should connect to this amplifier? What do I do to make this work?

I don't know much about the VALCOM V-2006A amplifier and I need this to work.

Thank you,
Our company planing to buy new telephone system. I was looking to buy Avaya cs1000. However, it become at end of life. We are looking to have PBX that can host less than 500 IP, land line, and Mobile phone with voice mail feature. We have old system Avaya BCM 450 and Nortel IP phone 1120 and 1140. Which system can be better chose to us ? and can connect to these phones? I want to use them beside buying some new IP phones.  

If its not possible to have good system to connect to these phones which PBX can be good and with reliable prices?

Hello experts,

I was moving the phone numbers to the cloud and as I was doing that the account manager also included an analog line that was connected to the PA system. The analog number is also now moved to the cloud and it is showing as spare. I have asked the account manager to release it back so the PA SYSTEM can work again.

Do you know if the cloud phone vendor removes that number , if the PA System will work? or do I need to do anything from my end, the PA system is cross connected with the copper line to the BIX.

Another thing I noticed is that in the call manager the extensions are associated to MAC addresses .

I just need some direction on this .
How can the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation be turned off?
(Not how to turn off the MIcrofphone - but to Power off the unit, without unplugging it)???
My customer has 11 offices distributed over 11 states, for each of those states this customer uses Skype for business Client (endpoint) to make/receive calls.
They have a main toll free number which their clients call them on.
I would like to route the caller based on their state they are calling from to the office number.

I know this can be done via FreePBX because I have already done a test for 3 numbers however in order to go through the steps of uploading the database of NPA, States and creating routes based on these numbers (state codes) I would like to know the step by step procedure to do so.

I have asked in the FreePBX forum and they have given me the how to but it's not clear to me how to do so because I am fairly new to the batches and scripts on FreePBX bash. I would appreciate any help .

I am writing down call follow and how things are supposed to work.

My Customer Toll free Number = 888-XXX-XXX
Every one of their offices has a main number = 877-XXX-XX1/2/3-12

Assuming I called from Newyork with CID 203-XXX-XXX to the Main Toll Free 888-XXX-XXX the call in this case should be routed to NewYork's office number.
I already built the CSV file which has all codes/states abbreviations but need to know how to build routes based on this.

Thank you


Telecommunication occurs when the exchange of information between two or more entities (communication) includes the use of technology. Communication technology uses channels to transmit information (as electrical signals), either over a physical medium (such as signal cables), or in the form of electromagnetic waves. The word is often used in its plural form, telecommunications, because it involves many different technologies.

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