Telecommunication occurs when the exchange of information between two or more entities (communication) includes the use of technology. Communication technology uses channels to transmit information (as electrical signals), either over a physical medium (such as signal cables), or in the form of electromagnetic waves. The word is often used in its plural form, telecommunications, because it involves many different technologies.

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When I have someone on hold, and I'm engaging in a consultative transfer (speaking with the person I am about to transfer them to), the headset switches to speakerphone for 1 second every few minutes. It results in me not being able to hear them mid-speech and vice versa; its a real pain. It happens to all 7 of our phones, throughout the building. Have tried speaking with Mitel, system help companies, looking through the set-up manual, looking through the troubleshooting section, googling the exact issue.... etc etc. Nothing! Please can anyone help? My boss has given me the task of "sorting it out" and I just can't seem to :( Thanks, Sophie.
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This phone will be exclusively used in Vietnam, 5% Cambodia, 5% Thailand.

Desired specs:
2G or more likely 3G, dual slot, camera, internet capable, touch screen.
Apple and Samsung won't work as they are too expensive.

As far as data for internet I do not know how many GB they would desire (or really need) and I can not pry to much as far as what they would want. The gift is to be a phone far better than the one they have (previous question on Nokia 150).
CDMA is not used outside of North America, so you will not get any coverage at all. Your CDMA phone will useless in Vietnam or prettywell anywhere outside of the USA and Canada (and even there CDMA is a dying standard). You will need a GSM phone and one that operates on non-North American frequencies; i.e. a quad-band phone.
I'll later post the specs of my Kata phone since they told me that my phone was quite better than theirs.
Here they are:
Kata V4 - 4.5-inch IPS Quad Core International Unlocked Smartphone Android 5.1 - Dark Grey - Super Slim HD 1.3 GHz Dual Sim Card GSM 8MP Camera
GSM Quadband 850/900/1800/1900, 3G WCMA 850/1900/2100, Android 5.1 (Lollipop)
4.5" IPS FWVGA Display: (480 x 854) with 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor
8MP Camera with LED Flash with HD recording , 5MP Front Camera for Video Calling and instant self portraits
8GB ROM, 1GB RAM with 32GB expandable storage …
I thought I had found an optimal solution in Possio Greta:

But I talked to the head office in Sweden, and it turned out that it doesn't work everywhere in the world. I can't remember the details now, but I had a lengthy discussion about it, and it's of quite limited use for me when I travel between different parts of the world and different countries.

Otherwise, is there any alternative to smartphone and internet, such as a small portable fax machine or any other device or other type of communication (analogue instead of digital etc.)? Telex, satellite, short-wave radio, SIP for fax etc.?
got a missed calls from last two months, This evening I got a ring from +381 628302791 at 4:08.Whoever calling rings 1-2 times and disconnects immediately.
searched on google Which country code +381, It's from Serbia I shocked why I got calls from this area.
I would like to know, is this going to be a problem? Like hacking etc??
We have KX-NT700 model, and was working fine with our Panasonic PABX, until we check it today.

The dial tone is missing when we press speaker phone, hence not able to call.

The basic settings are intact as i compared with Phone Manual, such as :

We are trying it through the telephone extension line (Ext: 222) , while this line is being used with KX T7665 without any issue.

For your knowledge, this phone had an extension of 300 while it was working fine before.

Please suggest if there is any configuration issue in the phone or this is a mechanical fault in it ?

Thanks in advance.

We have VOIP service through intermedia, they do not offer call recording. Is there some third party service i can use to record calls?
My Company just bought the Polycom 7000 and want it hooked up to the Samsung 7400. Documentation for just about any of the Samsung 7400 systems is rare and even harder to find how to set anything up. If anyone has any experience setting up Non-Samsung Phones to Samsung phone systems I would be grateful.
I have a few quick questions which I would like to add to this thread, easy ones, its just Im not used to using Android.  On my new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, even when I have no sim card in there or when in airplane mode, it shows full bars receptions.  What gives?
What is the best practice of backing up Cisco Call Manager 11.5 ? (VM)
Just want to get folks opinions.  Anyone using them?  Any feedback?
Trying to implement sparkboards in every new office and eliminate things like conference phones, polycoms, and all that legacy stuff.

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Hello, I work with asterisk servers and mainly soft SIP clients. Customers would like to have the possibility to hang up an incoming call. That's the first big deal. But what if the call is a "call group" call i.e. a call to multiple devices at the same time and you want the command from the client not only to hang up his device while the others keep ringing, but to hang up all legs of the call - caller and all callees. Is that possible?

I'm confused with the above.  Is there just one type of Samsung Note 8 i.e. are they all dual sim compatible?  because the above web site does not explain the different between the two options and on Amazon people are selling the dual sim versions for over GBP 1000 where is the single sim is GBP 800.
There is a fellow it guy that keeps forwarding his line to my extension when he is "busy"coding or something else, he always forgets to disable it and I've had enough of it so I want to disable his ability to forward calls, or disable my number from accepting forwards from him only if possible or altogether from anyone, I don't want do disable the function globally just in his ext number forwarding or mine receiving from him/any. ( I have console admin access)
Question -
company's IP phones/voice managed by 3rd party.  No PBX on-site.  
Is SIP Trunking still required for the calls or its just calling over the Internet?
specifically looking to send a message to

+86 186 1156 98xx
I am looking for a free cloud-based call center software such as Fenero. There is nothing wrong with Fenero except that they don't provide any support at all getting started unless you sign up to pay significantly and monthly.

In their comparison at the bottom of this page,, they mention Five9 and InContact as being more costly solutions. SalesForce is very costly and is out of the question.

We will be making outbound calls and doing emails.

Free or pay-per-call or pay-per-support incident would be a better model getting started than would a monthly option.

Assistance in finding a better solution for this would be greatly appreciated.
I don't much about the Avaya IP-Office 500.  I've attached some pics that may help.  The first pic is the blue cable that connects to the phone but is no longer providing service.  
During our rack equipment move, we may have re plugged in one cable on the IP Office in the wrong port.  I'm not sure if that matters as I'm not proficient in PBX.  I had one of the staff members mark cables based on what phone goes out if we unplug it.  I'm not sure if that's done yet.  I left for another meeting.  
Anyway, are the patch cables placement very fickle for the IP-Office?  We may have accidentally plugged in one cable to the wrong port when moving things and that caused the phone to no longer light up.   Sorry, I'm walking blind here.  I would greatly appreciate some feedback.
For the Current PBX system, the Telco delivered an Adtran, off the Adtran there is an amphenol cable that is punched down to a 66 block.  There is also a CAT5 off the adtran that is also punched down to a 66 block.  

I am installing a Cisco VoIP solution,  but I am not sure how to connect my Cisco voice gateway router with a PRI/T1 card to the Adtran.  I'm not sure if the telco will have to hand the circuit off to me another way, or if I can just connect to the adtran using the ethernet port.  I'm having a lot of trouble getting info from telco.    Could anyone lend me some insight on this and their experiences?   I do have some VOIP experience, but no experience with traditional pbx, 66 blocks, etc.  Thanks.
The network provider in my area recently shut down their 2G service and now my GSM modem doesn't work. Is there another kind of modem that would be compatible with a 3G network? I've looked a bunch of other places and it doesn't really seem to be terribly clear about it.
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Phone Battery Life
Subject of the week | Describe past technologies you miss.
Here's something I miss: good battery life on my mobile phone. I remember my old Nokia cell phones and how I'd get to measure battery life in days. Those things could go a week straight with no charging needed! Whereas my iPhone pretty much needs to be charged nightly. Granted, I still think the extra capabilities are a good trade-off, but I keep hoping we can manage to get battery tech improved to the point where modern smartphones can have battery life comparable to older cell phones.

Think we'll get there, or will the demands of smartphone power usage keep increasing such that battery life continues to stay put?

Author Comment

by:Brian Matis
My first was a Nokia and that thing could manage to go 5 days without a charge. It could even play Snake! Sure, I still wouldn't go back to that over my iPhone, but don't you think an iPhone with more than 2 days life would be nice? Imagine not having to take chargers with you for weekend trips!
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Expert Comment

by:John Hurst
It would be nice for sure but it has never happened.

I can get by with just a USB cable because my ThinkPad now and the one before (spare) have always ON USB ports so I can carry a 45-watt AC adapter (tiny adapter) and charge both my laptop and phone.
Hello Everyone

I'm currently in the process of migrating our current PBX system away from asterisk to Freeswitch. I am using FusionPBX on Debian 8. I am using the freeswitch webapi to originate calls. I am at the stage where when I execute the command, it rings the call centre agents phone and the customer automatically without the agent manually dialling the number. I would like the ability to manually specify a caller id number for the outbound leg of the call. At the moment it is not sending any caller ID. I can manually specify a caller ID number in the extensions page, and it works statically, however we have a need for the caller ID to be dynamic.

http://X.X.X.X:8080/webapi/originate?{click_to_call=true,origination_caller_id_name='Click to Call',origination_caller_id_number=1000,instant_ringback=true,ringback=\'%(400,200,400,450);%(400,2200,400,450)\',presence_id=630@X.X.X.X,call_direction=outbound,sip_auto_answer=true,domain_uuid=52b92yy9-7fb7-52ae-9e9e0595058bcdaa,domain_name=X.X.X.X}user/630@X.X.X.X &transfer('SOME EXTERNAL NUMBER XML X.X.X.X')

What do i need to add to this web address to get it to send a custom caller ID number to the customer outbound?

Many thanks in advance.
Is there a way to use google voice with a VoIP phone that has only Cat 5/6 port ?
SIPp is a free SIP traffic generating tool for Linux.

SIPp user manual says you can install SIPp under CYGWIN on windows. However I am not experienced  with compiling applications to run under Linux and need help getting SIPp up and running under CYGWIN on a windows10 machine.

I have successfully installed CGYWIN and included the following packages (all successfully)

After the CGYWIN install, I put C:/cygwin64/bin in the win10 systems’ environment variable PATH – so far all ok and CGYWIN seems to be working fine.

In addition, the SIPp install instructions state:

SIPp compiles under CYGWIN on Windows, provided that you installed IPv6 extension for CYGWIN (, as well as libncurses and (optionally OpenSSL and WinPcap). SCTP is not currently supported.

QUESTION 1 -  Do you know what this is???    IPv6 extension for CYGWIN 
is it a CYGWIN package, and entire install version??
What/how do I need to do to check/install?

QUESTION 2 – Nothing happens when I try to run “autoreconf -ivf” ...but this might have to do with Question 1 not being addressed yet.

$ autoreconf -ivf
-bash: autoreconf: command not found


Installing SIPp
•      On Linux, SIPp is provided in the form of source code. You will need to…
Is there anyone out there IT Wise who has gone thru an NBN migration for multiple clients?

Our area is in the midst of deployment, and a number of my clients are reporting getting calls that sound suspect.  
  • One client, a law firm, was called by someone saying they were their PABX provider, and that the firm needs to replace their PABX because it isn't NBN compatible.  The trouble is its only a few months old and I would have thought any PABX sold would be NBN ready
  • Another was called by someone from their telco saying the same "you need a new unit" however the customer luckily has notes from the negotiation of contracts showing the PABX has NBN components already.
  • Another called by their telco, and has 6 month old system, was told by the telco they have no records of how the gear was configured or what's fitted in the PABX box, so the customer has to foot the bill for a new PABX

  • How are you helping clients assess what gear they already possess is NBN capable
  • Are there any resources you can recommend that can be used.
  • What has been your experience with the NBN rollout in your area
the system was setup with an auto attendant and 3 call groups for voice mail and after the auto attendant the caller would choose 1 , 2 or 3  and that would send you to the proper mail box and then you would hear that message. i can not figure out how to rerecord the auto attendant message or change the message for the mail boxes that auto attendant send the caller to. i can do intercom 500 from every extension and that takes me to voice mail management, but I can not figure out how to manage another mail box other than the extension I am on or how to change the recording on auto attendant. I can access both systems with my laptop.


Telecommunication occurs when the exchange of information between two or more entities (communication) includes the use of technology. Communication technology uses channels to transmit information (as electrical signals), either over a physical medium (such as signal cables), or in the form of electromagnetic waves. The word is often used in its plural form, telecommunications, because it involves many different technologies.