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Telecommunication occurs when the exchange of information between two or more entities (communication) includes the use of technology. Communication technology uses channels to transmit information (as electrical signals), either over a physical medium (such as signal cables), or in the form of electromagnetic waves. The word is often used in its plural form, telecommunications, because it involves many different technologies.

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Enhanced Intelligibility Without Cable Clutter
Enhanced Intelligibility Without Cable Clutter

Challenge: The ESA office in Brussels wanted a reliable audio conference system for video conferences. Their requirement - No participant must be left out from the conference and the audio quality must not be compromised.

I am looking for a free cloud-based call center software such as Fenero. There is nothing wrong with Fenero except that they don't provide any support at all getting started unless you sign up to pay significantly and monthly.

In their comparison at the bottom of this page, http://www.fenero.com/, they mention Five9 and InContact as being more costly solutions. SalesForce is very costly and is out of the question.

We will be making outbound calls and doing emails.

Free or pay-per-call or pay-per-support incident would be a better model getting started than would a monthly option.

Assistance in finding a better solution for this would be greatly appreciated.
I don't much about the Avaya IP-Office 500.  I've attached some pics that may help.  The first pic is the blue cable that connects to the phone but is no longer providing service.  
During our rack equipment move, we may have re plugged in one cable on the IP Office in the wrong port.  I'm not sure if that matters as I'm not proficient in PBX.  I had one of the staff members mark cables based on what phone goes out if we unplug it.  I'm not sure if that's done yet.  I left for another meeting.  
Anyway, are the patch cables placement very fickle for the IP-Office?  We may have accidentally plugged in one cable to the wrong port when moving things and that caused the phone to no longer light up.   Sorry, I'm walking blind here.  I would greatly appreciate some feedback.
For the Current PBX system, the Telco delivered an Adtran, off the Adtran there is an amphenol cable that is punched down to a 66 block.  There is also a CAT5 off the adtran that is also punched down to a 66 block.  

I am installing a Cisco VoIP solution,  but I am not sure how to connect my Cisco voice gateway router with a PRI/T1 card to the Adtran.  I'm not sure if the telco will have to hand the circuit off to me another way, or if I can just connect to the adtran using the ethernet port.  I'm having a lot of trouble getting info from telco.    Could anyone lend me some insight on this and their experiences?   I do have some VOIP experience, but no experience with traditional pbx, 66 blocks, etc.  Thanks.
The network provider in my area recently shut down their 2G service and now my GSM modem doesn't work. Is there another kind of modem that would be compatible with a 3G network? I've looked a bunch of other places and it doesn't really seem to be terribly clear about it.
Phone Battery Life
Subject of the week | Describe past technologies you miss.
Here's something I miss: good battery life on my mobile phone. I remember my old Nokia cell phones and how I'd get to measure battery life in days. Those things could go a week straight with no charging needed! Whereas my iPhone pretty much needs to be charged nightly. Granted, I still think the extra capabilities are a good trade-off, but I keep hoping we can manage to get battery tech improved to the point where modern smartphones can have battery life comparable to older cell phones.

Think we'll get there, or will the demands of smartphone power usage keep increasing such that battery life continues to stay put?

Author Comment

by:Brian Matis
My first was a Nokia and that thing could manage to go 5 days without a charge. It could even play Snake! Sure, I still wouldn't go back to that over my iPhone, but don't you think an iPhone with more than 2 days life would be nice? Imagine not having to take chargers with you for weekend trips!
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Expert Comment

by:John Hurst
It would be nice for sure but it has never happened.

I can get by with just a USB cable because my ThinkPad now and the one before (spare) have always ON USB ports so I can carry a 45-watt AC adapter (tiny adapter) and charge both my laptop and phone.
Hello Everyone

I'm currently in the process of migrating our current PBX system away from asterisk to Freeswitch. I am using FusionPBX on Debian 8. I am using the freeswitch webapi to originate calls. I am at the stage where when I execute the command, it rings the call centre agents phone and the customer automatically without the agent manually dialling the number. I would like the ability to manually specify a caller id number for the outbound leg of the call. At the moment it is not sending any caller ID. I can manually specify a caller ID number in the extensions page, and it works statically, however we have a need for the caller ID to be dynamic.

http://X.X.X.X:8080/webapi/originate?{click_to_call=true,origination_caller_id_name='Click to Call',origination_caller_id_number=1000,instant_ringback=true,ringback=\'%(400,200,400,450);%(400,2200,400,450)\',presence_id=630@X.X.X.X,call_direction=outbound,sip_auto_answer=true,domain_uuid=52b92yy9-7fb7-52ae-9e9e0595058bcdaa,domain_name=X.X.X.X}user/630@X.X.X.X &transfer('SOME EXTERNAL NUMBER XML X.X.X.X')

What do i need to add to this web address to get it to send a custom caller ID number to the customer outbound?

Many thanks in advance.
Is there a way to use google voice with a VoIP phone that has only Cat 5/6 port ?
SIPp is a free SIP traffic generating tool for Linux.

SIPp user manual says you can install SIPp under CYGWIN on windows. However I am not experienced  with compiling applications to run under Linux and need help getting SIPp up and running under CYGWIN on a windows10 machine.

I have successfully installed CGYWIN and included the following packages (all successfully)

After the CGYWIN install, I put C:/cygwin64/bin in the win10 systems’ environment variable PATH – so far all ok and CGYWIN seems to be working fine.

In addition, the SIPp install instructions state:

SIPp compiles under CYGWIN on Windows, provided that you installed IPv6 extension for CYGWIN (http://win6.jp/Cygwin/), as well as libncurses and (optionally OpenSSL and WinPcap). SCTP is not currently supported.

QUESTION 1 -  Do you know what this is???    IPv6 extension for CYGWIN http://win6.jp/Cygwin/ 
is it a CYGWIN package, and entire install version??
What/how do I need to do to check/install?

QUESTION 2 – Nothing happens when I try to run “autoreconf -ivf” ...but this might have to do with Question 1 not being addressed yet.

$ autoreconf -ivf
-bash: autoreconf: command not found


Installing SIPp
•      On Linux, SIPp is provided in the form of source code. You will need to…
Is there anyone out there IT Wise who has gone thru an NBN migration for multiple clients?

Our area is in the midst of deployment, and a number of my clients are reporting getting calls that sound suspect.  
  • One client, a law firm, was called by someone saying they were their PABX provider, and that the firm needs to replace their PABX because it isn't NBN compatible.  The trouble is its only a few months old and I would have thought any PABX sold would be NBN ready
  • Another was called by someone from their telco saying the same "you need a new unit" however the customer luckily has notes from the negotiation of contracts showing the PABX has NBN components already.
  • Another called by their telco, and has 6 month old system, was told by the telco they have no records of how the gear was configured or what's fitted in the PABX box, so the customer has to foot the bill for a new PABX

  • How are you helping clients assess what gear they already possess is NBN capable
  • Are there any resources you can recommend that can be used.
  • What has been your experience with the NBN rollout in your area
Survive A High-Traffic Event with Percona
Survive A High-Traffic Event with Percona

Your application or website rely on your database to deliver information about products and services to your customers. You can’t afford to have your database lose performance, lose availability or become unresponsive – even for just a few minutes.

the system was setup with an auto attendant and 3 call groups for voice mail and after the auto attendant the caller would choose 1 , 2 or 3  and that would send you to the proper mail box and then you would hear that message. i can not figure out how to rerecord the auto attendant message or change the message for the mail boxes that auto attendant send the caller to. i can do intercom 500 from every extension and that takes me to voice mail management, but I can not figure out how to manage another mail box other than the extension I am on or how to change the recording on auto attendant. I can access both systems with my laptop.
We have two different telecoms setup here. Anyhow, I want to move the Xerox machine with a dedicated line to another room. the dedicated fax line is using a RJ11 and ther eis also a RJ45 data port being used. The other room is setup for RJ45.

My issue is moving the dedicated Fax line. The line comes to the printer with no moving room. I'll either leave the box in place and use a longer Ethernet cable and wire it for RJ11 and move it to the other room. I haven't climbed into the ceiling yet to see if there is extra wire but I have to move it over 50 feet. I was thinking to leave the box in place and put a cable into the box and then feed it back up to the ceiling and run it across to the other room I need to put the Xerox in.

Does anyone have an easier way of doing this or any other ideas? I hope this makes sense...

Any questions please let me know.  I can also attach pictures...

TY All
I want to know about Best call center campaigns providing company of America with lots of free campaigns for off shore call centers.
Hello all,

we are currently using IVR designer with admin rights. Our corp is removing admin rights on the machines. Is there any way to user Avaya IVR designer without admin rights on machines?

Hey all, i have an issue that external calls has noise, delayed audio from the external side. Internal calls are fine.
We recently changed from the Telstra supplied modem to a Draytek Modem. All ports have been opened up the same as they were on the Telstra one, all lines and SIP registered straight away, however i have not been able to resolve the noise.
As Draytek have alot more advanced firewall settings, QOS, I'm not sure what feature / settings i need to change to test.
We are running freepbx 2.11.

This has just recently started happening.
On making or receiving a call my phone is switched to loudspeaker. The loudspeaker icon Is greyed out. Clicking the icon turns it green and the phone is still on loudspeaker. A second click greys the icon again and the phone reverts to normal operation. It's becoming annoying having to switch it every time.
I have moved a whole load of apps to the sd card, but I haven't loaded anything new recently.
Can anyone suggest how I can stop it being on loudspeaker for every call please?
How do you get a Cisco 3CX SPA514G phone out of Do Not Disturb mode?
We are a Small SMB. Does anyone else have the issue that their customers text them with issues instead of emailing. Does anyone know of an affordable unified communications app that can put all my calls, texts and emails into one
Hello Experts,

I am in need of options to connect an analog phone to an old, Nortel PBX that is in another building with no physical, wired connection between the two buildings.  There IS network connectivity between the two buildings, and I've been told by our phone support \ vendor that there are devices available that would connect to the analog port on the PBX on one side, and to the phone itself on the other side, and then both devices would connect to the LAN to provide connectivity between the PBX and the phone.  Our vendor, however, has very little info on these.  I am writing to see if anyone here has any familiarity with this concept, and if so, can provide any recommendations or guidance on makes \ models they have used successfully in the past?

Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered,

[Webinar] Lessons on Recovering from Petya
LVL 10
[Webinar] Lessons on Recovering from Petya

Skyport is working hard to help customers recover from recent attacks, like the Petya worm. This work has brought to light some important lessons. New malware attacks like this can take down your entire environment. Learn from others mistakes on how to prevent Petya like worms.

When ever i use skype for basic chat the output on the screen shows first in non-italic characters and then repeats itself in italic characters.  Is there any way to shut this off and have it all appear as just one non-italic output?
Any idea how to fix this error?
I have an old CallManager (4.3). it works great and no one wants to upgrade it. I have several small offices and individuals working from home offices and in order to have working phones in their locations I have to do site-site VPN's to each location.
Is there way to create some port forwarding and avoid VPN? Which ports? Any downsides?
The firewall is Cisco ASA5510 and they have Cisco 7941 and 7970 phones if that matters.
Hi Experts,
I installed CME (ISR 4321 IOS version 15.5), with 40 Phones 7821, 1 IP Phone 8841, another 8851, and 2 IP Conference 8831 using SIP Protocol
all of these SIP Phones work fine, but the call transfer doesn't work, I don't know if some config missing, you find below the sh run,
thank you for your help.
CME-EHM#sh run
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 10874 bytes
! No configuration change since last restart
version 15.5
service timestamps debug datetime msec
service timestamps log datetime msec
no platform punt-keepalive disable-kernel-core
hostname CME-EHM
vrf definition Mgmt-intf
 address-family ipv4
 address-family ipv6
card type e1 0 1
no aaa new-model
subscriber templating
multilink bundle-name authenticated
isdn switch-type primary-net5
crypto pki trustpoint TP-self-signed-246793832
 enrollment selfsigned
 subject-name cn=IOS-Self-Signed-Certificate-246793832
 revocation-check none
 rsakeypair TP-self-signed-246793832
crypto pki certificate chain TP-self-signed-246793832
 certificate self-signed 01
voice service voip
 allow-connections h323 to h323
 allow-connections h323 to sip
 allow-connections sip to h323
 allow-connections sip to sip
 fax protocol t38 version 0 ls-redundancy 0 hs-redundancy 0 fallback none
  call start slow
  bind …
Hello, I'm curious, hence I ask you; Is there such a "recent college engineer", either software or hardware, or one that studied both, who would meet all of these requirements:
embedded Linux based data telecommunications system/ VoIP/SIP
satellite network application and
embedded software/ Firmware/embedded systems
automation scripting
Linux operating system/Linux Network expertise
Unix shell scripting
WEB GUI test automation
DO-178B experience
Satellite communication experience
Telecommunication experience/PBX switching systems

Any comments?
Do companies expect to find an "expert" engineer with all this knowledge?
Typing on mobile: some thoughts

I was thinking the other day about smartphones and how I often don't like to type on them. I'm just so used to typing on full-size keyboards, that typing on mobile is like swimming in molasses. And it's really a shame, because in so many other ways, my iPhone is incredibly convenient.

But then, I thought about how speech to text these days is pretty decent, and perhaps the best approach would be to just use Siri for dictation instead of trying to type. I've held off on such things, because I'm old enough (and had enough bad experiences with flaky computer dictation long ago) that psychologically, it feels really weird to talk to a computer.

But in this case, my computer is a phone.

And that means: I feel weird talking to a phone.

Which is kind of weird, don't you think?

What about you? Do you type on your smartphone a lot? Or do you use Siri/Cortana/Google for dictation? Does talking to your phone feel weird or is it totally normal for you?
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Expert Comment

by:Andrew Leniart
Stacy: I'm curious... Why do you hate talk to text?
Not speaking for Stacy, but I too get frustrated with 'Siri' sometimes, especially so if I'm driving and try to initiate a hands free call to some of my contacts. I tend to drive with my windows fully down almost all year round so I guess the ambient noise probably doesn't help, but it can be incredibly frustrating when two out of three calls tend to work perfectly!

A typical example goes something like this..
1. Hey Siri, call Tom Smith, office..  "Calling, Tom Smith.. office"   Tick! - Successful call
2. Hey Siri, call Bob Jones, mobile.. "Calling Bob Jones.. mobile"  Tick! - Successful call
3. Hey Siri, call Jennifer Clayton, office..  "Calling John Mechanic, office.."  Huh?!?!

Might take two or three attempts before she finally gets it right and I've had to explain myself a few times when not paying much attention to Siri's answers (which most times I'm not) and the call goes through to someone I had no intention of calling.

One amusing time she wrongly called my dental surgery and I ended up making an appointment for a routine checkup during the call. Turned out I needed a filling so that call ended up costing me about $150.00!! lol..

I'm sure others must have also experienced this phenomenon as well? :)

Expert Comment

by:Stacy Richard
One reason of not liking talk to text if you ever been on the end of the message that has not been read over before sending is really confusing and can cause some problems.

Second reason just listening to someone use talk to text is simply annoying to me. I don't want to hear the conversation you are having.

This is just my opinion.


Telecommunication occurs when the exchange of information between two or more entities (communication) includes the use of technology. Communication technology uses channels to transmit information (as electrical signals), either over a physical medium (such as signal cables), or in the form of electromagnetic waves. The word is often used in its plural form, telecommunications, because it involves many different technologies.