Telecommunication occurs when the exchange of information between two or more entities (communication) includes the use of technology. Communication technology uses channels to transmit information (as electrical signals), either over a physical medium (such as signal cables), or in the form of electromagnetic waves. The word is often used in its plural form, telecommunications, because it involves many different technologies.

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Our chairman calls his assistant and dictates emails over the phone for his newly hired assistant to type and send out. Sometimes she has difficulties to keep up with him and we really need a device, program or something for her to record his conversation and listen to again ?
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I have a mobile phone which is a LG Optimus L70 (LGMS323) and the carrier is Ultra Mobile.  I have now a gifted Apple iPhone5.  My question is if I can transfer the SIM card from the LG to my apple iPhone5, and the phone number will function as the old LG.  Thank u and regards
Here's an easy one for ya...  I've done this before in Google Voice but I can't seem to find the feature to enable forwarding to our VoIP system for whatever reason
We are a VOIP startup based in Singapore and need some advisory in this front. We plan to offer services to two different segments ;

1.      Residential voip – essentially to people who want to call out locally and to foreign destinations. Primary objective is to provide international calling capability to foreigners residing in Singapore at low rates (usually 1 cent per minute for calls to popular destinations) in contrast to high rates charged by local telcos.

2.      Business VOIP / PBX / SIP : essentially to a business (which in itself can be group of employees). Each employee can login using a softphone like Zoiper / bria etc. Then there can be call groups, IVR etc.

We are currently battling with software components and best options. Have had calls with few providers but the solutions they provide seems bit rudimentary. For example for some of them billing solution is not adequate. Free minutes can not be accounted adequately.

So can experts recommend a software solution which is reasonably advanced and can take care of upto 1000 clients. I guess we need here a class 5 softswitch + a hosted multitenant solution with webportal for tenants.

The key we are looking for is a sophistication which can help us to scale.

We are ok with quality paid services from hosted switch PBX providers, and dont mind having 1: 1 call with experts to discuss further.
First call immediately goes to the voicemail on Iphone X.  User didn't change any settings and restart didn't help either.
Any ideas?
Making phone calls with the Internet

I live in a bad cell area and have no land line.'

How do I use my high speed internet to make phone calls? When I connect my iPhone 7 to my wireless router, will the phone quality improve?

Is there a way to measure the connection quality?

We have 4 remote sites connected via MPLS T1, with Shoretel SG30 switches at each site.
One site in particular has had network connectivity issues for a long time, and so I thought I'd look at the state of the switch
since they lose Shoretel Communicator connectivity several times/day, on their PC's.

In Shoretel Director,  in Alerts section, out of 100 SG30 "Switch has lost connection to the network" messages,  20 of them are at other sites(not experiencing issues)

Is this common for a Shoretel SG30, to display so many alerts for a switch?

e.g. here are the entries for yesterday: (displaying "Switch has lost connection to the network" message)

2/5/2018 23:19
2/5/2018 23:19
2/5/2018 23:19
2/5/2018 23:19
2/5/2018 23:19
2/5/2018 23:19
2/5/2018 22:58
2/5/2018 21:50
2/5/2018 20:40
2/5/2018 19:30
2/5/2018 18:26
2/5/2018 17:15
2/5/2018 17:13
2/5/2018 17:12
2/5/2018 16:07
2/5/2018 14:57
2/5/2018 13:50
2/5/2018 13:48
2/5/2018 12:42
2/5/2018 12:39
2/5/2018 11:33
2/5/2018 10:26
2/5/2018 10:23
2/5/2018 9:17
2/5/2018 9:16
2/5/2018 8:08
2/5/2018 6:59
2/5/2018 5:50
2/5/2018 3:35
2/5/2018 3:32
2/5/2018 2:27
2/5/2018 1:17

how can I get call history for a call less than 1 month ago from t-mobile pre paid united state cell phone
Because it is pre paid
I dont think there is a record
windows 10 laptop
I have a quick wifi connection. I do not want to plug into the router.

Sometimes google hangouts / google voice has low call quality.
instead of hearing a word. I can not understand one word in every sentence because there is a robot noise

I looked up downloading hangouts for windows 10 but can not find

Is there any way to increase call quality or is that server side (google)?
I had this question after viewing I lost my password for Alcatel Omnipcx console, how can i change day / night autoresponder state ?.

I am trying to access the installer side of the OMC software - and the default password of 00000000 is not working for me.  It is an 8 character maximum password.  

I need to get into the system to find out why the caller ID stopped working after a physical office move.

Is there another password for me to try?  This is FTP connection on the OMC software.
Free Tool: Port Scanner
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Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

tty tdd accessibility for hearing impaired.

online how to set up phone calls voip that allow for tty tdd as a client

What hardware should be purchased.
I was working on upgrading some wireless Access Points and for some reason, two Polycomm Sound Track 7000 woudn't boot up normally and would show red LED status after it shows the Polycomm logo.  I googled and saw that one suggestion was hardset it by pressing 1,3,5,7, which I did but still the same issue.  We're trying to connect those phones to the original power adapter (if we can find it).  They are using PoE right now.

I connected a different Polycomm desktop phone to that jack and confirmed the port and cable are fine.  I even tried connect the IP Soundtrack 7000 directly to the switch port and has the same issue.  

It is weird that both IP Soundtrack 7000 would have the same issue.  Does anyone know what might be the issue other than to RMA it?

Also, what we noticed is that after the upgrade of our Wireless Access Points, the new Access Points wouldn't lid up until we changed the ethernet cable to a different switch ports.  This happened to about 4-5 Access Points and they are all PoE.

What would cause the original ports not to work and not sure if the Polycomm is related.
Dear Experts, we are setting up an Asterisk IP PBX in an office environment in Ubuntu Server. What do we need to purchase so that internal user can make phone calls to outside and vice-versed?

Many thanks in advance!
what is a reason cell phone goes to voicemail when phone is on and owner thinks owner is in a good reception area
Owner is not in a basement and phone has battery power.

Could owner be on phone or internet.
Could owner's phone go to voicemail more often because pre paid plan versus contract plan.
Does this have to do with type of phone.

I am looking for a cell phone and a cell phone plan in the united states where phone is more likely to ring.
I Need Assistance.  We exited from long term PRI Contract back in July to a small company out of NJ.  They had tons of porting issues and outages to the point that we reached out to Verizon and engaged them as backup bidder to exit the contract with them due to breach of contract.  We send the disgruntled company an exit letter and tell them we are leaving Jan 31st - they are a small company and have a melt down and are threatening disconnect on the date we provided - Jan 31st.  

Verizon sends them a Port request for the DID's and they have not responded for days.  I also send them a request for confirmation and they also do not respond.

How do you deal with a vendor that wont respond to a DID Port Request ?   is there anyway Verizon can somehow force the porting since they actually go through them anyway ??

 Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
Hello Team,

I want to track the missed call notification on Cslogger skype for business 2015 tool.

Please suggest how to trace it

we have skype onpremises 2015

I am looking to install a small low cost WIRELESS VOIP phone system for my church.  Requirements are simple - VOIP phones that will operate via the Church's 802.11 wireless network.  We have 2 incoming analog telephone lines.  Will need 5-10 telephones with voicemail on each.  Would like a desktop style phone in most locations (vs. a small handheld).  Recommendations please.
I know a little about VOIP so please bear with me on this <g>

I know of services like Vonage that use an adapter - plug the ethernet into the box and it has an rj11 for a regular phone.

Then there are services that use a 'VOIP phone' like the grandstream GXP2130.  Is there a word or phrase that distinguishes these 2 type of services?

or most any service can use both - the adapter or voip phone?

And specifically, i have a spare GXP2130 phone. I'd like to know if I can set that up to make & receive calls using google voice?

or are there other free / very cheap services? I don't care about reliability really.  if its down for hours at a time not a big deal. not looking to port a number to the service. Just have another line / experiment with this gxp2130
for a small business which conference system will you recommend?

what are the leading brands out there?
The 14th Annual Expert Award Winners
The 14th Annual Expert Award Winners

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I have tried on 3 machines (Win 7) and 3 mobiles (Android) but only one combination shows up as COM3 in Hyperterminal.
My purpose is to send SMS via Serial port. I can send successfully from this one combination.
I want the others to work too. All mobiles connect to the machine and I can access the Internal and External drives.

By COM3 I mean COM1,2,3,4....
windows 10 chrome browser

Using google voice, I want to call a government worker.
Phone rings to voicemail.
This government worker does not call back if I leave voicemail

So I want to set up a way to call numerous times thoughout the day but disconnect if phone reaches voicemail
I am unable to login to Grandstream GXP2170 with username admin and password admin.

How to reset Grandstream GXP2170 to factory defaults?

Please provide your response asap.

Warm Regards,
Hello Experts,
We are using Vicidial version 2.6-381a with Asterisk 1.4.44-VICI, I have strange issue one of my user extension 508 voice mail going into ext 801 voicemail box when using DID but when dial extension 508 it goes into right mailbox of 508, i have checked the user phone settings, DID settings to make sure DID rings and send voicemail to right extension from vicidial gui, here is Dial plan for ext 508 which is setup properly can someone please help me figure this out. Thanks

exten => 3508,1,AGI(agi://
exten => 3508,n,AGI(agi-NVA_recording.agi,BOTH------Y---Y---Y)
exten => 3508,n,Wait,2
exten => 3508,n,Playback(/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/44048020)
exten => 3508,n,Wait,2
exten => 3508,n,Playback(/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/85100075)
exten => 3508,n,Wait,2
exten => 3508,n,Dial(SIP/508,15,Ttr)
exten => 3508,n,Wait,2
exten => 3508,n,Playback(/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/85100031)
exten => 3508,n,Dial(SIP/508&SIP/801&SIP/505&SIP/507&SIP/509,15,Ttr)
exten => 3508,n,Wait,2
exten => 3508,n,Playback(/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/508/unavail)
exten => 3508,n,VoiceMail(508@default)
Hi, I had a new phone system installed and when I lift the handrest line 2 picks up and not line 1. I need CO1 to pickup by default since thats the line has unlimited calls rather then the 2nd line has pay per call. Can anyone help how to program the phone from picking up line 2 and pick up line 1.
On cisco IP phones (model number 7911) it stores some useful information about placed/received calls in the directories application- is this data stored locally on some storage within the phone, or would this be stored in a central database in a managed voip environment, if so being a cisco device can you elaborate where that information may be stored.


Telecommunication occurs when the exchange of information between two or more entities (communication) includes the use of technology. Communication technology uses channels to transmit information (as electrical signals), either over a physical medium (such as signal cables), or in the form of electromagnetic waves. The word is often used in its plural form, telecommunications, because it involves many different technologies.

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