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Telecommunication occurs when the exchange of information between two or more entities (communication) includes the use of technology. Communication technology uses channels to transmit information (as electrical signals), either over a physical medium (such as signal cables), or in the form of electromagnetic waves. The word is often used in its plural form, telecommunications, because it involves many different technologies.

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Need to run direct burial CAT5E with telephone signal lines and intend to terminate with RJ11 plugs.
I find that the wire insulation diameter is a bit large to assemble the cable end into the plug.  
I suppose that I could terminate the CAT5E cable with a modular jack and then use a telephone cord (RJ11-RJ-11) from there.
Yet, the same issue isn't anticipated on RJ45 plugs.
Is there a wire diameter (including insulation) specification for RJ11 that's smaller than for RJ45?
Create the perfect environment for any meeting
Create the perfect environment for any meeting

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Hello all,

I have some Win 2012 3cx v15 phone systems and was having trouble with apple push notifications for calls to remote devices.  I've determined it to be a TLS issue.  I had used IIS Crypto to remove the less secure SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0 and 1.1, leaving just TLS 1.2 and more secure ciphers.  This breaks apple push notifications from the 3cx server/software.  I put back TLS 1.1, no luck.  Put back TLS 1.0, now push notifications work.  I find it odd that I should still need 1.0 enabled on the server.  

Is apple push still using that protocol and not 1.1 or 1.2, or might there be something else going on here.

I'm by no means familiar with protocols/ciphers, just determined what fixes the problem.
Hi All Expert,

Good Day.

I would like to check if there is anyway on how to check whether the company is using which phone PBX system?

i have a US samsung android phone bought from verizon with a local malaysian celcom SIM card.  I updated my google play to indicate that i am in Malaysia. my friend is having the same issue with another samsung phone model also US fomer verizon phone with a celcom SIM.  

But i'm getting error messages that certain malaysian apps like yonder are not available based on my country.  some of them don't even appear for me to click on. the sim card vendor tech support offers no advice.

is there somewhere else i need to change my country settings?

I 'm looking for a corded headset. My current headset is not working well, I am thinking to buy a new one. I want a corded headset with built-in mic and having good design also. If anyone know's a site kindly share with me. Price do not matter for me but quality is my priority .

I learning up about Skype Enterprise Voice and it's potential for mobile.

Right now, we use Skype for Skype-to-skype calls. I'm wondering if this can be integrated with the telephone line in the office.  And then, if we can deploy a Skype mobile client to user's personal devices that has their office number....this way, we can :

1. A user never has to give out their personal mobile number, only their office number which will now ring on their personal phone

2. A user can make voice calls, either internally or externally, using this Skype client and reduce cost to them since it presumably uses the corporate network where possible, e.g. for international calls.

Some questions.

1. Is Enterprise Voice the term for the integration of Skype with the phone network

2. When we refer to the Phone Network, do we mean PSTN?

3. Is there a way for an enterprise Skype mobile client to have an external dialler feature so the user can phone anyone, either internal or external?

4. Are there potential cost benefits of this Skype client connecting to the corporate network

5. Is it possible for Skype mobile to have the user's office desk number so that it provides the fixed mobile convergence i talked about? Or does it need a separate number?
  • Have a deployment of 3 servers using dns loadbalancing.
  • we have a trunk setup via an sbc.
  • users have deskphones (CX600)

both inbound and outbound calls work as expected.

however, when a call is placed on hold after 30 seconds the call drops.

the same thing occurs when a call is parked..also after 30 seconds the call drops.

i should mention MOH IS SETUP in this deployment, however when an external call is parked there is just a beep sound.

when a call is parked between users MOH does work and the call does not get dropped.

refer and bypass are set to false on the trunk as well.  Trunk settings

in the snooper log i see references to "this call leg has been replaced"  in the same message as the BYE:
ms-diagnostics-public: 10026;reason="This call leg has been replaced";component="MediationServer"

the trace from the sbc shows that the mediation server is dropping the call so i haven't mentioned that here.

have the snooper trace if needed.

any suggestions appreciated.
How do I go about moving from a phone number hosted with to Google Voice?
Hello Experts,

I have ARM board linux and I established offline access point (using USB dongle) to connect my laptop with ARM board. The IP is
On the same ARM board I have mobile 3G connection to the internet (SIM card with dynamic IP). My purpose is to allow my laptop to connect to the internet via 3G.
What should I do? Do I need to set some routing or gateway?

Thank you.

I quite often make visits to buildings where there is no Wi-Fi I can utilise. In the meetings, I'd like to be able to use my laptop and have it connected to my work VDI.

I have a personal MacBook Air with a USB port. What is the best solution to have in order to connect to a 3G/4G connection via Cell to provide me internet access at an efficient price? Since I am actually connecting to my work VDI, this will only be light browsing traffic, no downloads or anything.

Thanks in advance.
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Can anyone point me in the right direction? There are a few google hits for this problem, so it seems like a known issue.

///////Summary: On outbound calls, we are sending out caller ID, and it is showing as "restricted" on HD enabled mobile phones only. Older mobile phones and land lines display our caller ID correctly. The telco PSTN providers have all pointed to our call manager as not providing the correct 1TU-T E.164 standard. This is occurring on all 5 MGCP gateway PRI's across multiple local PSTN providers.

///////System Parameters
We have 2 call managers in our HA cluster, 1 publisher, 1 subscriber.
Cisco Unified CM Administration

System version:

VMware Installation: 2 vCPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2609 0 @ 2.40GHz, disk 1: 80Gbytes, 4096Mbytes RAM, Partitions aligned

///////Troubleshooting Steps
Here is the support forum posting of the same issue, I have performed the changes advised in this posting with no success:

1) Under Service Parameters - Clusterwide Parameters - Calling Party Number Screening Indicator

Set this value to Callmanager Provides Calling Number (No success)

2) I have performed the changed to Call routing information - Outbound calls, tested with Calling Party IE type as both "national/ISDN", Calling Numbering plan "ISDN". No success.

Here are our test call DNs appearing in the debug isdnq931:
May  4 11:44:02: ISDN …
I have an NEC IP2AT-12TXD handset and the indicator light has started flashing but I don't know how to access a message if there is one waiting or how to switch it off?

Please help.
Hi All,

Can anyone here please suggest how to do the 24x7 Skype conference call between two remote office location?

At the moment I'm using Free Skype to show the two meeting room from different cities so that they can just walk in and then arrange the time to discuss without having to contact IT to dial in the other meeting room PC.

But the problem with Free Skype is that you cannot leave the connection running for 24x7 or schedule it so that after the PC reboot, it automatically dials the other meeting room.

My requirements:
24x7 audio & video call between two computer with Webcam in two different cities.
automatically re-establish the connection if it is disconnected.

Does Skype For Business can do this or even the Free Skype can be scripted?
212 in new york city
310 in los angeles

those two areas codes on a cell phone are a status symbol

But I am from a technical background and I know that older phone numbers have longer history so more likely to get spam

Does a phone number ever get less spam

Are you advising clients to change their number to the new area code (that is not a status symbol)

i have a Zultys Zip 57i phone that a user is having a problem with working from home.  It says no network available,

how do i get this phone to work on a home network ?
On a network there are VoIP phones, the workstation are connected through the phones.

Is it possible to create a Vlan for the phones and a VLAN for the other devices?

I will enter the phones MAC address , and that list of MAC will have their own VLAN. all other devices will be on a different VLAN.

if yes how do I accomplish that?

( I want to use Sonicwall)
If a home user subscribes to FIOS, do they need to purchase new phone equipment for the apartment (i.e. answering device, headset, conference phone, etc.)
Is it ok to plug my UPS into my surge protector?  Any electrical engineers out there?

I have the following UPS: APC BR1500G

And the following Surge Protector: Tripp Lite HD10DBS

I'm not trying to "daisy chain" extension cords here, but trying to protect my UPS from Surges.  Unfortunately the built in Surge protection on the UPS isn't stellar.

I have the following at my main office:

1.  CUCM 9.1.2
2.  Unity Connection 9.1.2
3.  Cisco 2921 Router (H.323) Voice gateway.

We have a small branch office, that is not on the VOIP system.  They just have 5 old school phones connected to analog lines.  They just have a receptionist that answers the phone.  They want to be put on our VOIP system, so they can have autoattendant, VM to email, etc.  I have a few questions about this:

1.  Could I just install a Cisco voice gateway router at this branch office with two VIC2-4FXO cards and connect to phone lines lines to it?  
2.  Would I then add this new gateway to CUCM?
3.  Could I configure separate call handlers that would pick up when someone calls their phones lines coming off their gateway router?
Free Tool: SSL Checker
Free Tool: SSL Checker

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One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

good day,

i am trying to better understand if there is a limitation on the number calls that can be forwarded from a cell phone that is set to forward calls.  in other words, if a call comes into a cell phone that is configured to forward to another number, and that call is answered, how many additional calls can come into the cell phone again and again and be answered.

i am trying to understand if there is in fact a limitation here with the carrier in terms of how many calls can be forwarded and simultaneously active.  to better clarify here is an example:

cell number 555-555-5555 is forwarded to landline 777-777-7777.  lets assume that 777-777-7777 is a PBX and it has no limitation on number of simultaneous calls it can receive inbound.

call 1 comes into 555-555-5555 and forwarded to 777-777-7777 and extension 100 picks up
call 2 comes into 555-555-5555 and forwarded to 777-777-7777 and extension 101 picks up
call 3 comes into 555-555-5555 and forwarded to 777-777-7777 and extension 102 picks up
and so on...

how does the carrier handle these forwards? what would be the limitation here?
I am attempting to use the harmony hub to turn on my tv and have it MUTED

thanks !!!!!
Hi Experts,

We just implemented a new VoIP telephone system and we are experiencing so random cracking and static on some of the phone calls.

The implementation guys are saying this is a network issue but I do not think this is the case since we did a voice readiness test before we started the implementation phase and the report did not show any issues.

Any suggestions on what ma be causing his issue?

Any suggestions on a tool that I may use to monitor and track down any phone quality issues?

I have Verizon FOIS and want to be able to turn on my TV for a few hours when I am not home so my cat can watch it

any ideas on a easy way to turn on and control my tv over the internet ?

Currently we are using Lync 2013. Our voice backend is Cisco Call Manager 10x

We'd like to look into integrating the two, mainly so that we can :

1. Users can click to dial on Lync desktop to call contacts

2. On a personal mobile device, we can deploy the Skype for Business mobile client and leverage voice functionality to reduce call costs to the user

Does anyone know if the above are even possible with our set up?

Our users have two numbers for the clients essentially;

1. Their desk number
2. Their mobile number

I'd like to look into a solution where if their client wants to call them, they only need to ring one number which will ring on either desk or mobile depending on the owner's choice.

I believe this is called Single Number Reach in Cisco's terminology.

Is anyone aware of any actual implementations and what's needed to support this?





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Telecommunication occurs when the exchange of information between two or more entities (communication) includes the use of technology. Communication technology uses channels to transmit information (as electrical signals), either over a physical medium (such as signal cables), or in the form of electromagnetic waves. The word is often used in its plural form, telecommunications, because it involves many different technologies.