Troubleshooting is a problem-solving process of evaluating faults that occur in a mechanical or electronic system. Steps often include recreating the problem and then trying alternative and creative solutions in order to fix the situation. Troubleshooting is deployed when software or hardware are rendering abnormal responses or remain unresponsive.

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My HP Elitebook 840 g3 is no longer being charged while on the docking station.  I plugged the power cord directly to the laptop and it charges my laptops battery.  I updated the bios and that did not fix the issue.  My wife has the exact same laptop and the docking station in question does charge her laptop.  Everything else works when my laptop is using  the docking station like the usb mouse and keyboard connected to the docking station, getting to the internet from the connected ethernet on the docking station, and my two monitors work that are also connected to the docking station.

It was working yesterday and the issue began today.

I would appreciate any other troubleshooting suggestion to try to figure out the problem.  

Thank you
Our system administrator just disabled ping.  Could someone give me some troubleshooting alternatives to ping I could use?
using telnetlib in python to configure a router. i'm using cgi to display the python script to a browser.
i'm having trouble troubleshooting the code because cgi just display's an error screen 'internal server error'
so, i really don't see where i'm making the mistake. i can run the python script through the python interpreter, but that's just a hassle.

any suggestions on how to troubleshoot the output? i've tried using
print "Content-type:text/plain\n" as opposed to "Content-type:text/html\n" so as to just display the unformatted output without html formatting, but i still am not seeing where i'm making mistakes.

i know i can cat /var/log/httpd/error_log

but i guess what i'm asking is if anyone can give me some more specifics about what is actually going on.
i understand this:
telnetlib is a module that'll open a socket to the router or switch.  the physical and data link connection we're not going to see, the network layer is addressed by the ip which i have set to a variable and is here
host = ""
tn = telnetlib.Telnet(HOST, timeout=TIMEOUT)
any further specifics of communication is held within the actual module telnetlib -- socket or transport layer tcp settings.

the server 'sends' the message, encapsulated at what? layer 7 down through layer 2 as the data communications model/osi specifies.. it goes over the wire and over to the client which decapsulates the packet and sends it back up to the telnet application.

i understand i can't see…
Odd Error now appearing when trying to connect to Ond Drive Account via AWS environment.

I have a colleague that is using our One Drive for an SA Account to collaboration on files. The other day this error appeared when they logged into the AWS environment. Up until then the One Drive connection was working fine.

error message from OneDrive on AWS
We have attempted to do the basic troubleshooting and there isn't a lot of stuff online with this error message as it relates to AWS.

Any suggestions? Is there something that may have changed?

To provide further context our team as their own AWS environment and I am able to connect to OneDrive without any errors. the only differences is the account we use for One Drive is the exact same one that I use to login to AWS. so maybe it is a security change of some kind?

Any guidance would be appreciated.


Im am looking to setup a test environment for a Honey pot server/s and and looking for some open source application out there that might help. I have found the MHN Server and honey pot deployment but as im not an expert on Linux i seems to be hitting random errors (4-5 attempts to install so far) and have managed to resolve most of them BUT others experience with the applications would be very useful. I have trawled youtube and and followed the troubleshooting articles. Does anyone have experience setting this up locally and any build > instruction sets?

Thanks in Advance
Is frosted glass same tough to break as a regular glass?
Our regular tinted glass got broken into last night. I wonder if we should just order a frosted glass instead getting same regular tempered glass and then calling another crew to tint it again.

Would a frosted glass be same tempered and tough to break as a regular glass with tint?
I am trying to audit the number of pending updates for each server using Get-PendingUpdates found in the gallery, but this script fails to run on a some of our 2016 servers.

(script below)

Problematic servers pause indefinately whilst running the following line
$SearchResult = $UpdateSearcher.Search("IsAssigned=1 and IsHidden=0 and IsInstalled=0")

Open in new window

Most servers run the query OK in 2-3 seconds, however some of our servers pause on is this line indefinitely:

Other key points:
Same problem using PSSession AND\OR locally using Powershell (running as admin).
Powershell.exe in taskmanager CPU% is 0. Private working memory 26,748 (doesnt move)

Our servers are all deployed from the same Server 2016 template so it doesnt make sense to me why some would be OK and others not.

Can anyone offer any troubleshooting tips?. Possible causes.  Rebooting servers is not really an option at the moment.

#Get All Assigned updates in $SearchResult
$UpdateSession = New-Object -ComObject Microsoft.Update.Session
$UpdateSearcher = $UpdateSession.CreateUpdateSearcher()
$SearchResult = $UpdateSearcher.Search("IsAssigned=1 and IsHidden=0 and IsInstalled=0")
#Matrix Results for type of updates that are needed
$Critical = $SearchResult.updates | where { $_.MsrcSeverity -eq "Critical" }
$important = $SearchResult.updates | where { $_.MsrcSeverity -eq "Important" }
$other = $SearchResult.updates | where { $_.MsrcSeverity -eq $null }

#Write Results

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I am using DropZone in a partial View.  I never reach the controller.  Can you help me troubleshoot this please?

My Partial View has:

@using (Html.BeginForm(new
    @id = "DocUpload"
    <div id="DocumentUpload" class="dropzone">
        <div class="fallback">
            <input name="file" type="file" multiple />

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(function () {
        Dropzone.autoDiscover = true;
        new Dropzone('#DocumentUpload', {
            autoProcessQueue: true,
            maxFilesize: 10000,
            acceptedFiles: 'image/jpeg,image/jpg,image/png,application/pdf,.doc,.docx',
            url: '@Url.Action("Upload", "Document", new { id = Model })',

            init: function () {
                var myDropzone = this;

                this.on("success", function (files, response) {
                this.on("error", function (files, response) {


Open in new window

The controller method is never called.  I am able to drag or drop in a file and the "view" closes as it should but the controller is never reached to update the database.
Cisco Unity voicemail to email logs

We have a Cisco phone system and it is set up to send the user an email each time they get a voicemail.
Some users reports they don't get the voicemail emails and I want to start troubleshooting it by looking at the email logs.
If I look at our O365 email logs, Message Trace, I don't see anything from the phone system going to any user. I know it works for me so I looked at the O365 email logs for me but there's nothing there from the phone system.

Where would I find the log that shows me the email with the voicemail attachment?

SMTP settings in Unity are set to Port 25 and the SMTP Domain is "domain"-cuc1."domain".us
The SmartHost is set to our internal SMTP relay (nothing in those logs either)

Grateful for any help!

I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013 model) that is currently running macOS Mojave (10.14.2) that is experiencing random crashes. This issue has been occurring for about a year now but has increased in frequency over the last month. When the issue first occurred it was only when it was removed from the power charger, now it is occurring on power or on battery. I have spoken with Apple Care about this and all they can suggest is that I take it into an apple store (unfortunately the nearest store is 100+ miles away). I have tried replicating the issue however I am unable to narrow down one specific action that causes the crashes - sometimes it is browsing the internet, sometimes it is typing a document in Word, sometimes it is editing a PDF, and sometimes it occurs when I just leave it sit for 30+ minutes.

Initially through online research I thought this was related to a battery issue. I opened the case and the LiPos were expanded so I replaced the battery. Unfortunately that did not resolve the issue. I have also tried resetting the PRAM and the SMC to no avail. Additionally I have tried booting into safemode but even in safemode I experienced a crash. There also does not appear to be any consistency to how frequently it reboots, some days I can go an entire day with only 1-2 crashes, other days it crashes every 10 minutes. I also wanted to note that this issue has occurred over the previous 2 OSX installations so it is not Mojave specific.

I have previous …
Hello everyone!

Would you like to know if someone uses the MFCMAPI tool? In what situations of online exchange troubleshooting could I use?
I have a single user that cannot get their mobile device to connect to exchange active sync. We have a policy that quarantines all new devices so I can approve them as soon as the user lets me know they have connected the device.

Troubleshooting I have performed:
1. Attempted using another device. No Quarantine notification and unable to sync.
2. Disabled the mailbox and purged from the DB.
3. Re-created the users email account and still unable to sync with devices or get quarantine.
4. Wiped the device and attempted to reconnect still unable to get quarantine.
5. Deleted the account in AD and Exchange.
6. Re-created the account and unable to connect.
7. Created a test account and am able to connect.

Im really at a loss as to why this account will not allow devices to connect to active sync. Its a single account of 2100.
Anyone explain how Exchange 2010\2013\2016 work with IIS?

Are there any good websites that go into where the dependency lies?

Troubleshooting an issue with websense , (forcepoint version 8.4) on client windows 10 machine where access to the Exchange Management Console doesn't initialize when triton AP-endpoint is enabled, (when disabled it works as expected)

Is there a way to isolate the cause of this, thought it might be port or IIS related but not 100% sure, (3rd party have a call open with forcepoint but no updates from them so far)
Does anyone have knowledge of troubleshooting activesync issues on iPhone.  I have noticed something my phone as well as others not getting email pushed or push notification.  If I manually force a sync I will get a bunch of email to my device.  The other user reboots the phone.  

The sample group is:

iPhone X or iPhone XS running 12.1.2
Exchange is 2010
I have Palo Alto firewalls
I have received a used multi-function printer DCP-9055CDN and does not print.
I need your help for troubleshooting.
The printer has enough tonner and the belt unit is till to 16% of life, has around 25000 pages printed in total since was bought/used 1st time, some tonners are close to the end of life, but can
 still be used.
The local copy function (scan + print) works for black & white and color as well.
The local scan to PC works and I can receive pictures in PC when is connected via USB cable. I did not try yet via LAN cable.
The printer is connected to PC via USB and I have tried also via LAN cable connected to my home wireless router and then I can see then printer wireless.
A simple print of a Test page does not work.
I use Win 8.1 64bit.
I have installed and reinstalled several times the driver and afferent Brother software several times: 
I have tried the troubleshooting recommendations:

After I try print Test Page, the LED Data is flashing for long/indefinite time, but the printer never prints.
I looked also at next recommendations and still …
We have ESXi 6.0 hosts with vCenter appliance version 6.7. Needed to move vCenter and ESXi hosts to a new IP subnet. Changed IP address of vCenter a few weeks ago without a problem.

Yesterday, after putting an ESXi host in Maintenance mode, I changed its management IP and after hours of troubleshooting, the ESXi started responding on new IP, with old name. (There is redundancy in links.) However we cannot reconnect this ESXi host back to vCenter now.

This host and vCenter are on the same subnet. (They can ping each other.)  I have restarted management service of host a few times. Have also rebooted host and vCenter. Still get the same error: "Cannot contact the <> host (10.0.xx.xx). The host may not be available on the network, a network configuration problem may exist, or the management services on this host may not be responding."
Please advise. Thanks.
I am looking for a detailed Windows 10 troubleshooting guide.

I already found one on and on, but are looking for others.
Troubleshooting an AD account that keeps locking out

Have installed lockout tool (just cant see it after installation) can you install it on a client pc and point to the Domain controller?

What logs do I need to look at on domain controller to see account status etc?
Hi Experts,

Paty Mason was granted full access to Resource- Benefits, with the ability to send emails as the resource account

She is the co-owner and needs to be on the account's profile to create daily rules, however, she has been unable to send emails as the account.

Troubleshooting done so far:
•      Repairing her profile,
•      Removed her access and grant her access again
•      Removed her Outlook profile and re-added all resource account profiles.
•      Was then about to add Mailbox account and view the emails but still cannot send emails.
•      Search Error 0x80070005-0x0004dc-0x000524 on forums.
o      See possible 10 solutions.

The user is still unable to send emails as the resource and is unable to use the profile, as she is getting the server error on the attachment. The resource is working as it should for all other users.  Other resource accounts to which Patty has access are also working as they should.

User got the NDR whenever she tries to send the email. Refer to screenshots

Can someone please provide instructions step by step to resolve this issue including screenshots?
Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

            Following some extensive troubleshooting, I am now able to fully access my friend's Windows 8 desktop.    At this point, I am wondering if there is a way I can configure Windows 8 so it will by pass the username and password requirement and go straight into the desktop environment.  At the moment, there is a screen with an email address, personally set up, along with a box requiring a password.  Once the password is entered, the HP Pavilion laptop takes me straight to the Windows 8 desktop environment.  Basically, I want to eliminate the login requirement and go straight to the desktop.  

             Any help regarding this question will be greatly appreciated.

            Thank you

Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

            For troubleshooting purposes, I need to know how to access the BIOS settings of an HP Pavilion laptop running Windows 8.  Unfortunately, I can not locate the model number of this laptop anywhere on it.  Hopefully, the steps for accessing the BIOS for the HP Pavilion laptop are universal.

            Thank you

Recenly we received call from our client said that network down and we visit onsite found that is looping .

She buy two unmanage switch try to connect by her self ,we found out she connect one of the cable back to the switch .

Actually they have are using HP 5130 as the core switch and all the access switch is HP/Aruba 2530.

I would like seek for expert advice ,what we can help them to avoid this problem occur again.
Good Morning Experts,

Mary Doe has publishing editor permissions to John Doe’s calendar.  She recently cancelled an appointment she created on his behalf, however, we have been unsuccessful in deleting it from her calendar.

The meeting attendees are also receiving several cancellation notices.  These seem to be sent sporadically, as the most recent was sent out yesterday, and Mary has not been sending them out.  

Last week, I was remoted into Mary’s computer to try and resolve the issues with this appointment.

I did a repair on her Outlook profile, removed her Outlook profile, tried to delete the appointment via webmail, and was not successful.

I also RDP into John’s computer this morning and did a repair on his profile, removed his profile, and also checked on Mary’s permissions to his calendar.

Everything seemed to be in order on his end.  Could your please look into this further, as I have run out of troubleshooting options?

Please, advise how to stop getting this cancellation meeting notices on user's mailboxes and explain what would happen if there are several scenarios

Provide step by step instructions with screenshots

I have a DFS server which I am decommissioning and have moved all the files from it to a new 2016 server which will be replacing it. I have installed the necessary DFS components and have created an additional folder target in my DFS Manager to the new location.

After I robocopied the files making sure to retain the permissions, I Enabled the new folder target and disabled the original target.

Since that time. I left the referrals to update over a weekend and then tested my dfs structure using dfsdiag. dfsdiag was not reporting any issues with my infrastructure so I thought I was good.

Most of my computers have updated and pulled the DFS Folder without issue, However there are some problem children that are not seeing the new location and instead are defaulting to the old location. This is the same behavior seen when accessing the location though either a mapped drive or direct unc to the DFS folder location.

Please assist me In troubleshooting this issue if you are an expert in DFS
Quick query on a new password policy for a customer 70 users, only 10 have been prompted for password change

This is at applied at default domain policy and domain level (environment is small so default policy has been edited)

Any best way to change password age policy in powershell, gpresult, etc just looking to get this sorted

Appreciate any best troubleshooting steps to look at this






Troubleshooting is a problem-solving process of evaluating faults that occur in a mechanical or electronic system. Steps often include recreating the problem and then trying alternative and creative solutions in order to fix the situation. Troubleshooting is deployed when software or hardware are rendering abnormal responses or remain unresponsive.