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Ubuntu is an open source software operating system that runs from the desktop, to the cloud, to all your internet connected things.

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Are there instructions somewhere for setting up VPN on Ubuntu via command line?

Anyone can provide any reference please?  Thank you!!
Need More Insight Into What’s Killing Your Network
Need More Insight Into What’s Killing Your Network

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Ubuntu Linux 18.04.1

I need to know what is the best recommended Anti-Virus and Malware protection I can install on my Linux machine.
Please include: Free, Less Expensive, and the Best (no matter what the price), so I can make my decision.
We have Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS running on a virtual machine in VMWare Workstation 12.5.7 build-5813279.

The network settings appear to be correct however every time we boot it we get the grey icon with the question mark.  We can disable the network and reenable it and everything is fixed.  Can you tell me how to fix this issue as it is rather annoying?
When updating composer (sudo composer update), got the error below:
"- The requested PHP extension ext-memcached * is missing from your system. Install or enable PHP's memcached extension."
Tried very hard to install "PHP extension ext-memcached", but could not get anywhere.
Background: PHP 7.2.10-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 (cli) (built: Sep 13 2018 13:45:02) ( NTS ) on oracle VirtualBox v5.2.22.

Will any gurus shed some light to it?
Hi Experts,

I'm looking for a simple script to collect the local time drift on Ubuntu Bionic and send it to a specific TCP port in the local system.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
I have open vpn server and all client work fine
I have also setup a new open vpn client config on it and its connect to the other servers.
I want when the client request a specific ip to route through vpn client connection that is established on server
so what I have to do in this case.

I'm new to Azure and am having issues with my test Ubuntu VM - I am unable to get outbound internet access. I have been trying for a few hours to get this to work and am now completely stuck.

I have gone through the following steps:

The VM has a private IP, which is statically assigned in Azure but acquired using DHCP on the OS.
The network security group that is attached to the network interface allows outbound internet access.
There is no security group defined on the subnet.
There are no custom route tables on the subnet.
To remove DNS from the equation, I also tried to ping an IP address (

Can anyone think of something I've missed?

Hi All,

I am looking to semi-automate the setup of Ubuntu machines.  I don't do that many, so this is more of an 'out of interest' thing than any real productivity issue.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not looking for a full automated / scripted setup at this point, just to move some setup tasks from being a manual / GUI action to command line.

The first and simple thing is that, when I have setup a new Ubuntu install (16.04 or 18.04), I remove the 'Amazon' icon from the 'favourites' bar.

I do that by right-clicking, and selecting 'remove'.

My underastanding is that I could uninstall Unity Web Apps entirely with this:

sudo apt-get remove unity-webapps-common

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which would include the Amazon icon going, but I don't want to remove anything else at this point (unless you think I should?)

I also found a reference that I could run:

sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-web-launchers

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to remove the Amazon icon.

My concern is that often there is no explicit mention of what else might be removed or impacted, if anything, which makes me reluctant.

So, how can I just delete the icon from the favourites bar via the command line?



1. My Technical Experience
  • This is my first experience with ROS.
  • This is my first experience with 3D simulators and Gazebo.
  • I am intermediate with Linux in general, but haven't used it since 2012.
  • I am intermediate with C and Perl programming.
  • I have some experience with programming PHP and using mySQL (myPHPAdmin) for Wordpress.
  • No experience with Python.

2. What I'm trying to do
  • Ultimately, I want to run Robot simulations using ROS (Robot Operating System) on a compatible simulator such as Gazebo on an Ubuntu desktop machine.
  • My machine has a Ryzen 3 AMD CPU, integrated Radeon graphics, and 16GB RAM; I am assuming this will be adequate.


  1. Is the ROS Melodic distribution stable, or is it buggy?
  2. Would it be better to use the older, more stable Kinetic distribution in order to avoid dealing with bugs and other problems?
  3. If I switch to Kinetic, will I need to install Ubuntu 16.04 instead of 18.04?
  4. Will the knowledge, skill set, and experience from using Melodic easily allow me to switch to using Kinetic at some time in the future? Or will it be a tricky learning curve to avoid the features not available on the older release?
Have Ubuntu 16.04 running as a VM.  Would like to utilize to allow *Windows 98 clients (yes I know Windows 98) to connect to share files.
 Keep getting a IPC$ password prompt, but the password doesn't work.   This would be a completely segmented and closed network - no Internet.
Cannot get the clients to connect to the SMB share.

*The customer currently uses old cardmaking printers and software that only works with Windows 98.  A Novell server is still being used to share
files.  Want to replace the Novell fileserver before it dies.   Eventually, they will be replacing all the printers and software, but who knows when!
10 Tips to Protect Your Business from Ransomware
10 Tips to Protect Your Business from Ransomware

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Hi Experts,

Do we need to setup Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic to syncronize time manually ? My current settings are;

$ timedatectl
                      Local time: Wed 2018-11-21 16:22:02 UTC
                      Universal time: Wed 2018-11-21 16:22:02 UTC
                      RTC time: Wed 2018-11-21 16:22:02
                      Time zone: Etc/UTC (UTC, +0000)
                      System clock synchronized: yes
                      systemd-timesyncd.service active: yes
                      RTC in local TZ: no
$ sudo timedatectl

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How do we list the current NTP servers ?

Also how do we messure the monitor drift and get notify if the drift deviates beyond 10s ?

Please advise and thanks !
Facing issue with MySQL 5.7.22 and (5.7.24) above
Hello Experts,
Facing issue while inserting data to MySQL 5.7.24 with OS Ubuntu 18.04. It is taking to long time to insert data. 5k-6k/min insert rate
As i checked with MyQL 5.7.19 with Ubuntu 16 it works fine with insert query. 100k-400k/min insert rate

For the above i have googled but no luck someone reported this issue with mysql forum but the only thing for performance that i got is configure the parameter in my.cnf

#log_bin                        = /var/log/mysql/mysql-bin.log
#expire_logs_days       = 10
#max_binlog_size   = 100M

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By this it is now increased to 20k-22k/min but this is not up to mark if we look at the performance of the MySQL 5.7.19 with Ubuntu 16

Can anybody help me out to tune mysql parameter or tuning at MySQL level or may be at Ubuntu 18.04 level.
This is a php script, which basically does the send mail function via terminal shell, I am studying it and the curious thing is that it worked in my tests only in the Ubuntu 14.04 versions with php5 and postfix. But I could not get it to work on Ubuntu 18.04 or Debian 9. I would like to ask for help to change the code in order to make it work in those versions. Thank you.


With both of the versions of Ubuntu is there a way I can make the favourites bar icons larger. I have found a way to make the other icons larger but not the favourates bar ones.
Happy if there a different way for each version.

Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS and Ubuntu 18.10


If I put Windows 10 on a box it can hit the Internet.  If I reconfigure the box with Ubuntu 18.04 it cannot.

Googling shows that 18.04 is using something new called netplan and many having issues with it.  Haven't seen anything to show that it actually works.

Is Ubuntu 18.04 networkable?
I am missing configuration info in the network dialog box.
MissingThe computer used to get on the Internet but was using a rogue router that had been set up with DHCP.  We turned off DHCP on that router so we can use our main router.
Now the Ubuntu 18.04 machine won't grab an IP address.
I have just configured a LAMP on my 10.1.1.x network.

The LAMP hits the Internet but shows an IP address of (eno1).

Cable (Arris) modem is providing DHCP.

How is it possible for this to happen?  I'm thinking that I want the LAMP to have a 10.1 address.
Hi Experts,

I have elasticsearch installed on ubuntu aws machine.  It is running properly,  see below image for reference.

elastic-search.pngI am not able to access this elastic search from windows.

I had tried on browser. I get this site cannot be reached on the browser.  same way I had installed curl on windows and tried to access it

I had tried curl -XGET ""  I get failed to connect ipaddress on port 9200: connection refused.  Ip address and ports are open from the aws ubuntu machine.

When I try on ubuntu machine

root@ip-10-252-14-11:/home/ubuntu/workarea/sourcecode/ntdl# curl -XGET ''
health status index    uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size pri.store.size
yellow open   ntdl_v01 VSKQjn3RSRSRBHbOaQzEBw   5   1        465            0      2.6mb          2.6mb

the public ip is, network.host in elasticsearch.yml is and the port is 9200.

Please help me in resolving this issue.

With Many thanks,

Bharath AK
I'm having a heck of a time getting SSL to work on an Ubuntu 18.04 server using Apache2. I've installed Mediawiki to /var/www/html/wiki. I have a mediawiki.conf file that has virtual host entries for both 80 and 443. I have SSLEngine on and for the certificate file and the key file I have them pointed to the correct directory.

I'm having two issues:

1. If i type https://domain.com/wiki, it gives me a 404 not found, yet it fills in the /index.php/Main_Page at the end of the URL but the port says 80
2. If i type https://domain.com/wiki/index.php/Main_page it works and it uses 443. The issue with that is, I'm getting an error with chrome that says I'm getting mixed content. When i go to developer tools in chrome it's telling me that the .png file im using for the logo is not secure.

I haven't messed with ubuntu and apache2 for a while so i'm probably missing something, im just not sure what.

Thank you.
Cloud as a Security Delivery Platform for MSSPs
Cloud as a Security Delivery Platform for MSSPs

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Internet (ISP) ----> CISCO 891 ----> Ubuntu Server [Another Country/City] (IPSec or smthing) ------]
                                                                                       Internet (ISP) <------ CISCO 891 <---------------------]

Can i configure the my home CISCO router to connect to another VPN Server and give access to my home computers to the internet from this Server?
How to find an unauthorized connection  in samba domain?
I have a samba 4.X domain on ubuntu 16.04. Is there software for Intrusion detection?
Ubuntu graphics crash with Visiontek / AMD Radeon 7750

I have a frustrating and consistent issue with gpu crashes on a pair of brand new systems I just built, both used as Ubuntu-based securities trading and data analysis systems.  Any help or ideas in solving this is greatly appreciated.  In all cases, the system boots perfectly fine and performs as expected until a gpu hang, anywhere from a few minutes to around 24 hours later with an average time to gpu hang of around 8 hours.  Degree of system usage from zero to maximum does not seem to affect time to gpu hang.  Upon gpu hang, the screen freezes, but the mouse can still be moved and non-graphics functionality generally continues, such as music playing.  In all cases, a gpu hang is noted in the sys logs, as shown below.

Each of the two systems has the following brand new hardware:

Intel i7-7820X 8 Core Processor
128GB GSkill Ram
Asus Prime X299A Motherboard
Mushkin 2TB SSD
Corsair RM1000x 1000-watt power supply
Corsair Hydro H115i liquid cooler
VisionTek Radeon 7750 2GB 6x-MiniDP Video Card (#900614)  
   (one video card is brand new, the other is two years old, both identical)
No overclocking used
1 to 3 monitors attached

I have run each of these systems with the following Ubuntu OS / configuration combinations as I worked through trying to solve this Radeon crash issue.  Each produces the same consistent gpu hang / crash as described above:

1.  Ubuntu 18.04.1, default configuration, open …
I am trying to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 and I get a message about a conflict with  /etc/apt/apt/conf.d/50unattended-upgrades - says it was locally modified, but I don't think I ever modified this file   I tried to compare, but the diff does not look like any normal diff I have seen and I am not familiar with this file.

Some background - These machines were manually installed by someone as Ubuntu 14.  I gave them instructions that they went through and that included running some scripts that just pull down some other scripts of mine from a central server and set up some cron jobs etc.  (Simple stuff - running apt-get update/upgrade nightly and running a clamav scan, having a script set up that runs every 5 minutes and grabs from my central server so that I can easily put something there that I want to run on all machines in the next 5 minutes, etc)

In any case here are some screenshots.  Do you think it's safe to just "install the package maintainers version"?

initial warning screen
initial warning screen
Hi Experts,

Subprocess.call fails in my python code.

I get the following error when I run the code. the error is as follows:

root@ip-10-252-14-11:/home/ubuntu/workarea/sourcecode/harvest-territory-stories# python3 run.py process
2018-09-26 14:53:11,262 INFO before main ####
2018-09-26 14:53:11,304 INFO inside main
2018-09-26 14:53:11,306 INFO parse received
2018-09-26 14:53:11,306 INFO add_argument
2018-09-26 14:53:11,306 INFO args Namespace(method='process')

2018-09-26 14:53:11,306 INFO before switch

2018-09-26 14:53:11,559 INFO there are 269825 items to process
/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/wand/image.py:2758: CoderWarning: Unknown field with tag 42036 (0xa434) encountered. `TIFFReadCustomDirectory' @ warning/tiff.c/TIFFWarnings/881
/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/wand/image.py:2758: CoderWarning: Unknown field with tag 42037 (0xa435) encountered. `TIFFReadCustomDirectory' @ warning/tiff.c/TIFFWarnings/881
2018-09-26 14:53:24,938 ERROR Uncaught exception
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "run.py", line 318, in <module>
  File "run.py", line 306, in main
  File "run.py", line 223, in thumbnails
    create_thumbnails_from_database(destination, thumbnail, cookies, prefix)
  File "/home/ubuntu/workarea/sourcecode/harvest-territory-stories/harvest/extract.py", line 292, in create_thumbnails_from_database
    _handle_pdf(os.path.join(parent, entry.id), 

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Hi Experts,

I get the following errors with docker compose up

root@ip-10-252-14-11:/home/ubuntu/workarea/sourcecode/harvest-trove# docker-compose up
Recreating harvest-trove_harvest-trove_1 ... done
Creating harvest-trove_trove_review_1    ...
Creating harvest-trove_trove_pull_1      ... error
Creating harvest-trove_trove_push_1      ...
Creating harvest-trove_trove_process_1   ...

ERROR: for harvest-trove_trove_pull_1  Cannot start service trove_pull: invalid header field value "oci runtime error: container_linux.go:247: starting container procesCreating harvest-trove_trove_process_1   ... error

Creating harvest-trove_trove_push_1      ... error
Creating harvest-trove_trove_review_1    ... error

ERROR: for harvest-trove_trove_push_1  Cannot start service trove_push: invalid header field value "oci runtime error: container_linux.go:247: starting container process caused \"exec: \\\"harvest-trove:1.0.3\\\": executable file not found in $PATH\"\n"

ERROR: for harvest-trove_trove_review_1  Cannot start service trove_review: invalid header field value "oci runtime error: container_linux.go:247: starting container process caused \"exec: \\\"harvest-trove:1.0.3\\\": executable file not found in $PATH\"\n"

ERROR: for trove_pull  Cannot start service trove_pull: invalid header field value "oci runtime error: container_linux.go:247: starting container process caused \"exec: \\\"harvest-trove:1.0.3\\\": executable file not found in $PATH\"\n"

ERROR: for trove_process 

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Ubuntu is an open source software operating system that runs from the desktop, to the cloud, to all your internet connected things.