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Ubuntu is an open source software operating system that runs from the desktop, to the cloud, to all your internet connected things.

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Ubuntu Linux 18.04.1

I need to know what is the best recommended Anti-Virus and Malware protection I can install on my Linux machine.
Please include: Free, Less Expensive, and the Best (no matter what the price), so I can make my decision.
Exploring SharePoint 2016
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Exploring SharePoint 2016

Explore SharePoint 2016, the web-based, collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office to provide intranets, secure document management, and collaboration so you can develop your online and offline capabilities.

Hi Experts,

I'm looking for a simple script to collect the local time drift on Ubuntu Bionic and send it to a specific TCP port in the local system.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
I have open vpn server and all client work fine
I have also setup a new open vpn client config on it and its connect to the other servers.
I want when the client request a specific ip to route through vpn client connection that is established on server
so what I have to do in this case.
Hi All,

I am looking to semi-automate the setup of Ubuntu machines.  I don't do that many, so this is more of an 'out of interest' thing than any real productivity issue.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not looking for a full automated / scripted setup at this point, just to move some setup tasks from being a manual / GUI action to command line.

The first and simple thing is that, when I have setup a new Ubuntu install (16.04 or 18.04), I remove the 'Amazon' icon from the 'favourites' bar.

I do that by right-clicking, and selecting 'remove'.

My underastanding is that I could uninstall Unity Web Apps entirely with this:

sudo apt-get remove unity-webapps-common

Open in new window

which would include the Amazon icon going, but I don't want to remove anything else at this point (unless you think I should?)

I also found a reference that I could run:

sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-web-launchers

Open in new window

to remove the Amazon icon.

My concern is that often there is no explicit mention of what else might be removed or impacted, if anything, which makes me reluctant.

So, how can I just delete the icon from the favourites bar via the command line?


This is a php script, which basically does the send mail function via terminal shell, I am studying it and the curious thing is that it worked in my tests only in the Ubuntu 14.04 versions with php5 and postfix. But I could not get it to work on Ubuntu 18.04 or Debian 9. I would like to ask for help to change the code in order to make it work in those versions. Thank you.


With both of the versions of Ubuntu is there a way I can make the favourites bar icons larger. I have found a way to make the other icons larger but not the favourates bar ones.
Happy if there a different way for each version.

Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS and Ubuntu 18.10


Internet (ISP) ----> CISCO 891 ----> Ubuntu Server [Another Country/City] (IPSec or smthing) ------]
                                                                                       Internet (ISP) <------ CISCO 891 <---------------------]

Can i configure the my home CISCO router to connect to another VPN Server and give access to my home computers to the internet from this Server?
How to find an unauthorized connection  in samba domain?
I have a samba 4.X domain on ubuntu 16.04. Is there software for Intrusion detection?
Ubuntu graphics crash with Visiontek / AMD Radeon 7750

I have a frustrating and consistent issue with gpu crashes on a pair of brand new systems I just built, both used as Ubuntu-based securities trading and data analysis systems.  Any help or ideas in solving this is greatly appreciated.  In all cases, the system boots perfectly fine and performs as expected until a gpu hang, anywhere from a few minutes to around 24 hours later with an average time to gpu hang of around 8 hours.  Degree of system usage from zero to maximum does not seem to affect time to gpu hang.  Upon gpu hang, the screen freezes, but the mouse can still be moved and non-graphics functionality generally continues, such as music playing.  In all cases, a gpu hang is noted in the sys logs, as shown below.

Each of the two systems has the following brand new hardware:

Intel i7-7820X 8 Core Processor
128GB GSkill Ram
Asus Prime X299A Motherboard
Mushkin 2TB SSD
Corsair RM1000x 1000-watt power supply
Corsair Hydro H115i liquid cooler
VisionTek Radeon 7750 2GB 6x-MiniDP Video Card (#900614)  
   (one video card is brand new, the other is two years old, both identical)
No overclocking used
1 to 3 monitors attached

I have run each of these systems with the following Ubuntu OS / configuration combinations as I worked through trying to solve this Radeon crash issue.  Each produces the same consistent gpu hang / crash as described above:

1.  Ubuntu 18.04.1, default configuration, open …
i try to add a disk to ubuntu.
i used this help

now i add a new one. it should be on /dev/sde.
i can't see it on pvdisplay and when try tp fdisk /dev/de1
it says you can create a dos partition.
Device does not contain a recognized partition table. Created a new DOS disklabel with disk identifier 0xbc6fc5e9.

Become an IT Security Management Expert
Become an IT Security Management Expert

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how to change owner permission from mounted ubuntu directory to another ubuntu?
from target i add   share/directory   ipaddress(rw,sync,no_subtree_check)     in /etc/exports
from another ubuntu i  add following to fstab
ip:/share/directory  /mnt/archive nfs auto 0 0
its moun wiothout any problem but users not right to change or write in directory.
How to change (chown) permission under mount (dest.) not in the source (target).
I have a samba domain controller. all my ubuntu server is on domain. i created a group in ad.
But this group is unknown for all my ubuntu servers.
users can login to server via domain password. and all server answer back for wbinfo -g.
how to active domain groups in ubuntu servers?
I have ubuntu 16.04 server with postgres version 9.3.17 . how to update 9.3.17 to 9.3.24?
i know it's old but for master/slave version i need to have a same version as master.

I just setup Ubuntu and it's updated.

I also installed and setup Samba, shared a folder and set permissions.

From my Windows 7 Pro, I can access the shared folder I created in Ubuntu.  I can even change its content.

From Windows Server 2003, I can't.  I get the following error message:
Login unsuccessful.  ... Be sure your username and password are correct.

Can you please help me?

I have a samba domain on ubuntu. i create a security group ssh_grp. how to say ssh that only member of this group can login.
"normally all domain user can login. ssh user@server   it's ok"
i wrote:
AllowGroups domain\ssh_grp
DenyUsers *
in my sshd_config.
but it's not working i restart and change port 22 from ssh.

from cmd i say ssh user@server -p "port"
i wrote the password
permission de....
I recently stood up a new secure Ubuntu image and I am running nexpose on it.
Nexpose is configured to send email notifications when the scan starts and completes.
We have confirmed that nexpose is sending the emails;

2018-08-03T22:13:19 [INFO] [Thread: critical-task-executor1] Sending report to <correct recipient>.
2018-08-03T22:13:19 [INFO] [Thread: critical-task-executor1] Creating SMTP session to localhost:25
2018-08-03T22:13:19 [INFO] [Thread: critical-task-executor1] Delivered mail to <correct recipient>: 250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as 4BD9583179

But the reports are never being received.
I have been asked by the exchange person which SMTP relay server I have been pointing at.
I haven't been able to identify this question.
In Nexpose my configuration was imported from our old server so that should be the same.
The only thing I can think of is that some setting needed to be set on the OS side to get the emails to the SMTP relay server.

We are using postfix on the new image.
I have been searching for a place to configure the SMTP relay IP I was given but I haven't been able to find it.
Could someone point me in the right direction?

I have ubuntu 14.04 server with plesk web admin on it.
I am facing a problem with all my hosted services:
- when I access a php web service sometimes they dont work, and after recalling it it work perfectly.
- when I download a file on server form http, it freuqet get disconnected.
Any idea on how to solve these issues?
Hi ,

I need a help.

I have an lightsail instance on aws which is running ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Bitnami LAMP (No gui) .

I use putty to login . Login username will be bitnami and there is no password ,instead of password we use a default-key pair for authentication which was downloaded from aws console.

Now the Problem is my colleague was resigned and he too has the default-pair key .

I either to set password for bitnami so that even if the same key-pair is used the password will get prompted or i want to change the key-pair.

Could someone help me to accomplish this task .

PS:- i tried changing the user bitnami password , but with default pair key login,instance doesnt prompt for the bitnami password.
Hello all,

I am looking for a free remote desktop solution for Ubuntu.

My company recently switched from Windows to Ubuntu for desktop computers, but our developers need to remotely connect (with access to the Ubuntu GUI) from their Macbooks.

For a few weeks, we have been experimenting with NoMachine; a wonderful, versatile, and secure application which I fully endorse. Unfortunately, their per-year licensing fees might be cost prohibitive (BTW, it is free for non-commercial use). As part of my due-diligence, I must find a free alternative (like we had when our desktops were on Windows 10).

Our criteria:
- Must be free to use without restrictions (or a significantly lower cost than NoMachine's $44 per user per year)
- Must pass our internal security testing. For one, it can't rely on external servers like Teamviewer.
- Must allow remote access to the Ubuntu desktop GUI from MacOS.
- Must be relatively easy to script and preset by admins for distribution in a standard Ubuntu image.

I've looked at a few options, such as:
  • - xrdp (potential problem: I can't find a recent binary and it seems like a dead project)
  • - VNC (potential problems: there are so many variations. Finding an acceptably secure one is still in the works. Might not allow for a remote session that locks/blanks Ubuntu's (host) physical monitor(s). Might not support dual monitors from host. One example that I'm investigating is x11vnc with RealVNC viewer on the Mac side.
OWASP: Avoiding Hacker Tricks
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OWASP: Avoiding Hacker Tricks

Learn to build secure applications from the mindset of the hacker and avoid being exploited.

Ubuntu 16 network issues. not detecting wifi hardware
Have tried removing/reinstalling wifi device driver from additional device driver. still no luck
I had this question after viewing How to configure network to use squid proxy server for web filtering?.

I have set up an ubuntu server using 14.04 LTS and Squid Proxy for caching. We want to route all client traffic through the server, so it can cache all this data, and then access the internet. How can we go about that and It would be greatly appreciated if someone could include a Step-By-Step guide on how to achieve this.  We viewed the question above but could not determine the correct answer for us. The idea we had at first was to:

PC ---> Switch(L3 w/ Routing(Cisco Catalyst 3550)) ---> Cache(Ubuntu 14.04 w/ Squid) ---> Firewall ---> WEB

We built the proxy/cache server and successfully had the one client running its data through the access logs by inserting the SSL and Proxy data into the browser settings. We could see the access logs on Ubuntu caching the data when the pages load. Now we want to supersize that, if possible, and run all traffic through the server WITHOUT having to input the SSL and PROXY data into numerous clients browsers on a larger network, as you can tell that would be tedious and repetitive to go into each individuals device to add SSL and proxy data by hand. Our test network for this has one PC Client. We intend to use this and implement it into a larger network that is BYOD(bring your own device). Please Help and we appreciate the help ahead of time!
how to add intra url to dns? (from samba domain controller on ubuntu)
i have url like             server:8090/login.action.
how to create an entry on dns to just write confluence then remap to that address.
I have samba as domain controller on ubuntu server 16.04 on vmware.
ldap  is running on port 389. how to connect ldap to my active directory?
I have to admit that I'm lost on a lot of these apps and languages that appear to be endless rabbit holes to me  but for my own enjoyment and education I'm trying to build a really nice media appliance.
Everything was working fine and then I took the step of installing super transfer 2, it installed docker which is what I believe was the cause of the pages not being found. The webserver is running because I get "Not Found
The requested URL /setup/ was not found on this server.

Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80"
So I'm kind of stuck and there doesn't appear to be any support on the topic in the plexguide forums.
ubuntu 16.04 ask always to times for password. How to disable that?






Ubuntu is an open source software operating system that runs from the desktop, to the cloud, to all your internet connected things.

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