UI stands for User Interface and UX for User Experience. While there are key differences between the two, both concern the design of how humans interact with computer systems and software.

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How can I make the show desktop menu stay at bottom of a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone?

Currently I have to push up at the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen to make this menu appear. I would like for it to stay at the bottom of the phone screen at all times.
What does it mean to be "Always On"?
What does it mean to be "Always On"?

Is your cloud always on? With an Always On cloud you won't have to worry about downtime for maintenance or software application code updates, ensuring that your bottom line isn't affected.


when i switch on my moto 4g plus android plus  it says loudly "hello moto" then some music while it is starting. How to mute these disturbing sounds on start up. what settings i have to change or that?

please advise
I used this Note 5 for 2+ years with a great experience.  Great phone - large bright screen 5.7" 2560x1440 pixels, fast 4GB RAM and 32GB Storage, 16mp camera.   All good except.. battery life is terrible.  Time for an upgrade.  
Should I stick with Samsung and go with Note 8 or what would be other recommendations?  

Thanks in advance.
I am considering using Devexpress MVC for a simple table-based project.  A colleague says not to do it because it will increase the need for custom UI coding.  Does anyone have experience with whether using Devexpress MVC controls increased or decreases the need for custom UI coding?
I have been watching these videos:

The videos refer to several tools, that are not free.

I was wondering what other free tools are out there that can do the same job as the ones described in the video:
- Exploratory testing and registering test cases and bugs directly with screenshots, action logs and video capture.
- Load testing
- Web performance testing
- Automated UI testing.
- Similar solution to Microsoft Test Manager

My projects are in ASP .Net MVC with C# as backend, and the tools suggested need to work with that technology.
I have been supporting Box.com for several years now.

Now I'm looking to find the best sources for training other techs I work with on how to support Box.com.

What are the best sources for this type of training?
I have an angular UI application of two pages where one page takes user input details and insert the values on click of button into MySql DB through an API call and redirects to second page where details entered in first page must be displayed to user.

After inserting the values in first page, the values are stored in DB where it is recorded in php logs but in second page when I want to show the details of user entered, data row doesn't exist in DB.

The insert query is a single row insert and is not under any transaction. However even after implementing transactions same issue persist.

I have records of mysql logs also where there is only the insert log but no delete logs for the same inserted values.

I have kept a count of data before inserting and after inserting, the count got reduced by one when I have made a second API call to get details to second page to display the user details and throwing an exception of 400 bad request.
I'm a seasoned software developer, but my experience with Java extends only a few years. Last year I embarked on creating a GUI for one of our company-specific data stores. I chose JavaFX as the GUI framework.
To position user controls onto a screen, the most appropriate widget for one of my layouts appeared to be a GridPane. JavaFX has one built in, but I prefer the wrapper with the same name, that is part of JFXtras.
In this GridPane, I placed a generic Label control. It is meant to receive texts of varying lengths. And when it receives a text larger than can fit, I want that Label to grow in size, and make the entire Scene Graph (i.e. GridPane, Scene and Stage) grow with it.
Thus far I have set properties and invoked methods that looked like they would allow for that, to no avail.
How can I make this happen?
While designing for a sign-up process, I'd like to be able to show a progress indicator dictating how many steps are in the process, total. Right now, I'm using little dots across the top of the screen that "fill in" as you're making progress during the page-by-page sign-up.

My question is in regard to a particular step that could extend or contract the number of remaining steps because a step is added or taken away. It feels weird that, in the middle of a 4-step process, a choice made on Step 2 would then show 5 dots on the following page.

Is there an alternative method to make this feel less strange? Or is the idea for a progress indicator made null because of how this sign-up process works?
As a junior, I'm a bit new to front end programming (crammed learning JS/other languages/NPM/NodeJS/etc within three months for my current role) so apologies if what I say doesn't make sense.

I've helped to build a UI for an application with the use of NPM/Node JS. The application stores data on a UNIX server. The UI accesses the data on the server (https://myhostname:8090/blah/blah) and presents the results with a nice UI. With the help of GIT, I've managed to do move all the src UI code onto the UNIX server. The purpose is for automation

While a specific file (in my UI code) specifies the UNIX server configuration, I've used NPM to build a bundle.js (Which bundles all the JS files into a single file) file. I move this bundles.js along with the index.html and CSS styling files to an appropriate directory in order to use Maven to build a JAR file. And with a start/stop server script to run the process to run  the code, I can just enter the UNIX hostname/port number in my browser window in order to access the UI and data. This all works.

However. I now need to generalise the server configuration in my bundle.js file as well as properties file on server side such that I'm not hard coding server configuration anywhere (meaning I can deploy the UI on any server with no issue). i.e. playing with "localhost" instead of the actual server hostname etc.

I want to try my best, but I need to acknowledge that I have no real server configuration experience and hence need a …
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Hello all,

I'm working on a PowerShell script to modify users in Active Directory.  I would like to put a UI on the script to allow the users to first select the target users from the current users in out Active Directory.  I was able to generate the dialog box, use the input from one box in another box, but I wasn't able to return the value that the user running the program selected in the list box to the main script.  I'm pretty good with PowerShell, but I'm new to the UI part of it.  I was able to get two sample scripts working and modified them to return information both typed into a text box and selected from a list box, but combining the two has become difficult, and I know that the answer is probably right in front of me. If someone could show me the light I would much appreciate it.



Here is the script as it is now:

Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Windows.Forms
#Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Drawing`

$MainForm = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Form
$MainForm.Text = "User Selection Form"
$MainForm.Size = New-Object System.Drawing.Size(650,300)
$MainForm.StartPosition = "CenterScreen"

$OKButton = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Button
$OKButton.Location = New-Object System.Drawing.Point(10,220)
$OKButton.Size = New-Object System.Drawing.Size(75,23)
$OKButton.Text = "OK"
$OKButton.DialogResult = [System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult]::OK
$MainForm.AcceptButton = $OKButton

$CancelButton = …
I am using keno ui grid for angularjs keno grid in our project and am  new to kendo . I am getting data from API similar to below JSON Data and need to bind this data to Kenod Grid basically there will be no header fields / columns .Just simply bind data to grid.

JSON Data (json data viewer

["cell1  cell2 cell3 cell4 cell5 cell6",
 "cell1  cell2 cell3 cell4 cell5 cell6",
 "cell1  cell2 cell3 cell4 cell5 cell6",
 "cell1  cell2 cell3 cell4 cell5 cell6",
 "cell1  cell2 cell3 cell4 cell5 cell6",
 "cell1  cell2 cell3 cell4 cell5 cell6"

It would be great if anyone can provide sample example  in plunker/jsfiddle.

Thanks in advance
New to Angular.  I am making my way through a book titled "Pro AngularJS" by Adam Freeman.

If you look at this screenshot while I was debugging the "Add" TO DO item functionality you can see that the new to do item is showing up in the items array, but the web page UI is not updating with the new item.

angular push
Why might it not be getting added?

I don't see any Javascript errors in the console... : (

Here is the TODO.html source:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html data-ng-app="todoApp">
    <title>TO DO List</title>
    <link href="bootstrap.css" rel="stylesheet" />
    <script src="angular.js"></script>
        var model = {
            user: "Adam"

        var todoApp = angular.module("todoApp", []);

        todoApp.run(function ($http) {
            $http.get("todo.json").then(function (data) {
                model.items = data;});

        todoApp.filter("checkedItems", function () {
            return function (items, showComplete) {
                var resultArr = [];
                angular.forEach(items, function (item) {

                    if (item.done == false || showComplete == true) {
                return resultArr;

        todoApp.controller("ToDoCtrl", function ($scope) {
            $scope.todo = model;

            $scope.incompleteCount = function () {

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I have reseted Apple TV 3rd gen to the factory defaults. Now im see screen to ude iphone to automatically set up ATV.

See attached pic.
not sure what now because i have no remote.

thanks for helping
I want to be a Game play Programmer. to be GPP I need to study in a good university.Good universities want good $$$.i want start my career for some years or some time.which career is best that give me more $$$.
1.Java EE/Java Developer
2.Mobile App Developer
3.UI/UX Designer
4.Internet Advertiser
Hi Experts,

I have below codes using asp repeater and jdatatable. As you can see it return table UI with column phone, Direction, and message looks like below

Phone No, Direction, Msg
(111)222-1111, Outbound, asdfasdf
(111)222-1111, Inbound, 23423423asdfasdf
(111)222-1111, Outbound, 223434234dfasdf
(222)222-1234, Outbound, 23asdfasjdfasjdfjdfs
(222)222-1234, Inbound, 2131231231312

In the UI, I hope to see. Is it possible?

(111)222-1111, Outbound, asdfasdf
                         , Inbound, 23423423asdfasdf
                         , Outbound, 223434234dfasdf
(222)222-1234, Outbound, 23asdfasjdfasjdfjdfs
                         , Inbound, 2131231231312

<asp:Repeater runat="server" ID="conversationList" OnItemCommand="conversationList_ItemCommand">
                                                                <table class="table table-striped table-bordered table-hover" id="dataTables-example">
                                                                                            <th class="text-center"><small>Phone</small></th>
                                                                                            <th class="text-center"><small>Dir.</small></th>

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Are there any good products, sites or services that can be used to basically develop a prototype app for planning purposes and relaying information to others like graphics, dev etc.? Something that can be used as a kind of project manager to build a app.

So lets say you have a idea for a app but want to do a rough, not flashy, draft of the layout and mock actions for buttons etc. So if you tap here then this screen pops up type of thing so not actually coding the app but just some type of WYSIWYG interface to help test out the flow of the design before spending time and money on the actual coding and graphics etc.

I just installed Redhat linux and Fedora linux on Windows 10 VM, but once installed it, it seems login in command mode. how to enable the Linux UI mode for me to play around by UI ?
Does any one knows when droid 5 will be release? I just like QWERTY keyboard. I am using droid 4.

Modern healthcare requires a modern cloud. View this brief video to understand how the Concerto Cloud for Healthcare can help your organization.

For years, I was taught, I saw and I wrote that the area in the lower right corner of the Windows UI was the System Tray or Systray.
I just looked at the Microsoft Manual of Style 4th Ed and it's now called the Notification area.  
Where can I file formal complaint?  This is a stupid change.

Is there a piece of code that makes a website compatible in all the main browsers, ISO Phones, Android Phones, and tablets?
What are some good books that describe how to use a Samsung Galxy S8+ Android cell phone?
Dear SharePoint experts

I have a file share with over 200 knowledge documents which I manage as a library with folders, sub folders etc.
I would like to transfer this repository to SharePoint 2013 to gain accessibility from anywhere and exposure to our knowledge bank

Since I'm new in SP - How do I design (look & feel), create the UX/UI  and the search options and eventually create a DMS in SharePoint 2013 which I can share with the organization and will give me the added value?

I there a tutorial, book, any kind of training that can instruct me how to manage SP and create this kind of DMS?
I am exporting a ui-grid as a pdf and I want one column to export using a currencyFilter.  When it exports, the column uses the filter, however, two columns which contain formatted dates are now not formatted like mm/dd/yyyy.  

Expected: 5/11/2016
Result: 14630112000809

I just want this to target the one column, which is the 8th column
Here is the code for the export function:
$scope.export = function(){
	      var exportData = [];
	      var exportColumnHeaders = $scope.gridOptions.showHeader ? uiGridExporterService.getColumnHeaders($scope.gridApi.grid, uiGridExporterConstants.VISIBLE) : [];
	      angular.forEach($scope.gridApi.grid.rows, function(row) {
	        if (row.visible) {
	          var values = [];
	          angular.forEach(exportColumnHeaders, function(column) {
	            var value = row.entity[column.name];
	            if (column.name == 'rentalRevenue')
	            	value = $filter('lcpFilter')(value); 

	              value: value
	      var content = uiGridExporterService.prepareAsPdf($scope.gridApi.grid, exportColumnHeaders, exportData);
	      content.pageMargins = [40, 93, 40, 40];

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Any help is appreciated.  If you need more info please let me know.  Thank you

We are currently running BB10 in our environment and moving to a Corp iPhone/ Android. Some feedback we are getting from Execs is that they miss the hardware keyboard of Blackberry.

Does anyone have any recommendations on Apple or Android devices with a keyboard or virtual keyboard?






UI stands for User Interface and UX for User Experience. While there are key differences between the two, both concern the design of how humans interact with computer systems and software.