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Usability Testing

Usability Testing is the process of validating a user interface's ease of use by observing users as they attempt to perform desired actions.

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Usability Testing
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Need to automate full feature testing of our website

There arent enough of us to do the full testing we should do on new features we build for our …

A scientific view of User Experience

Marc Hassenzahl believes “user experience (UX) is a strange phenomenon” (Hassenzahl & Tractinsky, …

Scrum is not a procedure or a method for building items; …

Scrum is not a procedure or a method for building items; rather, it is an agile testing framework …
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Reasonable approach to testing complex software when there's a minor change

I'm involved in a software testing group, it's the basic testing of an existing enterprise system. …
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What does UAT mean


What does it mean to uat test an app?

When someone mentions UAT, does UAT imply a final stage of


How can we evaluate a User Experience

McNamara and Kirakowski have published several articles regarding the process of evaluating for user…

"Make Tools" and User Experience

Elizabeth Sanders (2002) believes there is a shift happening in design that generated an attitude to…
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How do we empathize with our users as a team?

"In order to have an organized way for empathy mapping, we rely on a psychological model and trying to model it in a simple way, so we will split the board to three section for each persona and a scenario and try to see what those personas would Do, Think and Feel, when they are in that scenario."

UX: The Time Between Empathy and Visual Design

I've been asked to discuss some of the UX activities that I'm using with my team. Here I will share some details about how we approach UX projects.
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What is the Meaning of latency in performance testing?

I just wanted to know What is the Meaning of latency in performance testing?

Mobile banking apps: It’s testing & 4 cardinal areas to consider

By this time the large percentage of day-to-day transactions have shifted to mobile banking; here are some overriding areas QAs must investigate while testing mobile banking apps.
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Mobile testing

We currently develop mobile applications. Our QA testing process is very manual and involves having …
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Apache JMeter vs  AppPerfect Load Test?

Which is the better tool out of these two for performance testing? Please provide the full …
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AWS cloud native software testing tools?


Does anybody know of any AWS cloud native services that I can use to replace the following software

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Best way to test SSIS package

I am curious what is your approach to test SSIS packages ? , Initially I was thinking about…
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What is the best way to automate a desktop based application?

The requirement is to automate the desktop based ATM simulator application. There are huge number of…
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Best Method to Gather New Website Feedback

Hi. We have a new website that is being developed. We have 10 stakeholders who we need to get …
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What is the difference between Gray box testing, black box testing and white box testing?

I just wanted to know precisely What is the difference between Gray box testing, black box testing …

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