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Usability Testing

Usability Testing is the process of validating a user interface's ease of use by observing users as they attempt to perform desired actions.

There arent enough of us to do the full testing we should do on new features we build for our website, plus to just make sure things keep on functioning as they should. We need to set up automated testing of all of our website features, like logging in, getting special pricing levels based on who you are, shipping API's functioning as they should, general website functionality etc. Is Selenium a good way to go? If so, can somebody please give me a bullet point list of how to get started and implemented? This is for a large website on LAMP stack. Thanks very much.
I'm involved in a software testing group, it's the basic testing of an existing enterprise system. My question is about testing a fairly complex piece of software, that does this and that, and then inserts data into an Oracle table.

How do you test something like this "to the penny"? In order to have an independent test, you'd kind of have to build the same logic separately. Then if the program changes, you'd have to update your testing module.

Nevertheless, this is a system test and not a unit test. But still, to balance "to the penny", this is more than a causal glance at the numbers, "Hey, looks good!"

In my example, the logic retrieves data from Oracle where [such and such] = A, B, or C, and we changed the logic to add D, E, F. I'm inclined to inspect the code as our verification method. But to write a query to test this, I'm thinking I have to build the actual logic from the program.

Just looking for a reasonable approach to this.
I just wanted to know precisely What is the difference between Gray box testing, black box testing and white box testing?
I just wanted to know What is the Meaning of latency in performance testing?
Which is the better tool out of these two for performance testing? Please provide the full comparison.

JMeter: http://jmeter.apache.org
Load Test : http://www.appperfect.com/products/load-test.php
We currently develop mobile applications. Our QA testing process is very manual and involves having a team utilise physical devices with the applications loaded, and test on them.

I understand there are automated tools/solutions where:

i. A device can be held in a remote data center and remotely connected to

ii. Automated tests can be carried out on such devices and recorded

iii. Developers can run debug tools on their local machines and be connected to these remote mobile devices

Any recommendations?
The requirement is to automate the desktop based ATM simulator application. There are huge number of transactions that needs to be done on a single day using this ATM simulator.
Could you please suggest the best way to automate this tedious manual activity.
And the constraint here is it should be a open source tool.
I am curious what is your approach to test SSIS packages ? , Initially I was thinking about creating test tables and populate it with test date and swap data sources, but it must be a better approach to test number of rows moved and quality of data

Usability Testing

Usability Testing is the process of validating a user interface's ease of use by observing users as they attempt to perform desired actions.

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Usability Testing