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Hi all,

We have a one-off backup of an Exchange 2010 server from around 40 days ago.

I have it running in a Veeam SureBackup vlab environment and need to retrieve some Message Tracking logs from it.  The server is configured to keep 30 days of logs.

I am finding that when I try and look at the message tracking logs they are empty.

I have a feeling that it may have something to do with either log truncation or the time on the VM purging the logs (the time/date on the VM updates to the current live time, even though it is a VM from 40 days ago).

Interestingly, if I use Veeam explorer to browse the vbk, the folder which contains the "Message Tracking Logs" doesn't exist, suggesting that it is probably nothing to do with the time.

Any ideas what is happening here?  And how can I access the logs?
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Free learning courses: Active Directory Deep Dive

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Hey guys. I need some help for... a friend. (It's a Monday. Please don't ask)

2 Domain controllers running Server 2012 Datacenter
Veeam BR 9 on Server 2012 Datacenter

Leadup to issue
DHCP scope was acting funny... a few tinkerings later and the entire service was hosed. A restore of that DC on Veeam and now the entire sync between both DCs was not working, even after attempts to get them synced (dcdiag, repadmin, etc.).

A restore of both DCs to the same backup time should work, right? NO. Veeam restores DCs into non-authoritative mode...

Current situation:
DC1 is restored from Friday night's backup but shut down for now. Attempts to log in with DSRM password failed. (Just great, right?)

DC2 is running and serving DNS, AD, etc. but it fails dcdiag tests:
-time server advertising
-Replication attempts (obv.)
- etc (too many to list)

Before my uhhh... friend breaks anything else, just throw me in the right direction. He's a little out of sorts and just needs to be reminded what to do at this point.
I would tell him to do a non-authoritative restore of DC1 and let DC2 be "the boss", but both servers were restored from Veeam in non-authoritative mode and the DSRM password isn't working. Attempts on DC2 to change the password failed. Yaaay!
Hi All, i have attempted to ask Synology themselves but can't seem to get a decent answer. All they tell me is that Veeam is compatible with the Synology NAS

In the process of installing a Synology DS916+ NAS onto a network to be used as a Backup Repository for Veeam B&R

Now, Synology claims that the NAS has Encryption that would protect files from say Ransomware.

My questions are these:

1) If is use Veeam B&R to backup my VM's to the NAS, does the Veeam Backup create multiple copies of these backups so i can restore from a particular date and time? Multiple restore points?

2) Are these backup files encrypted and hopefully protected from Ransomware attacks?

Synology talks about the Hyper Backup facility that come with the device and this seems to have recovery points which i would assume are encrypted, but how does this work in terms of Veeam backing up to the NAS and would i have the same benefits of recovery points and backup encryption

Thanks everyone
I had this question after viewing Exchange 2013 DAG: Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy and the Database Activation Preference confusion ?.


I'd like to know, what happens if the passive copy drive or the secondary database copy drive is full (0 bytes free)?
Would there be any outage or database dismount if the destination secondary drive is full?
What about the database transaction logs truncation on the passive copy, does it gets truncated when I run the Exchange backup (using Veeam software which is VSS aware)

AD Site:Default-First-Site-Name
PRODMAIL20-VM [Mailbox & CAS]
C:\ OS - 200 GB
D:\ PRODMAIL20-VM-DB01 - PRIMARY [DB & Logs] 999 GB
E:\ PRODMAIL20-VM-DB02 - PRIMARY [DB & Logs] 999 GB

AD Site: Head Office
PRODMAIL30-VM [Mailbox & CAS]
C:\ OS - 200 GB
F:\ PRODMAIL30-VM-DB01 - PRIMARY [DB & Logs] 999 GB
G:\ PRODMAIL30-VM-DB02 - PRIMARY [DB & Logs] 999 GB

Because I need to conserve the disk space.

Hi Team,

Could you please advise if we can use Veeam one to monitor services/applications running inside a Windows VM. Also whether it helps to monitor DHCP, DNS, Exchange, IIS, sharepoint, SQL etc.

I understand, it mainly helps to monitor Hypervisors and Veeam backup. I cannot find a datasheet which gives info about OS level monitoring.

Thanks in advance.
We have an inactive Datastore on our Esx after a Instant-VM-Restore. How do we clean this up?

VeeamBackup_ServerName (Inactive)
This is using the Veeam agent for Linux for my CentOS and Redhat machines. I downloaded this agent - veeam-release-el6-1.0-1.x86_64.rpm from Veeam website. The setup is completed successfully on both machines. Initially, a dkms was failed with fail depencies. However, after the new dkms (ver 2.3.x) was downloaded and installed, setup completed without problem for both machines.

After that, I configured the scheduled job. My redhat machine can complete the job successfully. But not CentOS (v6.4), the backup straightway stopped with the error message as attached. Does this has to be related to the file system? What is the main reason why the backup failed in my CentOS system?

Thanks in advance.
Hi EE,

I have a problem with one of my servers not replicating to an OFF-SITE location. I am able to replicate ON-SITE to the same host without a problem or even to another host in the same environment. Replicating via VPN to our data center give me the following error

"processing configuration Error: The operation is not allowed in the current state."

I would like to add that I am able to replicate a different server from a different location to this same host without any problems via VPN.

On a Windows 10 computer where I have just installed the free Veeam backup program and have set the program to backup to a local NAS I receive the error message "Skipping scheduled backup because battery level is too low" even though the laptop is fully charged and is plugged into power.

What can be done to fix this issue so I can backup the laptop?

Hi All, i am consider the new Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 package at a site with two Host servers.

I have a pretty simple question that i cant seem to get an answer for, the Failover procedure is pretty straight forward and easy if i need to take the Source VM offline or its corrupted, my question is this, how do i get the Replicated Target Host VM online in the event hardware failure on the Source Host where Veeam is installed, if the Target Host has failed and i have no access to the Veeam console, how do i get the Replica VM online on the Target Host

I am sure there must be a simple solution, just cant seem to find anything

Thanks in advance
What is SQL Server and how does it work?
What is SQL Server and how does it work?

The purpose of this paper is to provide you background on SQL Server. It’s your self-study guide for learning fundamentals. It includes both the history of SQL and its technical basics. Concepts and definitions will form the solid foundation of your future DBA expertise.

I did a Veeam Exchange restore and exported the three pst files to the desktop.  I then copied the files to my computer so that I could open them in Outlook 2016.  Unfortunately I get an error message saying "File access is denied. You do not have the permission required to access the file Blah Blah.pst".  

I edited the files and added full permissions for myself and even the "Everyone" group but still get the same message, any ideas please?

can we back up vm through veeam ? and
can we monitor vm through veeam ?

do we have both monitor and back up tools from veeam?
i have a veeam Job which backup 6 vms(jobname= job1). Sudenly this Job not working any more , after that i cloned this Job (jobname= job1.clone) and work good at the Moment.
but still exist on the NAS storage , .vbk and vbr files. they are prox :900 gb .of Course i would like to use this space for job1.clone Job.

i changed restore Point under job1 and deleted part of vbk,and vrb. But still there is data which i cant delete manually.

Please help to delete These old files.

Thanks in advance
Veeam Backup and Replication version 9.5
Windows Server 2008 R2
Server is a domain controller
Backup completes either "successfully" or with a warning (mentioned in Question Title), however only 9GB out of 32GB are transferring
Have tried with "Guest Quiescience", "Guest File System Indexing" and "Application Aware Processing" both enabled and disabled as suggested in forums
No errors in event log
Hi Experts
I use Veeam 8.0 Free only Tape function and MS SQL express installed on the Windows 2012 R2 Server.
today i got error, related  SQL Server max 10Gb place.

is there a way i can solve this Problem.I reduced sometape Job which are not need any more.But not help.

error:SQL server is not available.
Could not allocate a new page for database 'VeeamBackup' because of insufficient disk space in filegroup 'PRIMARY'.
 Create the necessary space by dropping objects in the filegroup, adding additional files to the filegroup, or setting autogrowth on for existing files in the filegroup.
The statement has been terminated.
Hi experts,

I would say my technical level as far as servers is about a 5 to 6 out of 10. The IT person setting up the server would be a 12. He makes sure I have good quality hardware and software, but he also doesn't always recommend the most expensive. For this reason, he has no issues using WSB, but I don't want something that bare bones, no matter how well it works. Plus, I am more willing to spend money. As a physician, I see myself working another seven years (which I know is bordering on too long for the server -- I guess I am misguided by the fact my Dell Edge 2900 lasted that long).

Just to give my setup, I am setting up a Dell T430 server with Windows Server Standard 2016 as the host, with two VM guests. One will run my SQL databases and the other will contains Essentials for Active Directory and will be the DC. I have only eight clients all Lenovos running Win 7 Pro. They are all identical. Modem is Arris by Spectrum with 70 down and 6 up. pfSense router (awesome, but I am glad he set it up) and a Cisco 26 port switch. I know this is more info than you need. My old server (Dell Edge 2900) will temporarily be the fax server, but it can be converted to something else -- maybe a replication machine? I can also get Azure for the cloud much cheaper than AWS.

So, now to my question. And, these are frustrating I know, because it is more about opinion. I generally end up splitting the points as there is no right or wrong answer. But, I am trying to decide among …
I have an Event Log question about vCenter 5.5.0.

I have a number of events in the middle of the night or either a user root@IPAddress or VSPHERE.LOCAL\administrator@IPAddress logged in and logged out as "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; MS Web Services Client Protocol.

The IP address referenced is a vm backup/monitoring server with Veeam Backup.

What I'm confused about is why it says "Mozilla/4.0". There's nothing connecting via Firefox, is this some other Mozilla process built in that I'm not aware of?
Hi All,

I'd like to know what's the impact on my Exchange Server 2013 SP1 Mailbox role when I enable the Circular logging for all mailbox DB and then reboot it after installing CAS role ?

I also backup this Exchange server using Veeam Backup which truncates the Transaction logs.

Would I be able to restore it safely or should I stop Circular logging ?
The reason I enable Circular logging is that I'm about to setup DAG with 3 others Exchange mailbox servers.

Due to Veeam backup requirement for the Storage Array snapshot on my HPE Lefthand, I can only use Thin Provisioned LUN for my VMFS datastore and thin VMDK (All thin).

So how do I set the monitoring system to email me when certain threshold is reached ?

I need to prevent the free disk space to become 0% to avoid the LUN becoming read only.

Is there any way to do it on the ESXi level as well to know about the Thin LUN provisioned space ?

Thanks in advance.
NFR key for Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365
NFR key for Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Veeam is happy to provide a free NFR license (for 1 year, up to 10 users). This license allows for the non‑production use of Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 in your home lab without any feature limitations.

Had a nice salesman on the phone, reckons arcserve is market leader in backup and better than backup exec and veeam.
Any professional vouch for this?  we still suing BE and veeam for tape and VM backups respectively, although thinking of migrating from BE to veeam for tape also..

in my virtual environment I'm using Veeam as backup to disk.
now I need to also to backup to Tape.
I have few ESXi in VMware environment, and my Veeam is VM.
 how can I connect LTO 7 Tape drive to my environment ?

thank u.
David Dotan Sofer

I noticed my Veeam backups stopped working after we had a power cut/ups failure. When I powered back up the VM Server and then the windows guests all seemed well.

I was able to connect via my vsphere client on my laptop to connect to the VM Host and fire up the windows guest servers. When I try logon to the same vm host from my veeam server using the same vshpere client/root username.password I get An unknown error occurred, unable to connect to remote server.

What brought me to this point was when I was checking my veeam backups after the power cut, they hadnt backed up. The error message I get from veeam software on the veeam backup server was Your connection was actively refused. Its as if my VM Host will not take connections which come from my veeam backup server IP address ?

Any ideas
Hi All,

What’s the impact when taking the backup of Exchange Server (no DAG) with Veeam (VSS aware or Application-Aware Processing enabled) when the server is currently running on Circular logging and the mailbox is being migrated from one server to another ?
More info about the application aware: 

The reason I ask this question is that the migration of the 2TB+ mailbox database is quite slow about 5 GB per hours, which is about 17 days with no backup running on the email server.

Any help and comments would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Experts,

I am noticing that by exchange backups are using a lot of space. I am runnig a DAG with two CAS and two DB servers.  I am backing up the DB servers using the VEEAM Backup application.

What is the best\recommended way to backup my exchange DBs on the DB servers? I made four smaller databases on the DB servers.

Can just backup the active databases  (4)  on the DB servers or do I have to backup entire DB servers?


I've been using Veeam for years as a back/replication package.  I started getting an error a day or so ago that is rather odd.  

The first odd thing about it is the suffix:  vmdk.vmdk for both virtual disks.   Never seen this before.  Not sure if it was named that originally as I wouldn't normally check the suffix with a VM that has been running for years (and still is).

And as a production server, I haven't made any changes to the configuration at all.  The specific message is:

Processing configuration Error: Cannot replicate disk {LSI-1] ABS64/ABS64_1.vmdk.vmdk because its capacity was reduced.

The capacity of this drive is 60 gig and has been for years.  Any suggestions on how to diagnose this?

Running vSphere 6 essentials with current updates applied, and Veeam B&R








Veeam® has pioneered a new market of Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ by helping organizations meet recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™) of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data. Veeam develops backup, disaster recovery and virtualization management software for VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments. The company focuses on products that help with virtualized workloads, reduce downtime, and ensure the system Availability required by service-level agreements.