Virtualization is the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, including (but not limited to) a virtual computer hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or computer network resources. Virtualization is usually the creation of a system that executes separate from the underlying hardware resources, or the creation of an entire desktop for systems located elsewhere, similar to thin clients.

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I am setting up a V-sphere 6.7 host on Hyper-V created VM and when I try to power on the VM I get an error stating the VM cannot power on because Hypervisor is not running.  I have enabled the physical BIOS on my local machine to support virtualization.
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Windows Server BackupAVHDX FilesHyperV ManagerHi,

 I have a Virtual Machine running SBS2011 that is turned off while Windows Server Backup is still in progress.
 I see  .avhdx files created for the downed VM obviously because the backup is still in progress.
 Is it ok to start the VM now before the backup is finished? What risk is there if I try to start the VM at this point in stead of waiting until the backup job is finished?

Hi Team,

We've been having issue this past few days with one of our VMs used as fileshare. When there's tons of I/O intensive task like backups and deleting stuff on the fileshare. The VM crash and we get the following error:Error as seen in Vcenter
The hqdprv-file03-000001.vmdk seems to be causing the issue.

Here's the datastore for the VM:Datastore
Is there any outlers? If you need any more information, please let me know. I would like some pointer on how to rectify that situation

Thank you for your time.
I have a server with 2 physical processors, 12 core each.  It has exsi 6.5 on it.

If I want to turn up one windows 2019 server and allow 2 users to connect to it and run quickbooks, what licensing would I need to do this to be legal??

I know I would need the following:
1- quickbooks 2 user
2- Windows server 2019 ....... standard??
VMWare ESXi 6.5. Running VMRC from a win10 machine vmrc is asking for a login. It is populating the username "clone". How do I stop this or log it in?
When I run vmrc from another win10 machine there is no problem. I have re-installed VMRC several times now.
I had this question after viewing HOW TO: Convert a physical server or virtual server (P2V/V2V) to Microsoft Hyper-V using Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter 3.1.

Forgive me, but I could not find a clear answer to this...Will the conversion process leave the physical source server intact and only create the converted files to the destination Hyper-V server?  I need to make sure the physical server will still be up and available with its current configuration while I test the Hyper-V setup in a test environment.
Random server/windows 10 VM's presenting Kernel error 41 on a host server.

VM's are Windows 10 and Server 2016

The Host server does not have any events in the error log that match up with the time/date of the events of the VM's unexpected shut downs.

The events are so random and nothing explains the events as far as I can tell through event logs or Microsoft forums.

Has anyone come across this?
I am running an old ESXi 5.5 host. I had power failure and a VM reported that it was "inaccessible". I removed it from inventory and created a new VM and attached the existing VMDK to the new VM. I can not seem to boot the new VM it says "OS not found". What did I miss? Please help.
I would like to create a Virtual image/drive/disk of my current operating Windows computer, so that if there is an emergency and I can't access it,
I can run the Virtual disk on another Windows 10 computer and retrieve any files that were on the desktop etc.
How can I change my CPU ID to match an existing VM on another host?  My software vendor needs me to do this so the software license will work in our lab.
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Hello Experts - I am currently running ESX 6.0 across a WAN doing replication/DR with Veeam.  I am about to add a new site that will be running ESX 6.7.  Are there any compatibility issues between 6.0 and 6.7 that will cause problems with backing up and replicating VMs using Veeam between versions?
Running Veeam version 9 to backup VMware guests. However, how the veeam software count licence\ cost? By no.of guests backup?
I installed Ubuntu v19.10 in a VMWare virtual machine (running Workstation 15.5), and discovered an issue with Firefox in this environment.

If you go to, and then attempt to play any of their videos, you get a "forever spinning circle" and a message at the upper left part of the video that says "Something went wrong during native playback."   This happens no matter which video I select.

I went to to see if their videos would play, and in that case I get a "Video Not Available" message, with a subtext that says "Unfortunately, this video is missing or damaged and cannot be played" -- but in this case there's no "forever spinning circle".

If I go to and play one of their videos, everything works fine.

Just for grins, I installed Chromium, and all of the videos play perfectly in this browser.

Interestingly, Firefox works fine for all of these in virtual machines I set up for a couple other Linux distros -- Elementary v5.0 and Linux Mint v19.2.

Just for grins, I also installed the latest LTS version of Ubuntu (v18.04.3) … and it has the exact same issue with Firefox.

Any ideas ??
How does Windows update know not to load W10 1903? I have VM Ware Workstation 12.5 on several workstations. When I run Check for Updates it stops at 1809 with an option to download and install 1903 and now 1909. I know there is an issue with VM Ware Workstation and W10 1903. I do have VM Ware Workstation 15.2 happily running under W10 1903. What is Microsoft doing differently with updates from 1809 to 1903 and 1909? Are these consider major updates like when we went from W7 to W10? How does it know not to apply 1903 when VM Ware Workstation is present? Is this actually built into the update code? Is it now safe to apply 1903 with VM Ware Workstation 12.5 or should I upgrade all the computers to VM Ware Workstation 15.2? The images I have built do not need W 2019 Server which is why they have not been upgraded.
Now using Veeam to backup Vmware guests, can Veeam restore particular files only in guest?

I want a vm to stay on same host all the time. This is due to a license application which detects host and mac change...

How can I do  that with VMWARE ESXi 6.5. All hosts are in the same cluster.

I have an application which play the role of license server and normally it needs to be installed on Physical server. Installation on vm can stop the license sever working if the MAC address is changed.

My question is how can we avoid MAC to change on VM (vmware on ESXI 6.5)?
I’m unable to assign a static IP address to 2019 VM, it picks up DHCP addresses just fine but when I add static it changes to a 169.254.231.x address, the IP address I’m assigning isn’t in use.  I’m stumped 🤔
Hi, I am upgrading our VMware cluster from 6.0 to 6.7. I encountered an issue with a VM guest with a very old OS (Open Suse 11.4).
VM runs fine on 6.0 hosts, but is not working on hosts already upgraded to 6.7.
I don't think is an issue with virtualized hard disk (LSI, Scsi controller, IDE controller, I tried all); system "hangs" immediately after kernel loading.
I checked this URL:

and I would like to understand if there is no chance at all.
Any suggestion?

Thank you very much
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Hi all,
Friend of a friend dumped a laptop on me for repair. We are IT professionals, thats what we do in the evenings right?.

Anyway, any tips
Model Name                     Satellite Radius L40DW-C
Part Number                    PSLZDA-006002
OS - Win10 Home

Machine is running really slowly.  

I have done a chkdsk c: /r and drive is OK.

Windows is up to date.

I have managed to robocopy all his data off it, however Veeam errors almost immediately when i try to backup the entire disk or volume.

The event log shows 1000's of these
Event ID: 153
The IO operation at logical block address 0x3201cee for Disk 0 (PDO name: \Device\00000025) was retried.
Event ID: 154
The IO operation at logical block address 0x6fc4918 for Disk 0 (PDO name: \Device\00000025) failed due to a hardware error.

The IO operation at logical block address 0x5834400 for Disk 0 (PDO name: \Device\00000025) failed due to a hardware error.

Any tips on how to:
Run full hardware diagnostics on this model?
Same question to test the SSD?

Any other ideas?

Cheers for any tips.
Hi Expert,

I need a WIN2016 core installation.
The support guy installed a WIN2016 with GUI on a VM.

Is there a way to change this ?
Can I reinstall , inplace, the WIN2016 again , but just the core version ?

Important, I have no access to the vcenter, can I do this inplace upgrade and finish the install ?
Or do I need access to the vcenter or ESXi ?

We have an esx 6 server with 2 x 8 core cpu's and a total of 32 logical cores.

On this server we have 4 vm's. See below for the number of vcpu for each.

VM1: 1 vcpu (linux)
VM2: 1 vcpu (windows server 2012 R2)
VM3: 8 vcpu (windows server 2012 R2)
VM4: 10 vcpu (windows server 2012 R2)

How is it possible that sometimes we experience cpu ready times of 4% to 10%?

That shouldn't be the case for this amount of available logical cpu's and this amount of provisioned CPU's..

Any help is very welcome.

Good day,

My ESXI 6.0 host is in lock down mode.  I can only access the DCUI with my root user.
The lockdown mode option is greyed out.

Any advise for a work around?

hi am having issue checking java home in linux
 java --version
Unrecognized option: --version
Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.

i have this in my profile
export JAVA_HOME=/usr1/Oracle/jdk1.8.0_221
export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH
Dear Experts, Can you suggest on this issue? We tried to convert a physical to virtual server using Veeam but got this when booting. I tried both BIOS and EFI option but it did not help?

OS: Window 2012R2, ESXi 6.5






Virtualization is the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, including (but not limited to) a virtual computer hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or computer network resources. Virtualization is usually the creation of a system that executes separate from the underlying hardware resources, or the creation of an entire desktop for systems located elsewhere, similar to thin clients.